Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Feb 2005 the Mëtler I'm 24, but I've been suicidal since I was about 12. Been depressed as long as i can remember. Finally just a year ago after checking myself into the ER cause I felt like i was at the end of my chain and would kill myself if i didn't get hope, I was sent to a psychiatrist and put on Paxil. And it works. If you're depressed, get on drugs. they help. They don't cure ya, and you gotta take em every day, cause I forgot to take my pill 3 days ago, and for 2 days after i was suicidal again, I popped open a shaving razor and tried cutting into the big vein in my arm, but damnit I just hate pain so much i couldn't cut through all the way. I've thought about many different ways to kill myself, but most of them would be too painful (I figure, if you're gonna go out, you wanna end on a good note) or I can't afford them. I think the best way to go would either be to bleed to death, if only I could get over the pain of cutting into my vein, or the more adventurous way to go would be to drop acid, shoot heroin, and jump out of an airplane. that oughta be the ultimate, but I haven't seen acid in 2 years, and don't know where to get heroin, and can't afford to go skydiving. but ultimately what keeps me alive is thinking about how much it would hurt those that love me, my friends and family. But damnit, life can be so painful and difficult and my mind is just so fucked and I've got too many bad memories that I just can't shake that suicide sometimes seems like the way to go. And damnit I sure am fascinated with the afterlife.

