Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Jul 2001 CHRISTINA BRIONES hi my names christina and i don't really have a purpose in life. my family says ill who is that stupid b**** so if i die now i won't have to deal with them.... thank u
23 Jul 2001 extremely depressed girl i am thinking of killing myself, and seriously every time i think of it i cry and cry until the tears just don't flow anymore. i am so depressed! i have lots of friends and people who care about me, people who think i should be a model/singer/artist. i feel fake, i feel like i'm not showing my true side to people. but then there's the people who know me well, like one of my supposedly good friends, that treats me like shit. i feel like a total dumbass all the time, like ALL the time i can't concentrate on anything properly because i feel like so dumb, i mean even just walking to the bus stop with some friends makes me nervous that i'm goin to screw up! i have a problem: i have a very bad memory, not just bad, but the serious kind of bad; i'll be walking somewhere and totally forget how to get there! there is something wrong with me! people just don't see it, they just think i'm dumb, or maybe i am, i don't know, but i feel like the most miserable person in the world right now, i go out with my friends in the day time, and come home and cry myself to sleep because of something sooo stupid that i did! i don't know what to do! i can't stand trying to act smart in front of my family and friends, because i'm not, and i won't change, and i know if i don't die now i will go through life getting critizised for every thing i do, or be nervous about being critizised, or be nervous about doing something dumb, and i do dumb things cause i'm nervous! it all goes in a huge circle and i don't want this life, i don't, I DON'T!
15 Jul 2001 sujit shrikant niphadkar I am 23 years old young man. i desparately want to die. Please help me.
15 Jul 2001 Ryan Mottet i wanna DIE!!!
25 Jun 2001 Nate to everyone that says suicide is not the right answer, how would you know? Obviously you have never even been in a place where all you can think about is how worthless you are and all you want to be is numb. In the past year every girl i have ever loved has rejected me, even the ones that were my friends stopped all contact with me. My "friends" all ditched me for some reason and my parents are constantly telling me that i am a fuck up. So tell me, where is the bright side of living in this situation? If the people that are supposed to care about you all of a sudden stop, what is the point of continuing on in life with no one to love or to love you back?
06 Jun 2001 chris I am almost 17 years old. I appear to have a perfect life. I excel at baseball and football. Everyone thinks I am great at those sports. The truth is I hate football and my baseball seems to be slipping. My whole life is baseball. Without baseball I am nothing. With my game slipping I don't know that my life can go on. I have been very depressed for about six months now. One of my brothers is in federal court and my other brother is just kind of crazy. I do not think I can talk to them for help. I am too shy to get help from people. I am so shy that I can hardly talk to people. I just cannot bring words out of my mouth. I need something to get better or I need my life to be ended. Many many times I have wished that I could die.
05 Jun 2001 AIM screen name: justaratnacage when you're ready to die... you are ready to die. there is nothing else to it. when it's your time you will know it. i feel like my time is soon... and i would like to let it come sooner. but i also want to live out life at the same time... i wish there was some way...

help me
31 May 2001 Nick well i have been thinkin about this for a while now. and i'm not obese but i'm not skinny. all my friends make fun of me and my parents live in Alaska while i live in New Jersey. I haven't seen my parents since i was 6 and now im 12. and to top it off i live with my bitchy grandmom that beats me with a bat. she is 63 and she is fast. Somebody, Please help me!
18 Apr 2001 Brownbarbie16 Well I am depressed and suicidal right now, it's obvious, why would I visit this stupid site... anyways. I was just looking for effective yet painless plans... I was thinking, gasing myself, I have that plan worked out, I'm really sad, and mad... I don't even see myself in the future, that was the final choice that lead me to the conclusion that this is the way for me... no one cares... if they do, it's more of a pity... MY LIFE SUCKS!!!

I am 16, I turn 17 on sunday, April 22, 2001 ...Will I live that long, only God knows

02 Apr 2001 Kill_Me The best way to kill yourself when you are about 13 is just to get yourself in so much shit at home and school. Take your parents alcohol and drink it all at school. In your maths lesson maybe with the dumb teacher... Then when you are pissed tell the police at arrive that life is shit. Get yourself in so much trouble etc. At home and at school. By the time your parents say to you "I don't want you to live with us anymore" then it hits you, then you have to die. Just make sure you keep getting in trouble and then you will do it. You will think that there is no point which there is not. You have to kill yourself. It's up to you though but if you do I look up to you having the guts to do it. The closest I have got was jumping off my house. Good Luck everyone...
24 Mar 2001 Julien Hey, Im 14! People always tell me I am too young too die, Well like I think they are wrong! Cuz people who are depressed should not continue being depressed, it hurts too much!!!
Ok, I'm not telling anyone to kill 'emselves, far from that, I just wish there were a way out.......
18 Nov 2000 Mitch Putain!! Moi je capte rien je suis tombée sur un p'ove site ki se fout de la gueule des suicidaires...
Moi , g un véritable problème, mon meilleur ami est au bord du suicide car ma meilleure amie k'il amait + ke tt au monde l'a laché. Ses parents vont divorcer et il vient de sortir d'1 accident plutôt grâve...
Putain c' affreux!!
Y'a qq1 pr nous aider, ds cette situation????
Vous là, AIDEZ NOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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