Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
31 May 2018 chris climb to the top of a tree and tie your hair to it, then jump from it and rip out your scalp. it will probably cause you to die from blood loss
01 Mar 2018 Daddy long legs Wait around Christmas time when they are putting up Christmas lights make sure you are in a small town on Christmas day dress up as Santa Claus now I would set fire to a few house preferably an enemy but any house will do and not in the same area so the police and firefighters are distracted then call your local news station and say Santa is putting on a big show for everyone give them location and then jump if you want some extra credit I would take spray paint and Write Something funny but remember keep is short and simple I would probably say something about burning someone house down was a Christmas gift from me Santa
22 Jan 2018 Chris Watch memes until you get a headache and continue until you are dead
24 Dec 2017 Kamichan So its 1:40am on Christmas night. I got a 14 minute video of santa and my mom doing the nasty. I really hope they didnt get any love juices on my presents.
21 Nov 2017 chrisbenoit kill yourself
30 Oct 2017 teme So im gay and Chris doesnt love me back now I want to kill myself. somebody help me because this is really stressfull. No trolls no kappa no kappapride. Also all hail my filthy god brandon the toaster
16 Jun 2017 Fucking god damn what the fuck is wrong with you freaks shut the fuck up about Dank Memes for one second of your life and think about this jesus christ
22 Apr 2017 Chris Put an eel into your ass and let it eat your stomach
01 Apr 2017 Nicole christina persaud taking a razor blade and slit your troat or your plam.
29 Mar 2017 Paschal Im 20, i want to die without anyone i love feeling bad for me. I was born a christian on a farm. I helped to kill animals for food and worked the land. Now im an atheist in college. If good and evil was a thing id say i was better as i got older. The only thing keeping me from stealing whatever i felt like or killing whatever i felt like was fear of god. I rarely had short dreams and often unescepable nihtmares that filled me with fear and adrenaline and now i have some nostalgia for those nightmares because now i see nothing. Once i grew up i knew what was "bad" and what was "good". I have a conscience, but i would still like to know how it feels like to kill someone whose name i dont know. I am an egocentric selfish manipulator in denial that is so good at his jig that everyone thinks im a good samaritan, and i feel like a total sht yet i dont know how or want to get through life without telling twisted truths and lies. I find life boring and monotone, i find people repeating their mistakes, rituals and words and acting as if they were born yesterday. I think too much, i dont know how to turn my brain off unless i sleep. I crave sleep not because i dont have to do anything but because i dont have to open my eyes or hear or smell or feel or think, and its the best feeling in the world. That short 1 frame of blackness. I can go on and on, all of these unsolvable concepts going on in my head with no one to answer them, and probably without an answer. I dont have time for that right now, i wish i did i want to tell you everything. I spent most of my life thinking less of myself for to feel better about myself, thinking more of myself to actually be better is as selfish, but im practicing it these days to balance it out. I want to die because i dont want to live, as simple as that. I have a good life, but it will never be good enough for me, and we will never be good enough for this world, i want the world to change, i want people to change, or i want for me to change, in one way or another. I think i wrote this long enough for my rage and sadness to forget itself, or whatever it is, the primitive side, spiritual side, intelectual side, karma, chi, energy, there are many ways of explaining it, many things to believe, many choices, maybe im wrong, because im not well informed, im not really smart just think fast. But one thing is sure, when im dead itll be something else
and not thins boring smelly piece of life. Doesnt mean itll be better i guess. So gonna live with my debts and college while i can, because why not, if i dont care im gonna care so little that i wont even kill myself, gonna leave it to the fates, whats the chance that im gonna get tortured, haha. Well thank you suicide kit you were a learing experience. And all you out there, many people you dont know love you, even if you cant know for sure. Because we feel ya, we all do, its an unfair life.Peace out.
22 Dec 2016 Christopher Finn Sneak onboard a rocket going to the International Space Station and then open a hatch somewhere in space and float yourself.
29 Jan 2016 Christie Teehan have christie as a friend and then die of boredom after beating him 69-0 on fifa.
23 Jan 2015 christin sell your soul
25 May 2012 the grim reaper get a gun and shove it down your pitiless throat, then shoot. if you do not dies, your a little cretin who is most probably the reincarnation of jesus christ.
23 Feb 2012 Chris you guys need to think about the choices you are considering because suicide is a fucked up thing, not only for your self but for everyone around you. Even if you think they do not care there are a LOT more people who will care and listen.
20 Sep 2011 Chris Personally, I think the best way to kill yourself would be to plan, plan and plan again, before making a half arsed attempt, failing and becoming more of a burden to your family, friends and society. First consider some of the main outcomes that are available when attempting suicide. Obviously death is the desired outcome that we all crave, yet it is more difficult to achieve than first thought. A failed attempt (with the cries of those still too afraid to attempt, ringing fail, fail, fail in your ears), may result in a longer, more humiliating existence, than the first life you are trying to extinguish. So remember, failure to plan is planning to fail!
07 Sep 2011 Your Reason To Live! Jesus-Fucking-Christ people! Suicide is never worth it! It is the most pointless waste of a life. Channel your depression into art, or gaming or any other hobby you excell at. Write down your emotions, and let any hatred directed at you become your source of determination! When you are successfull, take your revenge by showing those who hated you the list, and tel them that you kicked their ass!
12 May 2011 brianne christiana jensen IM SUICIDAL please...if you can help me email me at and quickly im getting close to killing myself
14 Feb 2011 christ with erection there is only best way , if u dont have crazy guns ,
to jump from any larger mountain or hill to death.
secondly u might go to any isolated RUSSIAN PLACE in harsh winter say - 30 *c ,and just sleep on a frozen river withou too much warm cloths, yu may drink your favorouite whiskey or any drug yu may take and then
!!!!!!! REST IN PEACE!!!!!!
but yu require a passprt and apply for any tourist visa r study visa i
it will be awesome i will definately do this in next winter.
Dont take medicine overdose die like a warrior ,
And please dont think ever about hell or afterlife, it is just nonsense, hell or heaven not exists its all fake myths.
Only earth moon sun exists and u will either born or die on earth.
Those who dont like my views please do not suicide ever, because u cant it require more heart to kill oneself then to live life cowardly like u !!!
U all are bastards except people who want to suicide because they know what they should do, and what is right for them , and they are most lovable people on this earth.

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