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Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 May 2005 shannon k hey people i will tell u what my pastyear has been like for me! its not as bad as what people are sayin on the site! any ways i had this best friend since about grade 3 or 4 but when we started middle school she changed but i still hung in there for her and now im in grade 8 and she has made my life a living hell ok she started hanging around with druggies and wrote shit about me on the internet and one night she came over for a sleepover and stole my diary!!! i mean come on! and she started rumers about me to other people! so one day at school i got really pissed off at her and beat the living shit out of her! (she is really skinny and sucks at fighting) and i became really depressed and starting cutting really bad! and no one knew! and then she started more shit about me and this guy made an msn accunt pretending to be me over winter break and got a whole shit load of people mad at me so i went back to school and i got jumped and it was pretty bad i had a black eye and almost a broken nose! i hated it so i started cutting more and more and it almost became addictive kind of and i tryed to commit sucide cuz i thought this shit would never end also i dont have friends in school im the loner who sits in the back of the room and listens to my disman. that is what people say about me! i get made fun of cuz of my looks(i have short hair and im a girl so they cal me a boy)i hate it! then during spring break this guy wrote shit on this girls website predending to be me and got shit load of people mad at me and so when i got back to school 2 people beat me up really badly! so i said fuck it theres nothing left to live y bother so again i tryed to commit sucide with a razor blade and a knife! see my home life was alright even thou my brother is a big stoner and doesnt stop yelling at my dad and my dad is a pot head and a drunk and my mom she is the sweetest person never i love her!!!!!!!!!!! then school got a little bit better but i still had no friends and still got picked on for my looks! i go to this church called bethel mennoite church it is a really good church (im the only one that goes from my family) theres a thing called youth there and i go there with some really cool people that dont judge u by ur looks or any thing like that and i felt a whole lot better! so please before sucide try goin to a church or a community thing with kids that arnt mean or something like that! now im 14 in grade 8 my name is shannon and im still cutting im workin to stop! free feel to e-mail me or add me on msn my e-mail is (i know i made it up in grade 4) or i hope things go better for u people mine is kind of
love u all,
08 May 2005 confused Im 13 and my life has been reli horrible ive tried to commit suiside but everytime i try there is always somthing stopping me i have a younger sister who always gets the attention from my mom and dad and my parents are always on her side my mom tells me she loves me i dont believe her because when she says she does i feel she doesn't she doesnt treat me like she loves me im totally invisible to her my friends hate me and im all alone ive thought of running away but i just feel that maybe one day if i killed myself i would not have to go thhrough all the bad things and i can start my life all over again but there's always a dicision u either keep ur life and have all those memery's or start all over again i dunt know what to do :(
07 May 2005 Melissa Hello, I am 23 years old,am married and have 1 baby boy. My relationship is near to ending. My husband is Russian and I have faught for him to stay in this country, had to go througha deportaition order and spent 4 months without him while I was pregnant,without a job or anything,had to use all my credit cards to pay 10's of thousands of dollars for him to stay here.Now he's been released to me for over a year now. Our marriage is over but we're still married. We live together with our son. I love my son more than anything and everything. But the problem is that my whole life I've felt used,abused and disresepted.With my immediate family as well as my new family. My husband doesn't understand me or respect me in any way. All he wants from me is to suck his dick every single day,sorry for my language.I am a virgo by horoscope,I don't really beleive in horoscopes,but virgo's are not very sexual beings,it's true with me. I hate doing this,I've tried to be a good wife,it doesn't make any sense anyway. All we do is fight, and when I cry in front of him which is not very often,he tells me I make myself stressed out from nothing. I have no one close to me to talk to or anyone who will care and listen. With my baby,he cried 22 hours a day and I am completely at the end of the rest of my nerves. I live in Canada, a very money stressful country. I owe $20,000 in bills and nothing to show for it.I feel stuck and rejected by my family. I feel suicide,but don't know how to go about it. I have had more than enough bad things to happen to me in my life, and am depressed. I can't tak to anyone about it,just hide it. Hide the cries and pain I so much feel. If you have listened and read all this letter,I respect you for doing so. You are the first that listened. I have so many problems in my life,I can't even try to tell you what I really feel,I can;t explain in words.I'm tired of canada, I'm tired of my son crying for nothing and I'm tired of feeling helpless and invisible. I know I'm not the only one. But why can't people listen or care,especially the ones who are supposed to love you the most. I'm friendless and loveless. I wish death on myself. But that's not doing anything for me. At this point, nothing is repairable.Thanks for listening folks!
06 May 2005 Tracie Hi, My name is Tracie im 13 At skool i dont seem so sad im the lil happy chick with every thing but if u look back in my past u can see its not all that good. My moms bf fucked it up for me i wish my mom would have never meet him.they dont tell me any thing. I've been dippressied for about 7 years. I've tried every thing to cutting my wrists and over dossing and shoting my self but it seems nothing works i dont have any friends i DID tell a year ago when my mom started seeing this guy and my dad died so my mom has had 2 other kids so why bother she never has any time for me. so why bother bein he she dont care and nobody likes me but also i regret trying to kill my self b/c it gets worse every time but u kno its all good right now im in really deep depressoin so any way tnxs for letting me write i feel a lil better tonight!!!!!
