Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Nov 2019 chris lay in the dirt and let the earth re consume you
21 Nov 2019 emma well I am 13 and i just really want to die. sometimes everything gets too hard and i cut myself but thats not the best way. you take a bottle of pills and just do it thats whatb i did and i sadly got revived.
20 Nov 2019 EndMe I want to die i cant do this
08 Nov 2019 Walrus Obeyer im dead inside already
27 Oct 2019 i want to fucking kill myself just then i felt like killing myself, i wanted to just stab myself in the side of the head. it sounds stupid as fuck but heres why. me, my brother and sister were in the pool at home and mum said she would take my sister somewhere, she was happy for me to come but ofcourse i had to get out of the pool and get ready to go. my mum said to me that shell wait for me to get ready. i went into the bathroom, went to the toilet, got dressed, then my dad came and knocked on the door and asked me, "did you want to go with them?", ofcourse i said yes because they said i could, "well too late theyve already left", i started balling my eyes out. the last time my mum said that she would wait for me she didnt, it happens every fucking time. if i died theyd have less to worry about and no one would even realise or care anyway. so, goodbye world, have a nice time without me !!
20 Oct 2019 ********** i was so scared cause my friend told me to kill my self so i got all depressed and started to slit my face and heres my last thing to say i hate all you b*****
14 Oct 2019 introverted-please i hate sounding like the centre of attention, but recently its gotten to the point where i cant do it anymore.
the reason why i cant is that i have multiple disablities, and my mom hates me for that. we had a massive argument the other day because of the smallest thing. it got so bad that she told me that she wished i was dead and that i wasnt a good child. i told her she should have kept her legs closed then.. if im not the best of kids around and i get that dealing with me is hard but when stuff like this happens she doesnt consider my feelings at all. i always aplogise after because i dont know what i would do if my mom killed herself or left me... i tried cutting my wrists but had a seizure. i tried hanging myself but couldnt tie the rope.i tried od on penaclin (which im allergic to) but nothing works. my friend told me to think carefully and come up with a diffrent solution other then death but i cant physically think of one. at school teachers constantly pull me up because of my scars then i tell them it was some sort of accident... i dont feel like i can trust anybody, i dont feel like they really understand me. it feels like they are thinking im just doing it for the attention... another reason i want to kms is that i like my friend. shes straight and im bi.. i havent told her and i wont tell her because i dont want to ruin our friendship. but someone knows and its killing me because they are constantly making me do things i dont want to do. they say if i dont then theyll tell her.. i dont know what to do and i despreatly need help.. i dont want to make my sister or my brother or my mom or friends upset or constantly think about me, but i cant keep living in a world that doesnt care about me or anything else... i-i dont want to seem like im the centre of attention because i hate being the centre of attention. i can barely talk to my family.. but it been going on for around 14 years now and im so lost..
04 Oct 2019 PoThEaD Im 16 and i just cant stop thinking about killing myself it will sometimes go away for a month or 2 but i allways come back to the thought of doing it and at this point it seems like it would affect no one
09 Sep 2019 Mallory Hi im Mallory im 13 I always wanted to kill myself ever since i was 11 because ive been given up hurt bullied my tempory family says wear this and that makes me wear stuff and its hard but I slit my writs with a knife or razor works really well and i have over dosed on achol and pills nothin happed ever
12 Aug 2019 dontdoxmebro I have suffered from depression for a few years. I recently saw something truly disgusting, on omegle. To think that I was so preocupied with right now, and myself, that I could have saved someone from abuse and greater suffering then I could dream of. Would I have been able to report or notify the fbi from an omegle conversation? I feel ashamed and disgusted with myself. I am trash, I am worse than nothing. Maybe someone else reported that sick fucker. Maybe she could be saved from further abuse. I can never be forgiven. I deserve hell and even worse. I deserve to rot and suffer.
