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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Jun 2004   Ive totally fukked up, all my pals h8 me, all over a stupid boy, its pathetic really, but it hurts wen people call u a slappa n a slut n a bike!ive slit my rists a few times but i always end up with a stupid bandage! i hate life and and a certain big mouth i just want to die but i know that some people will miss me.please help me i dnt no what to do!!!!:(
24 Jun 2004 LEE PITTS i'm not 13 I'm 28 but the feeling sare till the same. I am losing the love of my life, like so many other blokes of my age for years I pretended that i wnated to be one of the lads and that footbal was importrant and that i was more interesting that i actually am. I missed what was the ONLY really important things in my life and that was my fiance. I pussed her away, and now that it is coming to the crunch and I am starting to be honest with myself about my feelings I know that I love her more than life itself. I want to spend every wking moment with her, but becaus eof my own selfishness she now now longer wants to work at the relationship. we have been truyng but I can't help her get thpse feelongs back again. This is more that just a short relationship we have been together for 8 years. I am having to strat again and I cannot face it, when i sleep 'eventually' all i do is dream about being with her or losing her then I wake and it all starts again. I can't stop crying, and no matter what I tell my freinds I don't feel any better. I feel more than just loss, I feel dead inside, I can't eat properly and hate myslef more than I could ever imagine. I feel the loneliest person in the world and its sending me insane, although i put a front on at work.
10 Jun 2004 soundless_one I've been reading this for a while now and I've finally decided it's time for me too, to post. Like just about everyone else I'm looking for a way to commit suicide. Just like everyone else, I've been trying to kill myself or else SI my whole life. Just like everyone else, I've been in psyc. wards before. Just like everyone else, I've been on meds. Just like everyone else. But I'm not just like everyone else. Right now I WANT to live. Yeah, crazy huh. You're probably saying to yourself right now "Wait, she just said she needed a way to die." I do. See, life loves irony and I guess I've come to appreciate it too. All my life I've been trying to die. Been hopeless. Hated myself. Hated life. Then I met a friend who cared enough to make a difference. And although I never thought it was possible, I found myself wanting to live. I was actually looking forward to tomorrow. I smiled once and wasn't using my "smile" to lie. I never thought any of that was possible. I never thought I could be happy with life. And I wasn't happy with life. I had just found a reason worth living for. Someone had taken the time to tell me that they cared and that I was important and loved and needed and wasn't worthless and shouldn't hate myself. That they cared. Well, I still hated myself but I felt...special. Amazing really. The only problem is, now that I WANT to live, I realize I HAVE to die. All I ever do is hurt the people I care about and love. All I ever do is bring them down. Just recently a friend tried cutting because of me. That was what convinced me, although there are so many other factors. (She shouldn't read this but on the odd chance that she does, it's not her fault and I want her to live life and to enjoy it. She deserves to be happy. Most of all, it's NOT, absolutely NOT her's my choice. The better of two evils.) But I always hurt people and bring them down so I MUST die. I've already tried numerous things...cutting my wrists, pills galore, etc. None have worked. Through cutting my wrists, I found a new friend...the razor. The pills made me sick as hell and I thought I was going to die but I never did. Another friend claims it was because she was praying for me. I don't know. So nothing has worked. I just need some advice on what really DOES work. PLEASE, someone help me. And by helping me, you'll be helping so many other people whom I hurt and bring down every day. I know that people say it will hurt them so much if I kill myself. And I know it will. But it would hurt them even more if I remain alive. "No greater love has a man than this...that he would lay his life down for his friend" I would do anything for the people I care about. ANYTHING. And it has finally come down to this. So if anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yeah, and here's a crazy poem thing that I heard once and like...maybe someone else will like it too...
Razor pain you
Rivers dammed
Acids stain you
Drug cause cramp
Guns aren't lawful
Nooses give
Gas mask awful
You might as well live.

