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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Aug 2004 Li Dao Today I finally realized how trivial of creatures were individually are here on Earth and can so easily be unnoticed. I went to the Minnesota state fair today. There were almost 200,000 others there today, Absolutely no one recognized me, not one. No one cared if i was there or not including my own mother. For a person with terminal depression and has suffered metal abuse for 14 years like me, that what I experienced today, brings my own finality to that much more of a resonable cure for this tormenting illness. No one will miss me or even notice that I am gone. For one minute do you think this same day next year anyone at the fair will notice that I am not there? yeah right. I have no other family, no real friends, I am just a speck on this earth. I will die on october 15th. I have 2 ambien pills I got from someone. They are prescription sleeping pills that help you sleep in about 15-20 minutes. I will take them, go to bed and peacefully pull the drawstring bag over my head and take my last earthly breaths and die in peace. I will wakeup in the comforting arms of Angels and those that have gone before me in death. That is the only cure for this terrible disease for me. It is not tragic, no no, it is humane, same as if I had a incurable cancer or something. I will talk to anyone from now until then about how you feel in your own situations. I do not advocate death, by no means, but it can and is a cure sometimes for those who will never despite all good intentions of everyone, be freed from the inner hell that major depression has on them.
My e-mail is
May all of you who battle every day in despair take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Li
28 Aug 2004 Lauren i need someone to help me i dont know what to do with myself my mental illness is killing me breaking me to the point of a knife how do i do this without killling my family ?????????
24 Aug 2004 becka lariviere hey ,
i still havnt been helped ima 15 and it is driving me crazy!!
i say being a teen is alot of work i try to be as good of a friend as i can be but i guess no matter wat i do i cant suceed. and some of the people that are mad at me right this minute really matter to me and like no matter wat i say or i do she wont change her mind. and that is the painful part!
also my home life is tearing me apart no matter wat i do i dunt get any attention or love from either parents and like right now in my life i want my parents and wat really sucks is i wont ever get it! i juss got off all the drugs have been clean off crack and coccaine, special k, extocy. it took me soo long and yet i tought i would be better off but yet i aint and soo now i dunt know wat to do pull suicide or stay on da drugs and da drugs will end up taking me out aneways soo i dunt know please if anyone reads dis please help me give me sum advise i really am asking for it. i hope it izt too late wen i finally get an ancerw back!!
12 Aug 2004 Kat Hi its me again ,
Not much going on here, the same ole thing just a different day, Still have a lump on my head from him, Will it ever go away? I have alot of headaches. He hit me the other day . I know i should leave, but no where to go, I tryed asking my father of all people for money to help me, but he never got back to me, tomorrow is my sons birthday and he will not get a birthday present , I feel worthless that I can not even get my kid a birthday present, He want a guitar , it only cost 200. I asked my b/f to get it for him, but he always says no money , i do not understand, i live without a telephone so i have no way to contact anyone, he has it so i can hardly go on the internet, its like i am a prisoner in my own home. i hate living like this and i think more and more of just sending my kids with their dad and just ending my life, they do not need to live like this, they are great kids and deserve much more than this, i am looking for a job and hopefully i get one, but hard to get one with no phone number to put on your application.
I have been so depressed i sleep all day, i am suprised i am up now . maybe i will go back to bed, i do not want to think of my son's birthday, he will be 15 , well sorry for eveything i do not need to bring everyone down with me,
10 Aug 2004 Shiqi I’m 21. My father doesn’t love me, he wishes I was a boy. But unfortunately, according to the one child policy every family can just have one child. My grandma hates me because my father isn’t that rich. She also hates my mother because her family isn’t rich, either. My dad treats my mom so badly because he looks down upon her, he never ever loves her. My childhood is filled with their fights-He’s yelling at her; He beats her. It always ends up with my mom’s crying while she’s picking up the broken furniture. When I was little I blamed it to myself for not being a good girl, so I studied hard and finally entered one of the best universities. But everything’s still the same. No body but my mom loves me. Most of my friends just take advantage of me. And now I find out that things have become worse. My father didn’t allow me to date until I entered the university-He even talked to the boy’s mother not to let her son talk to me. We were 14 that time. And now I even don't know how to talk to guys. I’m sick of the school life. Most of the people there are very snobbish. They’re fake when they’re with you. I skip most of the stupid classes, which would be unbelievable when I was in high school. Every night I go to sleep and hope I will never wake up. I’m addicted to rock. I live in my own world. I become an unsociable people. Can’t remember how many nights I’ve been sitting in the corner crying, wishing someone to help me or just shoot me. Someone to take me away from here, far far away. Life’s struggle but I’m not the right person. I’m very much assured that it’s too hard for people like me to survive in this world. My birth is a big mistake. I don’t belong here. I tried suicide last winter. I cut my wrist successfully but my friend sent me to the hospital. I still remember how the knife cut, how the blood bleed and spread on the floor and my jeans. It shouldn't have come to this… I know it breaks mom’s heart but I really don’t know what else to do. I want to shoot myself but I don't have any access to guns, actually no one except the people in the army are allowed to have guns. And this is why sometimes I hate my country though most of the time I love it. I’m suffering eating disorder and I have personality disorder-avoidant, borderline. I hate myself and I want to die.
