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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Aug 2011 Mexilate I have been wanting to die for a long time.
31 Jul 2011 Jon Im going to kill myself this year
30 Jul 2011 Owais shah I dont no but why iwant to dead .. There is some kind of tension in my mind...due to money i had a need of little amount of money but parents didint gave me. My tension gets larger and larger my brain nerves seems to blast due to tension...this time when ihave write this message ill take poision and right no im waiting for death and world ......i quit
28 Jul 2011 Davora ive been cutting myself for 1 and a halk years now. my parents treat me like trash. people at school call me ugly and retarded. even thought im the smartest for my grade level. i have a knife hidden in my dresser srawer under some clothes. i want 2 kill my self so bad. but im afraid sometimes. plz helpp me...
26 Jul 2011 heather im heather and i tried wrist cutting it dosent help my dad treats me like shit moms never home im 14 what do i do and everyone i no hates me and say kill yourself my dad even gave suggestions on how to kill me now
23 Jul 2011 Dekiiz [ocu se ubit] im 13 years old and i thing thet my best frend is stealing my life my girlfrend ! and dont know what i will do i will swolow evert pill thet i see
22 Jul 2011 Jason I am sixteen and I tried to kill myself when I was 13, my life has been hell, my mom and grandparents abandoned me, so I moved in with my dad, Ive lived with him since I was four and all I can remember is hiding in the corner if my room getting steel toe boots to my ribs, or a fist in my face, I have been abuse my while life and one day I was done I slit my wrists, and today I have a girl I live with all my heart, we have been together a year and two moths, but web sometimes I feel empty an worthless and try to think if ways to die and be gone, I feel like everything would be better without me.
19 Jul 2011 nicole i want to kill myself. this life doesnt feel like its worth it anymore.
19 Jul 2011 troys barbie im 14 i hate my life sometimes wit all the ex boyfriends an the family but i always get scared an think of happy times yeepp ?!!!!!!
17 Jul 2011 SB My parents yell at me alot, for not cleaning up their room or my brothers or washing all their clothes. when they yell at me i feel like im worthless and cant do anything. I feel that if i just kill myself theyre life will be better. They wont have to worry about me ruining their lives anymore i have a bf but i dont tell him because i dont wanna fuck up his life. I keep all my emotions to myself or ill take pills during the day so i cant feel anything or ill stab and burn(mostly burn) myself. Please email me i dont like feeling like i dont matter to anyone and like im a waste of space.
10 Jul 2011 Lowkz I know im to young to even think about dieing but im 14 & i see no use in life ive been haunted by the words "Die Already No One Cares For You", "Fuck You Your Just A Mistake", Anything wrong that has happend around me is my fault i enjoy that im not alone i have all of you that are going thru the same things as me I believ theres no god cause if there was a god they would of already came & took me away to a better place many tell me my big brother was the one thats supposed 2 be alive & that im just a replacement i rather just die & so i would b able 2 see my brother & tell him that he was the 1 that was supposed 2 live not me ive been going thru depression since i was 5 & its still happening i wish 4 it 2 stop but theres no way in stopping thoughts of dieing in a pointless useless world may all of you make it out in ones peace & as for me 2 carry off 2 a better world R.I.P Carlos I Mis You Carnalito<3 i plan to join you soon
09 Jul 2011 nap well i been trying to kill myself since i was 11 and im about to be 19 now. i tried pills, gun, drowning, and suffocating myself but none of those work. the reasons why i want to kill myself is that my parents are getting a divorce, i was raised in a drug home from the time i was born till the time i was 6. also my family struggles everyday. i have no friends and no one to talk to about my problems i guess its trust issues i have with people. last but not least. im about to be homeless with nothing to call my own. right now i feel like jumping off of a big ass building, jump in front of a car on the freeway, or jump in front of a train
24 Jun 2011 todd way i want to end my life i have lived all my life with learning and spelling disability all have for the rast of my life been suffering from depression im on a diabily pencehn all its had for be to do things like making my meals keeping my self clean any many more things been like this all my life and i am so tired of going on like this so my only way out of it is to end my life I have been wanting to end my life for over 10 years and fell its time to and it all all be so happy when my life is over i know this what i want to do .as i post im 47 years old thank its a good time for me to die . steel thanking on how all end it .hope i have guts to end my life soon thanks for taking time to read this.looking forward to the day i die
all by for hit on myself
23 Jun 2011 maryam im 17 years old. i will kill my self but i scare sometime.
17 Jun 2011 Kezaahh!!! i honestly dnt kno but i wish i dd coz im sik of living i just want it over PLEASE GOD KILL ME NOW!!!!!!!
30 May 2011 NIKKI im 12 my mom has taken nearlyeverything that brings me joy im on my kindle shes punishig me for asking questions/punish like sevirly yell at/i try to stay hard but its to much i try i relly do get good drades she treats my other two sisters like princesses its just too much its been going on 4 awhile i just cant take it anymore its just too much im a very socal person allot ofppl will miss me but my dog/grandfather died recently too they were very closse to me my mom wont listen to me she dosent understand but i try not to give her the satisfaction of making me cry but its just soo much on top od that i have ocd.bipolar.skitophrinia asthma and they think mi dislesisc so much my only peace of sanity is my stuffed animal i just wannna end it!
29 May 2011 Amanda Hello, My name is Amanda, and i want to kill myself, ive faild at it 3 times, so please, if you have a good way to, or you want to help contact me at,
25 May 2011 Halo My life is Ruined,i feel like i have nothing to live for, i Really! want to commit Suicide, but i have a little brother, and i dont want him to commit suicide! i have a problem with my parents i really love them but i always end up being sad, angry or heart broken, i cant handle it anymore! and i feel like suicide! can some one help me! im on facebook,gmail and skype,my gmail is, . thanks .
24 May 2011 TheH@tedChILd Im NOT REALLY the hated child, i just feel that way. My sister is smart and i am not. She will go to college and i will be lucky if i would to. I love my family, but not always. After comming out and my mom BLABBERING TO EVERYONE WHO I WAS + Puberty + HIGHSCHOOL = NEARLY EQUALED MY DEATH. I hate how they know me but they dont. My dad always yells at me continuously and makes me feel like shit. He threatens to kill me, but wait.. Cant i kill me first? I mightve done it already

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