Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Feb 2021 yours enzyme, i miss you deeply.
i have been thinking lately that it is very likely that i will die before ever having a conversation with you, or ever knowing where youve gone, or ever knowing what lovely hymns you write now.... i am very upset by this. please email me...
15 Feb 2021 Litzy i just wanna die i'm tired of my mom choosing my step dad over me i'm tired of all the stress and my step dad sometimes touches me and grabs my ass and now i feel a type of way just walking past him and he does this like it's nothing everytime. i walk by him and i'm tired of my mom not listening to me she's always drinking and always blames everything on me. she loves my siblings more than me and i know it. i just wanna die sometimes and i'm so over life i'm failing school and i just can't take it anymore i'm a piece of shit that deserve to die
02 Feb 2021 ;-; plz help me i feel like dying and killing myself all the time - i dont have bad parents or anything but i have trauma, i get death threats (especially since im pan and genderfluid), and i cant do fucking anything - i feel like my friends hate me and i fucking wish i could just die
27 Jan 2021 susen ive finally found a site where i can tell my story so here it goes.

im 12 rn & the first time i tries to kms on overdosing was 10-11 , i was still mommys lil girl. im thinking of od rn bc of school , but then again im also christian & ik that if i od i go to hell , but i rlly do just wanna end it all, i cant take this fucking pain anymore
17 Dec 2020 Jean404 can someone save me?
15 Nov 2020 yours something happened today. i had a panic attack in the shower and all i could think about was how i wanted to kill them for doing that to me. today i contacte dthem and apologizedd for being aggressive and i even told them what happened to me. they told me it was my fault and it ended with me telling them to apologize even if they did not mean it and they did. i still want tthem dead and i hate them so much. so so much i want to die and i wanr them to die too. we should fall in love and jump off of a cliff together
05 Nov 2020 1skrrt6skrrt11 i wanna die bc school is so stressful. idk if i have social anxiety or not but im guessing do. the thought of school makes me want to die. im scared of going to school. i attempted suicide once thinking i could overdose on Panadol but obviously that was kinda dumb. i know now that perhaps ibuprofen would do the job. idk ever since my first attempt ive had trouble swallowing pills. its not like i specifically want to die i just dont want to live i guess. idk i read stories about group suicides which i wanted to give a go so i dont chicken out but i have no idea where to fine people to do it with me. maybe we could jump off a building together
01 Nov 2020 shsl pisser#7310 help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help helphelp help help help help help help helphelp help help help help help help help
10 Oct 2020 help me please im suicidal again. this time it is because Of my fiance WDN and my method is planned, my suicide note is written which mentions WDN as the reason, and his need to fake his love for me for 23 months before pulling his sht and playing victim and blaming games and leaving me a month before our two years anniversary and of course before the flipping holidays too. his narcisstic, manipulative, self centered , emotional abuse was horrible. all i know right now is nothing is worth this pain, and i have already tried cutting and carving, but i am at a loss as to how to just end it successfully. help please. because i only see suicide as my answer
07 Oct 2020 person on the internet there is only black oblivion forever or hell but hanging urself is painless if u are reading this can you please help me please plzz help
07 Oct 2020 a person maybe a bridge. if ur reading this plz help
22 Sep 2020 Lisa i hate this i hate everything i just want to fucking die, ive been emotionally stressed my entire life and i just cant handle it. school, grades and all that shit makes me want to sleep and never wake up again. i should have just did it earlier when i had the chance to. i have friends and family but it never feels real. ive never got bullied but im just a useless person who everyone will forget. i need to stop wasting oxygen on me.
17 Sep 2020 Kate Idk, I... Just wanna end all pain. I want to die
09 Sep 2020 no hi idk why im on this site, i think about illing myself alot but i know id never do it for real. i cut my thghs though everday almost and i just miss my ex, we only dated for 2 week so i feel stupidbut i think i love her. its been two months since she dumped me and i still think about her all the time everyday. im always intoxicated because i dont know how to dealw my emotinos. my ex is dating someone else now and i have to watch them together all the time and it hurts. the only time it hurts lesss is when im high as fuck,usually weed sometimes acid occasionally alchohol. anything that makes me feel better hoenstly. im lucky i hav a great mom and ok dad, ihave no trauma, no abuse, i have no reason to be like this and yet i still feel annoying all the time. im gay and trans and i hate my persoanlity. i feel like im faking everything for attnetion and i feel numb alot. i also think u have adhd. im just so tired alll the time. mayebe it would be easier if i wasnt here. idk
05 Sep 2020 My names Maddie I hate my self and my life I'm 10 and want to kill my self I have tried 3 times with a nife but keep failing I have tried Over dosing but I'm still a live here today
30 Aug 2020 haha i, realy, really. really. want to do it, my best friend left me, she ghosted me. ik this seems stupid but, i. i really want to. i might. i might.
23 Aug 2020 korekiyo shinguji is hot idk bro im just suicidal and i want answers
08 Aug 2020 Данил Не как,не надо себя убивать а меня убей,остановится пускай у меня сердце
29 Jul 2020 haha i want to do it, please. someone tell me what to do anymore

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