Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Aug 2004 Ben Get a life, loser.
09 Aug 2004   God damn you are fucking stupid. I hope to god you do kill yourself and save us all the trouble of hearing about your stupidity.
09 Aug 2004 Spicier Nacho Stop being a whiny bitch and grow the fuck up?

Oh, wait. That doesn't help kids kill themselves, it just makes them, you know, normal.
06 Aug 2004 Flamer Hey you stupid fuckin losers. What the fuck, it seems like most of the fucks on this site are high school dumb asses who don't know shit about the world. Sorry chumps, but it's almost comical to read all of your stupid nothing problems with your boyfriend or girlfriend who you love so much and think you'll be with them for the rest of your life.

Anyway, how about instead of killing your pathetic puberty stricken self, how about trying to actually MAKE something of your life. Your life sucks right now, so change it. Do different things. Get involved in new shit and meet new people.

If your parents suck, move out. Someone will take you in. Why not? See if things get better. These are the things that adults do when shit doesn't go the way they want. They do whatever it takes to change their lives and make things better.

School is too much for you? Take a year off, and do whatever you want..... oh yeah, you'll probably have to actually get a job if you want to live on your own. Sorry to disappoint you losers. Oh my God, you actually have to work to survive? Fraid so chumps. Yeah, this isn't the ideal way of doing things, but being suicidal isn't exactly the ideal way either. If it's not working, if you're so fucked up that you think about death all the fucking time, then you've gotta change.

