Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Jun 2005   i have tried drowning myselfe shit likr that dont work i thought bout an overdose and had them in my hand i thought bout hanging but i have no wear i can do it i cut myself all the time on both sides of my arm but my friends either think im a atention seeker or blatiently just dont care i dont know wat to do! help im not a goth if u tink i am u mutha fukas!!!
04 Jun 2005   Tu es complètement tarĂ©
Moi, je veux m'ne sortir , tu n'es qu'un malade UN GROS CONNARD !!!!!!!!
04 Jun 2005 just another fly just another day as i sit suspended
and watch....
ever so still.
for if i move it would be suicide.
as the moments drift away into eternity
i watch.
i wait.

this is a poem i wrote that can be taken in many different contexts. however when i wrote it i was actually wrighting my suicide note and went blank. this is what i wrote instead. it made me change my mind about killing myself so i thought i would pass it along. and in the back of my head i kept thinking who does God favor the spider or the fly?

have you had dreams about huge spiders and webs? this is an attack from the spirit of suicide. if you move they come after you but if you stand perfectly still they cant see you. most likely the setting is in a place you have lived previously. well if you have had this dream you really need jesus. if you reading this name makes you angry you need him to. because the spirit in you aint his spirit and therefore is unclean.
anyway i hope you people out there have mercy rained down upon you in your time of need.
04 Jun 2005 ....... you stupid children.....

look if you truly want to die you would get smart about it. please quit wasting mine and every one elses time. and space. that air you breath could go twards a fly eating a dead human corps or a lioness deep in the sarhengeti plains of africa eating a corps. if you truly want to die pain is not even a factor. your just making excuses. i want to die because life is a dreg but i am afraid to cause myself pain. well guess what? if you kill yourself the pain will be over in a few ticks. just think about it for three seconds. however if you gave it an additional three seconds of thought you could figure out that your life isnt worth ending over __________(fill in the blank)

and hey laura ur about as dumb as a box of rocks.
04 Jun 2005 kaydee moyle i would have thought every child under thirteen would have at least thought about suicide at least once. i know i sure as hell did. now some of the adolecent minds really are serious. i would like to broaden your horizions for just a moment here. please think about what you are doing. why is it you want to kill yourself? it is because of other people and the way the world is around you right? so why do you have to be the one to go? make these bastards pay. and i promise once you start killing folks you will get hooked like you just smoked a big crack rock. hooked i tell ya. now the first time will be kinda odd. i remember the first time i killed someone. at first i felt like superman. the next moment i was so discusted at what i had done vomiting and sweating while my body was cold. all kinds of thoughts run thru your mind. but once your mind settles down you feel powerful. like you could do it again and again. after a few times you do it you begin having thoughts all day long like it would be so much fun to kill this person like this. and you get a rush from it and adventually you have to satisfy the urge. and the urge just keeps growing stronger until you obey. i have even started hearing a voice that tells me to kill people and dogs and cats even little children. the voice makes bad things happen in my life when i dont do what he says.

but if you just have to commit suicide do it like this. think about if you could kill someone any one person. the person you hate the most. how would you do it? now take that hatred and plan to kill them out on yourself. i also recommend while you do it you pretend in your mind that what you are doing is not to you but directly to them. all the pain you feel is not your own but only you are able to sample thier death. and pretty please with sugar on top make it gruesome.
04 Jun 2005 lone wolf I don't thnik there is a best way to kill your self. I have been thinking about it but all the ways i thank of doing it are still going to hurt. Then when I'm about to do it i thank of one person that i might hurt bye her missing me or someone else missing me and making her sad. Which I don't want to hurt her so every time i try to do it i thnik of her and I can't do it. If she was gone then takingthe 25 sleeping pills would work but I don't know what I would be thniking when I'm wating for it to work. And then some one finds me first befor it works and I will be put some where and i would be in more pain.
03 Jun 2005 rabbit hey why in your right mind would you want to kill yourself. i have a friend who tried and it hurt me very much when he told me.when you kill yourself you have no idea how it affects others. this is a stupid sight for shits sake a suicide kit?? what the hell are u all thinking
03 Jun 2005 Robert Call me too, I'll fuck your tight little 13 year old peach like pussy. It would be nice to give up that nice snatch before you send it under.
03 Jun 2005 Eric Hey,
I know where most of you are coming from and its almost impossible for just one person to turn around all your feelings. Theres nothing I can say to make all your problems dissappear. In the end your the only person that can change the way you feel and I know it can be difficult. Ive been where all of you have and ive cut and tried suicide. I know some of you are here for help and want someone to talk to, so if you do, feel free to e-mail me and we can talk a little bit. I used to have the e-mail so Ive ive talked to you before and lost touch, please e-mail me too at Thanks!
03 Jun 2005 Fuck me dead Call me, I'll fuck you to death.
03 Jun 2005 ReAd Me Holy rock 'n' rolly! You people are desparate! If some random fucking DOLT can think up 11 ways to kill themself with spoons(brilliant!), then surly young kiddies like you would have the imaginative skills to think up a much easier, quicker and less painful way to get it over with? Come now, quit the desparate acts of attention and get on with your stupid little lives. You have a long way to go before you have the right to make the decision to live or die. Wait it out a couple of years, make something of yourselves, score a few decent fucks, FIND A CURE FOR CANCER FOR THOSE WHO ACTUALLY WANT TO LIVE!! Be thankful you're alive, afterall, it'll all be over in no time! We all die eventually. If you're not dead then surely you would have the common sense to realize that YOU ARE STILL MEANT TO BE HERE. IT'S NOT YOUR TIME TO GO! Grow-the-fuck-up!!

