Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Jan 2004 Lauren to hang yourself off a railway bridge- thats my perfect dream. some bitches take the piss out of you for being who you are. i tried to kill myself in school once- in the changing room before pe, but i got found by the teacher and taken into hospital. what makes me feel the best is when i get pissed off then i take like 24 paracetamol and it makes you feel like your going crazy but it makes you feel great. i think you lot try it when you get angry cos then you don't know what your doing then you try to kill yourself. i swear on my daddy's life that everything i say is true and i know i will hurt people when i do die of my own hand but i'm past caring any more. people joke about it but its not funny because they don't know what its,to want to die every second of the day- to dream about it when you finally sleep. life is not worth living when there is a shadow following you around, making you feel lkike hell and if the father of the kid is on line right now and reads this i just want to say he must have had a reason for it because he wouldn't have done it for nothing. your son was probably a great kid but at the end of the day we just can't take it- thees nothing we can do, it just takes over you, your not yourself any more. if you can- just e-mail me and tell me how he died. theres a link between us in the form of suicide and i just feel i need to know all the details of suicide. im the same age as your son was and i just feel i need to know. if you think im being nosey im not, suicide hurts me too except im effected by it in a different way. i want to die- and hell it helps me to talk about it. when you you cut yourself, when you bleed- as the blood drips out of you, it feels good, all the tension goes and you get addicted to it- your own form of painkiller that works on you. im not trying to preach- im just saying i feel the way you do angry at this world- you want to die- like theres no point in living life. my e-mail is or my mobile- 07950986646 you need to talk or you want to know anything just call. i hope you do- it would help me a lot. i'm always here for anyone but i know i'll be gone someday soon.
i'm sorry.
16 Jan 2004 siera Hey I'm 13 and dude i have tried to commit suicide more then 5 times... i slit my wrists a lot. and no one makes anything better (not like i'm wanting them to) but it seems like no one cares. some day someone will find me laying on my bathroom floor in a puddle of blood. yeah it sounds gross but it's true. i silt my wrists at school even... i had this razor, but i lost it and now idk what to use i have tried everything. but i started slitting my wrists and it's kinda like drugs, if you start you can't stop. you know what's weird, and this will sound so like selfish or w.e but so many guys think i'm hot, and have a great personality, i mean i'm always happy... till i go bed or something, then i start slitting my wrists. i do good in school and i have a GREAT boyfriend. but idk what's wrong with my pathetic self. i'm a retard that is looking for the easy way out. i wanna live and die at the same time. idk what to do with my stupid life. i think shooting yourself is a good way to do it... it's like fast, or slitting your wrists, if ya want pain. i may not be an EXPERT hah but i have had more then 200 cuts on my arm that i have made. every smile i make it's a tear that i will cry. i hate being so depressed around my friends. i want this to be to myself. i hate it. i just want to end my life... and be done with my problems. well my friend is anorexic.. and went boulimic... and idk what to do... she's as skinny as a fucking string, she says she's so fat but i say she's not. so i finally gave up and stop saying a thing. now she's friends with this goth inda girl thats boulimic.. and so we're not best friends now... idk what to do, people ask me for advice.. and it's kinda weird cuzz i'm the one with all the problems! i just want to be left alone.. or well idk what i want. IM me on my sn Light Pink88 if ya want you can help me or umm talk to me and i can help you.
12 Jan 2004 Rey i cant take it anymore. it's too much for me to handle. i have no idea how i stayed alive for this long. i wish someone could help me.
05 Jan 2004 Adam I really don't know what to say. To someone on the outside I may seem pedantic or as if i'm exaggerating, but they're not me and they don't understand what I am going through. I've thought about doing this for a while now, but there are always two things holding me back. How can I do it without having to experience the pain? And how will god judge me if I do it? Such hurt can't be sustained for a long period of time. I need to escape. Is the grass greener on the other side?
04 Jan 2004 usseless_gurl hey i feel really trapped. things r just snowballin in front of me and i have no way to control it! i have already tried to do it countless times but haven't had success! i guess may b tomoro i will die, mayb ..... i can only wish as i am to afraid to go through with it. every time i try i fail, i'm a failure to everything i do!
04 Jan 2004 Mike I NEED HELP URGENTLY... I recently played a very very cruel joke that backfired VERY VERY BADLY. Sorry for the repetitive adjective.
Here is the situation.. My good friend (2nd best) friend I told i was suicidal however I would not commit suicide while my parents are still alive... and i would like to lose all my money gambling first...
