Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Oct 2004 Lizzie Runnin into the street when a cars passin by...the driver cant control hes breaks then
06 Oct 2004 Nikki Hey Man! this is the best way to kill yourself its easy.. painless.. and fast... Go find someone who has diabetes.. and take some of there incellin... trust me i have diabetes and once i almost did wake up when i took alot of incelling.. oh ya then go to sleep
have fun! ( but remember suicide feelings go away in time )
06 Oct 2004 lonelyteenager Reading through all your messages, what can i say? I mean, i don't know how old you all are but i'm not as young as 13; i read some of the stuff and can connect, like, understand, but then i read other things and then it seems like my shit can't even compare to all that shit. I haven't been through child abuse or parents telling me im a total fuck up or anything like that, but i have my own little hell right here on my doorstep for me. I hate shallow, superficial people who don't understand what they're talking about, and other people who are so open to discuss suicide in such a casual way, with friends and that. At least here, on forum, we are able to remain anonymous (by choice) because we don't know each other. Anyway, getting back on track, i don't know what else to say, without sounding like just another whining girl about her problems, but if you do want to talk, the invitation's there. But the thing that scares me the most is to think i won't end up having the guts to kill myself when the time comes. The things is, fuck sleeping pills. Isn't that the most popular way or what? Der, if dizepam, amobarbital or methadone were available off the shelf, pretty much everyone would commit. The point is, if you're that up for it and really want to die, you'd just drink a bottle of bleach or other corrosive. yeah, it sure as hell is painful, but corrodes your stomach, so its not like you'll be saved.
06 Oct 2004 thibaut you have to eat to much medicine while believing these are candies
06 Oct 2004 heartsbleedblue What's the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?.... Are you fucking serious? No really? Because im finding it very frickin hard to believe that a kid under 13 would want to kill themselves?
I mean really, come on! how much does a 13 year old kid know about the world? How much can they know about themselves? How much can they know a bout LIFE!?
If you're under 13 and you are thinking of killing yourself, sit down and ask yourself why.
Fucking hell! How SELFISH can a person be? What about the people around you. If you think this is a game it's NOT. Once it's done, that's it. There's no fucking reset button.
So you think about that for a little bit, before you make a decision....
06 Oct 2004 brittany ummm i`ve wrote in here b/4 so i am again i don`t get this site but hey w/e... i dunno cutting ur wrist is retarded and making urslef throw up is even stupider u no i think a silent death would be to take pills it`s logical i no it`s sorta effective i`ve tried it
06 Oct 2004 MeLissa actually, WTF? i actually thought this site would help me fuckin find a way to kill myself. my mom is a real bitch and critizes everything about me. My skewl grades are down. i dont play volleyball anymore. my only friends are all pot head. I NEED A FUCKIN NEW LIFE. why the fuck did give me such a fucked up one? im so serious. i wanna just down a bottle of sleeping pills but what if that shyt doesnt work? n e suggestions? im so fuckin serious. i wana end this shyt. IM SYCK OF IT
05 Oct 2004 Jess play doctor and cut out your intestines for a regular checkup, it's fun and by the time you get them all back in you will have bleed to death
05 Oct 2004 juanita a britney spears dvd, lots of quimic candies, a 10 easy steps to build a perfect body guide, a new paper from africa, asia or latin america and "mouchette" bressons movie
05 Oct 2004 Will Snow Ooooh, I cant read the bloody thing. Ive been blocked out by the 'Web Marshall'. Damn the rotters!!
05 Oct 2004 Phil You know what Mouchette, whenever I try to access the kit via a library computer now, it always comes up with this:

Text download (TEXT, 25221 bytes) was restricted by the text censor rule 'Scan and block pornographic content'.

