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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Mar 2021 Manolo Chajon la mejor manera es enamorandose asi podemos morir sentimentalmente y volvwer a renacer como una persona nueva el suicidio no es la mejor manera por que el regalo es la vida y si lo vemos como una asquerosidad es por que no valoramos la vida e sentido la preocupacion dentro de mi como todos pero solo una persona de 15 se suicida esto no es bueno para las personas que amamos por que le hacemos sentir que en verdad la vida para nosotros no vale nada asi como tal algunos piensa enfoquen su ira en lago que les guste si no enfoca tu furia, ira, tristesa lo que sea en convertirla en paz.
14 Feb 2021 sue Nita, whoever she is... I wish I knew I would lead a worthless, parasitic life and suffer every second because I am unloved forever. I want all this pain to end so though I yearn for a painless death, I am okay if I can trigger someone to kill me instantaneously.
11 Feb 2021 mark overdose. been there done that
05 Feb 2021 A friend Before, when I was young, I didn't what life meant
To me I had no flaws, no dents

I saw the world with innocent eyes,
Not thinking whether one lives or dies

To me we were all the same,
Then the society slowly made me go insane

I felt emotions I couldn't describe,
Ones I didn't know how to disguise

It slowly came upon me how different I was,
And different meant inferior just because

I made some and lost some people known as friends,
Who made me feel the worst bends

Scrolling through social media I think she's pretty,
'Why couldn't I be like her?', what a pity

Then I realised it's all labels by society,
Who thought others as worse just because of anxiety

We are all selfish and single-minded and judgemental and small,
But at the end of the day, it wouldn't matter at all

Just enjoy whatever monstrosity we're living in,
Maybe in someone's dream or as someone's twin?

No one knows what this is and we can't change everyone,
Look out, there might be someone who would love you a ton
09 Dec 2020 marla let your past self die. become and grow into something new.
25 Oct 2020 XXXXX since i was 13 ive been looking up the most painless and effective way to die (thats actually how i came across this website over the years: found on oct 2017) 9 years later i have finally settled upon a method but its illegal and hard to get. its the only thing that is foolproof as well as painless but no one has lived to share. someone once said your last seconds being painful is irrelevant if you're already suffering
09 Aug 2020 sickgirl when you fall in love with someone who is not physically able to reciprocate the same love, it slowly eats at you until you are nothing. it kills you. dylan klebold, love you. i will love you for eternity and after then. when we meet, it will be bliss. no, the feeling will be indescribable. we will know love and love it. ill see you soon, sunshine boy, soon. -sickgirl
24 Jun 2020 ava be heartbroken
15 Jun 2020 ......... love someone you're not supposed to love
02 Jun 2020 wilting hello! i will share my own experiences!
while i am not under 13, i am a minor. i have attempted suicide twice and never found a suitable method. im hoping there is a quick and easy way to complete this life early. my father is an alcoholic and my mother is dead. i can rely on my sister for help though we do not talk about emotions enough. today i think i will go missing, or at least leave my home and not plan on coming back. not saying i will die. though i am not against it. my father does not believe in mental illness or medicine. the ways i personally had attempted suicide both included slitting my wrists violently and hoping i would bleed out. i had stayed home from school without my family knowing and tried once. my father came home and scolded me when he got a call from the school that i was not there. i encourage you all to get help. i cannot get help. i am here to rot.
30 May 2020 Mace Each and every day I wake up and I know I want to die. I hate my life so fucking much. No one understands the way I feel
29 May 2020 Ilshat The most ideal way to kill yourself at age 13 is to kill yourself spiritually, morally. And it works better than any other physical form of death.
23 Apr 2020 want to have a baby I had to go fill out a missing persons report. I just had to. The police didnt ask for any identification. They just believed i was who i told them i was. In the report i used my real name for the missing person. Once they figure out i did a missing persons report on myself its back to the psych ward for me. Barred windows and locked doors. Padded walls and floors. The very best prescription medications. Sponge baths. Oh i like sponge baths. I like keeping back those plastic spoons at breakfast. I sharpen the handle to a point and when the nurse isnt looking stick it in her ear. Im not ever going to get out this time. I will tell the doctor he has to impregnate me if he wants to save his nursing staff. I will take them out one by one. Doctors always have smart babies. Its going to be so much fun.
04 Apr 2020 No one in particular So I keep fucking up and I'm pretty sure my friends and family hate me. I already cut and I don't see why I have to be alive. I'd say the best way to kill yourself under 13 would be blood loss, so basically cutting yourself so deep that you lose blood and die.
28 Mar 2020 lavinia i always come back to this site. i dont know what it is but i do. i have just turned 17 and have been here for a while.
16 Mar 2020 j when i was 7, i was touched by my two 17 year old male cousins. they convinced me to not tell anyone, so i didn't. i was always a rebellious kid, so i thought that it was just another thing to be a rebel about. but it’s way more than that. when i was 12, i started getting depressed because i used to think of what happened and felt extremely guilty about it. i used to cry myself to sleep and stuff. then when i was like 16 or 15 i started to self-harm, my mum found out one night when she was doing my hair and it made her cry so much. i felt bad because i know i'm all she has and it would completely crush her if she lost me. so i stopped for a while, then the feelings resurfaced. i tried to kill myself, but that didn't work. my mom threw out all the pills and razors and stuff. now i'm seeing a psychiatrist. my mom is the only thing keeping me alive.
03 Mar 2020 cody figure shit out. death isnt the answer. from my many personal experiences, nothings going to get better unless you make it better. you are the only one who can instill change in your mindset and lifestyle. get well folks. even if it takes one hundred years, everything will be okay one day.
25 Feb 2020 Unknown I've decided I want to die. The amount of pain I feel is unbearable. I don't really have a worth in this universe. I Never will. I wish I had died a long time ago.
02 Feb 2020 idk im not sad. Not now .But when I am it feels llke the whole sea is contained into my heart and its trying to escape, but the walls of heart are keeping it in so it pushes into them in hopes of liberation. It hurts so bad. I cant even cry so i have to endure it pushing the heart-walls till it stops. What is going to happen when it finally break them down?
02 Feb 2020 Ken i hope the world ends fuck therapist for wanting money and fuck police for forcing kids to go to school where they deal with peer pressure and depression

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