Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Jul 2018 Fucking killing myself I just wanna fucking end my life I think I have adhd or some shit but I don’t give a fuck. Right now its a do or die imma fucking kill myself hanging,drowning,burning,bleeding any way just gunna fucking end this miserable worthless shit life that’s not worth living if anyone else wants to kill themselfs just fucking do it one moment of pain boom then you happy no more shitty situations to have no more grades and fucking tests email me or try to help but just a heads up this is more of a last moment memento to make myself known before I go so fucking peace out
23 Jul 2018 Traveling salesman Ahh, its time to relax. Put on those favorite fuzzy slippers kick back and sip on your favorite beverage while you enjoy another session of suicide fanatics worldwide. This is the one place you can not only be yourself but you will also find fun for the whole family. So get ready to share laughter, tears, and disgust in peoples self rightous judgmental personalities. Just be careful about giving out your information or someone may come to your house and kill themselves on your door step after knocking on your front door.
23 Jul 2018 Richard Exploding head
21 Jul 2018 simone eat a fly
21 Jul 2018 Anonymous .. Im only 13 and have been having suicidal thoughts since I was about 7 or 8. Which I know may be shocking because at 7 you don't have many reasons for that but it's mainly because of like idk i just feel like an outsider like i can never REALLY fit in.... I've always been the ugly girl, the dumb one the 'not cool' one? No one really loves me or cares about me and that is obvious . Nobody knows that I am suicidal and no one checkes up on me ...ever like seriously ever ! And i'm heartbroken not relationship wise but just from everything and it's too much I don't think k I can handle much more before I hang myself ...But I know everyone is going to care once They see me laying in the casket ! Everyone's gonna day how I was so 'cool' and that they 'loved me so much'. The only thing I really have to live for is my dog . She knows i'm depressed and she tries to comfort me. It helps but sometimes it's not enough ...
21 Jul 2018 aurélie parents always kill their children anyway
21 Jul 2018 MARIANNE ..............
17 Jul 2018 lmao simultaneously dabbing and nae nae-ing at the same time
17 Jul 2018 billy b benson stab urself with a fork
15 Jul 2018 kylee i am under 13, and i would slit my wrists. my house has plenty of sharp knifes, and it would be almost painless :)
14 Jul 2018 Ethan Wait until your 13. Then use a knife to slit your throat. Or starve yourself
14 Jul 2018 Alice Drown
14 Jul 2018 Geopolitics makes global m<uu Ask yourself do you take what others say to personal?
Do you think the world revolves around you?
Are you aware that you are mentally ill?
Perhaps you should be on powerful psychotropic medications to help you not think as though everyone is out to get you.
They might want to just use your body for their own sexual desires and then throw you away when you no longer interest them.
But this is normal human behavior.
Let's face it, people are not worthy of trust or even conversation.
They are only your friend for self serving reasons.
They may want to lie to you to make themselves feel better about how insecure they are due to their life being a complete failure.
This is normal human behaviour. It's totally natural to feel shame because your life didn't turn out the way you wanted to, so you only make yourself feel better by making other people think you are hot shit.
And then you find out they are not someone you can rely on, or that they will be there for you.
And where does that leave you?
And so you see, it's just a cold world out there because of all the colder hearts.
This includes you and me to.
I will make you feel worse about your pathetic life.
And you will do the same to me.

That leaves 3 options.
-Take medications that mask how shitty existence really is, or kill yourself, or get an ice pick and stab people in the kidney and run away laughing so hard you cry and fart in your pants. Now since we know all the tree huggers claim farting causes global warming that's probably not a great option because the earth will heat up and we will all cook and die.
-So you can either kill yourself or take medication, which will slowly kill you.
So either way you die.
When you think about it there is not much of a choice when the outcome is the same.
The only difference is: one way is quick and the other way is slow and hot and the last way you are happy before you die.

But what the hell does it matter when you still die?
Unless you can get the chip implanted in your brain that makes you regenerate decaying and dying cell tissue and you live forever, you have to die.
The immortality implant is very expensive and they must remove your brain and spine and keep them in a jar.

So fuck it, just take a piss into an electrical socket and fry your kidneys.

And deep down you know you deserve this.

Just a few moments ago you wanted to stab me in the kidney.
And don't even try to pretend or make me believe my kidneys are safe around you.
14 Jul 2018 Travalingua The best way to kill yourself is simply to read this and do exactly what it says. Read all of this and follow the instructions exactly. Now read this again.
13 Jul 2018 Chris Eat some tide pods
11 Jul 2018 Rat droppings Make lots of cages for rats. Buy brown rats at a pet store. Breed thousands of them. Release them at night in the richest most snoody stuck up neigborhood in your area. Now start a business doing rodent removal. Advertise as catch and release... the humaine way. When you catch them, breed them again. Continue releasing, catching and breeding. Do this until the rats grow so big that one kills you and eats you.
11 Jul 2018 Gandalf jump
10 Jul 2018 BBB (babybatterblasting) Turn yourself into a petrified rock statue.
10 Jul 2018 Police raid dream. Yesterday i had the most peculiar dream.

This dream was most peculiar in that i received the interpretation of this dream the instant i awoke.

I was at a friends house, but in real life i do not know these people or the house. The house is always the same. I had borrowed a pair of pants in the previous dream and was to return them. I went to change to discover i didn't bring an extra pair of pants so i said let me return them to you next time... ok.
There was to be a party outside and people began showing up, so we went outside. Shortly after i had to pee so i went thru the back yard past the shed into the woods.
I was about to relieve myself when i heard cars pull up at the house and loud shouting, "Police this is a raid get down get down...."
I said: "time to go".
I ran into the woods past a back alley and further into the woods. In 30 more meters a path oped up and i took it. The path forked, and i went right. As the path curved i came to an opening where i saw a pond. I thought i must return later and go fishing.
Once i saw the whole pond i saw hundreds and hundreds of racoons. When they saw me they all ran at me, screetching and howling. I had a small chain and i whipped it at them. The racoons stopped and I ran. I saw them all turn and run to my friend's house. I saw an opening in the woods to a building which was a doctor's office where I went to as a young child.
I had to use the restroom very badly by now so i ran there. Building was locked up. Down the road was a McDonalds. I hurried to the restroom only to discover inside it was a hair salon but all the salon chairs were toilets like in jail, stainless steel. There was a lady cleaning them with a blue cleaner. In the back was one toilet that was not so out in the open. But a little old lady ran in front of me and sat down. She must have had the flu because she was murdering that toilet. I waited and when she flushed water came out even running over her legs. So i went next door to another place and in this bathroom there was a party with at least 30 people. I asked an employee if there was a toilet anywhere. He took me to a hidden door and inside the restroom was a used clothing thrift store. To the right was a restroom. I was about to explode in my pants.
The stall door opened to a staircase and had a canvas strap tied to a backpack. I had to put the backpack over random junk to keep the door closed.
As i sit down on the toilet i woke up.
I was in pain i had to go to the bathroom so bad.
I must have peed for 2.5 minutes with a constant and highly pressurised stream. As i laughed about my dream it made the pee stream gain more pressure in sync with my laughter, which made it hurt even more.
09 Jul 2018 Dylan Stick a shotgun in your pussy and blow the trigger.

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