That just amused me. And by the way, slitting ones wrists and drugs like tylonel and all do NOT work. I've tried. Believe me I've tried. So don't bother around with those. If ANYONE has any suggests of another way to commit suicide or knows of some drugs that WILL kill you, PLEASE, for heaven's sake, pass the information on...before I hurt anyone else. (by hurt, I do not mean physically, just that I bring them down and mess everything up and never get anything right...I HAVE to get this right.) My e-mail is if anyone has any info they'd be inclined to share. Thanks. And good luck with whatever anyone else decides to it live life or die. It's your life, it's your right.
09 Jun 2004 Jodie Hmmm... you know, I am thinking that the subject should be renamed. I am not 13 (as most people who post), but I have been suicidal for as long as I can remember. I would love to have the lifestyle that some of these people have, they have friends, my best friend was a guy well I guess you could call him a boyfriend and I really rapped my heart up in gift wrap and gave it to him, which is uncommon for me because I have no trust in the people around me. When he moved it floored me and I feel completely abondoned, all my friends have either moved away or I have lost connection with them some way or another. I am fat (obese) not necassarily ugly, but I have never had a date and called it a date nor have I ever been asked to sleep over at a friend's house. My heart feels like a rock in my chest and I cry constantly. I would like to talk to anyone about what has happened to me, because no one wants to read these really long posts. But all you people who have someone (friends especially) don't commit suicide, but all I have here are my parents. My grandma's a pillhead and my g-pa works away from home. My other g-ma is a bitch and the only family member I loved as much as my best friend my grandfather passed away the same weekend my only 2 friends told me they were moving.
03 Jun 2004 leeanne I've read some of the stories here and I'm gonna add my own. I'm 15 and have been suicidal for 3 years. I used to live in a small and extremely poor town. At school, I had a lot of friends and I made very good grades. I was so happy. When I was 12, my dad found a job about 4 hours south that payed a lot more so we moved down there. The city's about 5 times bigger than my hometown and a lot richer. I haven't made any friends since we moved to this hell hole disguised as a nice, southern town. I have never had a boyfriend, either. I'm not fat and unattractive, but I'm not skinny and beautiful, either. I'm just ordinarry and in-between. I plan to commit suicide during my sophmore year in high school. I'm going to slit my wrists with one of my parent's butcher knives. If any of you want to talk to me, you can email me at
02 Jun 2004 Jordyn Its jordyn again. I just want to say i think someone talking to me will help me out. It may not save my life but i unno. I dont see how people think commiting suicide is selfish. How could it be its saving yourself from suffering? Please add me i need to talk to someone. What everyone says make me really sad and i dont no what necessarily to say but i need to no if there is people out there feeling the pain i feel. Thanks, I sapose ..
02 Jun 2004 Foxy Hey im not under 13 but i really though i would like to die! A year ago i held down a good job lived with my girlfriend and had friends. When my girlfriend left me it hurt and i started drinking abused the few friends i have and lost my job! not bad for 8 months work!!!! my entire life destroyed and no one cared! I still dont know if i'll see my next birthday but tomorrow im gonna seek some help! I'm not a bad person pretty thoughtful and caring for the most part but life has thrown me a curve ball to say the least. hope i live long enough for my next love!!!! hold on you guys and gals. Change comes when you least expect it!!!!! If anyone wants a friend
30 May 2004 Jordyn Hey im not going to say my age because to many people will judge me for it.. Same with my name... I just want to talk to someone who is living like this. I no it sounds a little weird saying this. I just want to try and understand. anyways my address is
27 May 2004 Just fuckin kill me Hi everyone. my name is ana. i am 14. i am one of u who also DESPISE LIFE WITH A BIG PASSION. every since i was 9 when my brother died, i wanted 2 commit suicide. this saturday, 1 of my friends commited suicide on the same day that my brother died 5 years ago. I smoke (weed and ciggs), and drink. i slice myself and i overdose myself with pills. if anyone who reads this wants to contact me please do! i want some1 2 talk 2!! my e-mail is also if any1 has easy fast ways 2 die, e-mail me please please please! i am suffering from depression, and i just found out i hav ADD (attention deficit disorder) I hate school and i suck at it. i fail at everything that i do. i just lost the one guy i was ever really really in love with deeply, and things just seem 2 find its way 2 get worse. i cry myself 2 sleep every single night. i beat my self up!!!! i really hate life, i am so fucking depressed words cannot describe. i am crying right now, and i have a head ache, and my back is killing me, i also have a stomache ache from crying so much! someone please help me or e-mail me!
27 May 2004 Ana my name is Ana, i am 14 yrs old. life is a fuckin pile of rotting SHIT!! i really wana die. i have been thinking of commiting suicide since i was 9 after my brother died. 1 of my friends just commited suicide on saturday which is the same day my brother died. i have made 2 attempts by slitting my wrists and overdosing myself. i cry myself 2 sleep every single night. i beat up myself and i injure myself. i HATE life with a passion! i hate it sooo much! i never succeed in anything and now i am smoking, drinking, my grades r falling (i hate school), i've lost some friends, people in school only wana talk shit bout me. i hate life, no one understands me or even seems to care. i really really want to die! u have no idea!!! if anybody has any ideas to share with me, or just wants to contact me, cus i am looking 4 some1 2 talk 2, my e-mail is i feel so lonely and i am suffering from depression and i just found out i have ADD. everything hates me, and i cant ever succeed! Please someone help me! I BEG OF U SOOOOO BADLY! please, please. i wana die quickly!!!
