Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 May 2011 Emm im 14 my dad got resently remaried i am mad all the time and ohnestly i find jumping off a building wouold be the best way if it is high enough it would be instant death on impact.
12 May 2011 brianne christiana jensen IM SUICIDAL please...if you can help me email me at and quickly im getting close to killing myself
10 May 2011 michael hi im just an ugly 14 year old who wants to kill himself because of a beautiful girl named Sierra who i met in 6th grade she ment every thing to me i told her i loved her every day but she told me that she didnt love me so i cut myself for her i burnd myself for her i wipd myself for her so she told me to leave her alone so since then iv tride to kill myself 23 times nd never succeeded but now i realise there is no easy way to kill yourself so if any one can help me please email me at
02 May 2011 Amanda Hey, my name is Amanda.. ive been depressed for a long time... i really want to kill myself... im 14... and if any1 can help me email me at
thank you very much and i hope someone can help me!!!!!
29 Apr 2011 Desirae Im 14, Ive lived with my grandparents since i was in kindergarden because we got kicked out of my moms house. My step dad used to abuse my mom, i even witnessed it every day. One day i went to see my biological dad in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, when i was there, i was only supposed to be there for a weekend but i ended up staying for a month. during that month, i lost 15 pounds because all my mom and dad did all day every day was sleep. so finally my sister called my grandparents to come get us. Then when my mom finally came back home she lived with me and my grandparents. we all still live with them. my grandparents got custody of me and my 2 sisters because my mom goes to jail ALL the time. For different reasons too. Such as: Drugs, Violation of probation, running from the police etc. but ever since ive lived with them, i get yelled at 24/7. my boyfriend does try to help me, and i tell him he does, but it doesnt help at all. so i just smile and dont tell anyone what happens at home. my Papa (Grandfather) sells drugs. My nana (Grandmother) does drugs. My mom does drugs. they all think im stupid and dont know that they do it but i know. i have thought about running away, but honestly im scared of being brought back.
29 Apr 2011 michaelo carey im not under 13 but i need help i dont no my perants ive done blood tests and they aint then i was in foster care all my life my aparantly mums boyfriend told me my dad rapped my mum to recieve me there not my family i done blood tests i dont no who i am all the memorys i have is being hung from the banastairs with a quilt and being stabbed in the arm with a bit of glass still got the scar and got hit round the face with a hammer got the scars got more scars and more bad memorys i want to die i have felt like this for years ive attemted once and failed
28 Apr 2011 SB I dont have an answer but i feel suicidal all the time my mom yells at me choked me used to me till there was welts she threatens me all the time talks to me like im a peice of shit. Always expects me to be like my big sister. I dont want to be like her, i dont like computers im not a straight A student. She thinks if i dont go to college ima live on the street. im good at other stuff like drawing, gymnastics, i really like reading and sometimes writing. But whenever i write my feelings down i get yelled at by her or they think its funny. like when i almost took a whole lot of different perscription pills they laughed at me and thought i was joking. She always says those boys not gonna do shit for you but i have this one person hes my bf he makes me feel like nothing she can say or do can hurt me. He tells me he loves me all the time. He stays on the phone with me stab and scratch myself with knives scissors pens till i get or i pop pills till i get numb and cant function right. Email me and help me please
26 Apr 2011 Killmenow My dad abuses me and I went to school with marks. They called ACS. But he lied and got away with it.
23 Apr 2011 Delicious Im 33 years old i have no 1 i lost my kids over 2 and ahalf years ago i cant see them and i almost died last year i dont want 2 live what do i have 2 live 4 rite now nothing
22 Apr 2011 Kelsey Honestly.... I have been suicidal since the 3rd or 4th grade.. All because my nana, the only person besides my duggie of a dad, was the only one to care about me. She died 2weeks before my 8th birthday. The first time i tried commiting suicide i tried to sufficate myself. But my friend found me and snitched on me. And every since ive tried over dos, drowning, suffication, etc. Ive never tried to cut myself bc its too painful. But my mom is a bitch and my two little sisters are evil (im 14 by the way) and i see no point in living. My dad has been in and out of jail for not paying hild support for my half brother since i was born. Hes the reason why i dont believe in promises... He broke them... And i feel alone 24/7 but i igure if i put a fake smile on my face then ill make it... But all it does is make it worse on me. My boyfriend of 2years on and off (bc we live 600miles away) keeps telling me that my depression stage will go away i i wanted it too and i "will" stop thinking negativly. But he doesn know. And my loving him with all my heart and the things we have been through and everything just puts more crap on me... Plus my mom doesnt even understand about my suicidal thoughts. She doesnt believe that im depressed or anything... In a way i want to live and make my nana proud but then again i want to die to be with her. Which creates another problem... Heaven and hell... I i were to kill myself id probably go to hell but God forgives His children of sin... I dont know anymore.. But one thing i know... Believe cant be spelled without "lie"..... And i just want to die..... If anyone feels this way please talk to me!!
