Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Sep 2003 Steve I'm 18 and I want to die so I can end the pain of no longer having anything to be grateful for in my life. I've been spending a long time trying to come to terms with who I've become, and the more I think about it, the more I hate myself and I want to end my life and all of the pain that comes with it. All I have left is emotional baggage that is too heavy to carry and is causing me to sink deeper everyday. I don't know how much longer I can last. This past year of my life has just been one massive downward spiral and I feel like I may be nearing the end of my ride. All of my hopes and expectations for myself were nothing more than dreams that have left me broken and without any reason to continue. I am afraid of what the future may hold in such an ominous time for me. I just keep going, day by day, waiting until the moment finally comes that my depression disappears permanently (I STRONGLY doubt this will happen) or I am finally fully resolved to kill myself and end up going through with it. (This seems more likely unfortunately)
01 Sep 2003 Alex Hello everyone. I wrote here about a year ago during one of my suicide moods which I used to get in swings back then. I used to get them every few days and I would log on to suicide sites every time I felt like killing myself. Since then some things have changed.... and some haven't. I find that I don't feel suicidal as often as I used to however, when I do get mad, I really go at it, often trying to slit my wrists without really killing myself (just until a little blood comes out). I found out that I was looking for a lot of attention, often trying to flaunt my "injuries" to the girls at school I liked. I've sinced tried to analyze what happens during these mood swings (it does help to be smart sometimes) and have started a suicide journal that I write in when I feel like utter shit. I still flip out about once a week and this is usually due to pressure. I am still in very tough courses including two AP classes, one of which, bio, is considered to be tougher than the average freshman college course. I'm only telling people this so they know where I'm coming from when I say I'm under a little pressure. My parents, especially my dad, insist that I will have some remarkable, thoughtful effect on the world. As soon as I hear the bullshit spew out of his mouth I just clench my teeth and think of the sweet pain on my wrists as I slide that razor up and down. That is one of the times that I get "suicidal." The other is when I think of my social life, or lack thereof. I still don't have that many friends, and even though I got a date for the christmas ball last year, I got shut down when I went for a goodnight kiss. There's this girl in Wisconsin that I met when I was out there visitng my other friend who lives there and we would probably be going out if we didn't live 1000 miles away. That was one thing that really got me was the day I got back from Wis. I missed Lauren so much, and I realized how pathetic and sad my life here is. I went at it that night and I still have marks from where I started cutting. I guess this is still a cry for help from anyone who's willing to read it. I can help myself but as this school year gets going I'm just going to get swamped by work, and the pressure is just going to build until i explode. I'm one of those people that takes all the shit from everyone else and it just piles up until one day.... and that one day is going to be bad. I'ts not like I'd go kill someone else, but I might finally make that blade a little bit sharper...
23 Aug 2003 Terri i'm nearly 16 years old. my life has been shit for a while now. everyday i have a battle with myself wether or not i should kill myself or not. i've tried but everytime chicken out. i have nothing to live for. i'm not like most cases, i've had boyfriends and i could get more if i wanted but no one understands me. i don't talk to people, i rather hate being in a crowded room if i'm not drunk. my parents are together but both act like they don't want me around. if they had it their way i most likely wouldn't. i find myself crying all the time, and trying my damndess to find something good in my life. but i never do. i need someone but no one cares. please help me, i only want to be happy. please.
05 Aug 2003 Lezard Valeth I'm 17 and I hate my life, I have depression since I was 5, I never had friends and people only aproched from me when they wanted to tease me or wanted a favor or something from me, even my family hates me, I never had a girlfriend, never kissed anyone, no one never cared about me, my whole life is a failure, i feel down all the time and i'm always thinking on suicide but I'm such a coward that I'm a failure in even that, I just wished to know why god hates me so much, if anyone knows a fast, and painless way to suicide tell me cause I'm starting to get enough courage to end my pityful life...
05 Aug 2003 iza somebody please help
hi. i went outside a few minutes ago, i was wandering down the street and thought about a suicide. it seems like the only way out. but then i remembered, that today is my mother's birthday and it would be nasty to kill yourself on your mum's birthday, right?
but i'm so much tired of this motherfucking life. right now i just really want to die. there is absolutely nothing in this world that i could live for. i wish someone would just kill me. o god what the hell did i do to you???? why do you have to hate me so much?

for somebody in slovenia:
crt tole je zate:
ce bos enkrat dozivu to kar sm jst s tabo, me bos razumu. ce ne, me verjetn ne bos. tist obdobje,k sm bla s tabo je bil nedvomno najbl hepi obdobje mojga lajfa-ce ne celo edin. brez tebe nimam nc! vse stvari so nepomembe in mi ga cist zvisijo, tko kt jst teb. zelim si, d bi me meu tok rd kokr mam jst tebe, pa me nimas.jst pa tud nobenga druzga nm mogla met vec tok rada. kva nej pol se delam? zajebala sm k sm sploh kdaj bla s tabo,k od takrt naprej je vse drugac.k si mi dal sreco pa upanje pa vse, pol si mi pa vzel to nazaj in zdej je se huj!!!lubm te.ampak sam se potihem in sam se jst to vem...
everything is fake. enjoy people!