I just dont feel i need to live
05 May 2005 Stormie Hey, My name is stormie im 14,Iv been depressed since i was 9,and things got so much worse is the past 2 years my sister was raped by my grandfather and i was feeling so low, I cutt myself at lease everyday, at school in the bathroom,Anywhere, i still do it i just keep it hid, everyone keeps telling me things are going to get better but i just feel like there not. Things just seem to keep getting worse. My dad cant pay the bills, our lights got cutt off my mom and dad are doing drugs i cant take any of this stuff anymore. Im tired of people saying that its going to be okay WHEN ITS NOT! im not going to be okay. Every night i go to bed hopeing that i wont wake up, but every morning when i do .. i just wanna crawl in the bed and i just wanna make everything go away. I cant stop the thoughts that are going throu my head. I cant stop thinking about dieing.
Im not sure why im writting this i just stumbled acrossed it and im not sure if im suposed to say something to make people not wanna kill themselfs i just had so much that i wanted to say, and i still have more but,its not like anyone is listing, Im not going to tell you that death is the awnser cuz i know there are alot of otherways that i chould handle this but i cant just think of any.
05 May 2005 Caroline I'm not under 13, I'm fourteen. I go to private school, I'm a pretty good student, don't have any friends, am not socialable, and I've been wanting to commit suicide for 6 years or so. And I've been depressed since about 9 years ago or so. I like this senior at school, because i'm going to a college preparatory, it's 8-12. He's a nice guy, really caring, understanding, and he made me promise not to hurt myself. I've written a letter for him so that I can apologize. Because I'm planning to commit suicide tommorrow at school. In the library upstairs. I think I'll skip my afternoon classes and just take some medicine i have which are not over the counter, they're prescriptions. So hopefully, by tommorrow evening, I won't be living in this stupid world anymore. Or maybe I'll just use a large plastic bad over my head. Life sucks. Just in case I don't succeed in my attempt, or I have to abort the attempt, you can try to email me. I don't know a lot, but I think I've experience quite a bit. You have no idea. Hating my dad with suck powerful hatrid, having been hit repeatedly on the head, physical abuse, I've had a lot more than I want. Emotional abuse, much greater. Well, if I'm lucky, today's my last day in life. Adios amigos.
05 May 2005 . . . . . . I HATE MY LIFE!!!!! I am almost 14 and i would do anything to be dead! I came on here trying to find a fast and painless way to commit suicide but i still havn't found a good one. I have tried before but it didn't work. I have been thinking about it everyday for the past 5 years. My dad and step mom HATE me. They yell and swear all the time. At school I try to show a happy face but I still feel crapy inside. If anyone knows of a good way to commit suicide msg me. >>> <<<
04 May 2005 Sarah I'm 14 tomorrow and it should be really like a great day and stuff and i know my friends have got me great presents and I've been going on about it for ages but I really wasn't supposed to be here for this birthday. Four days before Christmas I took a massive overdose with alcohol. I had planned it for months. My mum found me and I was in hospital for ten days and them moved to a physciatric unit. I will succeed eventually and I already know when I will try again. Loads of people were really shocked when they found out cos I come across as this really bubbly, happy person but I'm not. I wanna cry every minute of every day. I keep a razor blade in the back of my mobile which kind of comforts me. I have cut myself for about 3 years now. I have noticed that the cuts are getting deeper and deeper every time. I know to a lot of people have a great life but I just can't see the point in it. It's hard and painful, you get so hurt. I don't think how I feel will ever go completely away I will always live with it. I want to die. I wish there was a switch. The one thing I want is the last thing I will ever get.
04 May 2005 Augustus Black Hello! My name is Augustus and I am 15 years old! I am currently trying to kill myself by starving myself! This world will be a better place without me.