24 May 2004 not-necessary well i dont know the best way to commit suicide because i've never tried, but i've thought about it ever since i was 12 and now i'm 19. i hate my life so much, and many people may wonder why. i get everything i could possibly need, free car, free phone, dont pay no bills, dont even do much around the house, live with my grandparents, i look good, could get and probably had any guy i wanted. i'm a good student, grades come easy. but really i've never really been into school like so many believe. i've hated school ever since the 7th grade, and now i just completed my first yr in college. my grades slipped last semester, i'm not caring about anything, i just found out i'm pregnant for a guy i believe i love, but have only known for 5 months. ever since i told him, he's basically abandoned me, and it really hurts. i feel alone, i had a abortion 2 years back, and cant do it again, but both the baby's father and my father suggest it this time around. the only support i have is my best friend, but that doesnt seem to be enough. i cry every night and been doing that for the past three years really, ever since my brother died (was killed rather). yup, i'm feeling quite lonely and i really just dont feel to go on anymore, i'm sure as hell not ready to have a child, and i doubt i could survive another abortion, so why not take my unborn along with me?
everyday i wish a car would knock me down, someone would shoot me, anything so i wouldnt have to do it myself. a reason i stick around is because i dont want to hurt my loved ones, especially since i'm all they got after my brother. but i just dont want to live anymore. i was thinking bout poppin pills, but reading all these stories proves the shit does not work, and i definitely need something effective the first time round, cause God only knows how i'll handle everyone knowing the way i feel. i was just searching for ways to commit suicide when i stumbled across this site, but what i need is the strength to do it. i think about it all the time, and am just sick of thinking. i'm depressed, but not seeking help, no one really knows how i feel, so everyone talks to me as if my life is just fantastic. i do put on quite the show i must say, got everyone fooled, but myself. i want out!!!!!
22 May 2004 Kate i'm 18 and my life was always hell. i have nobody, and i have lost so damn fucking much through out my life. i curl up in a ball and cry all night in despair, and i suck it up to see the next day, but for what? why should i live if i'm not happy, not happy at all.... and those of you who say commiting suicide is selfish cuz ppl around u might get upset... FUCK U, is any1 here to help me when i'm going hysterical all by myself cutting myself, with this pain inside making me wanna rip my heart out? NO, NOBODY'S HERE. NOR DO THEY CARE that i'm suffering. why should i care that they might spill few tears at my funeral?? or think about me for few days. everyone will just go on and i will free myself from all this shit i feel and go through
22 May 2004 HELP ME!!!! I just turned 13 today and i dont really give a fuk. Ever since I was 6 I wanted to commit suicide. Ive tried 5 times now but none have worked. Ive tried to slash my wrists, jump off a bridge, jump in front of a moving car on my way home from school, tried an overdose of medicine and tried to hang myself. I have tried to cut my throat but have been too scared to. Please e-mail me and tell me an easy way to commit suicide...
21 May 2004 405 I have no idea, I'm currently 17 and to be honest, I have been, almost casually looking, since I was 13. I'm kind of cowardly and I don't wanna risk it with overdosing on pills, so I imagine I'd hang myself if it came up, at the moment I just need a trigger :(
20 May 2004 Tyleah I'm 20 as well like "alreadydead", and I am in the same situation like that. Only thing my dad does not drink. He is so abusive. He calls me his daughter "FAT BITCH and LAZY BITCH BASTARD". He does not work either my mom does a 8-4pm job and when she comes home he curses at her, and she gets mad at me. I think I am a good kid. I never smoked, drunk, had sex, I don't disobey neither of them. I mean it's so much that I am scared to live life because of this. My grandma died and I miss her sooo much. I would just love to be with her. My parents say "why don't you get out?" I dont want to die but it's like no one cares for me, only person who did was my Grandma, which I should be going to heaven with her. Right now tears are streaming from my eyes. i can't breathe my nose is clogged up. I can't do it, I dont know imma try tonight and keep trying, nothing is going good for myself. I distanced myself away from my friends. I dont want them to see the "happy Tyleah" sad. OMG i dont know what to do. And lately i have been sick I have SIckle Cell, I dont have it bad but I been feeling horrible and never told anyone nor have they noticed. I dont want to die but dammit I gotta shit is getting worse being here.
20 May 2004 Becca I am 13 possibly pregnant and my boyfriend just broke up with me.. i have been suicidal before. but it all passed when i got with him. i loved him i thought he loved me now i want 2 kill myself somebody help me please..
16 May 2004 brbashr i've been suicidal before, i'm not suicidal now. i survived but i think about death all the time. i smoke a lot of pot and drink sometimes but i'm not alcoholic yet.
the things i've been through changed my way of thinking definitly. i feel like i missed my suicide, i feel like i should be dead. i feel like my home is the VOID, the NULL, i want to COME BACK TO NOTHING just like it was before. because NOW I REMEMBER when i was nothing, before being born and it was good.
So life is a bore, going to nowhere,
i've got nothing to hang on, nothing makes me appreciate life, no-one, i've abandonned the idea of ever finding someone, because there is no one for me. i'm all alone all the time, i hate my friends, i hate everyone, just cause they're too dumb. i'm jealous because i can't be happy and it seems it's only a matter of perception, intelligence whatever..
i don't know from where this neurasthenic tendancy comes from, but i've been like this since i'm 13 and it's always been that way since (im 21 now)

