Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 May 2016 John Conocka I suggest taking four sleeping pills. Then drink a bottle of bleach then try to fall asleep. You will never wake up again. Thanks for the website to prove god is an asswipe!
02 May 2016 anour ibrahim hey guys my name is anour. i am 12 years old. nobody cares about me. i got no talents. i am not good at anything like basketball and soccer. everyone hates me because i got a ugly face.god gave me this face. some people call me terrorist because i am muslim. i am going to ask u one question are all muslim bad. i dont even know why god sented me in this world. i never got what i wanted. if all people hate me why should i live? please tell me how to kill myself.
29 Mar 2016 Charles Pedersen To forget your dreams before they even have begun
16 Mar 2016 vanessa garcia I dont know your name but you sound so much like me at your age sh even now i wish you were my son i would hold you so close to me so we could work that demon right out of us i would tell how much you were weroth it to me all i have ever wanted was a family of my own i have six kids that were all taken away from me cause the court felt like i was not good enough to raise them i never hurt my babys i just didnt want any one else to hurt them but they said i was crazy was on to many meds and didnt like the fact that i could not read or wright i have lived my whole life waiting on them to get old enough so i could tell them how much i loved them in hopes that they would not hate me like i hated my real mom and family for not standing up for me when i couldnt i have never had any one stand up for me in my time of need i was never in portant enough for any one i was just a waste of space or a nother mouth to feed i alwas told god if he gave me the chance i would never let him down and when i finaly talk to my oldes he said he wanted to be with me that was my happies day ever but come to find out it was just a curle joke and i feel for it i have my baby girl who looks up to me but they have enbersed me to the point wher i cant even talk to her im to ashemed of myself i have been trying to get help but it seems like i cant find my self any more to lost when i find help it is not the right help or its just a game people like to play to make you feel just as dumb for trying i can under stand where you are coming from and i wish i could help you i would love to help you maybe we can talk im way to old for any one please dont think i like young boys im in my 30es and just came across your page and wanted to reach out and show my understanding i have a son your age but he hates me cause of all the storys people have told him about me i belive if i could come across more kids like you we could find away to comfort one anther and find away out so we could see what the rest of the wuorld sees so we all can have a reason to smile and live life on a happier note feel free to counted me at my email and i give you my word i will devote all my time trying to figer something out and what you say to me will only be bettween me and you ok aslong as we can to aganahremnot to hurt our selfs or any one else if you think you are no one you are someone to me a friend hope fully we can make are own firend list frutie lol maybe you can make a name that will work for a new beggining to a new life hope to here from you lots of friendly love frome miss vee
10 Feb 2016 Robert Just stare at your phone for 24 hours and never look up
21 Jul 2015 Carol Getting stuck in one place is the best way to die. It kills you without you even feeling it.
16 Jul 2015 Dead Good bye world. Thank u for being so cruel. My life is now over.
30 Jun 2015 Done Wrote my suicide note tonight. Have the way out planned. Now just need the perfect moment.
28 Apr 2015 i dont know Live honest and be a good person. Death will find you by self
08 Apr 2015 jack quiet the mind and come rest
21 Mar 2015 spacecadet sally Its so lonely up here on the space station. Breathing recycled oxygen and changing you diaper gets old real fast. Not to mention no human contact for 18 months at a time. I am thinking about drifting in space and before my o2 runs out take off my suit and freeze in seconds. I will probably spend my last moments rubbing my breasts. They are sore from bouncing around with no gravity to hold them down.
26 Jan 2015 I had a different name Is it weird that I miss the kind of person I was when I used to visit this place years ago?
26 Nov 2014   another day volunteering at the betsy ross museum. everyone keeps asking me if they can fuck the flag. buddy, they wont even let me fuck it
17 Nov 2014 Raven Excuse me, I really want to help, but I do not know the answer to your question. Ask, why did I write this? I just want to talk to you.
28 Jun 2014 noxium 4 I am really not a human although my appearance would seem that I am a human. I am really from the planet urobonis. Its not even in this galaxy. Sometimes, when things get depressive, I visit there in my mind. Its always sunny there. My doctor say I am mentaly divergent. I think I am just delusional and have a vivid imagination. I also have extremely large methane emissions that contribute to you having headache and are collected with large magnets. After that the methane is crystalized and used to coat dental floss. It gives it the minty flavor.
03 Jun 2014 Vuk painters and poets
a show in Ljubljana, Slovenia
opening on June 19th 2014
including Mouchette
02 Jun 2014 free home security systems.... Its a known fact the world is going to shit. Therefore, there has never been a better time than right now to kill yourself. Lets hold a festival. August 2014... the first ever annual suicide fest. Thousands will gather for this. And people will even respect this once a year suicide festival because all proceeds will go to helping people and doing good things. The first annual suicide fest will be held on the banks of the ganges river in honor of pollution and those fake indian telemarketers who want to scam you. This will be done in hopes the scammers will show up and kill themselbes so we dont have to deal with them anymore. You know they hate life if they have to scam people to live.
30 May 2014 deadicus septicus meridans I took a trip to the beach today. As I was walking along the beach I came to a building with water fountains, and some showers, and a few vending machines with candybars and chips. So I am sitting in the shade on a bench eating my funyons now. And as I looked up I noticed a high wall surface with a light fixture glaring just to the left of the light bulb. I reached into my pack and got the paint pen and on this very well lit and visible spot on the wall I wrote "mouchette was here"
I sat back down on the bench to finish my bag of funyons and just looked at my vandalisim/artwork and thought its a good day.
25 May 2014 deeply concerned mother of 4 A suicide kit used to be good clean fun. Now suicide kits are made in china and are not safe for children to play with. The cheap china made suicide kits have lead paint and many small parts that a small child could choke on. They even come with warning labels that say not suitable for children under 3 years of age. This is an outrage. My children should be able to play suicide without the risk of death or lead poisoning.
01 May 2014 one starve your ego, feed your soul

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