Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Apr 2024 Cesar Hey it's Cesar, here's a lil introduction to get to know me better before you know my recommendation.

I am Cesar, no it's not my real name nor a nickname, I just prefer to be called Cesar as it separates me from my own personal identity. I grew up in a religious household with a family devoted to god, though as years pass, the pile of sins keeps getting higher and higher. At this point, it looks like it's going to reach the moon. Sure, I didn't grow up with the best parents nor the best people but I sure made a name for myself with the people around me. I grew up being bullied and ugly, the bullying only stopped once I had moved away from my supposed "home". I've mostly given up on life with a little bit of glimpse of hope my best friends and boyfriend gave me to continue with this tangled, messed up life I live in. Well I think that's enough background, now my recommendations.

Personally from my experience and my preferred method of self execution is overdosing as to me, this is the most calmest and not as painful as cutting yourself or hanging. Though, the only pain you would feel is the headaches but music could be a helpful solutions to that as it can clear up your thoughts. You could just put some on headphones, play the songs of your choice, pop some pills and lay back as you close your eyes. Soon enough, you'll be gone. Although I can't really say if you would really be gone as i've taken 5 pills of 400mg of XXXXXX with 20mg of caffeine in it and yet I still survived so if you want a chance to still keep living, just pop 5 pills of 400mg of XXXXXXX and you'll be good to go. Well that's all from me. Good luck.
(Any questions will be answered)
15 Mar 2024 Texas When I was 10, I was extremely depressed, and this 19 year old online convinced me to watch large amounts of gore videos. I would fantasize about breaking my legs to have people care about me. But one day I decided to go downstairs and get a large knife. I was going to stab it into my stomach and slowly bleed out and make everyone who hated me know that they had done it to me.

But I didn’t. And so I am still here. Now I take Prozac every afternoon and occasionally drink the pain away. But I am alive. And being alive is so wonderful. I once had a very close friend, perhaps even a lover. I was 13 (though I lied at first, of course, and eventually told him my true age) and he was 14. We called him Quince or Quincy or Soup. We were two boys in love and were too afraid to admit it until it was too late. And now he is dead. I miss him quite a lot. I no longer want to die anymore. Maybe I am someone’s Quince. Nobody deserves that pain.
08 Feb 2024 Juvin Dont kill ya self, i luv u
17 Nov 2023   pills. when i was 11 i overdosed on pills. it almost killed me. they were otc medications, something that mostly anyone has. but it doesn't always work. you'll feel incredibly sick for days if you survive, so sick that you wish you would've just died. you'll lose your appetite, and you'll throw up plain bile for a week. if you receive medical attention, they'll pump your stomach or give you charcoal. but if it does work, it'll only hurt a little bit for a little while.
13 Nov 2023 bon I remember the time I felt too overwhelmed and decided to do something that I'd never thought I would.
I started running.
I started running so hard that I cannot recall when was the last time I consciously ran that far. I do not think I have surpassed the distance yet.
I ran so far away I ran pass my elementary school,
the old place I used to cut my hair, the family business, the café where I said my deepest secret, that old park I used to visit, the old houses I already have engraved in my brain, and the new ones I had yet not recognized, strange faces, personal conversations, I flew past all of that that I never had the time to process it all.
Then my lungs started screaming,
finally fell down, despite how loud they were gasping for air, the way I sat down and cried was so quiet
very quiet sobs. I had so many thoughts, I thought that running would make me somehow run away from the mental torture I go through every day. It's horrible to think we can escape what we see every day, they are staring,
and they are whispering.
09 Oct 2023 L3XXXYD0LL I... actually don't know...I know how it feels to want to end your life when you're under 13.

