Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 May 2020 Macy Each and every day I wake up and I know I want to die. I hate my life so fucking much. No one understands the way I feel, I just wish I never existed. Why was I born. Why do they want me alive? I have no purpose. I no longer feel pain, I'm numb, yet, that's not the reason I don't want to be here. I am a waste of space and the world would be better without me. Thank you for reading this because yahhh
27 May 2020 ............. mood right now is just kinda fuck everything, everyones fake in the end. it's like it doesn't matter what you do for someone, they will always turn on you and it's my fault for not realizing the pattern sooner. school is disgusting and i'm not planning on making it past 18 anyway so what is the point? exactly, there is none :)
25 May 2020 Дима Я хочу умереть Mouhett
13 May 2020 painful when i was 6 i was molested by other little girls
when i was 12 i was abused by another little girl
when i was 13 i was molested by another little boy
when i was 14 i was continuously abused by a man
when will this stop because it keeps happening every year and i am 21 now
i fell in love with a boy and showed him this site
so he wrote an answer saying "drink bleach"
when i found it i told him and he was ashamed
he put his real email in for some reason
i have written seven of your favourite responses, thank you for being the only one to truly appreciate me
30 Apr 2020 Mr. Zabrozo Solo se que nunca he valido nada y nunca lo haré. La mejor forma para suicidarse sea probablemente con pastillas. Pero como dijo mi padre soy un cobarde. Ni siquiera para eso soy capaz. De verdad rezo por que me atropelle un carro y acabe instantáneamente con esta mierda de vida que nunca pedí. Solo quiero estar muerto. Ni siquiera quiero detener el dolor. Solo ya me cansé de existir
22 Apr 2020 Rylan My life is just a dark deep pit and my friends and family hate me only my pets love me and like every fucking day it gets worse I just want it all to fucking end!
16 Apr 2020 dan ive wanted to end my life for a while now and even attempted multiple times. theres just one thing keeping me from killing myself, my girlfriend. i dont wanna leave her. shes the only thing i care about in this world anymore. what do i do?
16 Apr 2020 Fuck you I wanna fucking die, I wanna overdose and let the pills take over, it's like I have nothing else to say, I just wanna die I wanna say fuck you to all the people who fucking think I'm way too depressed.. well obviously I WANNA FUCKING DIE!
13 Apr 2020 Drew When I was in high school, there would be weeks where I would leave every class to go cut myself in the bathroom, I frequently brought alcohol to choir concerts, and I wouldn't eat more than 500 calories a day for weeks at a time.
So, when I say that I've considered this extensively, I mean it.
In my opinion, the best method is drinking a few cups of rubbing alcohol. It should be mostly painless, but you might puke.
I initially considered mixing bleach and ammonia in my bathtub, turning the fan on and putting tape over the bottom of the door. Mixing them would create chlorine gas, and, when your lungs try and protect themselves, the will fill up with fluid, and you will essentially drown in your own body. It's pretty miserable, and the amount of each chemical you would need is a little unrealistic for someone who isn't an adult. It's also pretty dangerous for anyone who might be living in the house with you. If anyone who reads this decides to do it, just know that it'll be really gross for anyone who has to clean it up, and if you don't put a warning sign on the door you could seriously injure whoever opens the door.
Wow this was way longer than I expected it to be.
04 Apr 2020 keeli My name is keeli i got gang raped by my step dad cam at age 7. He threatened me with a deep fat fryer. My step dad forced me and my 5 year old sister to watch bratty sis.
27 Mar 2020 ara i want to fucking kill myself all i am is a disappointment to my friend and family... my mom's religious and i'm a lesbian so if i ever come out to her she'll hate me and tell me i'm going to hell... i've tried to kill myself before but she always stopped me.... i can't take it anymore the only time i've felt happy and confident about myself was when i was dating my ex... she's an angel and i love her to death but one of my friends decided to fucking date her and they already have a promise ring which i doubt they're gonna break up..... if it wasn't more my stupid ass and didn't end our relationship i would be happy and she would make me feel happy for my body and my insecurities... i just want to end it i don't care at this point
02 Mar 2020 ............. idk what im supposed to do anymore i just keep fucking up my family has never hated me more in their lives i can usually turn these things around but i just dont see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore. the only thing keeping me alive is the thought of not being in the same world as this boy that im in love w and idk how i can talk to him anymore because ive had my phone taken off me. this is my last resort. idk what else i can do.
19 Feb 2020 Sofia i feel empty all the time, i hide my feelings often from my loved ones because i dont want them to worry about me. i have been thinking of killing myself for a while, maybe browsing here for some options isnt that bad of an idea. im sorry.
14 Feb 2020 Nathan Hi! I'm 14 and for a while now I've been wanting to kill myself. Over the past couple years I've realized I'm a pretty useless person, I have no friends or family, I'm alone, cold, and sad. Everyday that Passes I feel like nothing's going right, there is no hope for me. I tried to kill myself with a bottle of pills ended up going to a mental hospital which to me was the safest place for me, when I was released I felt horrible. My goal in the end is too find a way I could die. I'm a toxic and controlling person. I truly believe death is the only thing lined up for me. Uhhh... that's all. Thanks
06 Feb 2020 dumb I hate myself i want to died
02 Feb 2020 Dog i wish the whole world would fucking end I hate this world everyone only cares about money even fucking therapist also the fucking police force kids to go school where they have to deal with peer pressure and depression
20 Jan 2020 subpar human being im a middle class average looking girl. im not bullied or anything and my parents are nice. i have pretty much anything i want. i just feel so ugly. i know that im not ugly, im average, but every time i see any pretty girl i just feel like complete shit. i really cant deal with it anymore. i dont want to be ugly and i dont want to be average i just want to be a pretty girl. when i dress up and wear makeup and look in the mirror i think im pretty sometimes but its all ruined when i see anyone prettier or when someone takes a picture of me and i look like a fucking idiot. and i dont care how much people say that beauty isnt everything because for me it is. i dont feel motivated in life so dressing nice and being pretty is important. everything about me is subpar. i have subpar hands(having nice hands is important to me for some reason) a subpar personality, a subpar body, and a subpar face. it hurts and theres nothing i can do about it. i just want to fucking kill myself. (;
03 Jan 2020 adepressedrose:( well anxiety is controlly every single move i make in my life which sickens me but i cannot do anything about it and i have no social life, friends, and also cant go to school bc of some bitch named anxiety. i live my days in my room completely addicted to my phone, talking to ppl online and constantly making my way around the fear of social/real life contact. I have no real life person to turn to, and sometimes i just want to not be that "one quiet teenager" i have no actual parents that care for me, and thats hard and its actually not stupid bc ive never been loved or mothered, and it tears me apart seeing other kids being spoiled to exceeded limits- sometimes i dont want to have a nonstop replay of what my jackass dad did to me bc a really dont care. but it happens anyway. i can say im literally messed tf up and not in a cool badass way, but in way that just makes you not wanna live anymore cause why? there are just some things i really need and wish "god" gave me like a mom, cause wtf am i supposed to do with my life. And dear ppl out there or anyone hurting themselves just know being depressed isnt gonna make anyone care any more, we live in a pretty fucked world but who cares. love yourself. Your beautiful,things WILL get better and yes you do fit in.
18 Dec 2019 MORG.O HELLO my name Morg.o . I russian but bad speak inglish. i bise...l and i know you can help me....
12 Dec 2019 Zahra I don't know. There's a bunch of flu pills in my medicine cabinet though. It's recommended that you take only four before it's dangerous but I'm planning to take all twenty tonight. Wish me luck.

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