Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Jul 2023 bye i have nothing and no one goodbye my end is here
16 Apr 2023 Antonioxzoldyck IDK but email me because this shit is so confusing
05 Jan 2023 SH I SH last night, just needed to tell someone or something. This is after months of not doing so.
03 Jan 2023 nobody im not under 13 anymore,im 14 now i guess. the ways ive tried are pretty efficient i was just to uch of a pussy to go through with it. i was 12 the fist time i tried! it was around midnight ish and i had been sneaking mmy meds for a week or so and not taking them, by the end i had a lot saved up s i just took them all! it lmost worked but i changed my mind and threw them up. ive tried 6 times since then, none of which worked (obviously) i wish they did tho. maybe tis year will be the year i finally kill myslf i HOPE this is the year i finally do it. i cant take this shit aymore i really cant nothing is worh it anymore i cant do anything right.
01 Jan 2023 ASH i want to die. i tried to just a couple days ago. my stepdad saw a recording of the hanging and me giving up because of the pain. i then carved the word "pathetic" into my thigh. then "useless" then "die" on my ankle, then "die bitch" on my forearm. both of my arms and legs are covered in cuts and burns and bruises. i know many people have it worse than me so i try to brush off any dark time that i have. i feel as if i am an empty capsule living purely for the enjoyment of others. anyways. back to my stepdad finding out about the suicide attempt. he threatened to send the video to my therapist and suggest i go to mountain crest. he then said that he would give me until two days after to chose to tell him or go to the psych ward. two days later and he said he completely forgot. how do you forget that your stepdaughter tried to kill herself? i have suffered many verbally and physically abusive instances with this man. i dont really know how to end this selfish rant, but i wish you all a good as it can be new year.
11 Dec 2022 mars Im 12, i would love to know that too but i dont though when i was in a mental hospital i tried to hang myself on the curtain in our room it was fun but im still alive so didnt work anyways this is a cool website
08 Dec 2022 mechanical bride i tried to overdose but i guess i didnt take enough because i just felt dizzy and woke up a few hours later. i was hospitalized but i want to do it again. i miss that feeling.
30 Nov 2022 star i feel like i
29 Nov 2022 R Killing myself is the only way out of this. I have constantly been suffering for months and it is becoming too much. There is no help out there for me, and even if there were I would not seek it out for fear of changing my ways. There is no support system, therapy, counseling, or anything that seems to help this state of mind. My mother only fuels these desires with her nagging. Her words coagulate into bullets that shoot into my brain, shooting off worse than a shotgun in the hands of a newbie hunter. Being with her any longer than I must be is worse than suicide to me. It is the easy way out, and as opposed I am to giving up it is a temptress that haunts me in my rooms in my lonely late nights. I hope you are all having good days.
30 Aug 2022 кузя помогите!!!
24 Aug 2022 help me help
09 Aug 2022 charlie help me get sussy baka simulator out of my head
21 Jun 2022 Bruno Vom Stein Correia Help me to kill myself
15 May 2022 v i want to kill myself so bad but i....
05 May 2022 amory i feel like i should skip every first period class of mine, i cant stand this shit anymore, i rather just die
28 Apr 2022 angel of pee ive overdosed twice now and its just like, will the next one kill me? ive slit my wrists 16 times now and the most recent one was such a large and open wound it looked like a little bloody mouth on my arm (yes, i did kiss it) and it REALLY SCARED ME and i felt so alive and i knowww i will do it over and over and maybe i will never die the cycle will just repeat 4evs, suicide makes me feel untouchable!! email me!
02 Apr 2022 amory my parents blame me for everything, they blame me for my anger, but its their own fault
i rather be somewhere better without all of this pain
24 Mar 2022 ... I feel so sick lately probably the fact that I have poisoned myself multiple times probably out of all the overdoses ive tried. I cut my wrist, hung myself, in general fucked myself all over so badly that there is no way of recovery honestly im so tired I dont wanna live but I just refuse to die not sure how much longer I can take this. My stepfather raped me my only source of support is fucking dead, My older sister is dead I honestly have no will to live anymore, my mom abuses me just verbally but it still hurts. My sister is dead because of me my other older sister wont even look my way and my youngest siblings blame me for it too. Honestly I just dont wanna live anymore so much pain im being hit by my step brother almost every day and I just keep starving myself over and over its been nearly 2 weeks without eating and I feel good about it. I can finally have my peace.
20 Mar 2022 amory i want to die, i dont feel safe in any place besides my room, i feel threatened, my parents blame these feelings on me growing up and on the internet.I WANT TO DIE SO BADLY. i dont feel accepted...

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