Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 May 2014 Sapessi Everybody insulte me
02 Dec 2013 sometimes nobody likes me or listens to me. i am useless...the only way i can cope is telling strangers on the pathetic......
28 May 2013 Hayley Does anybody want to talk to me or add me as friends....either way I am going to kill myself by taking a major overdose...
01 Feb 2013 locha Im depressed as hell.
i need help.. does anyone have any advice?
08 May 2012 confused im suicidal since a young age so why in the hell have i never attepted to kill myself. im on meds for major depression but why in the hell do i think about suicide but never act on trying to actually kill myself??? right now i want to be 6 feet under and gone for good. but then i know im gonna wake up tomorrow dealing with the same bulllshit. im over my fucked up piece of shit life so why in the hell do i never act on actually ending my life????
13 Dec 2011 Lia Well i want to kill myself with no pain. i have been severely bullied my whole life and have been concussed twice and have cryed many times. i have no one. I think to kill yourself run into a car but no idea 4 no pain me pls.
12 Nov 2011 jamie 602-503-5882 please txt me i want to lisen nd i would want sumone to lisn to me to
12 Nov 2011 karthik tommorow i m going to suicied due to depression.. i have dept problem. i m from india. pls contact any loved once to share my feel pls........9994016730
09 Nov 2011 Dina cut myself
25 Oct 2011 darkness my life is dark and empty. i know of no1 who would notice if i kill myself. there seems 2 b no god even tho i was raised 2 believe in a higher power. the constant pain and bullshit has limited me and i no longer c myself going on.
11 Oct 2011 ihatemyparents im a 16 years old girl and i hate my parents. i cry almost everyday and ive never felt happy. im so unhappy and will always be. i dont have anyone to talk with nor friend. well, i have lots of friends, but they would never uderstand and just think im weird. i just want to die from this world and put an end for this. i suffer everyday and its too painful. ive tried to commit suide 2 times, but i failed.. its harder than you think. but ill commit suicide one day, i promise.
10 Oct 2011 paulo im 11 and am fat and have died hair and every one calls me gay and fat and my dad is so mean to me because hes the one who calls me gay and i take it out on my mom by hitting her and i just cant stand hurtting her any more i just want to end my life. plz tell me how.
09 Oct 2011 Ashley Cox I really dont know ; but ever since my grandma died , my family has fellen apart , it ant the same anymore . My mom & dad got a dirvord & now shes with my uncle which is my dads brother . Smdh !!! & None of my family has shit to do with me , I really only got my boyfriend & My Only bestfrand ! But I wanna kill my self , But im scared ! Idk what to do ! Or How to do it ! I NEED MY GRANDMA </3 So TELL ME WHAT TO DO !
08 Oct 2011 Tanishk y mother died wheN I WAS LESS then an year ago. My dad after losing his wife became mentally unstable. So my uncle adopted me and my twin brother. My uncle loved me but as i grew older i realized life is not d same. We bought up luxuriously but without love and support.we were blamed for anything bad that happened stating that we were jinyxed. I just stayed alive cause of my bro. Then d worst happened. I was only 6 when my cousin assaulted me. I was young and DId not understand it. Now i am 21 and i am gay. I am all lonely and want to die. I never had friends cause i was different and kept away from boys. Being a gay is d worst thing that can happen. Ur am outcast. I keep d feelings to myself but Its too difficult to see d guy u love getting married off next month. I want to die and erase my existence from this world. Want to find peace
02 Oct 2011 unknown mi name iz unknown im cold alone in mi own zone a nonody i fell inlove&he left me he says i left first.ever since last year wen he left iv been severly depressed thinking of suicide since acouple months the days get wors the pain goes deeper i miss him but he sed he wishes he never met me i usd2slit mi rists but now i just plan suiice tho im2coward,
18 Sep 2011 michael my name is mike iv been depressed for 3 years im 15 nd i fell in love with a beautiful girl named sierra every day i told her how much i loved her nd what id do for her but one day in 7th grade when i told her i love her she said but i dont love u nd to leave her alone ever sense iv been horribly depressed iv tried to kill myself 4 times but never succeeded i hate my life if anyone can help please contact me at
15 Sep 2011 Ankit Sharma I am 15 years old and i m a student. I am fat as a result people tease me. My friends also tease me. i feel like shit. No one in my family loves me. I cant take this.. Please help me of how to commit suicide..
10 Sep 2011 michael please someone help iv been suicidal for 3 years now i cant take seeing her with him im 15 my name is mike nd my email is
29 Aug 2011 Alexis Wen i was ten years my mom skreamed at me and my sis treated me like shit i would always crie in the dark with my old teddy ber and i feal im alone in the world and no one kares for me and a found a anima and i brot i home and wit that i felt less pain but i still cried and now that i movied its been wors my dad fuken hate me and wont let me go and hav fun please i need help im 12 and i need help
24 Aug 2011 Rachel I want to die sometimes, but i want to be a happy person thats nice and kind, theres still so much to live for like my friends, boyfriend and sister that i love to bits.. its my parents and brothers that hate me. One brother Inpedicular.I want to DIE. But I dont. I just dont wanna live with my mum and brothers anymore. Help!

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