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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Mar 2004 Rachel well I have a few really good wayz
1. In my opinion the best way to commit suicide (I tried it several times) is to swallow those nice small white or red sleeping pills. Go in two different dispensaries and buy two small parcels of tablets.
Then go home, drink a pint of Palm (note: Palm is one of the best Belgium beers), so they'll go faster down. Then carry a few glasses of water to your bed and begin to swallow until all the pills are hidden in your stomach. Then lay down and wait till you fall asleep. When your eyes close, you know that everything is over and that you rest in peace if nobody brings you to the hospital the next hours! it doesn't hurt 1 bit!
2.U know how Cleopatra died? she killed herself with a poisonous snake wich only took a few moments to kill her so if u can get your hands on a poisonous snake get 1.
also try to jump down the highest bridge there is cauze i heard it wont hurt cauze ur going so fast u practically die inda air*
ive been suicidal 4 a long time as soon as i turn 13 ( im 12 rite now) im gonna take the pillz and write a note be4. i die of how much i hate ma parents and how every1 who ever made ma life so miserable as it is now can be happy about it cauze i wont be on this earth anymore. evry1 hates me ever since i was 5 peepz bin seriously trying to kill me becauze i never really said much and i was always crying cauze I had no friends and evry single day ma parents tell me how much of a bitch i am and she callz the cops on me every night and now there putting me thru juvi cauze they think im so bad there putting me in a hospital but im not crazy. ma mom just hatez me and nobody understands what im going thrue rite now if only some1 understood of how much dramatic shit ive bin thrue how it feelz to loose your friends all of them and watching your parents fight every night, never having any friends... and when u like some1 and become friends with them evry1 tellz them to stay i away and again evry1 hates me, ever since i was fuckin 5 yearz old i saw ma mom trying to murder ma dad and after that she was crying she got a restraining order 4 a month but then after that they formed together against me and tried to kill me ever since and preventing me from having friend or any1 who even loves me , i was inda dark alwayz i lost hope i dont even smile anymore... so im gonna try killing myself with sleeping pillz cauze it doesnt hurt im gonna get dressed up and go to bed with a note and drink the pillz and die. I dont know wuts gonna happen to me after but if any1 can help me in anyway any advice or something , email me at
01 Mar 2004 Rachel Me im only 12 and ive bin thrue so much shit in ma life its not even funnie enymore when ur parents start fighting when ur only 5 trying to kill each other yelling evry single night and u cry yourself to sleap evry single day of your life hoping it would end. then your parents turn on u and chase u around trying ti kill u. then becauze of that you start trying to act older becauze u have no friends to turn to cauze your to young. when u burn yourself really bad and ur there in tears screaming and yelling 4 somebody to help but your parents just laugh at u. and when u act older you start being really bad you start doing illegal things and not care and when u get friends you get them in trouble and they hate u and once u realized how it feelz to not have any friends to be all alone your whole intire fucking life you would want to commit suicide. im only 12 and I really cant bare living in a life of darkness anymore I want to know a good way to commit suicide without making it hurt...
plz email me if you can help me.
29 Feb 2004 Paul Byrne I'm not under 13, i'm 15. i've been feeling suicidal for too long and im starting to think of killing myself. my reasons are i can never get a good job because of the exam papers are lower tier, i'm unattractive and i'm picked on. thinking about it i hear the world after school is tougher and if i can't cope with now how can i cope in the working world. i've been put under pressure over many thing except suicide. i've never actually tried to kill myself just yet but i'm thinking of overdose but that's a slow death because it rots your liver and sometimes your kidneys. my problem with death is i cannot stand any type of pain except short pains. i would like to tell readers if i do not comment in 5 days i am dead
27 Feb 2004 Heartless i need to know the best way to kill myself without it being messy, I want to be heard, i need to be heard, I want my husband to know that he hurt me dearly and now i want to hurt myself to show him what it felt like, if anyone can help email me please.......... I WANT TO DIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
24 Feb 2004 Heather Hi my name is Heather and i'm 14 years old... i started thinking about suicide when i was about 12... i didn't really know too much about suicide but i quickly learned more and more ways... the first time i slit my wrist i jabbed a thumbtack in me and pulled it down my wrist... but i found out that this way doesn't work all too well... i have over 100 scars on my arms fromt he past 2 years of slitting my wrist... i have also had to go to the ER several times because i was caught o.d. I really can't stand living anymore tho... i'm really getting sick of every1's crying out for attention and childish bullshit... this world is just to full of drama and people pretending to be sum1 they aren't... i would really like to talk to other ppl that feel the same way i do... so if you do please e-mail me or add me on MSN Messenger!
20 Feb 2004 Bogdan Look, this night I`ve had a tentative to kill myself ... really ... what`s it worth? If we could only talk it would be just fine as long as I go on and you go on ... write me!
