Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Jun 2021 Nope Jumping in front of a car about to do it lol wish me luck
01 Jun 2021 Derrick Chowvin Probably the best way is to first mix abunch of speed and fent-nyl. Then go in an abu dahbi corner store. When they run you out for trying to buy someting with funny money, you go outside sit down and wait for the cops to show up. When they do make sure before you get in the back of the cop car you say out loud, and on video, "i cant breathe." Then act a complete neon blue monkey ass until the cop pulls you out and he ends up killing you.

Now, can you imagine the irony. The guy killed by the cop was burning in hell all while cities were set on fire and it was called peaceful. And those that spoke that lie will be burning in hell with all those criminals whose faces were painted in murals on buildings. Lawlessness is in the land.
30 May 2021 JimmieBob Bo Deen High jack the Oscar Meyer weinermobile. Call the cops and the news and tell them what you are doing after you are driving . Lead the cops on a high speed chase on the news. Crash into a moving train.

No one from the entire internet from anywhere can top this method. This is the best method. Dont believe it? Go to your fact checker websites. Ask those guys.
28 May 2021 die laughing Tongue twister, say it thee times fast:

My fat but fierce feline freind flatulates frequently
24 May 2021 cheese wiz extraordinare. Rub acetone on your nipples and then set them on fire. Oooooou yeah baby. Ooou yeah.
23 Apr 2021 just me again i filed my nails into points and realized it smells the same as when a zapper fries a fly
22 Apr 2021 lets make compost. Best way. Kidnapp someone and tie them up in a chair. Tell them we are going to sit here. No one is going anywhere. You have 3 days water and food. Just piss and shit in your pants. You are going to face me. I will not be drinking or eating anything. You are going to watch me starve to death. You may consider making your food and water last longer as we may be here longer. You are going to watch me starve to death. If no one finds us you get to watch me decompose. If no one finds you after that you get to decompose with me. Sorry about that.
22 Apr 2021 Ruo Take some LSD and get crucified by a self-made machine
13 Apr 2021 Mr. fortune cookie fortune writer. I remember back in third grade. There was this girl. She was a big girl. Curly hair. Not very easy on the eyes. And everyone hated her for some reason. They wouldnt let her use their crayons or pens. They were mean to her. She missed a couple days once. She came back but she was still sick. The teacher was up in front of the class and all the sudden the whole class wreaked of putrid diarrhea. She had sharted herself in the middle of class. Poor girl was to embarrassed to ask to be excused, so she just sat there in her wet tart filled panties. She was so embarrased in front of the class but then she had to call her parents to bring her some clean clothes too. She cried in the hall. She was to embarrassed to come back in the classroom so she grabbed the scissors on the principals desk and buried them in her neck. She lived and had to come back to class. After that they would sing the diarrhea song and call her the surgeon. This went on for three weeks. We always did show and tell on fridays. Its where you bring something from home, go in front of the class and show it and tell about it. When it was her turn she showed her new coin in her collection. As she is talking about the coin she starts talking about how mean every one is to her and how bad it hurts her feelings. She pulled out a revolver and stuck it in her mouth. The contents of her head splattered on the chalk board. All the other kids started cry and wanting their mommies. I thought to myself i always let you borrow my markers.
28 Mar 2021 Биг дик Нож нахуй
21 Feb 2021 Anal Anal¿
12 Dec 2020 SAMINATHER Stab yourself until there is no more blood.
06 Nov 2020 kingston hi welcome so um lets do this 23 ways to kill your self that<s right 23. 1 jump off a buliding duh. 2 drink acid. 3 eat alot of thumb tacks there not cheap so you be broke and dead. 4 use a chain saw and tear out your spine. 5 jack it to death. 6 not a fan of the last one cut off your penis and bleed to death. 7 eat a eel spine there sharp really sharp. 8 cover your self in honey go knock down wasp hive. 9 get a head ache then drink and eat everthing you have. 10 stab your self im not that boring so do it with a eel spine. 11 get aborted wait . 12 go to a shop then shoot yourself with a eel spine. 13 eat all the burger king foot letus. 14 just sit forever i mean you cant get up for bathroom or water only pussies shoot themself . 15 become a astro nuat then go to the sun . 16 break every window you know of with your head . 17 get ranover. 18 break into a police station with a eel spine. 19 eat human shit then take out your eyes eat them to. 20 over does on eel spines. 21 instead of using hand sanatizer for your hands drinking it would be better. plant bamboo under you then wait bamboo grows fast and it will and can tear threw flesh. 23 realize number 22 didnt have a number in shoc eat a eel spine. 23 pull out your heart and eat it then if you have time swallow a eel spine.
05 Nov 2020 andrew wismor the 5th ok ok so its called jump of death is does your emo child want to kill them self get the jump ahead a ladder for your child all you do is climb the ladder to the highest point and well jump easy for the whole family. jump ahead is not responsible for any one did live through the jump ahead. or surviving . ALSO you can get a free 2 jumps kits for FREE just call 911
02 Nov 2020 Cyber Set yourself on fire! Or jump on a cactus repeatedly! Yay!
13 Oct 2020 Gangsta Mario Jump into a pool of piss and start breathing in like a donkey. That would be funny af
23 Sep 2020 rio well it comes with a litlle spoon thats pink and very cute . with the spoon coated with rat poison , u can lick lick and lick the spoon . when youre done you can gently spoon out your eyes !!! after you do that , pick them up and eat them as your last meal !!!! while you rott on the floor !!! :D
25 Aug 2020 Katie Put gasoline in your mouth and then duct tape your mouth then throw a lighter at yourself
15 Aug 2020 ........... Ask your aunt for sex in front of your uncle
09 Aug 2020 ......... Do a backflip off a 20 story high building and have a bomb ready and land on a crowd of people and blow it up, or set yourself on fire in front of your parents.

Much more than this....
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