Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Nov 2002 ashok I want to die. i'm 26. please help me so I can die easily. I don't want to have pain while I am killing myself. please suggest some good method.
16 Nov 2002 HaVe No OnE I am so desperate to die right now. I've spent enough time deciding and thinking about it. My best friends have left me and the only person I ever trusted keeps threatening to tell on me. I have no one to talk to. No matter who I tell someone else finds out.
13 Nov 2002 wierd phsyco chic Hey my life is really fucked up at the moment and i have seriously considered suicide a lot but haven't got the guts so i just self harm instead. ARGH!!!!! Lyf sux, the only thing that keeps me goin is my music and my mates. HELP ME PLEASE! I can't stand my shitty life no more! MY MIND IS SCREWED UP!!!
12 Nov 2002 Mark I remember when I was about 8 or 9 years old I started to think about what it would be like to be dead. I had been alive for almost a decade and felt that there must be something better. Life was really difficult and so many people seemed to not really care about me. They were adults a lot of them and I was amazed at how off track they all seemed to be. Who was going to help me? I became very introverted as the only person I could trust was me and "I" seemed to have little or no say in the curcumstances of my life. Or did I ? Death seemed worthy of contemplation at least and I spent quite a bit of time doing that. How would I become dead? That was another good topic for deep contemplation. Introverted people do a lot of contemplating as it is basically an inward solo process. I am older now and death and suicide are an ongoing theme with me. Recently it has become more complicated and in a strange way that is interesting. A lot of people top themselves and are sucessfull, wouldn't mind chatting with one of them but so far it has not happened. Have not given up hope. I talk with spirits a lot, you know, people on the other side and sometimes from the future. Do I sound like I'm a little crazy? Wouldn't mind chatting with people on these and related topics. Help me if you can, I might be able to help you. Now that would be strange.
14 Oct 2002 Jeniffer Compared to all these problems mine don't mean shit but i can't help feeling the way i do. I guess u can say compared to every1 else i have a good life even though i have 5 friends no B/f and my family says i'm a miserable person to be around bc i'm in my room all the time. I used to be very happy and when some1 said they wanted to kill themselves i would flip out, i would try to make them change their minds and tell them all the good things in their life but now the past year i myself have become very depressed i have attemped suicide once by taking pills but apparently i didn't take enough b/c i woke up. i have tried to cut my wrists but i'm a sissy and can't take pain. i have cut my neck but not very deep. i want to die and i would do it but i can't take the pain. i try to think of the good things in my live but the bad things outweight the good things by a lot. i cry every night for no reason i look at the knife i keep in my drawer whenever i get upset which is everyday. it will probably just be a matter of time till i end it. i'll make another post sometime if im still here.
22 Sep 2002 blitz i'm on the verge of suicide...
02 Sep 2002 Samantha Can I please know what is the best hurtless way to kill myself!!! I need to leave this misery!!! Please someone e-mail me and tell me the best way!!!
24 Aug 2002 Becca I don't think it matters what age you are... u end up with the same result no matter what age. But i think the best way is 2 slit ur wrists and ankles... use a sharp knife. Then sit in a hot bath until u pass out. But the cuts have 2 be deep enough or else ur just gonna end up in a mental hospital. Overdoses don't work! trust me on that one. Oh yea and leave a good bye letter 2 those who have made ur life a living hell. OK a little about me... I'm 15 years old. I have been thinking about suicide a lot lately. I have attemped it so many times, i don't even remember how many. I've got so many nasty scares on my arms. i kinda like them tho... i look at them and they make me feel better 4 some reason... yea i'm a psycho :) I've tried overdosing 2... but it doesn't work... I've just woken up with a huge stomach ache... that's about it. why do i do this? My life sucks asss. But i'm sure u people don't wanna hear me complain about it but if u do... or u just wanna talk... e-mail me
24 Aug 2002 Yea im Crazy Hmmm why does it matter if ur 13. When people kill themselves it don't matter about the age, it all ends up with the same thing. i would say the best way is 2 slit ur wrists and ankles and then hang urself. The wrist cutting just makes more interesting :) oh yea and don't forget 2 leave a good bye letter... then those who fucked u over in life can fell like shit... just like you did. overdosing doesn't work... i've tried it! ok a little about me.... I'm 15 years old and i've been thinking about suicide 4 a while now. I've attemped it so many times. i can't even remember how many times. I've tried overdosing and cutting my wrists. My fucking life sucks big time. U probably don't wanna hear all about it but if u do u can e-mail me and if i end up going through with it... i hope see some of u were ever we end up
17 Aug 2002 me somebody please send me an e-mail. im so f*ing bored out of my mind, last time i got an email (other than junk) was like 2 weeks ago. that's bad. and i have no friends. things arent well with me when im bored, i start to think about other things that i am not supposed to think about. ah, i dont want to write a bunch of junk on how i feel, i think u might be able to guess how i feel. anyway, you are welcome to write whatever to me.
