Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Apr 2003 mark I'm very suicidal, i've tried killing myself so many times, but each time i stop myself. I'm just not strong enough to kill myself. I started being suicidal when i was 8 i'm now 11 and its only gotten worse. Please tell me if there is any way for me to gather the strength to end my misery!!!!!!!!!!
27 Apr 2003 --- i wish i could kill myself... i took an overdose of some shit i found and i didn't even flinch over it... now after 2 years i've been trying and trying taking more and more tablets yet i can't die... i've been cutting myself and i just want 2 get it over and done with... i don't give a shit and i want out...
i want 2 take over what i have taken so far but i can't find enough... i wish that all my friends would just give me the tablets when i ask 4 them... i want 2 get it over and done with it's just not fair...

i've tried suffocation but it never works. i want it end so quickly it never does...

what i really want 2 know is if i take another overdose but with 150 tablets will it hurt? if u can tell me plz e-mail me....
27 Apr 2003 Kim I've been depressed for about 8 months now. I have had several suicide attempts. Slitting wrists so deep until i'd start gussing blood. Even with all that going on I felt no pain. My depression started when my boyfriend left me for my best friend. And as much as she knew I loved him she still didn't care about my feelings and went with him anyway. Until a point where I came so mad I drank bleach and overdosed on pills. My mom came and sent me away to a mental hospital where I spent 11 days not eating or sleeping crying for hours telling myself how bad my life sucks. And even now it still does because she is still with him. I still want to die so bad. Any suggestions? email me please to help me end my misery
23 Apr 2003 amber im just so depressed. there is a lot of shit going on in my life and i feel like my life is worth nothing anymore so i tried to kill myself like cutting my wrists and then ODing on pills but none of it worked, i just want to die. help!!
22 Apr 2003 Sean I would like to end it. I'm 29 and in debt up to eyes, have no job and a girl friend that's about to leave, I seem to bugger everything up I do, so time to checkout early... can anyone help me..???
03 Apr 2003 emma i don't know the best way to kill yourself, but i really need some help, plzzzzzzzzzzzz email me @
02 Apr 2003 Thomas Carlisle I'm not 13 but turn it around and you have my age. I want to commit suicide because I feel a sudden pressure. I feel like the flow of life is pushing me into something that I don't know of. Also because I still love a guy named Trey Thomas that I loved in high school I long for his embrace, but he is straight and his friends made that very clear in 93' when they harrassed me at the salon I was working at. All I wanted to do was love him and share life with him go fishing with him not pervert him and sit on the floor and eat take out while talking about god or whatever, go out to the bars, go to concerts whatever he wanted I was up for it. My mom doesn't accept me at all even though I still live in my parents house. I feel like there is too much that needs catching up in my life and homework is just one of them. I'm currently attending chattanooga state and feel tremendous pressure to come up with a major but my mind is blank. I was thinking of becoming a athletic trainer but my friends talked me out of it saying I'd get beat down looking at the athletes so much, so now my mind is a blank when I think of a major. I just wish I had Trey near me now when he's around I feel better about myself and I understand everything better and I feel loved. At school I feel like a freak especially when I see better looking guys and more popular guys than me and when I see guys who considered average or below by other people I feel every flaw that I have. It seems the popular people know more about themselves and like themselves and the ones who are not popular all they see in themselves is the flaws and believe that's all there is and don't know themselves.
02 Apr 2003 kerry I am such a shite little person i mean i don't deserve to live and i can't write anymmoreeeeeeeee i just have no friends no life everyone thinks i iz a slut and i have neve had sex or anything. Life is shit
I need so much help i have depression
Sorrry for wasting your time!!
Kez xxxx
02 Apr 2003 staciey, aka sai im not 13, im almost 15 now tho it all started when i was 12. once i reached 14, that was when i really wanted to commit suicide and here i am... just 5 mins after my 3rd try. i want it to succeed right now. why is it so hard to just end my life? this time i want it to work. the fucked up bitch, what u said was almost my life as well, except ive got anthropophobia (fear of people), that was one of my triggers of wanting to die. i couldn't talk to any one; i was so afraid of them. i dont know why... it must have been a sickness i developed at an early age. this caused me to get no help whatsoever. i couldnt talk to anyone. and yet the person i loved most (my mother) made we worse and worse each day, because what i felt 4 her was not the same she had 4 me. she gave me no attention at all - zip, zero. and the thing that hurts the most is that she does it out of ignorance... she doesnt even know that shes doing it. this makes me so mad, and it makes me want to pay her back by making her feel quilty and regretful once she finds out that she caused my death. living with my dad helped me a little to gain my self esteem but after a while, my dad will go insane and say things like him wishing i was never born. god, i want to die so bad. here i am... surfing the web 4 the quickest and most pain free way to kill myself and i come upon this web site who specializes in suicidal advice. at first i thought my chances of finding a site like this would be slim. it would be ppl who were telling u the total opposite... commiting suicide is a wrong thing to do. FUCK THEM. dont they know how i feel? they have no idea what kind of hell im living through. sometimes its too late 4 help. and thats the truth. either way they are going to die. so whats the point of saving them this time and them dying the next? my depression is at a point of total destruction. its not my fault i was not loved, sometimes these things happen because the ppl who raised u were not healthy parents. ive tried everything i could. and nothing works. i know that this is the only way 4 me... to die. so give men some advice on the best and most painful way to kill oneself. i dont want to die slowly from a broken heart. right now, at the pit of my stomach and right where my heart is is something heavy weighing it down. it hurts so bad that its hard to breathe. i dont want to feel this pain any longer. my email is i'll be needing all of your peeoples advice on this. and make please sure that it actually works... thnx
