Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 May 2006 Just wishing on a star. Hey. Right you're being silly. WHAT has really gone wrong jsut think of it now yes now. Think of the cause. Was it you, was it somone else? Just think about it while i tell you my story.

1.I was rather popular at school, after being a depressed 'goth'. I had now changed and had been let into the 'it' crowd and was known as the 'it' girl. Everything was going good i had no reason to get depressed i had a big social life and everything but then i met a boy. The boy partly ruined my happy spark for a while, i didnt know why i just felt like i needed him. He told me he needed me at one point anyway, we went out he was my first kiss and then he decided my legs were to big. YES MY LEGS. I was devistated. Then one of my best friends admit that she likes him and then she goes for him and it ends up exactly the same except , she gets dumps him because he was at a friends house with me. I go alll upset have all the "it crowd go against me and i run away from school.

2. My dad is an alcholic. He works alot aswell, a couple of years ago he moved out. My mother coped and went all thin and depressed, i had a little sister at the age of two aswell i was only 6 or 7 and had to deal with the shouting the " wheres my dad tonight?" every night. I didnt even think of suicide i just cried and got on with it, i had to. I was only 7, 7 your not are you?..... Anyway my patience and he came back after two years. Now he still drinks and has a monthly strop where i am worried sick and do not see him for a couple of days.

