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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Feb 2007 Karinena I'm appaled by some of the answers some people give. How dare you!!! You imbesils have no idea what it is to feel dead inside and I should blame you for someone's suicide since you probably drove them to their last nerve with your posts.
19 Feb 2007 Kai I like a handgun to the heart...

i do want to make the world a better place...

19 Feb 2007 suicidalduck please post this in the forum... this is the last time u will see me here because i have decided that the best way to kill myself is either hang myself from a tree over a pond and wait til i drop in the pond to drown, or take a hella lot of street drugs mixed together or i could do the simple old blowin my fucking brains out with a gun.
19 Feb 2007 Blood rose Ok there was a person down on the comments saying that people that come here are fucking retarded so then may I ask why you were here if we're fucking retards so are you hypocrite.
19 Feb 2007 oskar have your mom hand you a knife and say "ok oskar. if you really want to do it, here you go. see?" but then actually do it.
19 Feb 2007 suicidalstupidfuck the best way i think to kill urself is either hang urself from a tree over a pond and wait til u drop in the pond to drown, or take a hella lot of street drugs mixed together or u could do the simple old blowin ur fucking brains out with a gun.
19 Feb 2007 No Putting a plastic bag over your head.
19 Feb 2007 chris choke on legos
19 Feb 2007 Corey drink baby oil. slow and painful. irreversible.
19 Feb 2007 zach i dont have the crapest life and i no that but it doesnt stop me wantin to die i can only think of one reason not to die and its to see my little brother grow up but i cant deal with the pressure of school and my mum and dad never see eye to eye with me and yea i feel like crap all the time, i cant do with pressure and i drink most weekends to get rid of the pain but i just wanna die now but i dont have the balls to hang myself or take aload of pills :(
19 Feb 2007 Miranda under thirteen or over thirteen, a deliberate heroin overdose.

it's a death of pain free euphoria where nothing exists but a higher form of yourself, even while dying.

you just forget to breathe. you're not fighting for air. you just simply forget to breathe.

unless you prefer pain and sobriety, that is the best way to go.
19 Feb 2007 Ty just overdose on sleeping pills and if you can have some alcahole with it just to help the process along this method is as painless as its gonna get and very affective. About 30 to 40 pills should do the trick but make sure you know wot your doing you dont wanna change your mind half way through i hope this helps o and if anyone tells you to hang yourself dont listen. it takes ages to die you have to make sure the fixtures will take your weight and take it from me it hurts and doesnt always work i wish you luck
19 Feb 2007 Alex Strangling. Get a wire around your throught and pull tight. You pass out within a few mins and die within 1 hour.
19 Feb 2007 Em I can't help fantasising about death and hurting myself. I don't want to go back into hospital and I'm worried that will happen. I've got so much to look forward to but theres always this big black shadow that makes me want to kill myself.

The thing is when I think of suicide I just feel like thats whats meant to happen whether I want it or not, sooner or later I will kill myself.

I want to be honest, I need to to get help but I cant be because they'll lock me up! I want to lash out sometimes and hurt ppl and I'm scared one day I'll seriously hurt someone, if not, kill them! That's why I need to kill myself, I need to before I hurt someone
18 Feb 2007 caricha i am 12, My mom and dad HATE me. My dad threatens to leave if i shout at myself or my mom. My mom locks me away for bout 2 nites and days wit out any food.Also i get whipped 3 times a day.
I go to school but i tell everyone one that i am thin cause i am on i diet for the bruises i tell my friends/teachers that i do alot of gymnastics.
18 Feb 2007   u guys are idiots fuckin dont end ur life if u hate ur life go to a phsychologyst i hate my sometimes to but u dont see me going around trying to kill myself god if u need help then talk to friends family or someone god i am failing school i barely have friends my family are druggies but do the right god damn thing and dont fucking kill urself fuck u gotta be stupid if u are thinking of commiting suicide i dont know any of u and u dont know me so just take this information and dont do it!!!
18 Feb 2007 Thebeast. The best way is to let a pack of lions tear you limb from limb until you bleed................
18 Feb 2007 suicidalstupidfuck why u take my post off about hanging and drowning in apond and street drugs? fuck u
18 Feb 2007 nRu Does it matter whether you're under 13 or older? Anything could kill you. A pencil jabbed into your ear could kill you. A paperclip through a vein or an airbubble. What do you mean by best way? Do you mean the fastest way, the clenest way or the surest way? Do you mean the way that will definitely ensure everyone will remember you, or the way no one will even notice you've gone?

Because there is no such thing as the best way to kill yourself. Under 13, or not, it doesn't matter when you want to die.

If you come here looking, means you don't really want to die yet. you're hesitating for a reason. Stop lying to yourself. it's bad enough to see everyone else doing it, the last person who should be lying to you, is you.

If you really wanted to die, you would have just done the 1st thing that came to your mind. if you've tried but failed, don't you think it's a sign? there is no such thing as coincidence. everything happpens for a reason.

i hate how i fucked up my life is, and i hate how i feel every day. but i've seen what suicide leaves behind. and i don't want to cause people pain. i don't want people to know the pain that i feel. i can barely bear mine. i don't want others to suffer.

and i don't want my life to be dictated by those who cause me strife. i hate those who cause me pain. but i hate myself more for allowing them to affect me so. because assholes like them only make you feel like shit to make themselves feel better. and they aren't worth your time or feelings. don't let them get to you. do your best to ignore them and move on. the world is large and there are many people out there who will understand and can help you deal.

i can't tell you for real that life will get better because the world will always be fucked up. the world is not perfect. people can't stay happy. and most of the time people are so involved in their own lives that they can't be bothered with yours. so you should never depend on others to make you feel happy. it's all up to you. you make your own choices. you make your own life.

and i tell you now to stick to it. if you're at the end of your line, just tie a knot and hold on. because you will get stronger, you will meet more people, and you will get closer to making the best friends you will ever have.

i came across this page a few years ago. wishinig i was dead and looking for ways how. but it seemed like there wasn't a surefire way to help me go the exact way i wanted to. so i didn't do anything. i just lived my fucked up life and chose not to say anything to anyone. i met a lot of people. slowly started telling about my life, and there were many that left, and few that stayed. but those that stayed have on the rare occasion, made me feel some happiness. bits. but i'm glad to have some. cus i refuse to live a life 100% miserable by fucktards.

life is a battle everyday. it will never let up. but it's like the longer you live, the more experience and strenght you get. and some days the battles will be easy. some days the battles will be tough. most days it will be hell in the beginning. but i'm telling you to stay on. because the days when the battles are easier, they're worth it. they really are.

have more faith in yourself. you just haven't realized yet how strong you are. don't go down the hole now.

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