09 Aug 2004 I Want To Die I am 22 years old. As long as I could remember I have wanted to die. I grew up being deformed and ugly. No one loves someone who is ugly no matter how nice they are. It has made me bitter and sad. I can't stand living anymore. I met a girl, her name was Maria, she was so beautiful and she loved me for 2 years. But her parents kept telling her to dump me because I am ugly all the time. All the time telling her that I am ugly until she finally dumped me. Now I am alone, all the time. The misery is too much to bear. I pray for death. My family is poor, I am ugly, I have no hope. Someone help me die. Someone help me... Give me a reason to live, or kill me...
I pray for death. I pray for it but there is no god and it never comes.
04 Aug 2004 Marcus If yall think you have it bad then go on and jump off ur roof head first or try and O.D. Im 16 years old and I've been thinking about it since the fifth grade. Recently I put adderal in a serving size container of jam and gave it to a kid thinking he would just settle down and concetrate on his work. He O.D'd and had to be sent to childrens hospital. If anything I would kill myself if I wasnt a pussy about it. I have fucking felony charges against my ass and unlike you who have loser parents I have parents that expect big things from me. I started cutting myself and O.Ding but its not as fucking easy as it looks My email Is And My AIM is Fatherxix, IM me or email me if u can help me
03 Aug 2004 Laura ok y would under 13 want to die u know nothing of life and how hard it is u live off ur parents im a teen mom and i am suicidal i hate life but when i was 13 i loved it i had friends and could come and go and play now im tied down with a 2 year old and im only 17 im married to a 44 year old and hate it but i need suport some how i fuck him he takes care of me and my daughter i should have never opened my legs i could have been somthing EVERYONE HATES ME NOW IM SO FUCKING BLOODS ON MY HANDS AND FACE I DONT KNOW Y IM NOT AFRAID TO CRY BUT THATS NONE OF UR BUSINESS PEOPLE = SHIT Inside I Stand Alone i need serenity Broken home last resort one step closer to the edge and im about to break save me from my nightmare
01 Aug 2004 Jason I cannot answer this question, but wanting to know how.. I've been wanting to commit suicide for god only remembers. Growing up both parents fought like crazy.. My brother and I never had the emotional support all the other kids around us growing up did.. I mean I'm not saying this for anyone to feel sorry for me. I'm sure a lot of people probably had it.. But I guess I wasn't strong enough to look pass it. Growing up I was teased, ridiculed, put down, troubled by everyone. YOu name it Family members, friends, teachers everyone. The only person that I had was me, myself and I. Till I met someone that made me feel on top of the world. He showed me the true meaning of what love is. I've never felt anything like it. He made me feel incredibly happy, but at the same time really really sad.. all in all I was in love.. We were together for about 4 yrs through high school and went through so much shit.. He was suicidal. Why?? I had no Idea. I felt that he was PERFECT. He was my angel. He was the only reason why I was living, why my life was worth living. And for him to want to leave. I just didn't understand. Straight a student, athletic, handsome, great family, I just didn't understand. Before all this happen he had no idea of my thoughts.. And I told him I've thought about killing myself, but after I met him it changed. I told him you gave me a reason to live.. It still didn't change his thoughts. He thought he was worthless.. A month would pass and he would be totally fine, like nothing happened.. I didn't get it... He later broke my heart and left me to be with someone else.. I was in pain. I did try killing myself after, but of course someone had to save me... and did.. I came to a relization that I might have a reason why I'm still here.. Sure enough I lived and still am trap in helll. I picked up a eating disorder. I felt that the only thing that comforted me and made me happy was food.. I noticed I started gaining weight. So, I thought that the easiest way to keep the weight off was to throw up afterwards and so that's what I did.. At first it wasn't at all bad I would do it twice a month or something started working out more instead.. But during this time I still was over my broken heart. It was always on my mind, next year came aroung a receive a phone call.. He was