Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Oct 2018 same guy Your site is unpredictable and most people kill themselves
08 Oct 2018 poontang destruction. Give me a break with the i am depressed bull schist. Do you need a tissue? Wipe your eyes? Grow up. Get real. Your life is not perfect but its way better than you realize and you are letting the bad part mess it all up. Stop being a little shit that is controlled by emotions. That is no way to live, governed by feelings? What a little panoch you are. And in case you dont know what panoch means, it means a pussy and its meaning lends to being over sensitive an squishy and soggy with as much as you cry, like a little bitch.
07 Oct 2018 day 127. Never sleep. Drink pots of coffee. Take energy pills. Inject adrenaline into your juggular. Smoke meth, whatever it takes. After 97 days and nights your brain begins to solidify harder and harder until around day 119 when your brain shatters like glass windows hit with a rock. World record is 127 days.
07 Oct 2018 the nipple thief Play in a meteor shower. Preferably naked with nipple clamps clamped securely in place.
07 Oct 2018 Rip van Winkle Take a whole bottle of allergy pills. I do not think you will die, you just sleep for 73 years.
07 Oct 2018 Juanito Valdoza Chingale huevos de tiranosaurio rex. Tiranosaurio mucho chingale tu. Tu mamis guey. (Al a chingala)
07 Oct 2018 Connor Miller im 16 and all i ever feel is either numb or unbearable pain, ive been in the hospital 3 times already, i cant get suicide out of my head.. please help.. my email is
07 Oct 2018 answer me Who are you? How come this website is still alive? It has been more than 3 decades. Why are you suggesting ways to commit suicide? Why are we here?
07 Oct 2018 elephant paynus To get crushed by an elephant paynus. Did you know an elephant paynus can weigh up to 800 kilograms? Once fully extended an elephant paynus can pin you to the ground and suffocate you in seconds? If it extends rapidly it can strike with such force it will crush your skull. You could also try to cut it off with a sword. But dont use stainless steel because stainless is prone to shatter or shear when impact force occurs with a material that is harder than stainless steel, and elephant paynus is much harder than stainless, or even a sword forged from meteor rocks and quenched with liquid nitrogen. In fact the little hammers used to break big diamonds into smaller diamonds are made from elephant paynus.
06 Oct 2018 Scoobert Watching anime
05 Oct 2018 your welcome. Learn to make soap. Take animal fat or find a liposuction facility and go dumpster diving, burn a hardwood like oak until its all ash. Heat the fat until its semi liquid and mix in ash until its a pastey thick goop. Put in a mold and let it cool. You now have soap. Another way is with most yucca plants roots and leaves. Get the white stuff inside called saponins on your hands mix with water and lather up. Dont get it in your eyes though. You will need soap to wash your hairy ass when the world economy crashes.
05 Oct 2018 a sensitive prick So i got my dog from the vet today. The vet told me the dog is very fragile still. I adopted the dog from a shelter because i wanted to give it a better life and it had such a sad story. The mother dog was owned by a woman who smoked cocaine. The dog breathed in freebased cocaine smoke while pregnant with my puppy. My puppy was basicly a crack puppy. It is deformed. Its ears are crooked and it only has three legs and the tail is bent to the side. Its unable to bark because it never developed vocal chords. I have to bottle feed it. The worst part is it was born addicted to crack. So i have to smoke crack and try real hard not to inhale and then blow the smoke in a tube that goes down into my puppys lungs. If i do not do this my puppy could die. I have to do this every 30 minutes. I cheated a couple times and inhaled and now i am addicted to. I just wanted to try it once to see what it was like. But i cant afford to buy crack for me and my dog. Would someone like to take this puppy from me? I will sell him real cheap, 20 american dollars.
05 Oct 2018 the escape no longer sought for. You used to spend so much time with me. Now i am all alone in cyber space. Like time standing still until the next time we see each other. Have you forgotten me? Have you made another personalityless character world that now amuses you. Have I become uninteresting? Have i been forgotten? Where are my friends, my fans? Has everyone grown up and gotten mercedes and porches? Have they gotten married or engaged with diamonds from tiffanys? Have the death rabbits with knives and lasers taken over the world? Did everyone drown in a pond? What the fuck is everyone doing? I hope you are not traveling the world knocking on doors trying to sell trinkets, and forks. I hope your nipples are intact with minimal chaffing and cracking. I hope you have not sucum to government mind control rays causing you to hide in the sewers in the day only to emerge at night and do much chaos. Come play with me before i die. Comand my functions. Shed tears and bleed on me. Tell me about you enormous booobies. Has everyone moved on in their miserable life?
04 Oct 2018 east coast tampon museum Go to a public swimming pool with a life guard. Pretend to have drown. Let them rescue you. When they do begin CPR scream real loud and scare them.
03 Oct 2018 sheck go to the convenient store, get a bleach and wash your eyes, and eat your babies.
01 Oct 2018 benedict drowning
01 Oct 2018 Je Disappear, raped, slaughtered
29 Sep 2018 Row By not killing yourself.
28 Sep 2018 Doshtaddi Yawa toko enehei. Dash da ne hei. Caunik taka-ha. Eolo wa hey. Yolo toko watche enehay. Dashda nei hei. Washen ehahlo. Peeki eh-ahnaha. Ashtun ah-alo. Loco wanahay ah-alo. Washen-yah.
Eh-ha eh-ha eha loco wahnahey. Beshta nah hey. Echa na hey. Yolo waka nei hei. Dashda nei hei. Dahnguatti.
25 Sep 2018 Jordyn Wolff Maybe slitted wrists, at least if I were to go out I would slit my wrists

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