Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Mar 2005 Josh I've been suicidal back before I can remember. Events in my life have built up and are killing me inside. Right now im in university, my grades are slipping and things are getting worse and worse. I like to write poetry and stuff, guess its a way to vent some of the anger and stuff that happens to me. Never been in a relationship where the person liked me for who i am. No one knows what is going on in my head. I guess the reason im still round today is i would feel guilty, if only my family knew who i really was and how i fealt.
29 Mar 2005 amanda lynn people email me at i need advice badly
29 Mar 2005 amanda hey i have been suicidal for such a long time. i am now 13 and i still think about it. my dad is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. all he wants in life is 2 make mine worse. he called the cops on my 18 year old boyfriend so now me and him cant ever talk. nic now hates me more than enything becuz of the things he is now going threw. i have been cutting for a very very long time. i feel that if u realy want to hurt the people that luv u then cut ur wrists soooo bad that u die. my reasons r becuz if u hang urself u will have a ring around ur neck and u dont look very good. if u shoot ur head u will look the worst... trust me on this ive seen pictures u have a big huge hole in ur head. if u cut ur nick u will have a ring on ur neck again and last if u drown urself u will have water everywhere and i dont no how 2 explain it but u look grose. so if u want 2 cummitt suicide then cut ur wrists. if u new my life and how its all fucked up u would c y i do the things i do. some of the time i will addmit my life is 2 kill 4 but then the worst things happen. im spoiled rotton. i have now gotton raped over 3 times now and luckily i have not gotton pregnant. so i wouldnt kill urself just quite yet becuz like me life things get better and everyone goes threw bad times so its not only u. so dont think it is.people like u think of the same things some people have it worse off. so keep living and try hard. i have found that not hanging out with nic is a little better 4 me. i have a lot more trust and am able 2 do a lot more things. and thats wat i think
27 Mar 2005 Dae There is no good way to commit suicide under 13. But In a way there is, since i was 12 I've cut myself, i have so many scars i wear nothing but long sleeved shirts or i wear dones of my goth bracelets. Right now I want to go hang myself from a tree in my backyard. Ever since i moved in with my dad when i was 12 i've wanted to die. Im tired of being here now as well. Right now I am 17 and when i was away on vacation when i was 14 my dads girlfriends daughter killed my cat, i had that cat since i was about 10 i watched him being born. But she killed him, then another pet came around named josie, that dog went everywhere with me, he was my best friend. One day as i went out with a friend i forgot to bring him in the house and he killed himself by smashing his head through a metal post and a brick wall. It was intierally my fault. But since then i was raped once and loved and betaled by almost everyone i know. My dad is always gone, my friends no longer call me, and my fiance seems so distante and never wanting to talk to me. For the last 2 weeks i've been alone almost everynight. I feel like no one loves me, but if i died there are so many people that would hate me and i would hate myself if i killed myself. Its now a fantisy to die. I want to, i cut, and nothingever gets any better, and i have lost 3 children. I have had 1 miscarrage 2 abortions. I need help to fill in the emptyness, or i shall perish.
26 Mar 2005 Robyn Hey Everyone.....I've Signed this thing before with my problem and if you want to read it then you can search up Robyn..Anyways, yes im still cutting but now i am cutting my ankles...just so my friends at school don't notice...Anyways the reason that im writing again is i noticed that in here everyone is writing why and what there doing to kill themselves but no one is offering to help.... I am.... If you actually take the time to read this, i would like to help..I'm not cured yet so we can help each other please email me if anyone has any problems they would like to share with me? my email adress is
23 Mar 2005 Em hi i'm back again. i've reading some of these statements and they are pretty sad. i hope all of you have a better life. you all have it worse then me. i'm very depressed and i often have thoughts of suicide or just death. I have manic depression but nobody wants to do anything about it. and nobody cares because they don't believe me. i dont need a doctor to diagnos me with anything because i know how i feel and i know that i have it; unless i'm just retarded. but i'm not. I'm losing my friends rather slowly. i've got a lot of friends but 3 best friends. 2 of them are disgusted with me and my behavior. they don't want to talk to me, but i honestly don't care and i'm not just saying that. i really do not care. nothing could ever make me care. i don't care about anything anymore, not even myself. sometimes i don't even take care of myself. I don't go to school for days at a time. i've attempted suicide many many times. i'm going to try carbon monoxide. all i want to do is just go to sleep and never wake up. i could live in a dream world forever. one of my guy friends that i was friends with before he met his now girlfriend which was my best friend is pissed at me because i told his girlfriends sister that we were secretly friends. the sister said to open up and i needed to talk about my problems or just open up with anything so i did..she said i could trust her..i believed her and then she betrays me. the one friend, for about 10 years now, that has always betrayed me some way some how, has been her. i do not know what makes me keep thinking she will change, but she won't. i told him that friendships are not meant to be kept a secret and i can't live my life being a secret and everybody has a breaking point. i'm shattered. one day i will just flip out, i know it. i will just go beserk one day and i will do something really fucking stupid. anybody have any suggestions for ways to kill yourself? pills can kiss my ass they don't work. i remember a time, where me and my friend ashley were