Anyway he was very good about it and I DID THIS FOR ATTENTION PLAIN AND SIMPLE sorta... i mean i do feel depressed out of nowhere sometimes...
And i guess u could use the term suicidal cuz i would like to escape sometimes...
But anyway I went overboard cuz i told my friend i was going to take my life in 2 weeks. I also told my BEST FRIEND's gf. I told my best friend's gf b4 but i also told her i was going to kill myself in 2 weeks... i recently lost 270 bucks in atlantic city and was just really down..
Now here is WHERE IT GETS REALLY fucked up.. :( my BEST BEST BEST friend in the world came back from cancun today and upon his arrival his gf sarah told him my plans... then he drove to my 2nd best friend's house and he confirmed that i said i was going to take my life in 2 weeks.
I feel so bad about this ... i fuckin was doing this for attention (also i was depressed) but again i wasn't going to do it! er! anyway now he is flipping out i walked outside with him in the cold for about 15-20 mins maybe more and i didn't want to say hey it was for attention..
Wow what an asshole I am.... doesn't matter because he doesn't buy it and SAID HE WAS GONNA TELL MY PARENTS... btw I'm 21. anyway I flipped the fuck out on him i'm like dude u fuckin do that it's all over ... my reason to live is gone thats the no.1 reason im not doing it... then he's saying i have to go to see a shrink at school...
And I HAVE to tell my parents cuz it cost money to do this... If those of you are wondering why i didn't tell my BEST FRIEND and told his gf and my 2nd best friend instead is i couldn't bare to stare at him in the face with him knowing i feel depressed sometimes and what not.
Also IT WAS FOR FUCK'S SAKE a game.! i mean I ADMIT I LIKED THE ATTENTION the look someone gives you when they care and the look of concern they give you... honestly I think I was going to say something to my BEST friend saying how i felt... just cuz i knew he was gonna find out something i slipped up at a party when i was drunk and said something about suicide... and besides i enjoyed the attention... now my best friend in the world is concerned and may make me go to this shrink.
28 Dec 2003 sarah hey, Im sarah. Im 17 and see no reason to live anymore. My life has been filled with sadness and there is no one left who really seems to care. I really want a painless way to kill myself. If anyone can help me please email me.
21 Dec 2003 Emily Powell Hey I'm new, I desperately want to kill myself, but am a complete pussy and want it to be as painless as possible. I have been looking for ages on pills that an overdose will definitely kill you, but have been unsucessful. I don't want to make it if I try, because I'll go through hell afterwards, and probably would be able to try again very easily. So if anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
20 Dec 2003 Neil_y2n First of all, I'm just 16 years old.. I'ts really hard living for me. I really ask God lots of questions. I just get too depressed when things aren't going my way. I know I should just think of myself but sometimes I just don't accept the things happening. Specially when I am in love or "LOVESICK" in that matter. I just think about this girl so much. Like she's the only reason I'm alive right now. Dec. 3 2003, I told her my feelings for her. But she said we were just too young to fall in love.. That really broke my heart that day. I couldn't help but wonder that I'm still alive up to today. I already planned to kill myself that night. It's maybe God who doesn't want me to die yet. And even I wanted to kill myself, I just couldn't lift my arms to stab myself with a knife. I'm just really scared of getting hurt. I wish I could cry for all the things I feel. But if you look at me, I'm a really a tough guy and wasn't really built to cry. That's what I hate cause if I feel depressed, it all goes to my heart. I just can't cry to let it all out. It's really hard.. Don't forget me people when I'm gone... Cause I WON'T forget you! Peace out..
19 Dec 2003 Dan Well I'm not 13 or under I am actually 17 no job and have until january to get a job or get back in school or be kicked out of my mother's house. I screwed up big time by missing a lot of school and falling behind on many things and don't really know what to do now. If I get kicked out it's pretty much over I have nowhere to go and nothing to own. I have been dependent on others so much of my life and it really sux. Living with my mother has been great and I got a great computer and lots of games which I spend most my time playing. I have no problem at all going to sleep and saying I'll worry about it later but now it's piled up so bad I can't do that anymore. I used to consider suicide a few months ago when I started getting picked on in school but never actually did it, I guess I used it as an excuse not to really do anything with my life, thinking well who cares I can just kill myself. At times I thought it was funny and at times I couldn't think of a good way to do it. I hate pain and didn't want to hurt the ones that actually loved me and cared for me. I feel as though I owe my mother so much but don't have anything to offer. I'm confused and look down on myself a lot trying not to look to others even though I know I am. I did it to myself and can accept that. I know my problems aren't near as serious as others but I don't know what to do anymore.