20 Feb 2004 U dont wanna know Umm... if this is a thing for help then i could use it. I'm really tired of all my friends trying to use me to be the guy they can confide in when they want to kill themselves when really it's just for attention and then they fill their heads will bullshit lies, but the thing is i'm suicidal but none of the lil shit heads know it, they're too damn busy thinking of how to get people to like them. I was just wondering what would be the best way to kill myself, i think i got my g/f pregnant today (came in her twice without a condom) and if she is, we can't tell her dad cuz he'll beat her and she'll run away, if we keep it a secret we'll have a kid and i'll have to drop outa school and no matter what our relationship is over (it's been 3 years in one month) and i can't stand the thought of ruining her life, and even though i always thought of suicide as being a selfish act of the weak, i just want to relieve my stress and pain and thoughts, and if i died then it would answer all my questions of death, though i would regret the answer more than likely, anyway please e-mail me if you have a good idea or maybe some insight about avoiding this, either would be appreciated thanx...... oh and i'm not 13 i'm older, peace
17 Feb 2004 Pumpkin I am 12 years old and I have the thought of I wanna commit suicide cause people mess with me all day. I can't deal with it anymore I have told my closest friends that I wanna commit suicide and after I told the 3 I was gonna tell only one tried to convince me not to do it. But the others said "yea right" But I think that I might end up doing it cause I can't deal with life anymore weather I go to hell or not.
14 Feb 2004 lost Now how in the world could anyone answer this ? if they were already dead; hello!?

I would imagine that drinking a shit load of booze and pooping a shit load of sleeping pills would be the best until you you realized you were having a nightmare but it wasn't just a nightmare, it in fact was a grand welcoming to your new REALITY; HELL.

I once had a history professor comment that hell was the thing that you hated the most. but what the hell could he have known, he was still alive!
Right now, suicide seems like the most logical thing for me to do. In all reality i know I want to live; but it's these dame hurles in life that thow me off track.
Music seems to be my only safe sanctuary; but when i take off my headphones and face reality, i'm back to square one.
help!! if there indeed are guardian angels please help me!!
13 Feb 2004 katie DONT! if you give up then you will make a mistake... if your under 13 or real young you havent lived enough life yet to tell if u deserve to die... i mean im suicidal and ive been raped sexually molested beat teased ive dun drugs drank had sex and im 13 and i mean im suicidal homicidal bi polar all that shit and ive gotten so deep in it i juss wanna be normal?? dont u? well wut i do is i will keep telling myself im powerful plus i like the way ppl fear me and think im insane wich i am and i hold on to that and i live for myself fuck whut other ppl think i mean if they think ur fat i mean WHO CARES!! fat ppl r so cool lol plus juss work out or ya kno dont give up get stronger and you will end up gettin better! but cuttin urself is alright i think it makes me feel alot better juss cut and cut dont die... believe me someone will miss you wether u like it or not and wether u kno it.. plz listen to whut im saying ppl i kno how hard life is and how good death sounds but... plz try to make it! im a very negative person and ive gotten so low and crzy and messed up i miss being able to go to school and be free and be happy.. but ur mind is strong enough to make n e thing happen and ur cooler than u think u are believe me!
katie i.m me at kottnkndykttn
09 Feb 2004 nikirta all i want in live is to kill myself ok i know its wrong but i have aboslutely nothing to live for. im fat im ugly i have little friends my father has paranoia schizophrenia and hurts us but not physically he has but mostly its all emotional and no one understands none of those doctors help they just give you stuff to numb the pain but it doesnt go away. and im 15 and no one really cares about me. my mom loves my brother more and my father has 2 kids he cares about more and im not smart. there isnt anything good about me. u can call me pessimistic but thats my life and i know im being selfish becuase i know that there are people without much but look at them they are happy if god loved us like some people say he does why does he put us through all this hell. I know some would say that its supposed to help you to learn from something but i dont see whats so great about living. and like i said no one understands they just take notes and tell you to suck it up. and i have like no good things about me i can never do anything right and i just want to die.
08 Feb 2004 Alex ive been suicidal 4 ages now! theres one thing keeping me alive which is my boyfriend but since i only see him on some weekends coz we dont go to the same scool im tempted all the time during the week since one of my m8s blew him self up with petrol and survived ive been worried dat im gonna end up brain damaged or summit with an attempt! i just wona die and dats it! this site is helpin me alot! the more i read the more i want to die! the more i speak to my boyfriend i think i wona die but not for him! Alex - 13 xxx
ppl email me on or! suicide rulez!
01 Feb 2004   I don't know the best way all i know is that when my friend commited suicide it got me thinking. Is he happier now? would I be happier? Maybe if i end it then all my worries will go away. The walls will stop closing around me but i remember how upset my friends family was and i don't want to put my family through that. Everyday my life gets worse and worse. Friends think I'm overly dramatic and sometimes they make it worse. I feel like something is missing from my life and maybe if i find whats missing it'll help. I am 14 years old. Please give some advice.
