Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Jul 2018 Conceited and Ugly. Hello. I am 15. I was in the hospital for three months. I have seen my friends die. I have seen my family die. I have seen so many things. I used to starve myself so I could be seen as pretty, however now I know pretty does not exist in this world. Ugliness thrives. Everyone you know is ugly, inside and out. Every smile you see is an attempt to hide the vile person living inside the mind. The mind is a tedious game. It is constantly trying to find a way to escape this awful reality. I have been beaten and ridiculed. My entire existence is a pitiful joke. My mother loves many elder men who are abundant with disease while having a lover at home is the poster child for generosity. I can not keep my mind imprisoned anymore. My upmost desire is for myself to be gifted the most painful way of death. A disgusting creature like me does not deserve the tranquility of suicide. This is why I have not taken my life, yet instead wait for it to be taken away as my mind rots in this everlasting hell. Truly, living is the best way to commit "Suicide."
23 Jul 2018 Fucking killing myself I just wanna fucking end my life I think I have adhd or some shit but I don’t give a fuck. Right now its a do or die imma fucking kill myself hanging,drowning,burning,bleeding any way just gunna fucking end this miserable worthless shit life that’s not worth living if anyone else wants to kill themselfs just fucking do it one moment of pain boom then you happy no more shitty situations to have no more grades and fucking tests email me or try to help but just a heads up this is more of a last moment memento to make myself known before I go so fucking peace out
21 Jul 2018 Anonymous .. Im only 13 and have been having suicidal thoughts since I was about 7 or 8. Which I know may be shocking because at 7 you don't have many reasons for that but it's mainly because of like idk i just feel like an outsider like i can never REALLY fit in.... I've always been the ugly girl, the dumb one the 'not cool' one? No one really loves me or cares about me and that is obvious . Nobody knows that I am suicidal and no one checkes up on me ...ever like seriously ever ! And i'm heartbroken not relationship wise but just from everything and it's too much I don't think k I can handle much more before I hang myself ...But I know everyone is going to care once They see me laying in the casket ! Everyone's gonna day how I was so 'cool' and that they 'loved me so much'. The only thing I really have to live for is my dog . She knows i'm depressed and she tries to comfort me. It helps but sometimes it's not enough ...
12 Jun 2018 catharsis im so tired of living.. why the fuck am i still here
05 Jun 2018 Killmenow Im 15, had depression for a few years, tried to commit multiple times, sat on the edge of cliffs, train tracks, tried slitting my wrists and nothing fucking works. ‘It gets better’ ‘life has ups and downs’ literally shutup it annoys me so much. I have reached out and tried to get help. I have seen so many doctors and shit but none of them help they just say like ‘try work on doing things you enjoy’ like cool thanks I’m not depressed anymore !! No one deserves to hate themselves and want to die on the daily. It’s bull shit.
02 Jun 2018 Mark I really need help.Im under 13 I don’t mind telling my age I’m 11 years old and sadly I want to kill my self when I was 7 when I was exposed to stuff like sex and stuff not experience but knowing about it and a lot more. My parents will overreact and then won’t let me go on my phone or anything I hate my life for do many reasons I betrayed my religion my parents still think I’m religious I fake praying I watch very inappropriate stuff. Laugh if you like I don’t care. I’m slitting my throat tomorrow anyway
05 Apr 2018 Him im 14 and just sad , i neither have a famaily or friends. I dont want to kill my self ,because i have hope it will change. I am just sad.
01 Apr 2018 kristinie i’m 13 and hate my life. i’m afraid of death, and there are some things that i still enjoy. like watching youtube or hanging it with my friends. but sometimes that’s not enough. especially when there’s so many other things you don’t enjoy. i probably won’t kill myself because i’m scared. but as of right now i’m still an unhappy teenager, who daydreams of the life she wishes she had.
23 Mar 2018 KOTAYN_YT help!!!!!!!!!!!
17 Mar 2018 Linda There must be a way out of here, Bob Dylan sang. I know there is.

A rope with a slipknot.

And I have been standing on a stool many times, with the noose around my neck, and the rope tied to a hook in the ceiling of my room, waiting for the courage to tilt the stool, letting the noode fo it`s job - But I can`t do it.
Anubody here to help me by kicking the stool away from under my feet? An adult perhaps? mail me pleae
14 Mar 2018 seregahacker2016 help me
17 Feb 2018 Sam I’ve attempted suicide once already but my parents found my note before I could bring the plan to action. Ended up in the mental hospital for over a week. Fuck I’m 14, can I just live a fucking normal life?
Lots of things have happened to me in my life but that would take me an enternity to write it all down... but really just something that happened yesterday pushed me to the edge, so yeah. I’ll be dead (hopefully) if this works.
But yeah, I just came on here to see everyone else’s experience. I’ve got a whole container of assorted pills I will overdose on tomorrow. Ibuprofen, Sleep medication, strong pain killers that was for my dad when he broke his foot and many other things.
I will attempt tomorrow, (Sunday) night. I wrote a couple notes and quotes and am crossing my fingers this will end me.
Stay strong you guys, even if I don’t make it I hope you guys all a great happy life xx
13 Feb 2018 Lena My life is fucking jack-shit
The best way is to just fucking stab yourself, I used to fantasize about that when I was seven.
Im 15 and Im probably gonna try and die in the way I first wanted too LMAO
11 Feb 2018 29 I am a 11 year old and want to die. my parents hate so much
08 Feb 2018 samriddhi shahi hey guys i will be 15 on this 7th april i am an indian girl i am suffering from elish van crevel syndrome. i feel so unwanted no one love me not even my dad o think i am suffering from depression too i wanna kill my self no one understand me . i am afrried plzz plzz some one help me
29 Jan 2018 someone slit your wrists. either that, or drown. though preferably, the most efficient way is to hang yourself. been there, done that. sadly someone stopped me from hanging.
18 Jan 2018 Akhil I need to die ......... im looser failed in 3 subjects .............. im burden to my family
12 Jan 2018 Alonzo So uh... yeah i’m Alonzo and I want to die... badly but i’m to much of a wuss to do it... today i tried to overdose with multivitimins well i want to do it because my highschool life is dead.... me friends hate me the girl i will never get hates me i have horrible grades and i’m just so tired... fo Gods sake please let it end....
12 Jan 2018 Divyansha Please help me. I cannot live.
09 Jan 2018 I dont know who i am I am a boy. I was born a boy. But I have memories of me years ago as a girl. I am very confused. I saw a movie and they could do a memory plant in someones mind. Could this be what happeded to me? I know this sounds crazy but what else could it be? How is it i have memories of telling every adult i knew back then there were invisible robots in my room. And when you go to sleep they probe your vagina. I remember the robots probing my vagina.

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