I'll make another post later on more of the things I feel and am thinking but right now I just can't focus on them enough. I'm not sure what I'm looking to gain by posting this, if it's attention or what I really don't know, I don't even know the point but I figure I'd post and see what others say.

Thx for reading if ya did
16 Dec 2003 confused I am 15 years old and i just recently found out i was depressed. I've been feeling this way for a while but kind of just thought it was normal i guess. I've had my ups and very low downs for the past couple of months. I've cut my wrists a couple of times. A week ago my friend saw my cuts and made me get help. I thought maybe it would help but all it has done is make it worse. I'm so confused and so lost. I hate seeing other people happy. I want to be happy but i'm just not. i don't even have a hard life, it's just how i feel and i can't help it. It's so frustrating. Now more than ever I'm considering suicide, but if i tried i wouldn't want to come back.
10 Dec 2003 RUBBER BAND MAN The thought of suicide has been mind candy to me for a long time. Before I never had the conviction, I thought too much of those in my life, mainly my parents. It would destroy them and in a way I feel my life belongs to them. Things were never that bad and I put some faith that in the future things would magically improve.

I know life is a gift and a precious and delicate thing, but I cannot get around the fact that I can't make life work, I should enjoy it, I know, but it always feels like an endurance and I am so very tired. I feel like I am in hell and that some kind of curse follows me letting me appreciate how others enjoy life but not being able to emulate this myself.

I have read worse scenarios on this site which are humbling, but don't change the way I feel. I keep falling down getting back up and feeling positive, making a new start and then falling down again and falling further. Recently my few friends are strange around me. I think they feel awkward around me for some reason I can't wholly fathom. This latest development has made things unbearable, as I can't get any relief for my bad mind-set form them.

I have always felt this way though. If at some point in my life I was once happy I know I could get back to that, but I never have and so have no faith I can ever do so.

I guess I just want to hear from people in a similar situation, I can't talk to anyone about this I know for various reasons.

Best way to kill your self under 13?
You don't know enough about life until you have been around the sun at least 20 times to make an informed decision to end it. Teenage years are tough and for many outcasts, life after their teens is their making and best times.
06 Dec 2003 rey someone kill me
02 Dec 2003 john g hey, well right now, im being charged with arson (its as bad as rape) and well IM FUCKED. tomorrow i have court, and well if i dont get out of this, im going to O.D. on tylenol, and sleeping pills, and im going to try, and get wasted too. i mean i would have killed myself already, my parents hate me, i dont feel love, and my life is just gone down the shit hole, but someone's in my life now, her name is arielle, and, i love her with all my heart, and that's what's stopping me from committing suicide, but i think that if i dont get out of this court thing, my life is out of my heads and my soul is now god's. well everyone please try and enjoy ur life, cuz i know i have had a worse one than u. for example, do u feel love? does ur mom have mental problems? does ur sister have adhd? does ur dad have an anger management problem? were u made fun off from grade 1 to grade 8? DO UR PARENTS HATE U? have u fucked up before? were u treated the second best all the time? can u afford things?... i could go on, but i will stop. i hope that made u think on how much better a life u have than me. have a great life!
28 Nov 2003 Rey what the fuck i am soo tired of being ignored.
26 Nov 2003 why? this is just getting stupid. i feel like i'm watching everything through a window. i'm on the outside looking in. but inside i'm crying. i don't understand my ways. i don't understand the living. i don't get why i'm here. I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYMORE
19 Nov 2003 cody hey............... is there anyone who has a bad life? well i do and i know that more people do. But the thing is that i've tried to kill myself many times but i really think i'm gonna do it cause the people at my sckool just make fun of me for everything and i just can't help it. i don't have a clue why but my life is coming to an end soon . when i was like 9 i never thought it would go this far, i didn't think that everyone would be this way to me, even my teachers just blame me for shit i didn't do. why shoudn't do .... there isn't a reason why i shoudn't. i cry myself to sleep just hoping i'll die in my sleep but if it's not going to work out that way i guess i'm just gonna do it myself ................................. no one can help me now, do you wanna know why? cause i'm going no going somewhere, not here. do you know what i'm gonna do after i send this well you know so why should i tell you bye
18 Nov 2003 MauvaisSouhait Thanks Chris, i really hope to read another e-mail from you. as for today its horrible. im ready to end it all. i've been crying my eyes out and its so bad they're swollen and all puffy. I got really upset and hit my wall. i think my knuckle may be broken. my head is pounding immensely. Not a good thing. I know Chris doesn't want me to die. But who knows.. Just write me back. i miss u
18 Nov 2003 A.F. Theres a lot of people on here i can really relate to and its good to come on here and read peoples messages and know im not on my own. im in the self-destructive phase at the moment which a lot of you probably know about, where you couldnt really care less what happens to you and you have the scars down your arms to prove it. i wish i could just end it all but theres something stopping me and i dont know what, maybe i just dont have the balls for it, i just really cant do this for much longer, i know that much... what the hell can i do?
11 Nov 2003 rey I throw up so much maybe i should stop taking 12 sleeping pills a day and look for help.

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