Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Jan 2018 Universe beyond mental divergency pills. Level IV software clea My most preciousest darlings. I want to tell you a story about the greatest day of my life. Late One evening, i was in my study drinking schnapps when all of tbe sudden my tele rang. It was a confrence call with scientist and university people and they asked me to be to keynote speaker at the stadium downtown. On the scheduled day they sent a limo. I never prepared a speach because i was feeling a little tipsy. I forgot. Anyway, there i was center field of some stadium. There was 8 microphones i didnt even know what this shindy was about. So i climbed on top of tbe podeum and farted into all the mics. The croud lept to their feet screaming my name, ballons streamers and confetti fell from the sky like snow. There were cheer leaders doing the back flips and summersaults, and flippity flops. There was even a dancing bear in a pink tutu.
16 Jan 2018 amara fake smile
dried eyes
scratched wrist
bruised thighs
white pills
rope tied
gun loaded
15 Jan 2018 mercedes live enough, think about how empty you are
enter this website
remember how empty your life is
does it bother you?
Yes= finish it
No=Keep reading
02 Jan 2018 Birds in a cage Well boys and girls the newest suicide kits are in stock now for 2018. The kit comes with, rope, razor blades, one huge dildo, a bottle of hydrochloric acid, a bottle of placebos that look like real xanex, a super hero outfit, a toy gun that is like a water gun but it shoots ketchup, and some
01 Jan 2018 nancy loves the bbc Many 13 year olds could use a website like this. Just look at the facts. Most 13 year olds are still virgins unless their uncle or dad forced themselves upon that 13 year old ass. They dont even know how to mastubate properly. So this website is good for 13 year olds to learn how to kill themselves when their uncle or dad molests them. And they want to die. Because all they can think about is feeling dirty and what will they tell mom if they are pregnant?
01 Jan 2018 nipple queen My 13 year old son came to this website and learned how to kill himself. It was so horrible to walk in his room and see his body laying on his bed lifeless. There was a post about tweaking your nipples. My son ripped his nipples off and bled to death. Whoever owns this website, you should have something taken from you that you can never get back. Like your nipples. Or do an art gallery with a collage of nipples to honor my son.
31 Dec 2017 yesuf I am garbage.a nobody.a zero.the biggest failure youll ever see.dropped out of high school due to alcoholism. been to jail.get beat up all the time by people with friends, as I am a loner loser drug addict.went to rehab.relapsed as soon as I got out.i get beaten and mugged just because they can, they have numbers you know when am just a drunkard loner.i get drunk then pretend am confident. .but really am just shit..even shit is better than me.i even steal from my mothers purse when shes not friends.single all my life.lie to people about how cool I am when on drugs.but I can tell what they really think of me.i am the topic of gossip everywhere I go..but I know I never chose to be this way.but everyone is too judgemental to understand. I hear voices.i feel immense shame and anxiety not to mention the depression I had all my life. well fuck it though. I will end it this way. I will jump in a highway when I see a truck approaching. fuck it am done.why was I ever born?
30 Dec 2017 Jane Pls hang me ...I cant do it myself ...I have tried, but too scared to do it ...I need help
..I am a suicidal girl at 12
I have a sexual arousal about hanging
I have seen alot of pictures on the net with girls hanged by suicide
most of them from India I think.
I am aroused about watching these pictures, and I want to be hanged like them. It looks cool.
I feel terribly aroused, and this will be the way to die for me.
But even I have been standin on a stool many times with a rope with slipknot around my neck, then I simply cannot take this simple step down. I dont have enough courage to do it, so I guess I need help.
is there any one out there, who will hang me?
And old man,that always have hed this fetish about hanging a young girl, just for doing it.
Write to me pls.
Im so ready for this
26 Dec 2017 Mr. ROBOTO domo my gato I was just sitting out on the deck minding my own business when there was a light all around me and i was tingely all over. I started going up in the air but i felt like i was on the ground. I tried to walk but i was not moving. I looked up and there was a green light that came out of this tiny hole. The green light went into my eye and my body started getting warm and i was so tired i fell asleep. I remember feeling a needle in my arm and then i woke up. I was cold and had wierd ice crystals all over me. There was a hologram of me telling me i had been frozen for 223 years. It was speaking japanese. I dont speak this language. But i understood perfectly. I was then told there was going to be a comet that would crash into earth. I asked what are we going to do to stop it. The hologram said nothing we are going to die. Then i woke up in my bed and was still puzzled about understanding japanese. Some expert at a university told me i was a samuri in a past life. I told him he was full of shit and left. But does anyone else have dreams where they know a language unkown to you in real life? Does it mean there is more to dreams than imagination? You cant imagine that.
30 Nov 2017 Haley Kate Psychocinema, I think being unable to love will surely kill you.
You then become unable to love by others so tell me why would you kill yourself when you are loved by millions of these cyber flies.
25 Nov 2017 shipshape stOmAch In knOts
whY ArE yOU sAd lIttlE gIrl
stUck wIth thEsE thOUghts
wAdIng In pEArls
10 Nov 2017 You first suicide kit Oh dear, i went and did it again. And i must ask, is your tender wet slit inflamed or are you just glad to see me?
No no im just kidding. Of course it smells like flowers. Oh dear. Please do not cry. You know how it turns me off when you cry. And you are being silly because this is the funeral of a lifetime. And you only get to have one funeral. And you know you want your lifeless corpse to be molested.
24 Oct 2017 L- You seem to be in a bad state of mind either right now, have been for a while, or were back when you created this site. Having mental illnesses is a very hard thing to live with for anyone who has them, or has had them in the past, but suicide is never okay. It’s clear to me that you have gotten to a point where you feel like you can’t go on living anymore, but I want you to know that there is always hope even in the darkest hour. There are people that can help you, people that will listen to your problems and give you on how to deal with the things your going through right now. I know just as well as you do that a strangers words aren’t going to make everything better instantly for you in life, but I want you to know that you are not alone.

