Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Mar 2007 nighthex This is what I think. If you're so pathetic that you want to kill yourself, do it now. You're not going to get any better if you have this 20-year foreplay with suicide. Otherwise, suck it up and deal with it. Sites like this just glorify suicide and make all these attention-depraved whores interested in killing themselves. You should all reevaluate your place in the universe and realize that there's people worse off than you that aren't going to end their lives over trivial bullshit.
13 Mar 2007 noone well my thrill is gone in life, I'm 22 and life has sucked since forever, so, I'm gonna put a plastic garbage bag over my head and tie a belt tight around it so, I won't be able to breath this shit life anymore. I plan to do it really soon, like anyone really gives a fuck that reads this.
13 Mar 2007 Genius Commit a felony that will guarantee you a death sentence (murder, for example). Then, the executioner will realize your wish.

This is called police-assisted suicide.

Very sweet. And the odds of success are 100%.

You can, for instance, kill the one you hate the most. Kill the dude who made your life miserable.
12 Mar 2007 remember to feel real. sad?
wanna talk?
i can listen.
keep fighting.
don't quit.
people will always be cruel.
the world will always be cruel.
life will always be miserable.
what you need to do is find something/someone, that gives you reason to endure the miserableness of life. find a love. find a passion. whether its a person, or something like writing, singing, etc. find it. take it. make it yours. and run with it.
still sad?
i'll listen.
keep your head up. and if anyone tries to bring you down shove your foot up their rear end.
live. love. burn. die.
god bless.
my prayers go out to you all.
i hope you find what your looking for.

take care.

ps. mouchette, i only leave me email for the kids, i really don't want to see any of your body parts in an email. please? i just want to help...thats all. i hope thats not too much to ask.
12 Mar 2007 Life is good, no matter what I've tried killing myself and almost succeded. I managed to stab my self. My mom found me lying on the floor with a knife in my chest, unconsious due to blood loss. That night I stared death right in the eye. The doctors said if i had stabed an inch closer to the left side of my body i would have peirced my heart. Death is a scary thing. I remeber as I slowly lost consiousness on my floor I felt a pain that hurt so much i can't explain it. The pain was relizeing that my friends would have a hard time taking this, and that my suicide might encourage them to do it to. NEVER try to commit suicide no matter how fucked up your life is. Suicide is NOT painless. I know that you will regret it as you pass out as I did, or as you die. I will tell you now, instead of hurting yourself, go into a room with a book, lock the door and read. I have used this method ever since to keep myself from trying to kill myself.
12 Mar 2007 Alex.P. Read this book written by Mikhail Bulgakov called "Master and Margarita". It will reveal some things you'd like to know about life...

It helped me get rid of being suicidial - why not give it a try ?

Hope you find it.
If you need any help just e-mail me.