I was once 12 but I turned older on July 14, 2023

Today is Monday, October 9th, 2023 at 7:44 in Tijuana, baja California, Mexico.
18 Sep 2023 Yuqing You can choose euthanasia to ensure that the procedure is painless.I think I didn't die many times because I was afraid of the pain.
10 Aug 2023 greta when i was a kid i would constantly imagine myself dying in front of every person who ever was mean to me or annoyed me or my parents or anything. i remember being like 5 and thinking about how tom in my art class would look after an asteroid fell through the roof and crushed me after he called me a "poophead". i still think about it sometimes. i think if i were to kill myself i would want people who dont like me to know about it and think that they caused it but that is also kinda pathetic and weird its not a power move to let someone get what they want
02 Aug 2023 Борис В тот момент, когда тебе станет тяжелее всего, настолько тяжело, что ты почти не сможешь дышать от тяжести своих мыслей и переживаний, попробуй подумать о том что когда-нибудь всё изменится и будет совсем по-другому, так, как ты хочешь. Подумай о том, что если сейчас ты совершишь это деяние, то на том свете будешь неоднократно жалеть а содеянном, потому что больше не сможешь ничего вернуть, ты не сможешь вернуть себя и не сможешь вернуть своё прошлое, которое впоследствии может остаться просто страшным кошмаром твоей жизни и ничем более. Вспоминай это, если И когда у тебя случится что-то хорошее, или напротив, что-то плохое. Мы, люди, чем-то похожи на батарейки, но в чём-то мы отличны от них. Наш ресурс, заряд энергии, порой истощается, но при этом мы не в коем случае не должны выкидывать себя на свалку просто потому, что прямо сейчас не способны его восполнить.
29 Jul 2023 Krimzen00 I would suppose, if one, at such a youthful age contemplated such a thing like suicide, the best way is for that person to survive it not doing anything at all, as that would kill the demon speaking in their ear.
22 Jul 2023 Jiji Jump off the freeway bridge. I had dreams about this. They were all failed attempts because they were dreams but that just makes me less fearless to accomplish this in reality.
10 Apr 2023 an observant private investigator Have you visited a neighborhood that has one busy street with crack addicted hookers in skimpy clothes? And most are super skinny from smoking crack. Its so sad to see this. Women turning tricks all night and most of the day to pay for more crack. They only eat once all day. It looks like they are all independent hookers but there is always one guy giving them their crack to smoke. The pimp. He gets young girls smoking crack just to try it to get high. When they want more but no money, baby want crack, he coerces them to have sex with him. After he turns them into crack addicted whores and they have zero self esteem he puts them on the corner. They bring him money, he gives them crack. And just like a rat in a cage pushing the button for liquid cocaine in a syringe, these crack whores turn tricks right until the day they jump in front of a truck or hang themselves in a closet. Anyway they can. Swallow handfuls of crack and o.d. the level of hopelessness and despair is overwhelming. The life of a crack whore is often cut short(no pun inteded), but some live to be quite old, still smoking crack and turning tricks. Even the police get blowjobs all the time. They dont even scatter like coackroaches when you turn the light on because they know the cops wont arrest them. Even if they have crack. The police just want blowjobs.
26 Mar 2023 Aware Im embarrassed to admit im scared of the pain of death, and even more the thought of surviving a suicide and going through the pain to gain nothing.
The most reliable would be by firearm but its impossible to get ahold of one in my country.
Second most likely to cause fatality would be by drowning yet as i said im scared of the pain and it is said to be the third most slow painful way to die, so that is obviously out of the question.
Then you have hanging wich only 6 in 10 attempts actualy work and I am still scared of the thought of my neck snapping.
Poison by gas would be next but that would be hard to get ahold of as I live in the middle of nowhere.
Fifth would be jumping firstly that could seem like an accident and i dont want that (trauma related shit) pluss you would nead alot of will power and only around 3 in 10 are fatal. I guess i could go to the city???
Next is the ingestion of poison or drugs. Befor i decided to research tonight I was planning on trying to overdose again lol but I found out only 1.5% are sucsessful ikr I also thought this was less painful like my last attempt but then I saw a list of all the scary side affects.
Most of the others have a less than 1% fatality rate and now ive seen what can happen and the likely hood i will die i cant be bothered with another overdose so ive narrowed it down I can either go to the city and jump or i can try to get a hold of a gun (my safest option) in wich ill have to wait till im eighteen of my next door neighbour is a farmer who hunts foxes and pheasant I could steal from him but he doesnt deserve that on his conscience.
I left with jumping in wich (my mom is a crazy feminist bitch) i will nead to find a good excuse to go to the city alone like a school trip or a friends funeral and a reason for her to not keep me inside and the city is pretty far so i will also need money for a train ticket (i dunno where from) and i will need to find a building high enough.
thanks for reading my plans. I wish you all the best.
24 Feb 2023 AW SH

When i was 9 i used to self harm for the enjoyment of the pain but iT got to the point where my carved writing and burn marks where to visible to my parents so i stopped and used other forms of sh wich i would rather not mention. But i started again recently and I want some ideas on what is the decently painfull but wont leave marks ive tried starving myself and overeating but the effects are to drawn out and burning and cutting leave marks i want something quick and painfull with no after effects Ideas?
15 Feb 2023 тревога долгое время ври и притворяйся тем, кем не являешься и начинаешь гнить на глазах
04 Feb 2023 angel she asked me, or rather challenged me, "do you really want to die?"
yes, more than anything.

no one else is going to do it for me.
i fear i just miss not existing
habit, or morbid tradition?
could you forgive the blood in your heart?
22 Jan 2023 Terry Livingston Cancer. It is slow, but leaves time for confrontation.
12 Jan 2023 Victor When I was a little kid, I once took a lot of sleeping pills
I really wanted to die
But I survived, so pills are not the solution lol
29 Nov 2022 V. Я пыталась убить себя уже трижды, а мне больше двадцати. Наверное, это даже сложнее, когда тебе нет тринадцати!

Я хотела выпить снотворные, которые выписал мне психиатр, но потеряла их
27 Nov 2022 lol being depressed is fun. Obtain some scars, and cry and have sex to fill the hole

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