Just please be happy and dont do anything you will regret right now i am going through a traumatic time where im not allowed out and have to go to a unit. Its not fair. But il live with it, il deal with it and so will you. A good way to help is to talk to a councelor. Ive had everything taken off me and my life is turning upside down. But am i dead, NO. deal with it, it will get better!...just keep telling yourself it will. Just remember be carful what you wish for!..x
18 May 2006 Life Sucks d00d Listen man i FUKING HATE MY DOUCHEBAG LIFE ALL OF IT. I wanna kill myself but i just dont have the guts. I wish i could have the guts im very jealous of you guys who overdosed and jumped off building and survived. WOW; but i dont have it in me.
And to whoever says go to the doctor or go to the therpist or the psychiatrist. YOUR FUKING FULL OF SHIT. ive been to both and nothing changed; dont waste ur time. If you can drink alcohol, smoke pot, acid, mug people, do whatever fuk you want until you can develop the guts to actually die. Im 16 years old and i have NO hope of life getting any better.
18 May 2006 Dylan Weeks Dump gas on your self and tack a match and light your self on fire and then run around your yard screaming
18 May 2006 hmm. ok Jen hey im 12 and im a girl, i have a dad who likes to hurt me when i dont do mi work and a mom who just likes acting like a whore to mi dad. i no now that alot of people have it harder then me but if sum1 can plz answer me this...should i commit suicide? if so how? i dont want to do it like wit OD cuse i dont want to feel pain im a bit of a chicken doin this but most people think im hard. plzzzz sum1 e-mail me bac im beggin u i need 2 no this. :(
18 May 2006 MARK I got hit by a bottle and has left a nasty scar on my head. I have thought about suicide for some time now. I see no point in life. Everyone seems horrible. This latest injury seems to put the nail in the coffin so to speak. I really have had enough. The only thing stopping me from doing it right now is the pain caused to my parents. Who cares though eh? Life sucks
18 May 2006 Tim I'm sorry Mouchette for making you upset. I am very happy though that this site has been erected to allow young people to vent there frustration. A lot of times people simply want others to hear their opinions and views. A couple of people have emailed me from the site and it has touched me in a way that time nor failure could evoke. I posted a rather harsh comment stating all the problems that I've occured in my life, in which I among others seem to be tragic.....nevertheless there are others that have endured worse, yet continue to struggle with this battle we call life. What is life? Hummm......Life is to help. Life is to love. Life is to cry. Life is to Live and hurt and then we die. The latter is a bit harsh but many people feel this way. To take your life to escape a world so miserable. Personally even though my life is not at all easy. I thank God everyday for giving me the opportunity to see another day and to enlighten others. I am the Humanitarian!! I love to help others and one day I will be able to contribute to helping society and the many dooms of society. This is the only thing that keeps me strong.....of course my religion (God that strengthens me). I am so desolate and poor struggling student but God makes me rich because I know that when I die naturally and fight the good fight I will be rewarded for my endurance, courage and valeur.
I love you Mouchette.
May God Bless you for your
hard work and dedication to this site.
May it be bless 1000* over.
May God bless everyone that reads the any syllable of text from your site
and may they click to a brighter future in God/Love/Peace/Happiness/Self-Contentment/Joy/Nature/
18 May 2006   You people are fucked in the head!
18 May 2006 Mike N. I have tried to commit suicide close to 3x's and at the age of 17 im at the peek of almost pulling it off. i want to commit suicide but i dont want the people around me to know its a suicide i want a something like a "accidental death". because i have a gf that i am deeply in love with she is the reason why i havent gone all the way with it but at this rate if it keeps going the way it is in my life wit family and friends i will commit suicide even if thats lveing my love. because i know that 1 day i will c her again.....i tried choking myself wit rope but it hurts so much and i cant hang myself cuz im to tall for that im 2 big so i have put suicide to the side right now but iono for how much longer.....if life for me gets worst. :(
18 May 2006 Suicide Is My Ambition Where can I find a gun and get it IN SECRET? I desperately need to know. Thanks.
18 May 2006 carlyn Hello, I'm 13 and a resident in Florida and have tried to kill myself many times and am very depressed. I dont think im good enough. Please contact and help me. Give me hope.
18 May 2006 danny hiding under the wheels of a car
18 May 2006 Jane What can u do if you've got a dark cloud over your shoulders all the time!! You dont need to work cuz parents are rich and everything they have will be left to you but you want to die before them??!!
17 May 2006 kirsten well for years now i have been so depressed....i have been second guessing life....i hate myself and my life.....and every day feels worse thatn the last and im sick of it......for the past few days i have bin slitting my wrists....i like that i can control this....i can control the pain te pressure...everything......i really dont want to kill myself but i feel its the only way......but hten when i try i stop and think......thers a whole lofe ahead of me ......just waiting....but other times i sto and think...if i only could press down a little harder then it woul dall go life has been a mess ever since the day i was bron....night afteer night i lay awake wondering ...why me...why me...why couldnt this be comeone else ......and then school doesnt help any...theres everyone looking upon you judgeing u from the outside and not the inside...and it all comes down to the little things......i had a friend who hung hinself and his younger sister found him.......he wa a great friend and looked as if he didnt have problems.....but then again any one can no one suspected he wpould kiil himself, was yea.....thats just another thing to make u think twice.....think about how many people it wpuld hurt.......i still hate life...but i wanna see the future....
17 May 2006 Mouse Heyz, I'm 15 in the 9th grade. At the age of 13 in 6th grade I started to cut myself. I hated life. So at the age of 13 in the 7th grade I did suicide. I had killed me self. I lost so much blood that My heart stoped. The took me to the hospital. They began to do CPR on my and stop the bleeding. I was died for 2sec. For 2 sec I was in hell. Hell is not a good place. Now I'm damned to eternal damnation for stoping my heart. SO DON'T DO IT CAUSE IT'S NOT NICE TO KNOW THAT WHEN YOU DIE YOUR GOING TO HELL. Plus now Thing happen to me. I keep hopeing that there is a way in to heaven for me.
17 May 2006 Someone Who's Been There I am 31 years old and attempted suicide 11 times by the time I was 17. Nothing is worth ending your life over. Nothing, and I can tell you from experience that just taking extra strength tylenol or Advil, will not do the trick. I one time took 150 Tylenol and over 200 Benadryl, and just ended up in the hospital getting my stomach pumped and hallucinating for 2 days.......NOT WORTH IT. You have to find someone that you trust to talk to and try to get your feelings out in the open, and cry, cry all the time if you have to, but it will make you feel better. Get a counselor, but most of all realize that life is worth living, even though you may not get your way all the time. Life is rough, and it will always be, but you have to make the right decisions for your life to go the right path.
17 May 2006 not important TO JUST CALL ME SNOOPY
you aint from philippines too and in london right already a resident here and theres nothin i can do about it..cus all my family is already here,and i see no hope of coming back in the so hopeless and helpless and im thinking of doing it too..and i dunno,im not sure if youre reading this just email me or add me on yahoo..
17 May 2006 Sarah Im 15. Its funny really. I was just researching how many pills it would take to overdose. Last night I tired to kill myself bby overdosing but it turned out I didnt have enough pills. I was attempting to do it becuase of a boy. I know its pathetic. but love can do crazy tings to you. I have been cutting for about 4 years which sucks. And erm I think iv'e leanred my lesson. Unless i have a good reason I wont try it again. this site was good and it helped me see this. Thanks guys, you rock!
17 May 2006 Dreaming of Death This site is sick because life is sick
17 May 2006 Chantel van Staden To everyone out there.
I was 13 when I jumped of a 2nd floor building on a acid trip. I found out I was adopted as a baby and although I have the best folks in the world my entire world shattered. I was so cross when I woke up in hospital in ICU. But today I can only thank the Lord that He healed my soul and my emotions. You have probably heard this but it really is not worth it trust me. The pain does not go away. It stays with you wether you are dead or alive. I had to go for an entire year for physical therapy and to a therapist. Email me if you want to talk at
16 May 2006 Don It's not easy to die if you are under 13. Perhaps you can try to cross an expressway or railways blindfolded. Or you should kill your lovely sister in front of your mother or father who love her very much. Erm..I wonder..?

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