TextCensor Script 'Pornography' triggered with total weighting of 11:
Expression '(big OR fine OR great OR nice OR good OR massive OR huge OR beautiful) FOLLOWEDBY=2 (tits OR pair of tits OR cleavage OR boobs OR pair of jugs OR hooters)' triggered 1 times, weighting 2
Expression 'cock' triggered 1 times, weighting 1
Expression 'cock AND tits' triggered 1 times, weighting 1
Expression 'cock AND tits AND (nude OR sex)' triggered 1 times, weighting 1
Expression 'cum OR cumm' triggered 1 times, weighting 2
Expression 'cunt' triggered 1 times, weighting 2
Expression 'cunts' triggered 1 times, weighting 2

Now Mouchette, I don't know what has been going on lately within the suicide kit, but surely it hasn't turned into a porn fest overnight?
05 Oct 2004 Shayne pfffftttttt dont take 60 panadol. just just f**ked me over, f**ked up my liver and was bleeding internally for like 13 hours. ummm if anything use anti-depressants.
05 Oct 2004 panzer-faust (shayne) Hi i am also from New Zealand, yes it sux, mear through of living here feeds my misanthropia, i shall say im glad my solo black metal band released its demo, i wsih my friend wont die, i wish my life was better, but hey we cant have it all. NZ sux london sucked, usa sucked. Whats their to live for when your so misathropic you dont have friends or anyone. My dad is Viking 100% blood line yet in only 50% and his views are so positive with the religion norse i cant stand it. arrrrrrrr i am insane. good bye, thanks for listing to me moan about it all.
05 Oct 2004 kiven i appreciate everyone posting here.... my plans for suicide are now gone! thank you guys!
i want to just go through with my problems.. maybe someday it'll work out for me... i don't feel very sad anymore
05 Oct 2004 erika well, the first time i tried it was when i was in the sixth grade. i had my dads handgun to my head. i pulled the trigger, but the fucking thing wasnt loaded. i guess i didnt have it too bad compared to some of you. all the time growing up my mom would tell me that she wished she never had me and that i was a big fuck up. i was abused mentally and physically. also i lost my twin brother at birth. i know i never got to know him, but it did make a big difference to me with out him. the whole twin thing was just missing. lately i have been cutting, and i have scars, but i dont think about dying as much. i try to keep going... but sometimes i just want to go... i never had any friends and i have never had a boyfriend, so its not like i would be missed. if i do it, it will be with pills. painless is the way to go.
05 Oct 2004 Soul Searching For Relif look i seriously want to die if you have a good meathod plz contact me if not i will pay someone to off me we can arrange it so you wont get caught i have plenty of plans worked out i know its not much but ill be able to pay around a hundred in cash and leave out my atm card and tell and write the password so you will have acess to about another 1300 i have in my acount im just weak and dont have a reason to die but if i could have someone else do it that would be better plz contact me if you have good way to die that dosent take a lot of self will or if your willing to kill me or your just desprate enough for money plz hurry becuase im becoming more depraved everyday so rember if you waatn to help, need some easy money , or have a sugestion e-mail me at plz only reply if your serious about helping me and if in the letter u want to put in the letter your joking to cover yourself incase sumones watching than thats okay but plz i hate life enough dont yank my chain thaks and hope you have a good life , or death if thats what you aspire to like me
05 Oct 2004 Sheila Smith well lets see, I've tried cutting (too slow), purposely wrecking (fucking lived and had to pay for the damage so i dont suggest it).. overdosing, (you will just get your stomack pumped.. .and its NOT fun).... drinking and drugs make you even MORE fucked up in the head.... shooting myself.... (just done use a damn beebee gun,... haha it doesnt matter how many times you shoot yourself you will still live to talk about it... trust me)... so my answer??? definitely the sleeping pills, you get to go peaceful, and your fam will never know it happened,..... until its too late....
05 Oct 2004 shelby -drink rat poisoning.
but, since you're "playing" suicide you should water it down. just make the children sick beyond belief. that's always fun.
- make a noose and hang yourself.
but once again, we're playing so you could stand on something so that you could get enough air to survive with all the wonderful sensations of being strangled. mmm, great memories.
- slit your wrists/ a major artery
once again, playing so you could just 'nick the artery so that you have the loss of strength and the feeling of all of your blood leaving your body. just until you begin to get dizzy. yum.

i have shown you my infinite wisdom. have fun.
04 Oct 2004 Cola a.k.a Ya know Have your friend pull you down a big hill with no cloths on and make sure the hill have alot of glass on it.
04 Oct 2004 Esteban Salmon Have sex with James Bond and contract every STD known to man, and a few others like Bond 1 and 2.

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