Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Apr 2017 Zoee i am actually 13 years old and im in 7th grade. In have loss 2 two great friends due to suicide. my life isnt the best one but it could be worse. i get abused by my mom and dad. my mom ruined my life due to drugs. ive turned into a horrible kid. i steal and smoke. but death seems more inviting then life sometimes. i have tried committing suicide four time but it never works. twice by cutting and twice by pills nether worked....HELP
27 Apr 2017 death I'm fine! I'm completely and utterly normal. Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal. I'm great! I love my life and everything's like a movie! I love my body and myself, and everyone loves me! I love things. Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal. Yay!!! kill me
15 Apr 2017 ashish I want to die I m from India and just want to die which look likes an accident can any one helps without telling me the shits not to die and anything else like this just tell me how can kill my self which looks like an accident
08 Apr 2017 mary like I am 12 and i hate myself .my mum is dead and my father has a brain damage and he does not remember me even tho he left me and mum when i was 3 I still love him,but thats not the only thing .i have been depressed for 1 year and i feel bad. i am ugly .I have bad friends dont care about me and everybody thinks i am peace of shit .i am lost and i am turning 13 this month,Ill wait for 23 days than I will make a tell me where can I get pills??/
02 Apr 2017 IWOM I don't know what to tell you, i've been suffering my hole life because of the way i look. everything was fine last year, i was skinny, happy. Omg i was skinny. But then i decided to go vegan and i became fat, i start with binge eating and now im a fuching pig hat no one loves, that everyone hates and that needs to study so fucking hard to get an stup paper. I should be doing that. Anyways, i hope i can die soon bc if i dont im going to do it mysef.
17 Mar 2017 miguel hi, i have been soper depressed for some time now and i dont know how to deal with it all i wont to dye! i am 10 and my girlfriend i had been dating for 3 dyas just brok up wit me and she said i was ogly and stupid sence i got a 9/10 on my speeling test. sow mi girl frind and i had stex on the playset and she says i have a smap peenis like tf
16 Mar 2017 rae i want to kill myself i dont want to kill myself

everyone has moved on but me everyone has lived their life but me

im stuck in the past and professionals tell me its my decision

but im fucking trapped is the thing there is no escaping

and i feel fingers pushing down my throat that tell me to shut up

that other people have it worse and get over it

but thats them and im me

and i want to fucking die
02 Feb 2017 ... Hi I am 14 and I want to end my life because u have no social life my mom hates me I take care of myself and no one loves me there is nothing here for Me on earth I have no girlfriend nothing no one the only person who Cares about me is dying so I am stuck ..I plan to wait intell everyone is sleeping and go into the bathroom and slit my troat
15 Jan 2017 juan sebastian figueroa i am 7 my mom ced my dad left us becuase i was bron.... i start cry i go to skol and tel a freind and she say i no like you autistec i tell teacher but she say its ok she girl so i cry and run way from skol and go home and my gradpa put his werd stick thing on my feac in the bathroom and wird wite stuff come out
21 Nov 2016 alessandro vi prego uccidetemi, sono cosi stanco di tutto, la disforia mi sta facendo morire lentamente [please kill me, I'm so tired of it all, dysphoria is making me die slowly]
18 Nov 2016 jimmy ritter be me and you will die from being so depressed
16 Nov 2016 Helene internet
14 Nov 2016 Furry Man Who Wants to Die The best way to kill yourself when youre 13 to kill yourself is to become a furry text me if you need help killing yourself my kik is TogetherKaiFall and im always horny for a good suicide story bc i am trying to comit suicde right now because I want to die and my dad wanted me to be aboy but my hormones said no lol so i turned to tumblr and deicded that i can be a boy if i just change my hair and make my make up really ugly and make myself look really fat and poofy please kill me
04 Nov 2016 Fennel Dfl I would drink poison
31 Oct 2016 Mh I just want to set myself free from all the bs and misery that is eating me. I have no reason to stay around!
26 Oct 2016 Fuck off im anonymous i started a school shooting up my ass help! XD
21 Oct 2016 buttass i am 8 years old and mummy told me i am fag help me plz and i have only 1 1/2 friends and there name is alana
08 Oct 2016 BERNIE Damn this page goes 16 years back. well i have major depression and DCFS is after me, I hate foster care and i want to see my family. i overdosed on 40 pills and survived but still. you guys should talk to each other about this, i wish i can meet every single one of you. but I have better things to do then live. you guys should live tho
05 Oct 2016 no how do i die
19 Sep 2016 please how do i even kill mysel that sounds scary but plz wanna die oh MY GOD

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