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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Apr 2001 XENA Who ever wrote this thing has got to be sick minded and psychopathic because anyone in their right mind wouldn't just go around asking kids 13 and under 'Hey, how do you kill yourself if you're younger than 13'. This person needs to be taken away and locked up and save the rest of the world the worry and pain of minors committing suicide!
14 Apr 2001 worried, candice My friend, in year 11 scared us by just saying that she was going to commit suicide. The next day she had cut herself with a razor about 50 times, she took drugs and started smoking, I hate it...
14 Apr 2001 Starbuck If your parents have a gun, steal it and shoot yourself in the head or in the heart.
13 Apr 2001 Roxanne Wade Noone should kill themself at that age, or until they have had a chance to see just what life may bring them. I think that if one has become a responsible adult, and knows that it is not going to get any better. Power them, and the decision that they make.
I am 47 yrs old, and I have had enough. but............. I can never seem to get the damn job done. I have tried 5 times. but I am scared of the split second Pain ? what if ? can I be sure that I am dead ? Too much stuff that.... too little guts, I guess. I know that if I had access to a quick, painless, and sure fire way to do it I would. Sorry for waisting your time, have a good life.
12 Apr 2001 Katie Zorin I would have to say, running across a really busy highway. Cause if you get killed then mission accomplished, but if you don't people will just say what a stupid kid.
12 Apr 2001 Arcane_Demon How in the world can you be telling little kids to kill themselves? They have a future ahead and they need to be alive to live it. Even if life is bad it will get better. God tells us that in the bible. YOU SICK PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE THIS WEB SITE OFF THE INTERNET. SO FUCK YOU ALL AND I HOPE YOU ALL GO TO HELL. Well you will along with the many people that kill themselves. Isn't that just sad? I hope your Soul dies. :)
12 Apr 2001 llamafarmer I have a rather interesting way.....Just drown yourself in llama phlem....
I'm taking the piss, by the way. this website is nuts, nobody should take it seriously
12 Apr 2001 jeff the best way to kill yourself when your under 13 is to stand on top of a building hollering "i swear to god im gonna jump, don't nobody try to help me cause i'm jumping". then when you have a large crowd under you pull out a 12 gauge shotgun and blow your head off in front of the three hundred or so onlookers <<<<haw haw, thought i was gonna jump didn't ya! goes to show that people under the age of 13 aren't as dumb as you..... thought!
12 Apr 2001 hilary wow... lots of people with good ideas.. hmm.. i say you should pick up a nice heroin habit. Then when you get bored with it, just overdose and it's all over. And whatever method you choose, it should be one that will actually work.
But remember ...suicide is habit-forming.
11 Apr 2001 sara Hahaha I think you all need sum help in here... Life is a precious thing, why would you throw it all away, cause once you're gone there is no coming back... I know I have tried to slit my wrist and all that physical stuff, but in the end I knew it was wrong and I was living for me and no one else even though things in my life were fucked up... and for the lil sicko that made this site. Other people might die because of what you have created! I hope God punishes you!
10 Apr 2001 Amy D. Think about what you are doing to yourself first, before trying to kill yourself. You probably won't believe me anymore than I believed this when I was suicidal, but things will get better. I hated my life for so long, but now I just turned 18, I am training to be a medic, and I will start Nursing school in the fall. I love and enjoy life more than I ever thought was possible. Try to find something you really enjoy and do it. Talk to an adult you trust and if you are ready and feel comfortable, try to talk to a therapist or a councelor. Don't give up on life yet. If you can't do it for yourself anymore, live for your family and friends. Even if you think now that no one cares, I can promise you that you are wrong. When my uncle killed himself, it was the harder for my aunt than anyone else, but we all miss him so much. He thought no one cared, but it hurts so much that he is gone. Realize that what your life is like now is nothing like it will be when you grow up. You can have a career/job that you love, and a family or whatever you want. If your parents are making things harder (like mine tend to do), just remember that you won't have to live with them forever. Always take care of yourself and if you don't let other people hurt you, they can't. Be true to yourself. The only person you really have to please is yourself, because the only person you will always have to live with is yourself.
Take care.
10 Apr 2001 Masey Johns try sucking your own dick. if you spine doesn't break, if you dont get stuck and die of embarrasment, maybe some masked killer will attack you, maybe some disease will hit, maybe a plane will crash onto your roof, maybe a volcano will erupt, maybe a fire will burn you, maybe, just maybe.
09 Apr 2001 renee_17 I honestly cannot believe that this is an actually website, i've never been more horrified in my life! I think it's really crazy that you people don't have anyone to talk to or anyone just to be there for you. I have found that suicide is not the way, but justice is...... Please i know this might sound corny, but if anyone needs someone to talk to please e-mail me, i promise i reply. Take care
08 Apr 2001 vag the best way to commit a suicide is to remain maiden
08 Apr 2001 PHYSCHE Well what you do is you strap meat all over yourself, and run into a room full of starved wolves, wolverines, etc.
07 Apr 2001 jorgen eating your toy train might be a good start
07 Apr 2001 todd eat barbie dolls untill you choke
05 Apr 2001 domagoj try to listen backstreet boys
05 Apr 2001 ken never deny life!
04 Apr 2001 scribble ask a grad student about their theory on derrida, kick back, & just wait for your brain to wilt

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