And when adults are fed up and tehy want to make a change, they fucking do whatever the fuck they have to do to change. They move to different places, get a different job, start a new life for themselves. Life isn't fair, and that's the great news..... because you can take your life in to your own hands and make it whatever you want. Who's gonna stop you? Only you will stop yourself. But you've gotta work at it. But hey, it feels good when you stand up and say, "yeah, life's hard, but I dealt with all that shit and I fuckin conquered on my own when the whole God Damned world was against me." So take shit in to your own hands and don't worry about what everyone tells you you should do.
05 Aug 2004 Candice You are seriously fucked up. suicide is not a toy. and i understand that you are probably just fucking around but do you know how many people actually are going to read this and then go do it? congratulations on fucking american teens up more than they already are.
04 Aug 2004 Rayne Under 13? There is no 'best' way, fuckbags. I mean, come on...13 is still so young. Seriously, at 13 you've barely hit puberty, haven't even finished highschool yet. And most likely have NEVER had meth, lsd, extacy, and all that good shit. But, you're all stupid fucks for thinking suicide is GRAND. Seriously, take a life, give a life. It's never going to end. It's one huge ass fucking circle that'll NEVER END! And besides, you little "suicidal" fucks are pussies. Suicide is just like saying "I can't handle life". You little fucks think you know what life is and what life isn't. You're fucking retarded. Life hasn't even started for you. And if you keep being the way you are now, you won't die until you're 89 or something. Because you'll be stuck in a nut house for trying to chop off your own arm. LOL!!!! Haha, fuck you! Nut houses suck, people screaming all through the night, piss all over the walls because they're all too wacked to make it in the toilet. And getting tubes shoved up your nose, to your brain, and that's how they give you your medications. They also strap your ass down. So yes, for you little 'suicidal' fuckbags, you're all pussies. Because the best way to die, is the hard way to die. I mean sure, slit your wrists, and peirce unknown parts. Do it because you like the pain, you like the rage it brings to you. Don't do it to take your life. It's a waste of world...
01 Aug 2004 Carla Yeah, I'll help you. Stop being stupid. Suicide is not a joke and it hurts people you love and who love you. Even if your parents act like they don't like you, suicide isn't going to change them. And pretending suicide will only get you in trouble and make you wish you really had. Don't be dumb. This site is stupid.
23 Jul 2004 Courtney demers this is fuckin sick.. how the fuck can you do this.. who ever made this web site should fuckin die.. fuckin losers.. oo yaa nad make sure you e-mail me you fuckin bitch.. unless your a pussy
15 Jul 2004 Not amused by this crap That was really inane and not even entertaining. You have so much time and resources on your hands. It's an absolute shame you don't use it for something more progressive. Spiritual. Political. Instead it's just retarded deadness.
11 Jul 2004 Mr.SelfDestruct Wow... a bunch of whiny little children... You wanna die now...but do you think your gonna regret not killing your self when your life gets better in 10 years?? Most of you kids wanna die because of little things that you think are gonna ruin your entire life... Just think of all the other kids with the same problem as you. If you really wanted to kill yourself, you wouldn't need to come to a site and ask "Whats the best way" because if you really wanted to die, you would know how to do it by instinct. But hey, if you wanna waste a life that can be perfectly fine in a few years, then go ahead, I cant stop morons from doing stupid things. If I were to kill myself (Which I wouldnt, cause everytime I thought of it, I relised life goes on) I would go out in stoned to the bone... Take so many drugs I wouldnt know what to do, then the drugs would do the rest. But either way, suicide is a stupid permenant solution for a temporary problem.
09 Jul 2004 This is bad. I was/am a cutter. My friends have convinced me to stop and its hard but i'm workin on it and i'm doin good and it's all thanks to them. Killing yourself is bad and i don't think having an internet site about how to do it should be allowed. This site should be stopped and banned, it's nonsense!
07 Jul 2004 Will Someone have the balls to kill themself already! I am tired to listening to you fucks complain about your shity lives. Please go through with it and have someone post the pics on this that's worth reading about!
23 Jun 2004 Bitter old Bastard Hello. First of all, I would like to say it seems like a lot of people who come to this site are fucking stupid. About 60% of you losers can't spell or write worth shit. It's annoying! Is it just Mouchette's site, or are people this dumb all over the web??? Anyway, I also notice that a bunch of you losers bitch about how bad your life is, as if that gives you an excuse to feel like shit and kill yourself. What about the people who just feel like shit all the time for no particular reason? Do they not have reason to kill themselves? They are mentally ill.
21 Jun 2004 drew this is the stupidest fuckin site in the world i hope one of you mother fuckers kills yourself, or wait id be glad to fuckin kill one of you fuckin cocksuckers, i hope all of you fagots on this site die very soon
15 Jun 2004 the only anwser is god omfg this site should be shut down wtf is this some f'n satan worshiping site damn this is f'n crazt if u wanna die or dont want ur life find god he'll hekp u gosh this is so f'n crazy
14 Jun 2004 ygolohcysp i am sure this will draw flames from ppl but i really dont care. just do it! if you really want to kill yourself you wont come here and whine about it, in fact you probably wont tell anyone at all in fear that they will stop you. so get off the computer find a rope a knife a gun and just do it. you dont even need a knife,gun, etc. if u want to kill urself bad enough run as hard as you can head first into a wall. in fact encourage others to do it as well you won't miss them as you are gonna be dead too. all your friends and family will say "o what could we have done different" for a few weeks, then when the initial shock is over they will think, if not say aloud, "what a fucking moron". but hey its your life and who cares what they think. you are the master of your own destiny, if death is all you aim for then i suggest you set your standards a little higher and stop being such a whiny little bitch, make something of yourself. know that u have faced hard times and overcome. but if you just cant handle life *cough* pussy *cough* then by all means oft yourself. this applies to all 8-80, blind, crippled, or crazy. good luck whatever you decide.
12 Jun 2004 Ghetto offspring Will you stupid little kids just get over it? Seriously? What kind of shit have you gone through in your life? Pray tell me, what is your pain? Did your daddy hit you? Did your parents take away your playstation? You little turds should just go ahead and kill yourselves. I've gone through shit way worse than any of you probably have. I grew up in the Marcy projects of Brooklyn. I've never known my dad because he's incarcerated for murder, and my mother was a crack addict who beat me severely, twice putting me in the hospital. However, I never thought of killing myself, because that's for little pussies like the kids on here. Instead, I did everything I could to rise above it and now I'm in my second year of college. Get over it you whiny little bitches! Either try to solve your own problems, or shut-up
11 Jun 2004 grow up!! FUCKING GROW UP!!!! You are all whiney little babies starving for attention. Depressed? Go make yourself happy! Sad? Go play!Get a life other than just talking on the internet about how bad you have it and trying to kill yourself and grow up! If any of you actually had the balls to kill yourself you wouldn't be posting about it in here, you would be dead already, dumb fucking whiners!
10 Jun 2004 moz If u guys really wanted to kill urselves u wouln't be on this website u fuck ups. shits happening around the world and u guys are tring to commit suicide..get therapy quick ...

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