Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 May 2006 Dj I.C.U. The way you die is not important.The messege is what counts.
The best moto(to suicide) is:"Why not?"
So many thoughts in two words.
01 May 2006 wrt DO IT! PLEASE DO IT. We don't want you whiney bastards around anyway.
01 May 2006 Sam Hey im sam i know exactly wot u guys r going through ive been through it myself. Im not offering a quick fix im offering help its gonna be long its gonna be hard but if you help ureself out then ull make it through it. So add me and lets help
01 May 2006 dave hi all its me dave from uk. i tried to hang myself once but i did not go thow with it the reson is that i got alot of mates and il miss chips to much lol. im single and looking to make m8s on and off here and shear suicide question and if u want to hang in front of me thats ok :-) il watch on cam lol but if u need me add me to msn.
01 May 2006 josie well the only way u can do it and do it rite is to go to the top of a very high building or cliff or bridge and going bak then..over dosing and slitin ur wrists is 4 pussys..atention seekin wee fukers.if use were gona do it use wudnt even be on dis website.lukin sympathy..dicks.away n do it
01 May 2006 WeirdEmoFreak Hello, it's Kelvin (WeirdEmoFreak) again and I have another suicide plan out there for all of you in need of an easy exit in life, although I am yet to try this one my self... I shal be trying it.
Go into your room with a knife or some cutting material when every one is asleep, slit your wrists (Down the highway not across the streed(down your vein not across)) and you will bleed out and in the morning they will find your corpse.
I have recently bought a knife and had it sharpened from the markets, I will post if I survive this.
I hope this is useful
01 May 2006 WeirdEmoFreak The best way to kill your self when your under 13...
Well, considering I'm 13 turning 14 in July... The best way to commit suicide if you just want a painless quick easy effective way, OD on some painkillers or something of the sought.
But what if you want to go out with a 'bang' this is how you do it,
Go down to your local supermarket, and buy a bag of fertiliser, and some peterol too! Then, mix these to together (This makes an extremely dangerous explosive, so don't try this at HOME) Now, mix the two together, then go off to some big crowded place with your new friend, then either light it on fire or detinate it, and you go out with a bang, but try to take out as many people as possible.
I hope this is useful!
30 Apr 2006 Felicity does anyone know what its like to feel numb, like you cant cry, you cant be happy, and if you look it, its only someything fake for everyone else to see?
whenever i cry, its when im alone. when i really cry, the pain is still a dull numbness, and it just gets worse cos i get enveloped in this cycle and i still cut deeper everynite. and i still cry, and one day it will totally consume and destroy my life
30 Apr 2006 Jenny Hang yourself with a rope by the tree
30 Apr 2006 Ro Well, Ive been to this site twice now, and it makes me even more sad, which i seem to enjoy, Ive thought about commiting suicide when i was about 12, I thought about running in front of cars all the time, I even wrote a suicide note, i always do.

The reason for suicidal thoughts, I was and still am over weight, I am now 16 and weigh almost 110 kg. I remember seeing photos of when i was a little kid, i was skinny, likee every one else. I always here how there are like 50% over weight ppl, i know 3 ppl in my grade of 160 that are fat like me, 4!! I use to get teased everyday, still do, everyday id be afraid to go to skl, my mum used to get beaten by my dad, then he found jesus and my mum got ok, shes always been depressed, shes an alcho i think, and I know her depression is bascially all my fault, she works like 5 jobs and she is 50, she cleans for a living, I know that if i leave, it would make her life easier, she is never around anymore, always at her new bf, she doesnt need me, my sisters i know dont like me, theyd rather a brother whos kool and popular, who girls would actually like to kiss, I am stupid aswell, which makes thigns worse, almost all of my "frends" have teased me, bullied me, ganged up on me, i used to get called pork crackle by everyone, teachers looked at me like a freak, still do, i cant escape looking like this, i have nothing, i know there are ppl worse off, but i dont see whats the point in living, why??? my dad teases me, he doesnt live with me and my mum tho, my mum once sed to me "youve got bigger tits than me" imagine hearing that from ur mum, i went to my room quietly and cried, eveer since then i thought maybe i didnt hear it, maybe i made it up, i wish i was skinny and cool like ppl i know, i wish girls looked at me like they do ppl i know, ive tried about 5 times to commi suicide, im too pussy to actually do it tho, so i smoke weed, which seems to help, well makes me feel good, i felt like talking here, coz i like to talk about it, but not to anyone i actually know, bye bye
30 Apr 2006 mik jones ooooooooooo ooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooo oooooooooooo ooooooo ooooooooa suicide kit. who would want that??????ooooooo ooooooooooo oooooooooooo oooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo oooooooooooooo ooooooooo
30 Apr 2006 Felicity FUCK life is SO FUNNY!!
the other night i was HAVING AN "EPISODE" with Tony over the phone right, and then i tell the bastard im bleeding and then he hangs up. (i wouldnt think no less cos he is a faggot) then he breaks into my house (cos it was like midnite and dad was out) he tried to talk to me but acted like i was a total freak, BUT when he went to hug me i slashed his arm by accident
FUCK i had no idea it was that bad, and i totally regret it. but as much as i do regret it, i felt like sayin told you so, cos when i get like that i DONT WANT HELP. i am in that state becos of ME and i hate the help, cos it demeans me
so be warned, cos sum of us tend to sLASH OUT XxX luv flick!! ^-^
you can mssg me if u want, but still "meh" ill die one day!!
30 Apr 2006 just call me snoopy hi im one of the young ones who wnt 2 kill my self im only 13 the date 2day is april 30, 2006 my b-day is on may 2 so few days left im turning 14,,i wanted 2 commit sucide because of problems like selfishness my mom wont let me go bck 2 my country for just 1 yr she said u can go back but for only 1 month but i said how about my sisters my cousin my dad
. im so lonely here in london all my friends are al useless i can even talk 2 them about my problems and im telling u i h8 london i wnt 2 go bck 2 my country because its just me and my mom who lives 2gether the rest of my family in philippines and im just so sick of w8ting for almost a year before i can see them im just tired of everything,, an also one of my problems is my school,, my school is surrounded of 9yr old people even though theyre 13 yr old people keep on hurting my feelings and im just so fed up w/ it and my mom keep on saying dnt say ting slike that sh even said that its a good oppurtunity that im here in london because loads of people in my country desprately wnt 2 go here in london but they cant cause some of them dont have enough money but my poins is im just tired of everything makes me feel suicidle
30 Apr 2006   Everyone rejects me and didn't want me around just because he was ugly. They didn't even look at my other qualities that were inside me. I tried to fit in in many places, but life is like when people don't like other people because of how they look....