31 Jul 2003 Joshua I hate my life. Ive been suffering from depression ever since i was about 6-7. Im 18 and have never felt as worse as i am right now. I constantly think about killing myself, the only reason i can think of, why im still here is because of my mum. I don’t know what she would do if she knew I killed myself.
Im 18 and i have never had a girlfriend or a job. All my friends are moving up and on, and i am going no where. I am an ugly pathetic loser. I dont know what to do. THis is not a message for you to sympathies to, i guess im just asking for help…
My life is shit and i have no reason to believe that it will ever get any better. Why cant i just die accidentally or something, then it wouldn’t be my fault.
29 Jul 2003 molli O thank god yur still alive Just a girl I was worried there for a while... gay punk- u were right she was still alive wow hope might have done somehting...
but ya my life is getting more fucked up and I wish my parents would just split. they were fighting again today and again today... and also I had a heart attack today only a minor one but when it was over I ended up coughing up blood... now I find myself fighting to live for others I will never be able to live to keep myself happy .... but to make others happy...I don't want to die now but at the same time want to escape the pain and I have lost so much weight .. I am very sick right now and confused ... and just need some ppl to talk to ....
26 Jul 2003 vicky Life is meant to be finished
I want some help only way to come out my miseries is to kill myself. I am dying inside with no one to speak to. 3 years back i came to know that my wife, whom i loved so much was having an affair with my cousin that son of bitch bastard mother fucker i wanted to kill that bastard and that bitch also
why it had to happen with me
she claims she is innocent and that bastard got after her
but i know she is lying
I wanna go and finish myself
22 Jul 2003 emma i really cant b fuked 2 live my life anymore it is so fuked up and all the ppl i do meet and understand they live in america and stuff and theres me livin in england! i cant cope no more so plzzzzzzzzzzz sum1 help me my email addy is
22 Jul 2003 kerrie my name is kerrie i dont want to live anymore i have been depressed for a long time i just need someone to talk to
21 Jul 2003 brody i haven't got anything wrong with me and my family is as perfect as can be so why do i always have feel like shit!? i'm 14 years old and i just wanna die. i wake up feeling like shit but most of the time, i cant even sleep (insomnia) sometimes i even cry myself to sleep. i've tried so many times but every time i've been brought back, it has done nothing. i just wanna die. why can't anyone understand?! my parents think im over it but i'm not, why would i be?i just feel so lonely what's the point in me living coz all i feel is pain. please tell me how 2 end it be4 i cause my family more pain!
15 Jul 2003 Jennifer The reason that I wanna die is that well maybe I have problems and think of things in a different way than most people. I do not believe that I was put here for any reason at all. I think that this was all a mistake and I was put on earth by accident. I look to the stars each night wondering why and feeling this loneliness as if I was forgotten by a different race of people. I think I made a u-turn and it was an accident that I ended up on earth. I see things different. I sometimes think that I can hear and feel animals pain. I can read people. I feel the pain for people who do not see the earth as the shithole it is turning into. I speak my voice on abusing people and animals and I am laughed at. I have dreams of places I do not know and have not seen. I am not normal. I feel now that on my 21st year I have to die to prove a point. I want the world to see that they are all slowly killing the race of humanity. They are all going to suffer for how they treat themselves. I know that there are others out there who think like me. But I can no longer stay here. I was always told in dreams of my pregnancy that would take place on my 18th year of life. That indeed came true. And the child was taken away due to his father almost killing him. He was to be a child of the light. I am now told that because I let him slip away and this child almost died, that due to this on my 21st year I will die for not letting him be raised by me. I was to teach him the natural ways, Now it will all be lost and my point for being here is now totally lost. I will be dead soon. But the voices tell me that it will have to be by my own hands. What do I do?
08 Jul 2003 in need of a way out i just dont know what to do, i screwed my own life up so bad. im sick of hearing other people whine about how they life sucks and its not their fault cause they can do something about it. me, i personally did screw up my own life. i had the best girlfriend, she was amazing, beautiful smart and was to commited to me, you wouldnt believe. after her mom told her she couldnt see me anymore cause she was afraid she was becoming too obsessed with me, she tried to kill herself with an overdose. she almost succeded but i found her in a park she lived nearby. i told her that id always be with her no matter what and that ill always love her. she forced some of the pills up via forcing a vomit. she still had to go to the hospital and ate charcoal for me. that was so scary but i knew that i had someone for the rest of my life. then a few months later i proposed to her. she said yes of course cause she had been asking me for some time when i was gonna propose. i just knew life would be good. then in a few months school started. we ended up going to different schools but still had the same relashionship. these girls that used to be her friends would come up to me and talk to me. i would talk back a little but not much at all. them when i talked online to them i had one of them on my buddy list. then when one of my old friends that was a girl was leaving to go live across country, i was going to have a little farewell for her, so i had another girl over that my girlfriend hated so i didnt tell her. i ended up having her a my house which was a stupid mistake. then my girlfriend found out which i guess i wanted because i dont know if i wouldve told her or not. i told her the reason for her being over and she didnt care which i knew was ok. then after that whole fight a few months later she found out about me talking to her old friends which she knew were sluts and whores. i never wouldve cheated on her NEVER. but she didnt care because she didnt trust them. she got so mad that she called a bunch of people and found out about all the girls i talked to. they were just friends and i wouldve never done anything with them but i dont know if she knows that. i just hate my life. i knew this would probably happen but me and my stupidity brought it upon myself. now were broken up and she keeps saying shes doing everything she can to not be with me. she keeps saying how i never loved her and cheated on her. this sucks because i would never cheat on someone. i was just talking and most of the time the conversations were about her!!! i just need to know some way, anyway that is mostly painless to kill myself because ive been through so much pain and cant take anymore of it. i know that alot of guys would just go find someone else but im not like that. i promised myself and God that i would find one person and one person only to be with and share love with. and i dont want any chance of me breaking that promise. dont make me wait for an answer im going through so much pain and i cant handle it much longer. sure im scared of what will happen but fear is better than suffering everyday without anyone to talk to because i dropped everything in my life for her including all of my friends. please email me.
