Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Feb 2007 Orbis Considering how so many of you are not taking this seriously--

A bullet is nice. Just if you are 13, chances are, your wrist would be moderatly weak and your trigger finger shakey. You would simply blow out your jaw.

I think the best way to end your life is to not-do it. Living (in my opionion) is so much worse than death. So, if you are under 13, and you read this, you know that your wretchid life is worthless, if you live it will get worse....and what is better than to tourture a horrible person?
31 Jan 2007 Brodio I hate life!
im tired of my parents hitting me.
im tired of being told that im not shit and i will never be shit.
I hate not being able to do anything right.
i hate being so ugly.
im tired of being"unsure" of my sexuallity... why did u have to touch me? why did u have to take MY innocennce?
i hate being here on earth.
ive tried taking pills to die....
doesn't work.
cutting doesn't help nemore. i dont feel it.
someone please help before i take someone elses life!!!
31 Jan 2007 Lacy I absolutely cannot talk. When it is time for me to speak in conversation all I can do is awkwardly agree or say nothing. I am such a bad converser that most people come to resent it and even loath me due to how uncomfortable I make them. When I notice my cue to speak , I choke. I feel how the person judges me and how anything I say too will be judged. When I begin to hear the sound of my own voice it is pathetic and uncertain and I have already failed.
I can't stand my big dumb face trying always in vain to enter into the social performance. I have given up. Now I go through my days pointlessly and silently, avoiding all social interaction. But I cannot stand this either, my humanity is dyeing and so is my will to live. I face to absolutes; I absolutely cannot ruin my mother’s life like that, but I absolutely cannot go on. I think over time the latter will win out.
For years I never cried or was really happy about anything. Now all of a sudden I cry again – every time I duck into the bathroom to get out of sight and alone. These tears are stupid self pity and fear about the terrible thing I will do

I guess I write this to serve as my note because I do not know when I can do it. I am weak and afraid of pain, but I am going to try to follow through next time I suddenly gain any courage
31 Jan 2007 dead inside. everyone who has posted on this site was at a point in there life when they felt the need to do a search on suicide or suicide methods. everyone might have a slightly different reason but we all ended up here. don't say your alone. your never alone. don't be afraid to ask for help. remember, if you seek than you shall find. stay strong. don't give up. not like this.
i wish you all the best. i hope you all get through the tough times.
31 Jan 2007 Rupert EASILY THE BEST WAY TO KILL YOURSELF... READ IT! you'll need:

Cheese wire
Heavy log
and a cliff

Method: You go to the top of the cliff, make a loop at both ends of the long cheese wire, a slipknot preferably, THEN tie on end around ur neck and the other around the log, must be heavy, superglue ur hands to the side of your head after, THEN kick of the log from the cliff leaning forward. - result is, the cheese wire will cut of ur head clean, thus killing part satisfied, and then u will fall of, and be discovered dead holding ur head unnatatched from your body, so whoever finds you will think u pulled ur head off with your bare hands LOL, told u mine was the best
31 Jan 2007 u dont hav to b in pain to hurt i dont think age is an issue when its down to things like this, if you feel like hurting urself of commiting suicide for what ever reason, talk to some one you love, it helps to know you wanted, trust me...
if ne one needs to talk to sum one feel free to email me...
31 Jan 2007 Skywalker This has got to be one of the sadist forums iv ever read.I have lost a close friend by suicide it was there second attempt the first was pills the second and last was a fall from a tall block of flats . Everyone who is born is special and as someone has already said "LOVE YOUR SELF" all the time every time.

Hey anyway you kill your self and you will end up reincarnated so i don't think that thats the option to make, i have had a lot of problems my self so i know that you need to put something out to get something back

Do what you have to do to make the best of this life, live you life to the fullest and always follow your highest joy