You can call the National Suicide Prevention hotline 24/7, and every conversation is free and confidential.


I can’t stand the thought of you, or anyone else going through something so painful on your own, so please try calling sometime soon, but only if you feel comfortable enough with doing so.

People aren’t meant to fight mental illnesses alone, so reaching out to other people for help is always a good option. If your school has a guidance councilor try to find some free time that you can put aside to talk about what’s going on in your life, and maybe have a sit down with your parents in private so that you can tell them what’s wrong if they don’t already know about your depression.
01 Oct 2017 baby 12:12 at night
and in the womb something went wrong
choking down corrective pills
not doing the trick
knowing this is how i must live
sure is killing me
29 Sep 2017 Hope I love reading all of these. Have been for years now, it puts me at ease.
09 Sep 2017 sad teen I was looking back on answers from like 2001, and i wish i could talk to these people now and see if theyre okay
07 Sep 2017 G a dozen suicidal thoughts
handful of panic attacks
eleven cups of stress
and a sprinkle of emptyness

pour ingredients into a broken heart shaped tin. bake in the oven till youre spread out thin. open it up, climb on in, eat your treat, you cant win
05 Aug 2017 Maggot Head I have an entire fantasy world planned out in my head, and I can only visit it when I listed to certain music. I read books, listen to stories, and look at the clouds on my roof. The sky is wide. There is no light pollution, and I can see everything. It’s so beautiful. The trees are white instead of black, and the water is black instead of blue. I swim in the river. It is warm and the black water is thick like paint. I come home and open up the window in my bathroom. I take a shower as the warm air pours into the room. I get dressed and take a walk in the cemetery. I go to the pond and stick my fingers into the black water. I stir it lightly and I send small waves a few feet before they fade back into their placid form. I am all alone. The city is abandoned. Trees grow from the skyscrapers.

How can you die when you were never really living in the first place? :(
16 Jul 2017 die laughing 2 cannibals were eating a clown, one looks up and says, "does this taste funny?"
02 Jul 2017 chantal contiue living in this cruel world

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