29 Jan 2004 Rebecca I am thinking about killing myself. I will be 13 on january 30 2004 and i have been thinking about it since i was 7. I was raped many times but my stepfather and my father left before i was born. I have many reasons to want to do it. Lately the choice has come up more often. I am on prozac which is a depression medecine i take 60 mg. a day and lately when my mom gives it to me I don't take it. I have been putting them in a lil tin saving them for later. So far i have 120mg. I'm probably gonna save about 300 and some mg before i try anything. I have a boyfriend that is trying to stop me who I really love but I just don't wanna live anymore i want out! It doesn't matter ur age! I have cut my wrist many times on major veins and it has not worked. so with pills is how I'm gonna do it probably unless somebody can change my mind! If any comments email me at
28 Jan 2004 James Hmm. Let's see. I once slit my wrist with a scissors in class. It was over some corny thing.. but i was stressed kaoz of a school project... anyway b4 i knew it i was slashing my wrists... i had to go see the vice principal for that.. this was back in 1995. 19 now.. in a few months 20. Honestly? no different from then. I didn't understand life properly then.. and now, i think i do. only problem is that i don't think i want to be part of it. walked in the sea once dried to drown myself... full clothed.. until at the last minute i chickened out. my scars are never permanent kaoz i cut using penknives... so they heal.. and leave a small line. so wat IS the best way? pop about 40 paracetamols, coke and vodka. after that lock urself in your room. you can take more paracetamols if you want.. hell, if ur going to commit suicide do it the right way. if u got no balls to do it then just fuck off and live life instead of being a suicidal wannabe. Here's to all Singaporeans out there.
25 Jan 2004 amy hi. i'm nu here. i think its really kool the way all you guys like almost talk it thru- the way you feel and all that. ive been suicidal for years- i got put on anti-depressants which made it feel better but they don't let you do anything you want to. so i took an overdose with those pills in my pe changing room- there was about 55 but my teacher came in and i got taken to hospital and now everyone knows. but im not embarrassed. this is something i really believe in. so i can stand next to a person and i can say straight to their faces 'i want to die'. the worse thing than feeling like you are is when you try to kill yourself is when you don't succeed and you have to go thru all the pain- only from the beginning this time. it goes on for the rest of your life, so you have to end that life and die- end all the pain- end all the suffering until you're not there anymore. if you want to cut yourself and bleed to death, loads of people say go across with the knife but you have to slash every bit of vein you can see on your body. i dream of suicide all night and all day and to me, dying is my greatest ambition. people see you in the street and they don't know what you're going thru and they cant help you get thru this- only you can do that. you just need someone there for you- to help you over it. life isnt worth living if there is nothing there for you. i hate this world and everything it has done to me. i hate my mother for bringing me into this world and most of all i hate myself for letting me get like this. suicide only works if you believe in it, if you put your greatest effort into it. if you want to die you go the whole way and do that because no one will stop you if you are that desperate. i have tried to kill myself 7 times in the last two months and see how fucked up i am- so fucked up, i can't even take my own life. those people who come up to you and say you're stupid just for feeling the way you feel. if you want to, you go ahead and do it cos no one can stop you doing it if you just believe in yourself. i hope that you will all get your wishes and end your life the way you want because i know how painful it is if you don't. by the way. if you get put on pills, don't take them because they stop you killing yourself- they mess with your mind- please take my advice- if you're going to do it- do it properly- end your suffering and others and one day we may stand united in death.
email me if you have any suggestions. i need to get out of this world from where i stand alone, looking through this tiny window seeing all the pain and suffering and through my eyes all i see is pain, people dying, me dying inside. in my heart. i hate this world will someone please help me dye. this room i stand in is full of suffering and my own pain. i know not where to turn and all i think about is dying- ending it all i'm sorry. help yourself help others like you- who want to die. i hope you all get your wish of suicide because there is nothing in this world for those who believe there is nothing
25 Jan 2004 Lauren ive just taken about half the pills. thanx 2 whoever readmy wemails.someonr actually listened for once. thankyou. once i've taken them im going to the bridge and im going tohhang my serklf. thankuo. everyine on trhgis site has reaklly unfkluerncved ne buty uity werenmt enuf. respecially chris. sorry
25 Jan 2004 Lauren chris- sounds stupid but your writing/the way you talk about all this shit is so REAL. you give a shit bout most of the guys on this site and unlike some fucking shrink you actually know what people r going thru. how old are u cos the way you rite its like your more than 30
25 Jan 2004 Lauren im going to hang myself tonight- i don't think theres any point in going on anymore because no one loves me. i was put on effoxer three months ago and it makes me feel all dizzy and wierd. i've tried to kill myself loads of times before. i hate myself. but this time im going to go up to that railway bridge tonight and jump off it with a rope tie around my neck. this time it will work and tomorrow shall never come for me. if you believe in it strongly enough then you know you can do it. thankyou for reading this. if you ever succeed in your dreams for suicide maybe we could meet up if anything exists on the other side.
24 Jan 2004 Lauren i don't mean to put anyone off- i really believe in suicide im just saying hanging is the best way because after the first time you have taken an overdose then the second time your body just resists against it. hanging is the quickestand most painless way.
i love you all- even if no one else does and im going to test the hanging method and i know- i just know i'm not going to be here tomorrow to tell you whether it worked. luv u

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