Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Jun 2007 lestat The person who created this website is one sick mother fucker. Whats wrong u dick, I think u r so unhappy with your life that the only way u feel any happiness is by glorying in somebody misery.
02 Jun 2007 Liz well ring-a-ding-ding.
you poor poor kiddies! is this what you think suicide is? A GAME?! something to be disrespected and abbused. i talk from personal experience here! suicide aint a game! killing yourself coz your unloved, or you down pills aint in any way a justified reason for killing youself! we're all teens here! ofcourse we want self pitty! we want to blow our problems out of proportion and prey for the courage to use that got damn slipknoted-rope and hang from it. but your too young to even experince true pain. give life a chance babies! our bodies are a hormonal toilet at the moment, and this aint funny! going on a website threatening to kill yourself for no REAL reason isn't a joke! your abbusing your life! do you think this is cool! suicide is a new trend! instead of playing superheroes, and putting on your mums high heels and makeup, and daring yourself to ask out that guy youv'e been 'crushing' on for months, your threatening to kill yourself! i bet you'll get off this, go into your room, cut your wrist with a razor (razor, no a knife) and prey for the corage to press down.
THE FUCKING MEDIA IS MAKING THIS NORMAL! wanting to die aint a normal emotion! everyone on this site knows deep down that their only here to play the crying game for a while.
i know what it's like, only a week ago i was thinking about the cool idea of hanging in a local park, or lying od in the school bathroom. but its sites like these that put the ideas into your heads! when you fall inlove, and your lover is dead and you can't go on without him/her, then kill youself. look at sid vicious (bassist of the sex pistols) adolf Hitler (german dictator) Kurt Cobain (lead singer of Nirvana) they all died for something they believed in! if i remotley thought that any of these 13 year olds would seriously suicide, i would raise pitty. but no mater how much they cut, or how many pills they swallow, their only doing it for unjustified reasons and becuase they persure suicide as 'normal'! you can kill your body, but you'll never kill your soul unless you die for a REAL reason, not becuase 'your ugly, or no one likes you, or you think your depressed, or you mum and dad hate you'. Lifes great. it's a living work of art. go outside and look at all of the people, with their own movie, their own lifes! listen to the music that has been bistowed upon you. and i don't mean that stupid electronic crap thats on the top 100 of the week, i mean bands that stood for something! the cure, the sex pistols, marilyn manson, elvis presely, the smiths, the cars, alice cooper, black sabeth, def lepard, the ramones (to name afew). this aint cool and it aint normal.
so please, if you'r life is a true tragedy, and dying is the only way you can express you passion and fate, then please go jump infront of the train tracks RIGHT NOW! hand cuff yourself to the tracks just to make sure you don't chicken out last minute, but don't talk about slitting ur wrists and bringing other confused teens down! hey, if ur just sad and feel that life is useless, how about risk ur life for something else. y not rob a liquer store and give da funds to sum needy family, or even become a stunt man (or women)or donate ur body to science. if ur life really is worthless, you have nothing to lose, right??
u poor poor kids,this isn't how life is! don't let em brainwash u, don't become part of the mainstream emo trend!
xoxo Liz
23 May 2007   This is an absolutely terrible idea. The thought of introducing a child to something like this is unethical, immoral and downright sickening. If you really want to help children with this you should look at ways you can help them get help; and even, possibly look at getting help for yourself. Anyway, I’m not sure why I’m bothering to mail you because I’m pretty sure no company would be interested in marking such product.
22 May 2007 kim1122 To all you people helping kids pretend to kill themselves: dont u realize this isnt funny u bastards!!! Pease get a life and stop helping people end theirs! IDIOTS!
22 May 2007   This site needs to be eliminated soon!
11 May 2007 Billy Talk to your parents, are you guys fucking serious?

GG on being an arsehole. Do you know how much funerals cost? Do you know how upset your friends/family will be? Do you not see how fucking lucky you guys are?

Get over it, life's too short.
07 May 2007 id10T um i came here to find out how but people put up lame stories so yeh,,,........
05 May 2007 Wanda Malone Who ever has started this site is so STUPID. I have just re-ead your re. read Oh my, do you have any manners? Do you have any self-respect? You know (and anyone thinking of it) sucide means you are going straight to Hell.And as for the perdon starting this site - mt direct number is 687-939-9380. Call me if if you more confirmation????
05 May 2007 Wanda Malone to kill you. You are an idiot. I will give you my name and my email address. So that way you will understand that if you kill (sucide) that you will BURN in HELL.
29 Apr 2007 richard there is no best way... you shouldnt do it... what really that bad has happened to you, ok... so the minority here may actually have big problems but that still leaves the vast majority being kids jus unhappy that their parents told them off or wouldn't buy them something... yeh it can be hard being a kid, but thats part of growing up and becoming stronger... if you're one of those kids who see suicide as a game, well simply i hate you, i lost my sister to suicide but before she went she said that it was stupid...

I'm gonna tell all you whiny little kids a tip now, i think you should all take loads of paracetamol and die a horrible death if your serious maybe by the end of that you'll have learnt life has value, maybe you'll learn theres more to life than that hoody you want "daddy" to buy for you... you kids make me sick...
27 Apr 2007   You grow up and stop being so over-exaggerated.

Your not at the age to decide whether you should kill yourself or not.
26 Apr 2007   what i want to no is how this site came about? its so crazy to hear all these people asking and telling ways of suicide. if you think about it the law would have shut this down years ago. somethings up, and im not too sure what it is and why this site is a .org because those are organizations. id be a little less surpruised if this was a .com site because those are comercial.
19 Apr 2007 gangstagurl ma answers r not being put up in the forum and i am realllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy pissed at this female....
fuck off....
16 Apr 2007 Sad Depressed Emo Maybe theres no need 2 kill urself ...
If u lot wernt a bunch of moshers who always complain about life then stuff like dis wunt happen , just get over it and enjoy life
16 Apr 2007 elite soldier you are all some sick fucks , ho deserve do be shoot twice in the head what the fuck is this text you putting out fucking retards
12 Apr 2007 suicide. it is ur fault all u pathetic emo kids u wana die? Jst To the creator of this website u r an evil and sick thing ur a heartless bitch and il curse u til kingdom come. Im abt to murder myself at mid nyt 2 nyt and im fuckin scared ! bt b4 that i want u to know that all these ppls misery and suicides wil be on ur conscience til ur damned in eternity on judgement day wen god asks u wat u did wit ur lyf u can say u whole heartidly led hundreds of people to
11 Apr 2007 chloe why do u people even comment on this shit, its ridiculous, your not doing anyone any favors.
11 Apr 2007 fuckubrent Meet Brent Portman. u wont only wanna kill urself but kill him too. hes a bakstabbing asshole!
02 Apr 2007 child of God suicide is not a game. the creator of this site shud b ashamed that hundreds of hurting children are being led to believe that it is. The blood of these people will b on your hands and i pray that you will c wat you are doing b4 its 2 late, otherwise i would hate 2 b u on judgment day. think about it and remember, God is watching...
01 Apr 2007 loolooo Fags go kill ur selfs

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