27 Jul 2002 Shonice i'm 13 and ive tried committing suicide since i was around 10. i'm depressed and everytime im awake my stomach aches. i feel there is no reasons to live. my mom never listens to me, i've already written a 7 page suicide letter. my grandapa tried to molest me, my grandama is an alcoholic who won't even believe he tried to do it. my mom doesn't love me anymore and the only reason that i'm not dead right now is because of my friend lisa. but now i've had enough i want to die, no one cares if i'm dead no one. i want to tell my mom how i feel but she'll never understand.... o well i have a gun i think i'm gonna blow my brains out... look for me on the news
13 Jul 2002 _meth firstly, at 13, live in a overprotective family, cultivate childish irrational phobias over irrelevant things, like swallowing, or standing still; subsequently develop panic attacks over the most insignificant of things, and underperform grossly for your scholastic ability in national exams and get posted to an obscure school where everyone finds you incomprehensible; become a careless freak and break some bones leaving you incapacitated for months on crutches and unable to go anywhere; intentionally break up with the one who meant something to you, for no real reason just so you won't disappoint him - but you already have; lose contact with your old friends; realise there's nothing in this fucking world to keep you tethered down; no joy in anything; can't find anything to believe in; can't even believe i still exist; read too much fucking psychology; read too much fucking literature that i can identify with, hang out with people who are equally screwed up; parents scream at me when i say i want to kill myself yeah i'm such a fucking ingrate; try to become a human pincushion; i don't want to be just another fucking depressive there are already too many of them out there but i can't seem to get out of the rut; just walk the streets aimlessly, just another anonymous face; play with graphic cutters and razors at night; too many scars and i can't wear sleeveless anymore i've been saying I WANT TO KILL MYSELF for now long, no one believes me and they find me such a pain; i make jokes like i'm not serious but i am i just can't find the right way, i can't seem to do it, just a few more half-hearted scratches down the wrist; blinding anger futile compulsion, to punch through the window, to break the glass and slash my wrists, 4 years now and i can't even do anything about it; why. why. why. how. HOW. PLEASE. HELP. ME.

(this apparently is not the best way;
i can vouch for the longdrawn out agony
but no quick promise of death_
13 Jul 2002 Angie I have wanted to kill myself numerous times. its bcuz of my stupid dumb friend who is yes a boy. sometimes i will try to scare him and say that im gonna kill myself and he gets so scared. i say that cuz i wanna see if he actually cares about me. and from the times i did it he does care about me. but,the problem is i have said it so many times that he dont believe me anymore. so, one night i called him and i said that i was gonna kill myself. he didnt believe me. so, i got a rope and tied it around my neck and hung it to my door, stood on a chair and squeezed it. then i called him back and i didnt know it was him on the phone i thought it was someone else. then, i fell off the chair and hung up. i was gonna hang myself with him on the phone. sometimes i really really wanna kill myself. other days i dont cuz i think it will be better. but, i mean the tragedy that this kid puts me through would make anyone kill themselves. and anyone would say why not just stop talking to him? well i dont wanna. i like him that much. also im so alone. and i hardly have any friends. i have a really complicated life. if anyone wants to talk to me e-mail me .
11 Jul 2002 annette billy it's just soo hard to try and keep myself alive. everyday is different. one day i am fine, the next day i wanna blow my brains out cause of something, i got into a fight with my friend or something... i think it'd make the world a MUCH better place w/o me. there would be much less problems. but i really apprieciate you trying to help me. thanx:)
10 Jul 2002 Annette billy it's seriously the ONLY way out of all my problems. it's not fair that i'm 14 and have to live a life of miseries. and i think by killing myself it will show other people how important it is to treat people equally and with respect b/c i know i wasn't.
10 Jul 2002 Annette I've tried EVERYTHING!!!! i already have all my suicide letters ready and everything but i'm just not dying !!PLEEEEASE tell me what to do! i need a reeeally good way that's easy. i already lost track on how many times i OD and slit my writs! HELP!
29 Jun 2002 Alex I'm 14 and i hate my life. It's no one's fault but mine. It's funny though, I come from a moderately wealthy family, I'm very smart (a year ahead of my age in math and all honors courses) and not all that unpopular. I just hate my life. The only thing that keeps me from killing myself: I'm too fucking sensitive. Though my parents piss me off so fucking much, I know their lives would be over if I were dead. But that's it. I have no real friends. No one who would cry for me over my death. I hate all you shits that say suicide is for pussies or that we're just looking for attention. You've never been down this fucking road. There is no end to this tunnel. It just gets longer and longer. You try being unpopular, bad at sports and not being able to talk to a girl, much less ask her out. What's the point of life? The point of life is to die. It's inevitable. Everybody is going to die. Me, you, every Fucking person in this goddam world. We're all going to die. Why delay it.
28 Jun 2002 Do Re Mi Hey you out there!!!! I'm very sick with my life!! I have a mama who doesn't love me!! I have a papa who is a freak!! My sisters hate me. I have to marry a man that i dun love. I have no reason to live this world. No one cares about me. U all dun understand being treated like shit. I ain't give a fuck what u r saying here. U may call me nuts, sick, insane, or whatever!! I ain't gonna change my mind to commit suicide!!! Fuck u all!! U all damn have a good life!!! N stop giving any bloody advices if u dun understand being treated like shit here, even worse than an animal!!!!
28 Jun 2002 Denice Hmmm... you all dun understand why people decide to kill them themselves. I am so depressed, and i have no one to talk to. Nobody likes me, and they all treat me as i'm invisible. I dun give a heck what u say here, i'm not gonna change my mind to kill myself. That's the best way to get rid of the problems that i have being treated like shit in this world!!!!!
26 Jun 2002 Jenna i've tried slitting my wrists, overdosing on asrpin and anti-depressants, ejecting air into my veins and lots more.. no matter what you will have some degree of pain. I'm 15 and very suicidal. I want to die so badly!

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