Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Nov 2016 jimmy ritter be me and you will die from being so depressed
16 Nov 2016 Helene internet
14 Nov 2016 Furry Man Who Wants to Die The best way to kill yourself when youre 13 to kill yourself is to become a furry text me if you need help killing yourself my kik is TogetherKaiFall and im always horny for a good suicide story bc i am trying to comit suicde right now because I want to die and my dad wanted me to be aboy but my hormones said no lol so i turned to tumblr and deicded that i can be a boy if i just change my hair and make my make up really ugly and make myself look really fat and poofy please kill me
04 Nov 2016 Fennel Dfl I would drink poison
31 Oct 2016 Mh I just want to set myself free from all the bs and misery that is eating me. I have no reason to stay around!
26 Oct 2016 Fuck off im anonymous i started a school shooting up my ass help! XD
21 Oct 2016 buttass i am 8 years old and mummy told me i am fag help me plz and i have only 1 1/2 friends and there name is alana
08 Oct 2016 BERNIE Damn this page goes 16 years back. well i have major depression and DCFS is after me, I hate foster care and i want to see my family. i overdosed on 40 pills and survived but still. you guys should talk to each other about this, i wish i can meet every single one of you. but I have better things to do then live. you guys should live tho
05 Oct 2016 no how do i die
19 Sep 2016 please how do i even kill mysel that sounds scary but plz wanna die oh MY GOD
23 Jul 2016 gianluca mongitore non ho più voglia di affrontare la vita mi sono stancato di tutto ho avuto solo delusioni dalla vita e io sono troppo ingenuo per continuare e la voglio fare finita non ho più mio padre da 5 anni mia madre ha avuto a me e a mia sorella solamente per i soldi e poi ci ha buttato in mezzo a una strada e io sono stanco di tutto questo ho 20 anni sono in germania da più di un anno in una isola e non ho più voglia di vivere e affrontare i problemi della vita
21 Jun 2016 Tina I totally understand what everyone here is going through. I have been dealing with it my whole life and i am now 33. I still have these feelings, i still cry everyday, my stomach still hurts, but im tired of hating myself so much that i think i should die. There has to be something we can do to change our minds. Please email me we can fight this, it doesnt have to win.
15 Jun 2016 peachy i cant stop ripping through my skin with razors until i see fat. i dont care anymore. i dont even actively want to die and yet i always keep a way out with me. cutting through my skin all the way down isnt even something that is done out of total sadness. but i need to do it. it feels casual at this point. how i talk about it and such. its something to do.
12 Apr 2016 brayden My life just sucks i have no time for myself i feel like my life has. O meaning just a contant loop of going to school. The test and reqirements they have now just make me so fucking tired it feels me with rage when my parents yell at me because i sleep to much but its because of all the bullshit we have to do at school i aint even going to be using half the shit they teach us its useless most of it im going to be a electrician so i feel like just ending my life my life is just to fucking hard to deal with!!!
03 Mar 2016 TJ i haz no friends nor family. i lost my family in a car crash. ever since then ive been living alone at foster homes with foster familie i tend to run away after a week. i just recently ran away from my most recent foster home. i put TJ as a fake name so they wont find me. i have severe depression and i cut myself was to many time to count. ive tried suicide but i end up in le hospital. i need to die. i dont deserve to live. ive overdosed and have gotten my stomach pumped. i really want to die. i shouldnt even exsist im super annoying and talk to much. can anyone tell me how to die please email me at my eamil account
04 Feb 2016 matteo sono malato e non voglio piu soffrire
19 Dec 2015 Hayley My friend has always been suicidal from before I met her.... She cuts everywhere i helped her and for 1 month she stopped and went on and off, she seems like really happy but she still cuts its the 20th of December 2015 (idk how I came across this website)
19 Dec 2015 FML I have lost everything. No longer have my best friend who got me through so much pan and hurt. He is now at a better place. All I want to do is join him. But I cant.
13 Dec 2015 Trinaty well im 14. Ive never been raped. I was 12 when i started getting depressed... I moved to a new town and i had to start all over. I felt like nobody would like me... They didnt. Rumors went around calling me lice head. I only was scratching my head because of dandruff but they thought i had lice. My friend started to get far away from me in school. Out of school we hung out all the time.The next day at school people were throwing stuff at me calling me trash. She was doing what other girls were doing. I cried for the rest of the day. I didnt eat lunch that day i just went to the bathroom. Then one day i found out about cutting. It was instant relief. It started to be an everyday thing for me. 8th grade year most of my "friends" moved away. So i had to make new ones. It was fine and all until i got a boyfriend he was really nice to me and he wasnt scared to be around me. Then i found out my friend liked him. I knew that i had to confront her. She called me a bitch and said i stole her guy and she was gonna make me pay for it. I was scared. The next couple weeks he didnt talk to me. He stayed away from me. I was walking through the hallways when i saw him talking to his friends. He called me a whore, slut, bitch, tramp, skank, cunt, hooker and more stuff. I ran away from him and cried in the bathroom. I didnt know what i did to him. I tried messaging him on facebook but he always said he was busy. I found him making out with this girl a couple weeks later. I was heartbroken. i started cutting and cutting and cutting. My mom found out and she decided she was gonna take me to the mental hospital but if i said i was going to stop that she wouldnt i told her that i would. Freshman year came along and i made tons of new friends. i was never home and i never did anything at home but be in my room. One day i went to church. i got yelled at for going because i was grounded. So i ran away. i spent the night at my friends house for three nights in a row but i still went to school. the cops took me out of class and asked me questions. i had to talk to my counclor about everything. I went home after school and my mom called me names and i went to bed. I woke up on friday because i had no school. she stared cussing me out and hitting me slapping me and kicking me. She told me i have to rot away in my room. so i tried to hang myself she called the cops and i went to the hospital then i went to the mental hospital my parents said they would change when i got back but it all went back to normal. Then i was at school and told my conslor i felt like hurting myself then the same process happened. they told me i had three choices stay with mom, live with dad, or foster care i chose dad but they lied to me and they take me for granted i still cut but nobody sees the markes. Do you know how i feel?
25 Nov 2015 Mine I just dont care anymore. I have no reason to live. I lost the only reason i did have. Soon i will be on my way to another sphere for no one or nothing has proven i have any worth left. Ill be there soon so wait for me

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