dead.. what the fuck, he broke my heart, I'm finally getting over it and he kills himself and he hurts me even more... Me suffering so much because of him. And now this... Selfish thoughts take over me.. I calmed down and finally realized why.. I spoke to his friends and they had told me he was bipolar.. No one took it seriously and because of that he's gone.. It's been three years and I've still found no meaning to life.. After all that's happened u would think I would be more determined to live and learn from his mistakes.. u know.. Live for him... Stop thinking of myself, but that's all I got... Now I'm here contimplating on how I'm going to do this... Still with my eating disorder that has controlled my life... It's the only thing that comforts me.. I am nothing.. I think of food and it makes me feel better. It numbs me from the reality I live in.. How I'm a worthless fake that does not deserve to live.. I am a fake fake fake... I know after this I'm not going to kill myself.. I'll be living my same fucking dumb ass life.. Alone and fake is what I am.. My smiles are a mere illusion of what I truly feel.... I'm going to go eat and throw up and wish tomorrow would be different......
01 Aug 2004 andrew Hey my name is andrew. Im 19 and ive been having suicidal thoughts for years. I dont really want to die but there isn't really anything else for me. My parents are losers, not that they hurt me or anything. My dad just sits around all day and my mom just works. Its like ive been living alone all my life. Its so fucked up. Everyone that has ever gotten to know me knows ill end up killing myself but none do anything about it. Its just all fucked up and theres nothing i can do about it.
31 Jul 2004 kaylie hey guys i no i just put something up but for anyone who needs to talk email me @ or add me to your buddy list, i really need someone to talk to too so maybe we can help each other
xoxo, kaylie
31 Jul 2004 kaylie if you're here to say suicidal ppl are selfish, sign the fuck off... do u know what it's like to be suicidal? huh? it haunts you. every waking moment, every second of every day, pulsing at your temples, eating away at your insides. you dread the dawning of a new day. you go to school wearing a mask; on the outside, you're just another student in the halls, another player on the lax field. Inside, you are deteriorating... and yet you feel nothing. you are so numb to the pain that the only way to feel again is to cut. your scars become your badges of courage, constant reminders of what you've been through and overcome. you are so alone. you can't concentrate in class, but you don't have to. you'll be dead before the homework is due, anyway. you hear yourself speak or watch yourself join your family for dinner but it's not really you. you are already dead, and all you want is for your body to be dead too. Do you know what that's like? I'm fourteen and i can't even count the number of times i've tried to kill myself... once it's in you, it never leaves. i'm sry to all u guys whose lives suck and stuff, it'll get better, but for all you ppl who think we're weak and crap, kindly fuck off
28 Jul 2004 jennifer hey mt name is jenny and I tought about killing myself alot of times but someone always comes into my life and makes me think twice but then they always use me or leave me.thenI always think about it again so I cut myself I knoe people dont like it but they never understand my life sucks and I just want it to end and soon I Had feelings for this guy and I didnt even know him that long I know that it might sound funny but I relly liked him I didnt want to date him its just that we did stuff together and now he wants nothing to do with me so I guess thats what makes me feel even worse about myself.I am not atractive and I am not all that skinny but I do like to have fun have someone who cares about me and not use me.....killling myself always runs throw my one waNTS ME AROUND AND i AM NOTHING TO KNOW ONE...........................
20 Jul 2004 Melissa Hello. my name is melissa and ever since the first day of 8th grade ive been trying to end my horrible nightmare, called **life**. What made me suicidal you ask? Well my mother is a loser. She is constantly yelling at my siblings and i, and thats not a very fun thing to listen to all day. Her voice is piercing it hurts to think that some people are so happy while i rot in my room all day. My brother always is with his friends and he barely knows that i exist. i hate it i wish i had more people who cared about me.