email me if you wanna talk.
hey every one catch me if you can I'll race you there!
Get This She's sorry. She broke my heart and she's sorry. How dose repear the hole that once had some thing there.
Since I last told some stuff some more has happened but first i need to tell you some more of the past r you wont understand some of this.
A few months ago I was stayin in america where I was sad but much happier than here in the UK. My best friends Birthday was coming up and I thought as a nice surprise I would change my flights(cost $150) to be back in time for his birth day and I Brought him back a prez(Nice of me I thought). But now here you go this is the very nice part. A few days ago it was my 18th birthday and guess what I didnt hear from him, so i phoned him this how the convo went
me: "Hey chris hows it going"
chris: "not to bad under nieth the belly of a plane at the mo im just cleaning FXK12"
me: " Oh ok. Dont you have any thing to say to me?"
chris: "NO"
me: "chris it's my birthday man."
chris: "is it oh ok."
me: "dude?"
chris: "I have to go. I'm under this plane."
me: "ok man i'll tal.......beeeeeeeeeep"
he didnt even let me finnsh what i was saying. I found out on sunday he's not talkin to me, I had to phone one of my old mates some one i thought he wasnt talkin to and some i definately wasnt talkin to find out what was goin on. i found out chris, my best mate the guy i done that stuff for that i talked about, was angry (get this) becos i was upset he forgot my birthday. what a friend!!!
so not only has the girl i love riped my heart out but... my best friend forgot my bday and is now not talkin to me, oh and get this lets make it even better half my family forgot my birthday too.
Lets Lits this
Now have no friends
1/2 of Family forgot my B-Day
Girl friend Ripped heart out(now i let this girl in to my family took her to my brothers wedding, showed her all the care in the world and now i just feel empty she was the only thing i had i'll post 2 poems' of such after this one.)
Oh mustent forget this suff
I need to get £20,000($40,000) with in six months
My mom is movin to a one bed roomed house,(hang on dont i live with my mom?)
my dad didnt get me any thing on my B-Day, didnt even send me a txt messege till my brother called him, no card nothing, to get more of the story do a name search on REDDEATH i seem to be the only one sofar.
Please let me kno if i am right in being depressed and upset, oh by the ways im a deeply emotional person any so this really dose put the tip on the mountain. please feel free to e-mail me/messege me on msn its the same address
30 Jan 2005 sarah im 23, and am so peeved off, ive tried to kil myself a couple of times, i was 7 when i tried to hang myself and my mother come in, i have tried to bleed to death by making insisions all over my body at the same time (but house sharer came home early, ive stood in front of a bus and just came out with bruises, and o/ded on tablets and im still here..... you might think hey shes doing it wrong, but im not, honestly.....
I am from syria. i was born there and grew up there. i am 22 now. when i was a child there was always wars going on. gun fire bombs explosions and dead boddies. when i was five years old both my parents were taken away by soldiers and my mom was raped by 9 men in front of my eyes. they made me watch. they made my father watch. then they shot my mother in the head. then they did the same to my sister who at the time was 19. after that they shot my dad in the head. they tourtured me. they burned me with hot metal, cut me and they beat me real badly. they took my sister to wash thier bodies and to lie in thier beds at night. she was thier slave. they left me alone. i have no family. they burned my village to the ground. they stole my goats. to this day i donot know where my sister is if she is even alive. i had a few other boys my age that we stole food and hide from the army. we buried ourselves in the burning sand when they came around. for many days we had no food. no water. i thought i was going to die. we tried to leave the country many times but we couldnt. finnaly we got out made some friends. they let us stay in thier house. later we moved to africa where we could be safe. today i am in america. i cannot get a job. i have no family. and i have no friends. i dont know why i keep on living. i just want to die.
29 Jan 2005 niles standish Top of the morning to you my dearies. I have recently become aware that you may be interested in commiting suicide. This is only one side to the corner. You are also looking for the most excellent way to do this, are you not? Well i do totally identify with you. Please allow me to tell you my plan of self demise.
Ingredients needed:
Two pair of hand cuffs,
A pair of mittens,
a piilow,
Duct tape,
A roll of seran wrap,
And a nice tree.
First locate the tree to be used. You will need one that is secluded and is just wright for you reach for your arms and hand cuffs so you will not be able to reach your face.
Next take the one pair of cuffs and secure your ankles toether. now take a deep breath and hold it. Wrap your head tightly in saran wrap. place pillow on face. Next wrap duct tape around the saran wrap and pillow. Mainly around your mouth, nose eyes and chin. You must do this part quickly and extreemly tight. Take rope with an already tied slip knot or noose and secure your neck tightly to tree so you cannot rub your face on the tree and cause the duct tape to come off. Now secure the cuffs around the tree from wrist to wrist. Wait a few moments. You will have successfully completed suicide just like I am planning on doing in the next few days.
27 Jan 2005 Era Well hey everyone my name is Era, and i'm writing from the Van Nuys Area in CA. I'm 15 years old and i've been suicidal since i was about 12 or 11. It started with me basically hating myself and everything about me. My mother has a very lousy personality and she usually took out her stress on me and my little brother. As it turned out all the emotional shit she said really affected me and i was constantly trying to make myself better. i began binging, never eating and working out constantly. As a result in 7th grade i began making more friends and i was a cheerleader, for a while all the pain went away because i was kept busy and i truly felt wanted, but when my mother and i started fighting again everything came rushing back like waves of hatred and anger. in 8th grade the cutting began, as well as the drugs and i was taking two lines of cocaine everyday just so i could lose more weight. i ruined almost everyone around me's life because i was known for doing stupid things. they of course thought i was fine, but even as we laugh the heart aches and all my problems were dragging me down. after cutting lost its appeal i began burning my skin and popping pills just to see how many i could take until i went unconcious, when nothing happened i became more drastic and slit my throat. i was unsuccessful and just ended up in the hospital. my mother once again blamed it all on me and my friends didnt know i had a 'problem' i guess you could say that all i really wanted was for someone to notice what i was doing, but no one every did. till this day i think about commiting suicide, but i'm a little older and living with my dad and those emotions dont surface as much. I'm kept busy and go to this continuation school that have kids with problems also and it helps to be around people like me. i see a therapist reguarlarly and i've begun to read the bible, but sometimes i cant really control myself and all i want to do is die. looking in the mirror is like seeing someone i dont want to be anymore and when i wake up its like a slap in my face, knowing that i'm still in this shitty world. i know theres people out there like me and i'd like to commuicate with you all if you want. just email me at take care you all.
27 Jan 2005 REDDEATH Every one takes things in life a differnt way.
If some ones wife died!
One person mite be able to cope but some one else couldnt.
no matter what you can never understand some one elses pain it is there pain and there pain alone.
You maybe able to understand a simmilar pain but that is it!!!
I am one of the latter I cant cope in any situation, i have an IQ of 143 I over think things i come up with hundrads of sinareo's for every thing and loose track of reallyality some times. but i do kno what bad stuff iv had in my life(if you want to kno search for me in the user seach) if you want to talk to me feel free to email or add me to msn i dont mind. any girls wanna talk ill be happy to talk to you. I Know what its like to be suisidal I'v been suicidal since i was 8 and Im 18 tomorrow, in that time i have attempeted suicide 15 times.
feel free to mail/messege me
25 Jan 2005 Ashlei Umm basically im here 2 talk about cutting. Im 15, and i just got out of a really fucked up relationship with a guy who cuts. I was literally tortured all through school untili switched schools last year (im a sophmore). and it got a bit better but not much. I used 2 lock myself in the bathroom for hours n listen 2 that good charlotte song hold on n just cry until i couldnt anymore n i would like collapse in there and my mom would have 2 pick the lock n get me out. it was bad. really bad. that year i was also diagnosed with bi-polar depression. not cool. n that made it worse. my family, were all messed up. but what i dont get is how ppl can cut. i know its about controlling ur pain the only way u possibly can, and i wanted 2 but i couldnt bring myself to do it. My best friend died last year, and she used 2 cut. she commited suicide, anf 4 awhile i wanted 2 do it 2. I still have bad days. and i still play that GC song once in awhile,i was gonna be a loozer n OD on my antidepressants to prove a point about me taking them and them not helping like i said. well i didnt, and thne i met this guy at hot topic who works there n he was like u dont need that stuff, its all mental, and the more i thought about it the more i realized he was right. I was a mental loozer and i needed 2 straighten things out in my mind. im still fucked up n i still cry alot and i still scare myself with the idea of how im gonna die, but its getting better.... Please email me if u wanna or IM me im on AOL n AIM @ volcomsk8271 (my email is my SN w/ attached.) talk 2 me, i still need the help..
25 Jan 2005 samantha i tried to kill myself because i think im a fat beast i need heplp please
25 Jan 2005 Maria hi everyone growing up in new york was shitty for me. I was only 5 when i went to live with my parents whom it met for the first time. Things got bad fast my parents were very abusive. My mother never said she loved me, I never even knew what x-mas was till I was 11 years old. She neglected me, made me feel unwanted. When I turned 7 I ran away from home. I was in foster homes for about 3 years. Till i moved to canada. There is not a day that goes by that I don't want her to suffer. I don't wnat to feel this way having a mother that does not give a fuck about you. I do want to end my life, I will after I write this to you.
Thank you for listening.
25 Jan 2005 Tracy Mollett Hi my name is tracy mollett im a 17 year old male i was regrettingly born 12,10,87. since about 5 years ago my life has went to hell. i had sex had a kid and a nean ass girl i felt stuck with i was with her for five years and finaly when she left me i felt happy.... i found me a beautifull girl who loves me and treats me good and things are going realy great,, suddenly her mom hates me she says no more you cant see her. what im saying is that no matter what i do my life is never good....... if ne one has ne advice please send me some thank you
19 Jan 2005 Holl i'm not sure what the best suicide method is... i was more looking for the answer.