Oh and just so my post doesn't seem completely pointless and irrelevant to the actual task, the best way to kill yourself when you're under thirteen is to read posts by boring drones such as myself. That way you can literally bore yourself to death as there is obviously no getting through to all of your thick 'suicidal'skulls, thus making this whole post a complete waste of my time(unless of course you read it and bore yourselves to death).
03 Jun 2005 LEARN TO SPELL, SAVE A GIRL Wow! Reading this site has really opened my eyes! I think I'm going to jump off a cliff now. The amount of spelling errors on this site is enough to drive anyone to kill themselves! Good-bye cruel, illiterate world!
03 Jun 2005 Rachel* I am only 16. I have tried to kill my self 2 times. Once, I was only 12, foolish. I didn't even go into act with it. Then again when I was 13. I was really going to kill myself. My brother secretley raped me, he abused me. And every night I would cry myself to sleep. Not knowing what to do, I felt scared and alone. And then my sister ran away, she was my only best friend, and that just made manners worse. I wrote a suicide note. I wrote a paragraph to every person that meant something to me. I suggest this to do before you commit suicide. Then it was 3 AM, and I was planning to kill my self that night, I opened the bottle of pills, and then thought " do I really want to die like this, isnt there a better solution? " And I chikened out. It resulted in not suicide, but me cutting myself. Numerous times I would slash open my wrist's. Then my mom found out on day and sent me to a Mental Institute. I guess things have been a little bit better.

But the answer to the question. What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 ? Is to not kill your self. But if you really want to, and your serious. 20 sleeping pills. 10 wont do it and 15 will just make you sick. Email me if you need help. Please make true good decidions. God and I love you.

P.S. A different name was used.
03 Jun 2005 Kristy Grant drink some bleech
03 Jun 2005 Kristy Grant see how fast you can swallow a whole bottle of extra strength tylenol
02 Jun 2005 Frank Suze The most painless way is to come over to my place and let me eat you. I will numb your body and cook your liver so fast that you can have a taste too!
02 Jun 2005 -x- Laura -x- Well..erm how would you know how much water is more than convinient? (I know that may have been such a dumb ass question..but what do you expect coming from me..)
02 Jun 2005 br0ken life heyy.. i've been there. Done that. im a cutter and have been for some time now.. its very addicting and i find it hard to quit. it feel awesome when your depressed and you want to cut, buh when you're having a good time and you cut it hurts like HELL! i do it to get rid of my pain. i cant help it, its not something you 'choose' to do. and its not something you can just 'give up'. its an addiction and a hard one to shake. suicide seems like the only way out of this cruel world. away from the fuckin lies and away from the fucking posers and fakes that sadly DO exist.

ive been cutting for a while. my friends found out and most of them cried. i told them that i would stop, buh i didnt. i still do it. everyday i think about dieing and leaving this fucking place. Hell HAS to be better than this.. maybe this IS hell and we all did something bad in our pass life to deserve this pain, suffering, and bull-shit! I cant take it no more. im sick of all the posers, preps and fakes. wtf is up with them anyways?! can you say "LOSER?!"

Well, i find it best to cut myself.. i dont burn myself. i just soo no point of that really. im fuckied up i know this. i cant help it. arent we ALL fucked up in SOME way?! there's something wrong with everyone. and if you dissagree then Fuck you. i know its true.

I wish i could just die. and get rid of all this fucking bullshit that you call a life. i hate god and i hate everything.

If theres anyone who feels the way i do, feel free to add me to Msn or email me. buh for fucks sake if theres any people who want to 'Show me the way of God' please dont fucking email me..
02 Jun 2005 sabiha khan the very best way to kill ur self is to taking sleeping peels near about of 20 to 30 n of .50 mg but at the when u go to sleep in niht. such as no budy try to wake up also wanna to die.

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