28 Mar 2003 iza what can a gal do, when she doesn't want to live anymore and doesn't want to hurt her family by comitting a suicide?
i know that my mother would blame herself if i'd kill myself and she would be even worse than she is now.
but what if i make it look like an accident? i just wish that someone would kill me, so i wouldn't have to make that decision. and i'm afraid, but i just can't live this life anymore because i'm freakin out day by day. why the hell do i have to have such bad luck????????????
god please help me get out of this black hole that i'm in!!!!
sorry u had to read this. it probably didn't help anyway
i m so annoying right now i am really really horrible.
crt rada te mam
24 Mar 2003 Robo I'm 16 years old and I wanna commit suicide. I just wrote my exams and i really fucked them up badly. i don't think that i deserve to live with these kind of studies. My parents are cool and my friends are too. But i hate my life. I look ugly. If only i had cyanide. that would be the best. I wanna have a painless suicide. Help Me.
21 Mar 2003 ash hi my name is ashley i just moved from a place where i knew everyone since kindergarten i was popular life was great my friends were genuine... now im living here and don't get me wrong i have a lot of friends and i still live that popular life... but friends aren't genuine. no one cares all my best friend cares about is herself... u do good stuff to ppl and u get shit on.... i crashed my car recently and it's taken a month to get fixed i finally got it back and my mom won't let me drive it... and my friends get pissed cuz they are like my taxi service... my dad wants nothing to do with me... he only likes my brother who is now living with him back home... my step dad used to smoke weed in the house and physically abuse the familty finally they got a divorce after 10 years of hell... it just makes me feel like my mom picked him over me the whole time they were together. now she is with a 54 year old... old man and is gone constantly and today my best friend didn't pick me up for skewl cuz she's sick of driving me everywhere when i have my own car... and i called my mom and told her i have no way of getting to skewl she was gunna call my friend's mom and ask why but i told her not to... she did it anyway behind my back and now i look like a dumbass.... also i recently quit my job at hooters cuz i'd rather do drugs and get drunk... i tried to find another job... i got an interview at a telemarketing place but didn't attend it cuz i have no car and now my mom just found out about my 2 speeding tickets i've been hiding from here... i recently experienced with a new drug and i crave it now i've only done it once but i want it so bad.... well i guess this is why i wanna die.... i wanna go easily though i really wanna just overdose... will taking like anything like ibuprofen like the whole bottle of it work?...will it hurt? or will i just like fall asleep and die...
20 Mar 2003 Sophia Tedman I don't think age really matters. The idea is to end it all. I am afraid of being in pain or missing, but luckily i live near a river, and in winter it gets really cold : I am hesitating between :
1- buying some kind of anestaetic, taking it and sleeping outside when it has snowed (I read that in a book somewhere)
or 2-jumping in the river during winter with a stone tied to my feet and passing out with a wad of chloroform. I am so deseparate, that if by my 18th birthday, my life has not changed for the better, I will kill myself. The only thing that keeps me hanging on is my parents, but I can't continue like this forever.
18 Mar 2003 mit reject i am going to be eighteen in two weeks, although i don't think i will make it there. ever since i wanted to become an engineer, i have had my heart set on MIT, in Cambridge, MA. now, i find out i am yet another reject. one who is not good enough to join their suicidal troup. je mourrai. je suis rien. c'est tout. this was my dream. now, that dream is shattered. i don't know what to think, what to feel, to cry or to ignore it. i am going to od on some diet pills. i can't even diet right, that's how much of a fuck up i am. je suis bete comme chou. oui, oui, oui. i don't deserve anything. hopefully, i'll have a heart attack, if not, i'll just throw myself in front of passing cars at lacrosse practice. bien idee. adieu, adieu, mes amis. bonne chance!
13 Mar 2003 blitz.. i want to kill myself... badly... i don't exist to anyone, and to myself, i don't exist...
13 Mar 2003 liss how many aspirins do u need 2 take 2 REALLY kill urself? my estimation is about 50, can anyone back me up? and is it best 2 take them on an empty stomach? I've tried slitting my wrists many times but i can never make it work quite right :( Please help me out!
13 Mar 2003 Dana I'm trying to kill myself and I would like some suggestions I've tried overdosing on pills and that didn't work so if someone can give me an idea that involves pills please let me know.
I don't have access to a gun and the thought of body parts all over the place scares me. so any ideas?
11 Mar 2003 Fucked uP bel I want to die. Tonight. I have already tried the OD thing nothing really happened... i want something better.. somethint to say FUCK YOU to the world. Good bye everyone.... tonight is the night.... i hope you all find your way.... see you in hell
09 Mar 2003 ash ok im 15 and i wanna kill myself and i dont want it to hurt i want it to be real quick please help! what should i do? e-mail me please
01 Mar 2003 lydia I have soluble asprin and paracetamol tablets, how many do i have to take before i die? has anyone taken these and narrowly survived, how does it feel? does it hurt? what happens if u dont take enough. I dont want to hurt my parents but there is nothing else to live 4. Only thing holding me back is the fact i dont want to screw their lives up. doubt anybody will find me for days-its sad.

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