like any of you i am depressed and lonely and want out of my life. i can't think of a single reason for living and waking up in the mornings. i just want to die but i am too much a coward to slit my wrist and too scared of waking back up to take an over dose... what else is there?
im 16, my mum died, ive been abused and had a shit life. i love this guy and he loved me... he still does and we were so happy together but now he's dumped me and won't take me back, he won't even give me a reason why. i love him so much and it was him that made my life worth living. but now he's gone i cant see the point anymore. i just want to know if anyone out there has any advice on what i should do... because i feel like any day now something is gonna have 2 give and i'll just break.
please help anyone who can... my email address is if you can help id appreciate it a lot.
good luckto everyone out there... i hope you find your peace, either in life or death.
love 2 u all
12 Jan 2005 Juliana I hate my life. Both parents are alcoholics, I was raped by my best guy friend when I was 11, only one of my friends knows and she doesn't know what to think anymore. I've begun to drink ... heavily I might add. My mom yells at me for unnecessary reasons and I rarely see my dad. My parents are divorced and I want to tell my boyfriend what happened to me 5-1/2 years ago but I can't bring myself to tell him. I started slitting my wrists about 7 months ago and I stopped for awhile until the school year started again. My golf game has gone down hill, I've been to court for street racing and when I'm pissed off I either drink, cut, speed at above 70 on city streets and 100 on the freeway, I have gotten so pissed at times that I've even taken some medications and washed them down with alcohol and then continued cutting. I have a year and half to go before I can break free of my parental boundaries where my mom is emotionally abusive. I fear telling my friend about the other episodes of cutting because she trusted that I would stop but I haven't. It sucks. I've also cut countless classes and have failed 4 of my necessary classes this year because of it. I used to be a straight A student until I was raped. I still see my rapist because our parents are friends and he denies raping me. My boyfriend doesn't know about the rape .... let alone the cutting. I want to tell him but I don't know how. How should I tell him? I should I stop cutting? I can't even tell my mom because she will blame me for what happened. I have thankfully stopped drinking because my boyfriend doesn't drink and that helps but it's really hard. I need a way out but I don't know how. For a seventeen-year-old, my life is pretty fucked up.
11 Jan 2005 J I tried to slit my wrists when i was 18. It didnt work. I tried sleeping pills - it didnt work. I tried household products... it didnt work. Lately i found myself sliding again..... I tried to die... again. Im now 21.

