Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Mar 2005 The Singing Barbarian From The Savage North I HAVE THE HEAD OF A TREE ON MY WALL BECAUSE I SLAYED IT!!! WO00O0O0O0O0O0 O0O0O 0O0O0O0 O0O0O0 O0O0O0O0 O0O0O0 O0O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27 Mar 2005 candice hey guys how's it gonig some of you have added me thank you and i no im helping you all im trying os hard and i wont stop until you no that someone really really dosent want you doing this at all and i no that u no that you are all special i dont like it when people do this to them selves but if you fell it will help i cant stop you but i can help you
27 Mar 2005 ethically opposed Suicide is not a toy.
Children of all ages should not be allowed to 'play suicide'.
Your invention is ridiculous.
Do not attempt to become experienced in the subject of suicide by creating a website/forum for everyone to discuss how they wish to end their lives and encourage eachother,
theres many reasons why children should not have the available material to learn the best way to kill themselves when they're under 13 from.
26 Mar 2005 THE GIRL FROM ENGLAND These days iam feeling much better with this site because less people are writing about ways to commit suicide. Ive thought about this website over the past few days. I think no one should blame MOUCHETTE for this site because i dont think she was been seriouse when she wrote the title for this site. Its a good thing in a way because we get to know about the life of overs who we share are planet with but then again please dont just think of death try and find over ways to forget about what you have been through even though i know it is hard. I LOVE YOU ALL.
26 Mar 2005 Robyn Hey Everyone.....I've Signed this thing before with my problem and if you want to read it then you can search up Robyn..Anyways, yes im still cutting but now i am cutting my ankles...just so my friends at school don't notice...Anyways the reason that im writing again is i noticed that in here everyone is writing why and what there doing to kill themselves but no one is offering to help.... I am.... If you actually take the time to read this, i would like to help..I'm not cured yet so we can help each other please email me if anyone has any problems they would like to share with me? my email adress is
26 Mar 2005 kkkkristyn drinking bleach with a hint of grape soda. duh nobody would know the difference.
25 Mar 2005 monkeyass LOL, :) nice to see a bit of dark humour on the web. LOL why not a long agonising death? why not try this out? go through school, educate yourself so your ready to join society "the big wide world", then get a job, :) office jobs are the best! work for a few years, get married, get a mortage, children, debts. Then wait a few years spending most of your time working for someone, spending more than half of an average life working, doign your bit for society. Then you'll lose your job and have your later years wondering whether it was all worth it and then one day just like the blink of an eye you'll cease to exist. LOL now of course suicide can be a painful subject, and i've noticed alot of strong comments from most people. Not totally sure about this website myself, whether it is a joke? I still wouldn't say it was for younger people surfing the web, as it can be taken seriously. My real opinion on life is it's pointless to be honest, apart from the purpose of reproducing, there are so many things we do not know about our universe and what is beyond it. Remember to take everything you read, ear and see with a pinch of salt, noone has all the answers and i doubt we ever will, especially not in our lifetimes. If you want to find a point to it all find out about our universe and think of things that could be that noone has thought about, you never know you might come up with the answers ;) LOL. But why destroy yourself so early when you have so much to experience, give it a few more years and you can all get mashed on drugs fi thats what you want, make your own choices.
25 Mar 2005 eisler vous faites sa a des fin térapeutique?
25 Mar 2005 Nylphada (SYS) When You'll want to tear all the pain of your body... I'll will be there, we will be there... We are the suicidal youth services team... we would love to hear your story
25 Mar 2005 Dust in the wind You all remember colimbine, right? Thats the best way. Wait for a school dance, boobytrap the doors with explosives, shoot and ruin the lives of those who piss you off, the blow yourself away. Either that or bombing. They kill both you and those damn hated mother fuckers.
25 Mar 2005 Ducky Dear sinking magot,
I died a long time ago, yet i still haven't left my body.
25 Mar 2005   This is the most disturbing website ever what the hell are you trying to do? get people to kill themselves? yeah well i hope your happy because thats what my son did trying to hang himself with a cable wire in the closet
25 Mar 2005 Religious Maggie Darlings, a sad day it is today. At 3pm I will be going to church to mourn the death of Jesus. Everyone in chucrh cries during this service.
Secretly though I'm happy inside, as it means that God has less baggage which means he has more time for me.
25 Mar 2005 Chris Well, it's me again. I'm here, even though I don't want to the guy extremely depressed guy with bipolar. Some people gave me suggestions on how to kill myself, but I then, before I tried it, they told me they were fucking around...which you know, pisses me off. When I got a few emails of peoples advice, I was, estatic. I thought oh, awsome! Finally, a way out. What I am coming to think, is that this thing is full of people who don't actually want to commit suicide and don't take this shit seriously. So, coming from someone who is truly depressed, if you're not gonna actually do it, or even give helpful advice, you if you think this is a joke, FUCK YOU. You guys are fucking little kids, entertaining you're simple, sadistic minds. SO. If any of you have actually or real advice, please email me.....
25 Mar 2005 Rachael Life was pretty bom til 7th grade. then hella bad shyt started happening like abusive boyfriend,no friends, parents not care ect. so i ve always thought jus kill myself and tonight im going to acomplish that. im goin to drink a container of bleach... it will hurt like a bitch but it will sure as hell be worth it.. im now in 9th grade and im 15 .... suicidal ever since.... arms are scared and i hardly weigh anything from not eating this is all working...... why are we all just dieing to live if we are just living to die?... welll anyways think about that... much love to u all and good luck with your problems.... better times to come after life
25 Mar 2005 BreAnna cut or hang your self
25 Mar 2005 merinda Well, back again am i. Im not going to incite anyone to kill themselves, never would i want to put up such encouragement. Although suicide's been an ideal of mine for the past few years, and eve ian's (the guy i knew who suicided 2 weeks back) death didnt change my perspective. If anything it just reassurred me of the consequential reactions from everyone at school after such an even had actually happened. after the initial shock, the wave of grief rolled in, but the thing which hit me the most was a few days ago when i realised how people do get over it. of course he's always going to be remembered, but after a few day's the sadness is almost over. All he wanted was to end the pain, for little bit of attention to be given to these feelings of loneliness.
-----R.I.P Ian,...n'oublions jamais vous...----
24 Mar 2005 Freak Of Nature Hmmm what 2 say....well for over a yr, my life has been a load of crap and i always wanted 2 commit suicide. I always get picked on, bullied, have family problems, relationships getting ruined which is the main thing why i wanna commit suicide at the moment. I know love ain't the most important for someone 2 commit suicide but trust me, my love life is HELL. I was with the best guy in thw whole world, we planned a future together, always told each other how much we love each other and how much we wanna be together. It lasted 3 months until it came 2 him breaking up with me. I couldn't stop crying so then i decided 2 cut my arm. I done a lot of cuts and i lost quite a lot of blood from the cuts. I never went hospital or anything like tht, my parents dnt know what i did 2 my arm, i just tell them tht i fell over at school. I'm 15 yrs of age, and i may not know tht much about love at my age but i do know a lot about love with the guy tht i wanted 2 be with forever till i died. For the past yr, i've been cutting my wrists, drinking a lot of alcohol, cutting my arms and stuff like tht. We broke up on a Friday then a couple of days later, he goes out with one of my mates. Tht just made it even worse 4 me so i did a couple of more cuts and just cried and cried and cried. I wouldn't stop crying in 4 days and 4 nights. I have never felt like this before. Everyone's opions are 'There's plenty of more fish in the sea' ARGH I HATE THT SAYING COS I KNOW IT AINT TRUE! 'You should get over him, u can do much better than him' I CNT DO BETTER THAN AND I CNT GET OVER HIM, I DNT THINK I EVER WILL. I still wanna commit suicide and i'm trying 2 find more ways of doing it. My friends tell me 2 stop doing stuff 2 myself but i cnt, it just hurts so much, i dnt deserve 2 be in this life anymore. If you feel this depressed and you really wanna commit suicide then go ahead but it's up 2 u really, not me. But if u was me, i think u should do it.... Trust me, my life is not tht gd with so much of this stuff going on, it hurts so much.
24 Mar 2005 ronwelthy Anne Duroy pensez vous que ce site incite réellement les gens , les jeunes en particulier a se suicider? Avez vous vu des indications techniques précises concernant la manière de se donner la mort? Avez vous également constaté une apologie du suicide?

