Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Aug 2019 skunk genocide. I have begun a new hobbie. Its called hair plucking. All you need is some tweezers. You pluck one hair at a time. If you pluck more than one its ok. No one is going to hold it against you. I actually have two new hobbies. The othe hobbie is trapping animals. I like foothold traps. I skin the animals and tan their hides. I trapped a skunk and i asked someone what to do. There is a product called skunk sleeper. It is a syringe on a stick. The stick is a paint roller extension pole, for painting celings or tall walls. The syringe screws on. The man told me the best liquid to put in the syringe is acetone. I tried this and the skunk started convulsing and shaking and acting like it was in tremendous pain but died quickly. I have been thinking about trying other chemicals. Such as motor oil or brown gravy.
04 Aug 2019 Sarah Pulling you nails 1 by 1
Cutting of you fingers and toes 1 by 1
Cutting of your arms and legs 1 by 1
Pull out your eyes
You should be dead
27 Jul 2019 D.A.R.I.H. Sniffest thou mine own strawberry tart of thine own will? Thou seeping menstral cunt. Thou art to vile even for the vulture to devour. Even the maggot is repulsed by thee.
19 Jul 2019 M-uh-lee with an M. I need a break. A vacation. I want to go to the annual gooch waxing festival. The only problem is i can not find a muzzle for my itty bitty ensie wensie Shitzu puppy and festival rules is all dogs must be leashed and muzzled. A few years back an unmuzzled dog bit someone right after getting their gooch waxed. They ended up loosing the use of the left side of their labia. I am not sure how they lost that. But anyway, i am just not sire about that right now.
16 Jul 2019 Chisa Mixing bleach and ammonia
15 Jul 2019 bob ross penis enlargement pills
07 Jul 2019 habitual rubber of the nips Adams. The two fingers, index and middle finger must be held together and straight. Knuckles locked. Place the tips of the fingers off center of your nipple and in a counter clockwise motion ... rub the nips. Dont stop. Not even until Saturday after next. Keep going. Now say it with me, "ahhhhhhh yea, ahhhhh yea..."
27 Jun 2019 Jason Dean Drink a mug full of no-rust-buildup cleaner.
23 Jun 2019 a scary fairy tail, by QUINCY JONES So there i was on a tuesday night, lost in the woods. I was trying to look up at the stars to find my way but the canopy was dense. After many hours i came to a brook and there was a clearing ahead. I could hear the crickets, and the tree frogs singing. And in the distance i could hear wolves howling and sasquatch mating calls. As i came into the clearing i looked up, and i saw the north star. I got my heading and as i turned to go back to my cabin i saw a frightening sight. A blazing steed. It was blacker than the night sky, hooves, mane and tail a bright crimson flame, and behind the blazing steed was a trail of flames 2o meters in height. Anything that touched these flames was turned to ash instantly. There was a man in a black robe upon the steed and he carried a scythe. From the clouds to me it traveled in a blink of an eye. I was frozen in fear as the man drew his scythe. I thought this is it, i am going to die. The blade sliced thru me and the steed rared up on his hind legs snorting flames and smoke. The figure laughed. And they galloped away. I thought i am not dead. I felt a burning sensation and i looked down and my nipples were blazing crimson. Errupting like a volcano with fire and ash. I didnt quite know what to do so i began to rub them with a tincture of aloe and lanolin mixed in bees wax with a light hint of patchouli. The flames quenched and i am haunted by images in my mind of the blazing steed, coming to set my nipples on fire. The End.
22 Jun 2019 Jackson shit your guts out
15 Jun 2019 quincy, the quadruple nippled wonder This year in my garden i grew some various varieties of mint. I crushed up some leaves and made hot tea. My whole body felt relaxed, my mind felt alert. I read up on this tea to see whats what. Turns out mint tea is even good for depressed and whiney little nipple penis having scumbags, such as yourself. Dont let that get you down though, at least you can read. Indeginous countries, such as those found in africa have an education system that is failing the youth. So lets light some candles and have a moment of silence to remember all those in liberia who have HIV. They say in liberia bushmeat also called monkey meat has a sweet flavor. And they didnt even put mint leaves on the meat.
11 Jun 2019 Quincy McQuincy, son of Quincy Have you ever wondered about some words. Extraordinary. This word means the opposite of the two words that make up this compound word. Extra + ordinary. What genius came up with this oral defecation of a word? Let us never speak this word again, extraordinary. But on a more positive note i learned of a new product you can buy. Mothers love nipple cream. Its for nipple fissures and chaffed nipples. It is very good at locking the moisture in. So dont woory about getting those nips worn off by a pencil eraser.
08 Jun 2019 ur ass bro this page is a JOKE lmao. i just read about a 10 yr old who had a gf of 3 days and they had sex hahahaha tf
06 Jun 2019 niggasinmybutthole Nigga just don't kill yourself, I wanted to do it, but not anymore, I wanna bang some pussy everyday of my life, I'd rather do that than be dead, if you're actually suicidal and you reading this, don't do it, it's not worth it, and when your depression goes away you're gonna remember how stupid was the thought of yourself thinking about killing yourself, also SCARETHEATHER GANG WHERE YOU AT NIGGAS ?! Just shoot your self or hang your self, or stab your self to death...
31 May 2019 MattGamebro have a big nigga sex penis and flush it down
10 May 2019 nique ta mere dead with a dick in a mouth
08 May 2019 realfemale Drinking bleach or selling yourself to online bad boys.
27 Apr 2019 Adam Well my school bus goes over a bridge within forty minutes into the ride. Everyone by that time is asleep. Also my bus driver is a scrawny old woman. My plan is to grab the steering wheel and Gide the bus off the bridge taking myself out and everyone with me.
18 Apr 2019 inferno. So there i was rubbing lotion on my nipples and penis. All of the sudden it began to burn so bad. I heard laughing on the other side of the door. Then i heard a voice that said hows that icy hot infused with habanero peppers? It burned so bad i ran to the shower and tried to wash it off but the water touching it made it sting and burn even more. I started crying and then i looked up to see i was being videoed and they were all laughing saying this is going on youtube. I just went around drilling screws into the doors so no one can leave. I closed the shutters on the windows and put screws in them too. No one is going to leave. And i just started three fires inside. Those videographers are screaming and calling for help on their phones. Its to late.
05 Apr 2019 Kippy123154 Shove pencils in your nose and slam your head hard on a table for instant death

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