Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Jun 2015 Done Wrote my suicide note tonight. Have the way out planned. Now just need the perfect moment.
28 Apr 2015 i dont know Live honest and be a good person. Death will find you by self
08 Apr 2015 jack quiet the mind and come rest
21 Mar 2015 spacecadet sally Its so lonely up here on the space station. Breathing recycled oxygen and changing you diaper gets old real fast. Not to mention no human contact for 18 months at a time. I am thinking about drifting in space and before my o2 runs out take off my suit and freeze in seconds. I will probably spend my last moments rubbing my breasts. They are sore from bouncing around with no gravity to hold them down.
26 Jan 2015 I had a different name Is it weird that I miss the kind of person I was when I used to visit this place years ago?
26 Nov 2014   another day volunteering at the betsy ross museum. everyone keeps asking me if they can fuck the flag. buddy, they wont even let me fuck it
17 Nov 2014 Raven Excuse me, I really want to help, but I do not know the answer to your question. Ask, why did I write this? I just want to talk to you.
28 Jun 2014 noxium 4 I am really not a human although my appearance would seem that I am a human. I am really from the planet urobonis. Its not even in this galaxy. Sometimes, when things get depressive, I visit there in my mind. Its always sunny there. My doctor say I am mentaly divergent. I think I am just delusional and have a vivid imagination. I also have extremely large methane emissions that contribute to you having headache and are collected with large magnets. After that the methane is crystalized and used to coat dental floss. It gives it the minty flavor.
03 Jun 2014 Vuk painters and poets
a show in Ljubljana, Slovenia
opening on June 19th 2014
including Mouchette
02 Jun 2014 free home security systems.... Its a known fact the world is going to shit. Therefore, there has never been a better time than right now to kill yourself. Lets hold a festival. August 2014... the first ever annual suicide fest. Thousands will gather for this. And people will even respect this once a year suicide festival because all proceeds will go to helping people and doing good things. The first annual suicide fest will be held on the banks of the ganges river in honor of pollution and those fake indian telemarketers who want to scam you. This will be done in hopes the scammers will show up and kill themselbes so we dont have to deal with them anymore. You know they hate life if they have to scam people to live.
30 May 2014 deadicus septicus meridans I took a trip to the beach today. As I was walking along the beach I came to a building with water fountains, and some showers, and a few vending machines with candybars and chips. So I am sitting in the shade on a bench eating my funyons now. And as I looked up I noticed a high wall surface with a light fixture glaring just to the left of the light bulb. I reached into my pack and got the paint pen and on this very well lit and visible spot on the wall I wrote "mouchette was here"
I sat back down on the bench to finish my bag of funyons and just looked at my vandalisim/artwork and thought its a good day.
25 May 2014 deeply concerned mother of 4 A suicide kit used to be good clean fun. Now suicide kits are made in china and are not safe for children to play with. The cheap china made suicide kits have lead paint and many small parts that a small child could choke on. They even come with warning labels that say not suitable for children under 3 years of age. This is an outrage. My children should be able to play suicide without the risk of death or lead poisoning.
01 May 2014 one starve your ego, feed your soul
11 Feb 2014 Sir Loin Today I had a highly unusual experience. There was a dead cow in a field. I stabbed a long stick into the dead cows bloated stomach. As soon as I did this the belly skin tore open spilling half rotted intestines and maggot soup out and it was similar to a wave on the beach, except much thicker and heavier. It poured out right on top of my shoes and even went above my ankles engulfing both of my feet. The stench was horrendous. The stench was so putrid and awful I was immediately induced to vomiting and this was one of those gusher vomits where it comes out your nose also. And even though I had vomit flowing from both nostrils I could still smell the rotting cow carcass. My vomit went in a stream into the rotted intestine and maggot soup and splattered the soup and my vomit all over me. Even on my face. The experience was so traumatic I began to shake all over like I was in shock and I also began crying uncontrollably. I will probably need to go to a counselor and get on some kind of anti-anxiety medication. Now you are probably wondering what does this have to do with suicide or a suicide kit or for that matter, anything at all. Well let me tell you what it has to do with. If you really want to die, and I mean really, all you need to do is go find a dead cow in a field as I did today, then run straight at the cows bloated belly and dive head first into the bottom of the stomach area. I promise you this experience will be so traumatic it will instantly cause your heart to explode in your chest. And hey, even if I am wrong about that, you will probably get some kind of disease and die... so either way you would die. Happy dead cow hunting!!!
27 Dec 2013 dEaDiekins. Would you like Dead-ED to tell you the tale of why so many long for death? I bet you would. But instead, I want to tell you about my Killing Chickens. You see I raise chickens. And every so often one gets sick or I get empty space in my freezer which needs to be filled. This is when Dead-ed gets out the hatchet and gets to chopping neck bones. Cover the chickens head with a rag so it will calm down, stretch the neck on a tree stump, and give it a good chop. You may be thinking I enjoy this, but you would be wrong. It is quite disturbing, but you get used to it. The chickens nerves kick in and starts flapping around for a bit and the headless neck spurts blood everywhere. Next comes the feather plucking. I dont have a boiling pot so I just yank them all out by hand. Next you cut it open and carefully work around what I like to call the poop chute. Now you reach inside and pull out all of the guts. Its pretty slippery inside with all the blood so you must get a good grip. Now i clean it real good and rinse it off. Wrap it in paper and throw it in the freezer and say bawk-bawk. Why am I telling you this tale? Because nobody bred you to be slaughtered and eaten. As bad as your life may be you are more than just a tasty piece of meat, fattened up for slaughter. And also of course, when you are down and you kill a few chickens you seem to gain a different perspective on life. So I urge you all, Go out and buy some chickens. You know you like chicken meat. And next time Uncle dEaDie will tell you all about rabbits. Till then...
23 Jul 2013 DefectiveDaughter Pulled Apart

the night falls without a sound, lost are we. the salvation for which you pray flares once, then dies, crushed by madness. all hope must surely perish.

your heart desires no more. how could you abandon me? shadows surround us, crying, we are fallen.
23 Apr 2013 dont do it crawl out of your mums womb and quickly wrap the chord around your neck.
07 Mar 2013 Deadicus Edifus. The sweetness of still lingering nothing.
The cold dark, O how I long for thee.
To embrace the sleep of nonexistence.
For A moment of peace from the disgust writhing as maggots in my core.
O what delight it brings, knowing this shall be mine.

FTW- dEaDie.
17 Feb 2013 god um well not necessarily sure what the hell you have invited me to watch, but as a responsible adult i will be standing watch with a swiss army knife and a cell phone. i plan on practicing longevity and vital significance. -god
13 Jan 2013 Some lonely Star Go for a VERY long walk, and at the end, when you decide to get something to eat, introduce yourself to the librarian as Mouchette.

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