07 Jul 2003 crystal truthfully, when asked, it's hard for me to come up with direct reasons for wanting to commit suicide. it's a mixture of fear, confusion, rejection, and loneliness. and you all know how that goes. i've always been the type of person that wants to please everyone but it's so goddamned hard to do! and the fear that permanently resides in me can not be explained. it just is. people wonder how i could ever think about killing myself with all i have going for me... i am engaged and have a pretty bright future. but they must remember that i have been diagnosed with clinical depression and sometimes the urge cannot be helped. my fiance worries about me constantly... he's counted pills to make sure that i don't take too many and also locked me in our bedroom at night so that i couldn't leave when he was sleeping. i know i should be glad that he loves me and that i have loving and caring friends and family but i'm so fucking confused. one minute i want something and the next minute i want the exact opposite: example: sometimes i want to marry my fiance asap and sometimes i want to wait a while. and i get mad at him for not knowing what he wants! how can i expect from him what i can't do myself? i am such a goddamned hypocrite. i've attempted suicide twice by OD and i know that if i succeeded it would be again by OD. it seems so easily accessible (esp. with my array of medications) and it goes so fast. if any of you have any words of wisdom, gimme an email. thanks.
02 Jul 2003 Phil when someone helps u Will, give me a bell... I wanna die too..
30 Jun 2003 will snow can someone help me. i wanna die.......
30 Jun 2003 cate decaney i'm 14 and i have had enuf i want to kill myself yesterday my step had hit me cause i had a argument with my mom and now i have just had it i am not looking for attention i hate my life when my step dad was beating me my mom just watched him and did'nt do a wor he hates me and i wish that it was all over so please send me some idea's that are short and sweet not a lot of pain i just want to be out of this world asap
30 Jun 2003 will hmmm, im feelin really depressed again. i hate feelin like this:( i feel as though im sinkin in a hole. its kinda weird, but then i am........
30 Jun 2003 will aarrghh, im feelin real low again. i look in a mirror and i see my horrible dad. hey, if i was rich, i could have plastic surgery. hmmm, on second thoughts, i might end up looking like Wacko Jacko! gee, im so ugly..........
28 Jun 2003 mute invert almost one year ago, i met this girl in a chatroom. i fell in love with her just after ive talked to her a bit, even before i saw her what she looked like, which is beautiful. we never even met, but i know i love her. she said she loved me, until two months ago, when she became distant, and when i told her i love her once more, because i thought it was something i had done, she just replied that love is such a strong word. i didnt realize what that meant at first, but then it finally came into my cynical mind that she didn't love me anymore. i kept talking to her, mainly because that was the only thing that acually made me happy. ive cried a lot even. i told her still that i love her and that she was the only girl i love and that i would wait as long as it would take for us to be together. she said she didnt want to wait five years just to get a boyfriend. i asked her if she wanted a boyfriend, because i would be okay with it if she did, but she said she doesnt want one. three days ago, on tuesday, she just popped up and said "guess what, i got a bf". i tried to act as though i was okay with that, but i instantly lost all that was left of happiness in me. she said she didn't want a boyfriend, and she lied, thats what hurt me so bad. i still talk to her, since she is my only reason to live anymore, or more like the only reason i have to live is hope that we will end up together, but even though i know she will never love me again, if she ever did love me, i still think it possible, defying all logic. but not all the time i talk to her, i just feel like crying, and sometimes i even do. i dont know why i still love her. i act cheery when i talk to her, so as to not appear jealous, but i am so very much so, when my one true love is dating someone else. the only song i can listen to is kim, but its only for some unknown relief, i would never hurt her. in my whole life i tried commiting suicide four times, strangling, but i can never do it since im a fucking pussy. since she stopped loving me, i wanted even more to kill myself. i swear i would have if i had a syringe, by injecting carbon dioxide in my bloodstream, a almost painless death. i think about cutting my wrist all the time i dont talk to her, but im too scared of the pain, so i instead scratch my wrist frequently, again for a type of unexplained relief.
i know some people have problems way worse than mine, who have managed to cope with them, but i really dont care. i love her, shes the only girl in my world.

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