Non, rien de tout cela dans ce site, ce site est un lieu d'échange privilégié ou loin des discours moralisant de la société des jeunes ou moins jeunes peuvent exprimer leur avis sur le suicide sans être jugé. D'aileur vous avez vu qu'il y a sur ce site de nombreuse personne qui proposent leur aide, qui n'encourage pas du tout le suicide. Pensez vous que sur un forum faisant l'apologie du suicide de tel message serait accepté? Jugez bien avant d'avoir un avis aussi définitf car ce site peut être le réservoir d'idée morbide, qui font écho au propre souffrance des jeunes, mais il peut également avoir un effet cathartique, les jeunes voyant de tel message comprennent la portée de leur acte.

Pour moi il est claire que fermer ce site serait encore une fois de plus montrer votre position moralisante empreint de valeur d'un autre age, totalement déconnecté de la réalité. Car ce site au contraire d'autre n'est pas dangereux ..Je vous invite donc a comparer les différent sites parlant clairement du suicide et non pas a diaboliser un seul site sous pretexte qu'il aborde clairement ce sujet...
24 Mar 2005 Aaron Go to church everyday. That's always torture ;p. I love how everyone put their life stories on here. Trust in Jesus for like 5 seconds and maybe you'll realize it was all for a reason. Of course humans aren't that intelligent yet so I suppose that's out of the question (war in Iraq). So if you want an honest answer, I'd shoot myself. But know that Jesus exists and so does Satan, it doesn't seem like an option to me. Knowing what I know that is. Of course, life is life and death is death, nothing more and nothing less. Do what you feel in your heart is right. I do.

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