Good luck and don't kill yourself - life is a gift that you still don't understand. After all gifts should be handled carefully and we should be gratefull for them (no matter how "cheap", stupid or "meaningless" we find them) and if you accepted the gift of life(you did!) it's not nice to give it back, is it?
12 Mar 2007 FLO i'm not under 13 (i'm 23, in fact), but I am seriously considering suicide right now b/c of the state my life is in right now... General overview: i have 2 kids, am NOT married (or ever will be, probably), been through several jobs (14 in 5 or 6 years) and lost all of them, lost my apartment (which means i live at home now between my both of my parents' homes), lost my license (b/c i couldn't afford to pay my tickets), lost my car (repo'd b/c i couldn't pay the note), completely fucked up my credit and my dads (he co-signed for my car), my kids hate me (would rather be with their dad, either of their grandmas, ANYONE other than me), i can't get any assistance for my children or myself through the state (meaning no food, no insurance, no cash, NOTHING), can't find another damn job to save my life (i've been searching for at least 6 months), i am in this continuous state of aloneness, and i can HONESTLY say everyone in my life would really be better off without me around... no one can tell me better than myself how worthless i am.... I stole one of my mother's old prescriptions for Xanax (from 2005, but it's definitely still good).... i'm just waiting to get away to a room somewhere where no one knows me and no one will try and stop me... I have 124 pills right now and i'm ready to take them.... it would be ABSOLUTELY and TOTALLY painless... i could get a couple of beers to wash 'em down.... pills are the way to go, b/c they hurt the least and do the most.... i would hate for a 13 year old to do this, but why wait fo your life to turn up like mine? Good luck with whatever u all do
11 Mar 2007 bb Hello,
I am 27 years old, and for the past little while, I've been planning how to kill myself...I need to resolve some financial situations, pack up my apartment, make sure that there's not that much that needs to be taken care of once I'm gone..etc etc...
Now, most of the people who've written on this site seem to have had some pretty shitty experiences in their lives, experiences that I've never have had to deal with. Some of you have had miraculously shitty lives, and I commend you're ability to not only talk about it, but to also have lived through it and keep on living.
My life, on the other hand, has been filled with caring and loving people. People who I know love me, support me and would do anything to help me. I've never experienced abuse of any kind, and I generally don't have to worry about very why I'm I complaining then? Why don't I see any hope? Because I'm an idiot, that's why, plain and simple...People think I'm rude, but really I'm just ignorant. People think I may be smart or have a personality when they first meet me, but then...after a while...they start to fade away, becoming bored with me, since I have nothing to offer in the way of conversation or experiences. I am a dense dunce, who can have fun with a stupid person? I know that there's someting wrong with me, for sure...I'm very unfeeling, selfish and void of anything why should I stick around and watch everything around me go away (as it usually does.) I push away my family, my friends..not because I mean to, but because there's nothing to keep them When somebody tries to have a conversation with me, I'm the person who responds with "uh huh", "oh yeah", "that's great"..whatever...I don't think!! It's incredible...I don't feel, I don't life has always been at the same level because I don't have the capabilities to learn, change or understand other people's emotions or feelings...I must be a psychopath/sociopath of some sort...I'm not sure if I'm making any sense even.....
11 Mar 2007   Waiting for Godot
10 Mar 2007 scott im feeling really suicidal atm cuz my life is jus one big fuck up yes what is the best way to kill your self????
10 Mar 2007 j Rou I am 18 and i have been depressed for the last few years, and i cry quite a lot and started to cut myself, i really do just want to die, but i dont have the balls to d it, i keep thinkin bout my lil brothers n mum n fmily, it pisses me off got a knife now but cant do anythinf dotn have the balls, i just want it to stop
09 Mar 2007 Depressed As Fuck Lifes a bitch and then you die
09 Mar 2007 Do i have to leave a name? The things i have read here are pretty awful, and i just come across this site b'cos i wanted to see why people wanted to commit suicide. I just hope that every1 here that has written something has someone to talk to and clearly this website allows people to do that. Hope you're all ok! But ive gota admit, ive thought abt it a few times (committing suicide), BUT ID NEVER ACTUALLY DO IT! I commend the person that has made this website. Take care every1.
09 Mar 2007 amira listen im 13 and im suicidal ..but i also know that it would be good to talk to some one that feels like me if anyone ever wants to talk then just add me on msn i cant really talk to anyone about it ,because no one no's where im coming from .:( so if you think you do then im all ears.
09 Mar 2007   you're sick...
09 Mar 2007   it'd be better if this site were made into a message board, so that there could be some interaction between help seekers, help givers, jokers, and whatnot.
09 Mar 2007 Mr. Mouchette Mouchette, let's commit suicide together.
09 Mar 2007   Mouchette (1967)

Mouchette is a young teenager living in the tough country. Her mother is going to die, and her father does not take care of her. Mouchette does not manage to express her rebellion against the humiliations she undergoes. One night, in the wood, she meets Arsene. Arsene is the poacher of the village. He thinks he has just killed Mathieu, the rural policeman. He tries to use Mouchette to build an alibi.
08 Mar 2007 kaori I am 19 years old and a freshman in college. I tried to kill myself nearly three years ago by taking tylenol, and wound up in the hospital. They stuck needles in my arms and made me drink charcoal extract to coat and protect my liver. Now, nearly three years later, I am thinking in these ways again. But I know I will never be able to take enough pills to do the job properly.

I want to crash my car very badly, and the only reason I hesitate is because I have a very nice car, a shame to waste it. It is my best friend, as silly as it seems, it is the one thing I can depend on. My friends have all left me for college, or the ones that are left only want to hang out because I have a car and can drive them places. The loving relationship I have with my boyfriend is beginning to collapse and the fault is mine. My parents suspect nothing. I could never talk to them, they would only yell. I am failing several classes at my college, have made no friends there, am in real credit card debt as I have maxed out one card and am working on two more. I look forward to nothing. The fact that I am bipolar does not help either. I am currently plotting a day, time, and place for next month. My only worry is that I will survive the crash and become a vegetable in a hospital bed.

I have no one to talk to. My ex-boyfriend was an abusive prick, and he ruined my view on all men. They are nothing but evil. Not one man save my current boyfriend has showed me any degree of kindness. I value nothing, look forward to and cherish nothing but the idea of death. My only worry is how fast I need to make my darling car go bto do it right...

08 Mar 2007 Just a guy Hi, I'm from London.

I tried to kill myself before. I was at boarding school and I was having a hard time. I didn't have any real friends either. Every day was pain so I thought anything would be better than going on with it.

I bought about 120 painkillers, and on the first new day of term, I skipped my morning lesson at 11am, and took all the pills instead. I locked myself in my study, and lay there for 2 hours. After 2 hours I was violently sick though and I ended up calling an ambulance. I then went to hospital and stayed in a p ward for 2 weeks. I left school after that, and now my life has changed a lot. I still get down badly sometimes, but at least now I have some hope. I have a flat, a dog, and enough money to live on. And hopefully soon I will get some work.

Well that's basically my story. Write me and tell me yours. just_a_guy at


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