last year i was so down i could have killed myself plenty of times but i didn't because it was my love that i hated so much i didn't want to die with her thinking she was the cause, because i hated her so much
most people have no heart
most people will like to put you down if it's easy
most people are mean for no particular reason (because they're too silly to have a decent reason)

there is the work also. the SOCIETY.
when you get born you're fed and do nothing. then there's the preschool, first socialization attempt.. from the age of 3 to the end -EVERYTHING- IS MADE to -TAME- YOU, everything is made to finally get you to work
so let's continue. you arrive to school, you have to learn lessons, you're beginning to work, it's not hard, but you're working, you still have a lot of free time, because NO ONE WOULD ACCEPT TO WORK LIKE AN ADULT DOES because -IT's NOT HUMAN- .so they have to slightly and slowly put you to work

WHEN you have finish you studies or whatever and you are working. you have been perfectly fooled, perfectly integrated to the society= YOU'RE WORKING SO HARD IT DESTROYS YOUR MIND
you're getting slow, numb, stupid
you're an adult, the worst human being on earth. ADULTS ARE CRAZY
look at any adult, and tell me all these years have not destroyed their head.
look simply at your parents or whoever is an adult. and dare tell me these persons are not insane.

well. too much blah already. the point is; i hate everyone, i hate everything, such incoherence, such stupidity EVERY DAY
i can't handle this. i can't bear anymore to be constantly annoyed by the stupid, i don't want to make stupid things just because everybody does it
(just because everybody does it doesn't mean it's not stupid)
i'll never find someone

this is the difference, that's why this time i'm gonna die for sure, i have no HOPE

if you're suicidal it's not because you're sad, it's because you don't see any hope of being happy one day
things can just get worse. i haven't got hope for a long time now. nothing is going to be better.
the funny thing is that it makes a little story. i knew when i was young that i would die in my 20's

so i'm going to jump off the roof of my house (because i hate my parents too)
if anyone thinks he can stop me. mail
15 May 2004 jouya dear all
i'm jouya student of university of tehran(iran), 20 year, single ,male,
i 'm not smoking, not drink, homosexual ,etc
i want to die
in other words i dont know HOW TO LIVE (while everyone considers me a good right and successful boy
11 May 2004 Reggie Hey, I am 12 and I am speaking to you from my room... I have pretty much lived in my room for the past 1 yr, 2months.. I forget what the outside world looks like... I have no friends.. my only friend is a computer. (this one) The only social noise I make is crying.. i won't say anything.. I'm completely withdrawn... I hate myself... And if you met me you would hate me too.. My mom tries to help but like I said.. I don't talk anymore..
30 Apr 2004 cindy you know I am way over 13 but I feel so much pain that never goes away. sleep is my only comfort. I have tried to kill myself through starvation and was so close before the parents "helped" thanks parents NOT i can only think of what might have been. cutting to bleed, bruising to the point of fever and infections - not an easy way to go . . . advice would be nice! i really just want to sleep forever!

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