29 Jul 2019 .............. Im not 13 but hav a very ong sucidal story i tried killing myself multiple times when i was 13 and 15 obviously didn work ! Now i have my own kids n i still wish i had. The guts to kill myselfim ruining their lives im no good i feel... Im such a faliur n
27 Jul 2019 paige wtf i just found this guess time to tell my story. Hey its paige, im 13 middle school going to 8th grade. young,very young around 4 my parents divorced i moved in with my mom. it was hard having to choose and having seperated parents but yet we made it work. age 7ish my mom started dating a guy whos recently got out of jail. GREAT choice! am i right? well what does he start to do? abuse my mother infront of me. and verbally abuse me while verbally and physically abusing her. soon enough age 10ish i move in with my dad moved to a different county new school new friends my mom proved to my dad that the bf was gone. but it wasnt true. later on i wasnt allowed to see my mom again. which i was too young to understand. years passed on i started thinking more and more and getting into a depressed state but didnt share my expressions. age 12ish i started cutting myself. i fell inlove with this boy, aiden. man did i love him started dating in 6th grade. welp we were off and on. 13 years old here we are i started cutting more drinking smoking but recently i got help ive been in counseling/therapy since i was little but now i have a psychiatrist and a therapist. ive been diagnosed with depression social anxiety and ptsd only because my parents found pills and a knife in my room. months ago i was assaulted by... aiden and 3 of his friends. but before this one thing ive been sexually harassed by a guy at school. for months this went on. whole class knew. teacher overheard sent us to the counselor she didnt care my parents came out to the school they promised it would never happen again, it did. some reason i still have a little love for aiden i mean we dated for a year. well theres been times where i held a gun to my head tried to OD. ive literally been getting threats and being told to kms online from made up accounts. so yeah :( i live on.
27 Jul 2019 Monkey All my life I have felt like something other than a human being. My family tears me down without knowing it and I can't take it. Every day I think about committing suicide and how maybe then I'll catch a break even in hell. I'm 12 and I can say for sure that no matter all the good that's happened and may come suicide is the only option when you feel as pathetic as me. If you read this then please I don't want other people to hurt themselves I just want to hurt me
16 Jul 2019 wrist cutter( the person that has no one to talk to) i want to die so bad. like idek i want to fucking die die die.... like life can suck my dick. like im so serious like life rlly u can get on your knees and suck my dick...please help me kill myself please just fucking kill all i do is cut my arms and legs and ppl will ask me what happen but no they dont want to fucking help i have no one to support me @ this point... like please please please FUCKING KIll ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29 Jun 2019 Jojo I've had depression for like three years now nothing matters our life time is so little compared to the scheme of thing it doesn't matter if I die I tried to hang myself last night with a belt but I couldn't push my self to do it I'm going fucking crazy
28 Jun 2019 Elin I'm tired of living, I don't have anything to live for I have been depressed a long time now and can't stand it any more. My parents don't give a shit about it and neither does my friends. They don't care. It's like a shadow is over me and telling me I'm useless and after thinking that for a long time I started to believe it. I have given up my fight and gut rock bottom. Elin 12 years old
08 Jun 2019 ##22 please just help me
i don't know what i'm doing anymore or how i feel it just all leads back to suicide and##$$$$$9
01 Jun 2019 Kat i think the best way to kil yourself would be to try any type of drug and then just listen to music u like because that's what i do and i have never wanted to die more so i think it would work a lot for you and it would be the best thing for you to do if you are nervous about dying
27 May 2019 Joseph Kim I have nobody that cares for me and my parents are fucking emotionless bitches and they're always not giving a shit about my mental health and all they care about is my "future" when i know that a future doesn't exist for people like me because they treat me like i'm fucking retarded and they dont give two shits if i ever tell them how i feel. I wanna fucking die so i kept pressing a scissor or on my neck over and over so i can eventually numb the pain so that when i stab myself i wont feel anything and il'l just die and die peacefully. the only reason why i haven't stabbed yet because of the knowledge that there is a heaven and there is a hell
23 May 2019 I wanna fucking die I am 15 and my parents found out that I vape and watch porn. I got beat tf up with a leather belt that left marks on my back and now have the silent treatment. I'm not even called 2 come eat dinner. They banned me from any source of connection to the outside world and I'm literally writing this on. Phone that they don't know exists. They literally walk by my room and don't even acknowledge me. I'm not even allowed out of the house. I got suspended for a week for selling a vape to a fucking snitch and now have one more week and my parents won't allow me 2 go. I have not left. My house in a week which sounds like nothing but is a lot when u just sit in ur room with ur thoughts. I haven't smoked in a week and literally stopped cuz I lost their trust and want to earn it back but it seems like shit isn't progressing and I just want 2 fuckkng die but I don't want 2 kms. I have a lot of friends and am in like u know the popular squad but will never c my friends again cuz I'm gonna b homeschooled and locked up until I regain their trust which Idk how long it will take

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