Somehow the medics showed up and took me to the hospital.

After that they put me in a room with padded walls, it was worse than a jail cell - it was like the shit you see on tv.

I got out last week and i will try again. How?
Not sure but the drugs, pills, alcohol and knives arent working. Im thinking about jumping infront of a train or off a bridge.
i'll most likely take my car into the woods, stick a hose on the tail pipe and into my window. Painless and not messy at all (good for the funeral)

I wouldnt support the idea of anybody killing themselves but i do understand what your going through and would never pass jugdement on someone who decides too. Afterall, it is your life.
08 Jan 2005 alice hiya... im alice and im 13 and i rele want to die... my dad is abusive, my mum is slightly crazy, my ex boyfriend raped me.. my best friend in the world has left me to go to another skool ages away and i feel so lonely and useless.. ive slit my wrists and taken sleeping pills but i took a lot one time and ive ran out.. i dont know where to get more... im scared and fucked up
06 Jan 2005 whatever I am just writing these few lines in order to let you what is like to be me either you consider it as real or as fake , that is really up to you . just read the following line , rite now i am really depressed to the point where life has no meanning or what so ever to me, bcz rite now my wife divorced and left me since october 2004 and my student loan is under investigation for false declaration that i have made last year , my car is broken and it will cost to me about $1000 dollars to fix and i am shy of 12 credit to get my diploma but i am not sure if they will lent some more money to pay for these extra courses and on top of this i am batling some form of prostate infection that botter me almost every second of life with the aquite pain and beside this is not my first episode of depression it is my third and now is at it peek and i have no family support what so ever where i live and winter really suck up north here , the only friend that i have is the small screen (tv)that only do what you ask him to do and sometime i sat in my appartment the all day at home contempling every thing in my life , i tell you people it really sucks sucks .... life but commiting suicide is almost pretty in my head but doing it really scares me , because i do not know the other side of life but for now i just have no direction whatsoever , praying , hoping that i can sleep at least 3 to 4 hours at night but not always .drop a line if you ever feel like me , trust me it is really hard and i am drowning people if there anything in your knowledge that will help to get cure please let me know . and i hope in the name of god will be able to live normal life one .... thank you for reading and but the way i am 32 years of age .

thank you ..................
04 Jan 2005 DEVIN I have tried 15 times and i'm still alive why can't i just FUCKING die i feel no love no feelings at all emtpy alone i just want to die some one help me!!!!!!!!!!! just FUCKING DIE why can't this happen the only thing i will miss is my family but only the good time once a year they hate me but all i do is take theire shit HELP ME
04 Jan 2005 donnie the best way to kill yourself would be with any of these: Gun,knife,rope,jump off a building,purposely wreck a car,or cut your throat. I've been thinking about cuttin my throat because im a failure in school my parents think im a failure and most realtives. Im discrimminated at school all the time. Im a very quite person and people are always very sterotypical about me in negative ways. I attend a school of 2,700 students. I am always treated. I don't see any reason for me to be here today.
03 Jan 2005 adele i need some help some one help me plz iam on my last legs i need some help i want to die

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