But no one wants me around..

Thats life for a freak!
30 Apr 2006 yuck to me I am stupid and ugly.
I vent here to feel better.
I am not happy with my life...
who wants to be ugly and stupid..
I guess it goes with being a freak.
I tried to find a job but no one wants work for them,
i cant afford to go to college i am 24 years old and one bif fuck up.
I am really ugly to.
29 Apr 2006 Sasha Thank God my three suicide attempts didn't work. Think life is painful? Try burning in excruciating pain in hell with demons chewing on your arms and legs for all of eternity with no hope of recovery.

Everybody feels the way you do sometimes. As time goes by, things get better and better. Especially if you're now young and haven't even experienced life away from the losers at school or away from your parents' control. Life gets better and better as you get older. Why throw it away? If you're just going to kill yourself, why not give it your best, craziest shot first, and go after what you've always wanted without any fear? If you're just going to kill yourself later, you've got nothing to lose, right?

A lot of the time you think you're crazy and you'll never feel better, or that you're horrible and can never change--THAT'S NOT TRUE. It's the devil whispering lies in your ear.

Trust me! On my last suicide attempt, I woke up and called 9-11 because I was roused from the verge of death by Satan laughing at me--he was overjoyed that he had tricked me into killing myself and handing myself over to him. I have never before or after heard voices, so I'm not crazy.

Just remember that everything good comes from God, and everything bad comes from the devil. Seek the light. Why hand yourself to someone who delights in torturing you? He's (Satan) the source of all your trouble, don't let him win. A lot of times, there are chemicals in your body whose job it is to make you feel awful and want to die.

Remember that Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Satan, I rebuke you and bind you in the name of Jesus Christ.

In the name of Jesus, evil spirits be gone.
29 Apr 2006 jazmin IT seems that some christians are willing to die (suicide), but what about living?

It is easy to kill yourself to escape the pain you are facing, but what about the miricle that is in the making for you.

God has a special plan for your life, and it does not include suicide.

If you kill youself, you are exalting yourself above GOD.

Let God be God, and you be you.

Also, there is a chance that if you commit suiside, you will be forever lost with out Jesus.

Jesus died on the cross for your sins, and came to give life and life more abundantly.

Why do i write, this week a special someone killed himself.
29 Apr 2006 Brenton Listen to me. Do not do this. If you die, you will have no more porn. No more sex. No more spanking the monkey. No more pizza. Dont waste your life. Do not do this. Please trust in me.
All my love.
Brenton, Australia
29 Apr 2006 something wrong with me I'm a failure at life. I am incapable of making a serious relationship last, I lose more friends than I keep, I'm fat and stupid and ugly to boot. I look around and I don't see any reason to stay alive. My death would not affect anyone, no one's life would be ruined, and since I do nothing as it is, no one would notice my passing. Everything I have tried to do to improve my life has failed. I'm sick and tired of being alone and of not having anything I can believe in. Nothing in my life, not even religion has been able to be there and never fail me. I have one oneline friend, but if I ever opened up tot her I'd be called a drama queen and get shunned. All I want is an end to the pain and something I can look on and be proud of, and it be worthy of others' admiration. I just want the same life those around me have. What is so wrong with me that I can't even accomplish the same things in life as anyone else? I feel like I'm running out of time to make my life anything worth while. I don't even know what I would do now since I've failed at everything else I've tried to do. Even when I find a group to fit in with, I never fit in enough. I always am wrong in some way. My entire life has been spent on the outside looking in, and I don't know how to be needed or to belong. I see no reason to continue living...
29 Apr 2006   fucking hell i have reached rock bottom.
I am 24 years old still surfinf the net to vent out,
What a fucking loser i am..
hopefully one day i will kill my self.

Goes and takes a look

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