One more last thing


30 Jan 2007 Lady This is so wrong for putting out stuff like this.I know we have freedom to say whatever but what about the love ones of the person who actually follow this non sense thru.If you need a friend in HIM you will find one.Want to know Him? write.
30 Jan 2007 too old for this sh** run in front of a car. i don't really know every time i've thought about i get high and then don't really have the motivation. i've wanted to kill myself for just never works
29 Jan 2007 Boddamers I have no idea why a 13yr old would want to kill themselves or how they wud but all i have to say is we lost a good friend today, he was 18. The life and soul of every party. A smile on his face is all we ever saw. He never complained, no one ever had a bad word to say bout him at all. We came on the net tonight looking for answers to why?, why couldnt he have let us know, why did he have to do it in such a brutal way. Why? But then we'll never know. Thats life i spose. Our thoughts will forever remain with him. Hope he's found wot he was looking for and is in peace sleep tight our munchkin xxxx
29 Jan 2007 Tiffany I think its selfish to say "you need to stay here..think about the people you'll leave behind" because they're basically saying stay here and be depressed and hate life and live everyday wishing you'd never been born just so they wouldn't have to grieve cuz their pain only lasts a couple months while the one that wanted to commit suicide has pain that lasts a lifetime
29 Jan 2007 Jackie go to the hardware store and buy a box full of those razors they sell....and slit you wrists all the way around and then halfway down your arm...


go parachuting with friends and jump and "forget" to put on your parachute
29 Jan 2007 Aqua Veen La mejor manera es esperar hasta los catorce, meterte en el cine con desconocidos de cuarenta y relajar los músculos. En sólo unas pocas sesiones estarás muerto/a. Yo lo hice y no sobreviví.
29 Jan 2007 Luke Hello! Its all you people who truly care and have feelings that this world needs. Always look up to someone and who you aspire to be, someone whos so brave and strong. This will help you, suicide is not always the answer, I have saved someone from suicide and they now thank me, things change in life and many times it improves. Small changes can have a big impact. The majority of us have thought and tried suicide. My most serious one was at 18, heart broken in a job i hated and i realised i only had 1 true friend. Turn to something that makes u feel good, music, writing. Dont kill the person you hate, change to someone you love! Learn to love yourself! People love you dont make them suffer
29 Jan 2007 m do you really think this sort of crap helps????? i suggest you get a life or get help your a parents nightmare. i suggest anyone on here who feels this way is to share it with someone or write your feelings down vistiting this sort of things will not help
28 Jan 2007 Az this sites bad man trust ,,, started off as a game or summat .... i feel for the people who have felt like commiting suicide ... and as for u people who make cruel comments to those who are feeling down n shit youre all sick .... just never forget that every teenager and every child who has ever commited suicide is on your conscience coz its psychos like u who make them feel that way ... just a quick message for those who need 2 tlk add me on
28 Jan 2007 angelicfruitcake why do u want to kill urself
????? i want to die.....
28 Jan 2007 Skye Well....I suppose I should tell my life story before I do this, well here goes (I`ll make it short).

Life happend to me one day, and I was sitting at the lunch tables in middle school. Her name? Storm. She gave me every reason to live and breath, never to take a last breath. By then I had gone through a divorce, an affair, and a years` worth of moving without a decent person to talk to, let alone pretend to be friends with.she had been through just as much crap as I have and some.One of the same.
Well as a couple of years had passed by she bacame suicidal...Not because she was attention seeking, but because of a health class that started a dangerous experiment with dieting, two months in a hospital and she was back. Things, by then, would never be the same ever again. She became my darkness at that moment in life,and I became her light. She took zoloft and I took Prozac. but now she won`t take her medicine no matter how much I bug her , and I don`t even have insurance to get medication. I`m starting to "think", acually we both are.She started to cut because she just went through shit the other day. But I`m trying to combat it, and I`m afraid of loosing. Now at this moment in life I have to be strong for Storm, my mother, and my sister. I know love,life,death is`nt all it`s crack up to be, but hey, I just want to know is that I`m not alone.....PLEASE....just tell me......I have no one here to embrass and understand.

So I won`t go and tell everybody that "death is`nt the answer" or say that "go ahead, screw all the people who say life will get better cus IT WON`T". But instead I`m just going to offer something to you, in return, I want compassion. I don`t weather you love the thrill of slicing or the beauty of life, all I want to know is that your compassionate about your ideas and beliefs. I don`t check my e-mail almost every day, don`t be afraid to be embarassed by one who will not jugde...
28 Jan 2007 dead inside. they'll never hurt me like you do.

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