21 Apr 2011 noah hi i am noah and my life is horrible i have 2 freinds but they hate me now my gf just broke up with me and every day i go to school i am called name im punched it is really sterting to get to me i have never really felt this way before i am 12 and i have had 1 girlfreinds and i dont think that i will ever get another i feel as if i am nothing but a waste of space and sometimes i look back into my life and if i were to kill my self somewhere around 200 people would be over joyed
21 Apr 2011 AveRegina I´m 13 years old and i wanna kill myself. Almost everybody in my class hates me and they usually humiliate me. I really need somebody to talk with :(
19 Apr 2011 renaluv wel wen i stareted thinking about it waz wen i waz about 8 n now im 11 but i think about it now cuz my mom yakes her boyfriend side over me n she favorez mmy 2broz n lil sis but wen itz me im out of the picture so ive cut myself on my wrist n tried 2 runaway but wen i think about it my lyfe i say y wood i kil myself wen they r da 1z that need 2 b killed but nevr had da guts 2 so ill keep tryin n although her bf waz on my side he btraded me n kept sayin he waz gona leave but nvr dnt n im bein abused stil only by my mom it seemz lyke she hates me so i say she do i spoke 2 pple about my problem but then stopped cuz then they wood go n tel my mom so i dnt evn want her 2 see my kidz if i hve any but yal can either reach me at facebook:misslady nay or twitter:renaluv1
18 Apr 2011 Cameron Look i suppose i dont really have anything as bad as u guys happen to me in my life im 13 and life isnt worth living iv tried to be happy and yes drugs and drink help i get high and pissed and have a good time but then i just get sad afterwards my idea is either constantly be high or kill myself whilst i am high and drunk i though about going crazy drinking loads buying tons of weed and killing myself that way but that is un practicale so someone please just tell me the best way to commit suicide i have problems but im not going to tell them on here cause im not seeking help im seeking a cowards way out i shall get high and pissed and kill my self whilst im still laughing its the best way to go never mind getting old i may not do it yet i maybe will wait a few years maybe make a list of 50 things i wanna do before i do it things like dont die a virgin and stuff the important stuff in live (and thats not me being sarcasstic i honsestly belive that no one should die a virgin) so tell me people the best way to go (and nothing to hard because i am clumsy when im high) thanks all please respond i dont want sympothy
14 Apr 2011 ceecee Im only 13 and people say that im stupid for wanting to kill myself. No one knows what iv been through and honestly i cant do this anymore. I actually want to do it this time but i dont know how , can someone please tell me ?
12 Apr 2011 eric james briggs I feel like committing suicide and I might do it. I suck at life so bad its sad. Im 19 and I started taking Celexa, its an anti depression drug. I cant concentrate anymore, my grades are so horrible and my parents are pissed. Im just going to stop taking the drug. One thing that I hate is I cant get a girl freind i have tryed so hard, but seem to fail each time.

If you want to commit suicide, just call this number it might help:
1-800-DONT DO IT
06 Apr 2011 leafy yea i want to know too, vry1 said im ugly, worthless, useless,retarded,stupid n even though everyone i knw says its not true, when i look back in my life, what have i accomplished, im a failure as a keeper, i have never had a 100 in my test, ive never been able to make my family happy. and u know wat im just a burden, im a good for anything, i have no accomplishments, no relationship im useless and everyone in my class hates me i have no more friends please tell me whats the easiest way to end it all
02 Apr 2011 mayara I feel like im going to lose kmy mind but if i cummite suicide then i would miss the boy of my dreams that i havent had a chajce with yett i feel like i am nothing and no one likes me besides him My dad yells at me and beats me like every week for no reason and i m sick of it after my sistrs left and my mom it is just me and my dad and i really want to tell somone but i am afraied wats going to happen next if i do so the only place that is safe is at school and no where else and that is only like ten hours wat about the othe 14hours and the weekends that i suffer through about how many ways of the suicideal part of my life i barely have any friends only a couple and noone else so can u guys help me wat to do please i really need help also didi mentioned that he beats me ands threatens me every week for no reasons and since i am the only child i am the only one for him. to bale for and i have thoght about cutting my self and shooting my Wit a shot gun one barrel to the head or braij with one is quiker
27 Mar 2011 Daniel I am thinking of suicide but i do not no how. I dont want to get help becuz i am afraid i will be made fun of. And idk if i do becuz its my parents who make me feel this way. I live becuz of friends who seem like they care about me more. My parents are bias to my sister but when i tell them they get pissed off. I need to know a way to kill myself. If you know a good way please email me at Thanks. By the way i am 14 and have felt this way since i was 12. Seems short, but i cant kill myself. We dont have a gun here. Please tell me a good way. I am sorry
23 Mar 2011 xoxofmlxoxo im 15 years old. almost everybody in my family was sexually abused maybe me, but i was probbly too young to remember. when my sister came out bout being abused. my whole life went down hill she got pregnant at a young age and i love my nephews more than anything. i have cut myself many many time. overdosed allot.! and hufffed anything i can get my hands on. i dont want to kill myself but i want to get rid of the pain. i have recently lost a really close friend from suicide and its hard for the people who care bout the person who takes there life and im not making my parents suffer from that but i just dont know what to do anymore:(

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