going to kill ourselves together over the internet. she moved away and everything was going wrong in both of our we took pills 1 by 1 and we said our goodbyes but without letting everybody know what we were doing just letting them know that we loved them. but the pills..had NO effect i just woke up the next morning like it was a regular day. its like i've become immune to it or something. ashley was fine also. today i was sitting in class, and i got a txt message that said fuck you go to hell and die. that right there, just struck a nerve. i wanted to die at the moment. people obviously want me to die, who will actually miss me. my used to be friends? the fake ass friends? my dysfunctional family? the teachers that pretend to care? they just want me to come to school and get their work done so they don't get in trouble for not doing their job. we have some weird new policy..i'm not going to go into that. off topic. it seems like you people on the internet care more about me then the people i've known throughout my life. you care about me, more then i care about me! and thanks for that. everytime i get into a car, i hope that we get in an accident, but i die..and everyone else survives. i don't want anybody else to die, just me. when i'm driving..i could control it all..i could kill myself like that..but i don't want to be the reason somebody else gets hurt..i can't be the driver..hell i'm crazy enough to do that. i've stolen a car before. gone up to only about 90mph, but of course i wasn't lucky for a deer to come running out or something. i never wear my seatbelt on purpose. nobody tells me to put it on anyway. except my dad but i won't be hearing that for a while since hes in jail. i piss everybody around me off. i'm rude to everybody about everything. well actually, scratch that, i'm like that to people i know really well, or people that i don't know. like my friends. everybody else that i have gone to school with over the years, that are just associates, i talk to every day and i'm nice to them they are nice back we have a good ol time. but its my friends..the best friends (they are really fake though) that i'm sooo soo mean to and i just don't give a damn about. something crazy is brewing up in my head. well i'm bored so i'm leaving this site. feel free to email me. but if you tell me suicide isn't the answer fuck off your email will be terminated and your address blocked. i might make a few exceptions depending on what it says.
23 Mar 2005 Jenn To tell you the truth ....i dont know the BEST way to commit life has been crappy from the start...and i never let out my anger....i dont know why..i just dont want people feeling sad for me....but now its getting worse...the thought of suiside runs through my head every single day....i just dont have the guts to acctually do it.i have tryed to strangle myself,cut myself,and shoot myself.....and they wont work..i just cant do it......but i want out of this world soo bad.....i dont want anything to do with this world or the people in it....the only person i respect is my boyfriend....he's why im still here...ironically he was gonna commit suiside the SAME day i was and i just happened to find his e-mail...he lives where i live and we're goin out and things r goin good...but i find im only really trully happy only when im with him which makes it worse....i need my family........i lost my grmps lastyear ...he had a flight school and he took a student up and the plane crashed....this is y suiside is on my mind too.......wehen my gramps was taken i lost all my faith.....ALL OF IT...and i cant get it back cause without my gramps here i have nothing....he was the only one i acctually wanted to spent time with in my family....i live with my gramms...but shes such a bitch...shes mrs.perfect and she tells me im usless everyday.....when she tells me that i feel i have no reason to be here..i just want to leave...i dont want to commit suiside i just want out.......i dont want to live anymore and suiside is the only way out..if i do commit suiside i want a way that is COMPLETLY painless.....thats the only way i'll do it...i dont want to get help cuz like i said i dont like people feeling sorry for not this way just cuz if my gramps being gone ..i have been suisidal since i was 11.....i just cant go on with acctually doing it..but i know very soon ill do it...its just a matter of time...if someone that reads this can help me...e-mail me
23 Mar 2005 Ducky I tried again last night when no-one was home. Lighting myself on fire didn't work too well. I ruined yet another pair of jeans. I don't want to live. I have carried a large knife to school everytime I go, which isn't very often. I was listening my favorite song on the list of suicide tracks last night; PaPa Roach, Last Resort. I want the pain, fear, anxiety, anger, hatred, memories, eetc. to end. "I can't go on living this way!"
19 Mar 2005 hated freak see all im 11 and i hate my life. i think i have mental problems to... i realy want to die,:( and this is how i will end it. i will get a dockters needle fill it with air and put the air in a vain
16 Mar 2005 Deborah hiy6a im deborah im 15 my life is shit at first it was k i had ma first proper bf it was fine nd i loved him nd he stareted sleepin together then he started raping me for no fukin reason then we broke up i tried to commit suicide then i was described anti depressants for the depression nd thats wen the cuttin started i also started to starve maself. i went to 6 stone nd ma sis stareted tellin every1 i was mental i started goin with the new guy he cheated on me with this girl i hate he now refuses to talk to me he was like ma best friend i got taken off the anti depressants then put on others they made me worse i tried suicide agen nd agen just to escape ma mum found ma diary nd took me out of school coz i had taken an overdose mmmm i have a therapist who thinks im better but im not im just tryin to get rid off him so i can commit suicide ma mum thinks im better so id probably say the easyiest way wud b like slittin ur wrist coz pills dont work that easily and plus they have more chance of savin u.
well ma msn addy is
plus im still self harmin
14 Mar 2005 stan so I went to a counsellor today and she is like I would like to help you but you must tell your parents about you problem so now I have 2 options:

1. play russian roulette with my dad's fully loaded gun
2. grow some balls and actually tell my parents that I hate them and that I wish I was never born.

so N E ways you can email me ( and tell me which option to choose, personally I would choose option 1 but I dont think Im thinkin straight.

Gawd I hate being me
14 Mar 2005 stacey Today i was in skool a teacher came up to me and had a go at me i told her to shut up we had an arguement and i was gettin stressed out to the point i was gonna do something to me or her but i done it to myself i wrote the name Spaz into my arm it was bleedin i couldn't tell no one bout it cos they would of knew wat i was going through
12 Mar 2005 candice hey its me again whats up if anyone wants to talk add i will listen and my other one is ok byebye love and kisses
12 Mar 2005 Lyndzy Personally, Carbon Monoxide posioning sounds good to me, but you have to do it right. Take a hose and stick one end in the tail pipe of a car and the other end in the crack of a window. Cover up the open ares with towels so as not to let any of the precious gas escape. Fall asleep and never wake up... hmmm but what am I taling about I am too afraid to try it. I don't really have a reason to write on this sight, I mean not compared to other people's stories. The truth is, I don't really have bad life (in that I mean it could be a lot worse, though it is by no means great), but for some reason it sucks. I am dieing on the inside and smiling on the out in attempt to lie to myself as well as other people. Why? I don't really fucking know, why does anybody lie. I can't really talk to my friends or to anybody. I just take everything inside and let it simmer, though I fear to much will end up in there and death will be my only way out. I want to die, but I am a coward and I am afraid, though oddly curious. I want to feel wanted, and to talk to someone who understands... if you are out there, email me
11 Mar 2005 krazy grl hey im 14 and might be suicidal, but i dont know, im not sure at times and other times i just dont know what living in this world is for. but the only reason why i am still here is because of my friend. i couldnt leave my friend. even though i have attempted cutting, and still do, i want to live for my friend, and my parents. so please help me i dont know if i should live, or die...
09 Mar 2005 Hannah who knows
email me people.......
i have msn
anyone who is lonely and confused please e-mail me
i'm lonely too. my best friend is my dog, i have no real friends. i go to work, i come home, i eat, i sleep, i have no life. life is a bore and i understand totally why people here say "life sucks"

i want to die one day.
i don't believe i will live for another 10 years. i'm very overweight and very unhealthy. my mum keeps pestering me. my dad has found work in another state. my life sucks too, so e-mail me please :):):)
i love a famous singer but don't have the money to see him sing live, he is american, as they usually are
anyway life sucks so email me
bye bye
ohh my name is hannah too :)
07 Mar 2005 lissa im hav other posting on this site, but im just looking for someone to talk to. that i can bitch to because my life sucks.
aol instant messenger- guttahminded19 or alwaysmistaking5
03 Mar 2005 samantha i did it again i cut myself again my husband doesent even no i hate my self and i dont no why he tells me im ugly and fat and i dont want to live i just need someone to talk to i dont no thanks for listing
27 Feb 2005 Stacey I overdosed last Septemeber when things were really tough. Now I want to do it again but i'm sure it wont work. Why? Because it didnt last time. I'm still sitting at this same old computer arent I? I really want to end my life. I cant even get fucking sleeping pills because my doctors not convinced that a 17yr old has sleeping problems.
I just want to talk to someone. Give me ideas, dont give me advice.

My family sucks, if you lived here, you'd have killed yourself ages ago. I'm suprised i've lasted ths fucking long

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