My father is an okay guy i guess. he just is prettty annoying. but that i can deal with. Im failing school almost and that really bothers me beacuse everyone i know is becoming a doctor getting scholorships and etc.. im not stupid its just that im not smart either. i wish i was. my parents are constant;ly reminding me of all that bad things ive done. and about my grades how they wish i got straight A's.
i have tried to kill myself several times by taking overdoses since both my parents are doctors they have buckets full of pills. Nothing ever works! instead of cutting my wrist i scratch.......ive got long nails when people ask i just say my neighbor scratched the heck out of me
My name is Melissa Brawn and i want to die.
please help me for i am also afraid of pain such as knives remember im 14 so i cant have a gun '''''''sigh'''''''
"I never thought id die alone i laughed the loudest who've known"
Blink 182 (adams song)
^^^that line is so me.^^^
17 Jul 2004 Kat Hello out there its me again Kat ,
I am having a really hard time right now , my b/f in last month has beat me up several times , this time I think he fracured my skull, I have had a major head ache for almost a week now , my forhead has a huge lump on it and it hurts to even touch my head , The time before this be punched me on my right eye causeing it to bleed for days , I think I should have gotten stiches , The night he fracured my skull , he had hit me a hour prior right in the cheek, I have begged him to stop hitting me , and just kill me , he could so easiely do it , he strangled me till i was passed out , he is talking about getting a gun , I do not want that , He has a bunch of knives now , I know I will be killed soon , At least I will not need to suffer any more . I watch my children change everyday , more and more depressed , my daughter and son both dye there hair black, my son smokes , has a tattoo,he told me has done" Pot" . and he will only be 15 , I feel I am the reason they are like this , They have been through so much in the past two years , We went from living in a large house to being homeless for 6 months, to being in this shitty little house with little money or food, to seeing there mother being abused by a man they fell in love with and trusted, I do not have a place to go or even family to talk too, I have tryed to go , but no where to go, He has gone but just comes back, Everything about him he keeps as a secret, I do not know what is truthful or not, I found out yesterday he stole my wedding set from my jewlery box , the rings i was going to give to my son and daughter , Now I do not have them , the set cost 3500 and he got 80 at a damn pawn shop. He is making sure everything I have worked so hard for , I will loose, he has broken everything I have ever bought him , or he has given me , he has torn up pictue that can never be replaced of my children, and he has a away of getting into my comp , and he fucks it up almost every other day so i need to reinstall everthing, he keeps logs on me , and we do not have a phone in our house he only has a cell phone, that he has 24 /7
I do not know what to do or say any more, I have called the police they just let him go. So now what ???
12 Jul 2004 heather woodhouse i dont know the answer to the question but i do know that my brother has tried commiting suicide 3 times and i cant beare it!! i dont want him to die, i care so much for him! but i dont think he can see how much he is upsetting the people who care about him the most!! he has 3 kids and has tried to commiting it in front of his 4 year old girls 2 times and i cant see how he can still try. i dont know what to do!! i dont wanna talk to him in case he feels i'm interfering in his life, but i want to help but i dont wanna do something that will push him to do it for real this time!! i just dont know what to do!! can someone please help me!! e-mail me or something my e-mail add is
12 Jul 2004 shayna im 14 now but ive been cuttin since i waz 10. ive had numerous attemptz of suicide by drugz and cuttin veinz and have found that itz not worth it. i still cut myself coz itz easier to handle the physikal pain then the emotional pain but i dnt attempt suicide nemore. life will get better. at the moment im a chain smoker, alcoholik and drug addict and seein 2 psychologists so im goin downhill abit but i no dat soon life will improve. i broke up wiv my boy friend yestaday and had been goin out wiv him 4 3 monthz but suicide wont fix dat. suicide is a permenent way out of a temperary problem. if u needa talk thn my emailz or add me ta msn. lifez 2 precious 2 leave it.
29 Jun 2004 Mauvais CHRIS, yes famous chris, the chris everyone knows and hears about. I know you've seen what i've put and i honestly need you to e-mail me. I need you back. Everytime i was suicidal, cut, i had you to talk to. Tonight i cut, tried to kill myself again. I have 3 bottles of my pain meds right now, If you can just e-mail me, i miss u
28 Jun 2004 jem someone please email me tell me how many ib profine it takes.... i really need your help, from those who have experimented in the past......
24 Jun 2004 Plz help me Ive totally fukked up, all my pals h8 me, all over a stupid boy, its pathetic really, but it hurts wen people call u a slappa n a slut n a bike!ive slit my rists a few times but i always end up with a stupid bandage! i hate life and and a certain big mouth i just want to die but i know that some people will miss me.please help me i dnt no what to do!!!!:(

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