03 May 2005 chantel hi my name is chantel well every one hates me.when i was 10 my dad watched my uncle rape me i sat there in pain and looked in the window and i will never forget the face he had on him it wa sliek he was happy a year later he had hald a gun to my head and that same yeah my sister ( christina) shot her self be cuz of guy problems my mo left me i herd that she talks about me but not in good wasy i here she calls me names and its like shr doe snot even know me i have not seen her for a while but sence i was 13 i have been cutting every day i cut it getts deeper and deeper and deeper i started taking pills i would take 8 and then i would take 14 the next week i started tripping out at 14 i got to the point wher i took 41 oills but it faild it did not kill me my boyfriend and i have been togetaher for a year and 5 months he hits me and calls me names and al iw nat is some one to love me every one tells me what a disappointment i am and it hurts i cut almost every night now ever sence 3 weeksa ago i try and fomd some bare skin on my body that i have not yet cut and slice it i need help i dont wanna cut i do but i do i know i should not take pills and cutt and drink and do drugs like i do i wanna stop but when i try to they drive me crazy and one dat i am ganna end up shotting myself like my sister i am alomist pushed to teh end too...........................can any one help me thanks
28 Apr 2005 emma hi am feeling so sad iside a have no friemds in school and no one ever wants to talk to me and now a few years back my mum had another wee baby then another and that was me out of the picture it was like a dont matter anymore because no matter what her 8 year old done i always got the blame so i was really really jealous because a was the first born and now they fuckin boys have took my mum away from me completly so a told my mum i either get pregnant or commit suicide but she never listens she to busy with her other two boys so can u suggest what i can do because a really need help a cut my arms so please help me
28 Apr 2005 Elizabeth im 13 and i cant stand life anymore when i was really little my dad abused my mom and would bring a different girl home everynight. after a while he started hitting me too then he got a drinking and drug problem. Later when i was 8 my dads best friends son molested me then when things couldnt get wourse my dad got drunk and raped me. finally my mom my brother and i moved out of california and in with my grandma. my dad found us and my mom let him move back.BIG MISTAKE. my brother and i would have to help my mom move dressers so my dad wouldnt kill all of us. my mom finally kicked him out with the help of the police. i used to go and see him everyother weekend. i was scared at first then i realized my dad didnt remember that night when i was 8. on the easter of 2002 is the last time i saw my dad. every now and then he calls and i just pick up the phone and hang it up again. but thats not all. just recently all of my friends decided to hate me. and my family is getting more fucked up by the minute. i cut my self all the time on my leg i would cut my wrist but my mom would notice. ive tried to kill myself 5 times. ive tried to drown myself,sufficate myself,over dose 2 times and i almost shot myself w/ my brothers hunting gun. a bunch of messages on this website tell you to hold on life will get better well for me its not and probably never will i dont care who will miss me which is probably no one. the only reason i found this website is becasue i was looking up good ways to kill myself on google. my doctor predicted i wont live pass the age of 16. hopefully shes right.everyday i put on a happy face but im dying inside.
28 Apr 2005 depressed I am 21, I never thought I would accually make it to be 21. Since I was 14 I have been suicidle. I was raped when I was 15 and a virgin till then. My father left my family when i was in the 2nd grade, and took all his money with him. I was used to being a rich little girl, then thrown into the life of poverty. My mother has always treated me differently than all my brothers. I am the only girl, and I never got anything from my mom. On christmas, my brothers would get new clothes and toys and I would only get like a pair of 5 dollar pj's. What is sad is that my birthday is on christmas too and would get no presents. I am a very quite person and keep to myself. I got kicked out of one school though by one of my failed suicide attempts. I tried to overdose at school. I would get asked out by boys, but I would just walk away because of my anxiety. I cant talk to anyone without shaking, turning red, and then crying. I made good grades in high school, and went away to college with loans. I didn't make it in college though. I have a problem with being with allot of people and have sevear anxiety attacks. I am extreamly depressed all the time, and my anxiety attacks got so bad that I would never leave my room. Another factor of my college failure, is the girls were very mean to me, and threw gum in my hair and in my seat, and would right lesbo on my sign in sheets. Not because i am ugly, but because at that time i was skinny and pretty. Because i wouldnt eat at the cafeteria because of my anxiety. I went a week sometimes without eating. I then had to go back to my home. My mother is not all right in the head, and she thinks she is being followed and there are bugs in the house listening to her and all those crazy things. She now thinks that I am an undercover spy telling "someone" everything she is doing and everywere she is going. When in accuallity I havn't talked to one single person in over a year now. I can't leave the house very often because I get these anxiety attacks and start crying uncontrolibly for hours. My mom doesn't understand anything about me, i told her about my anxiety and that I probobly needed help and she just laughed in my face. I start crying uncrolibly often, and she tells me "who told you to act this way, your just trying to make me look like a bad mother" she has kicked my out of the house before, and that is when i try to kill myself. I tell my mom I have tried to kill myself over 10 times, and she doesnt believe me. I am starting to think I can't die, I have tried so many times. I have tried sliceing my rists, and I guess i didnt cut deap enough. I have tried electricution. Puting a hair dryer in my bath with me didnt work. It just broke my hair dryer. I tried it with the toaster too. It also didnt work. I have tryed overdoasign many times. I took 100 zanex bars that I bought by taking money out of my credit card, with a bunch of alcehol. I woke up 3 days later, not dead :(. Just with a large bill I cant pay. I would get extreamly drunk and try to crash my car, and i ended up getting a dwi. My life is worthless. I want to die. I think about killing myself at least 20 times a day. I am now stuck with colleg loan bills, credit card bills, adn court fees with no way to make money. My mom pays for my brothers school, and will never help me though. I have no money to get profeshional help, or maybe some anxiety meds or anti depressants. My mom wont help me, because she thinks she will make her look like a bad mother. I get yelled at constantly by my mom telling me to just act normal. She doesnt get that I can't. I want to die. When I get my hands on a gun, then my hell on earth will finually be over. Till then my suffering continues, unless I get lucky and find a way to just die.
23 Apr 2005 mr lonely hi everyone..i have been suicidal since 2 years..reason for tht has been my ill health, skinny body, and a really sucking life due to the above mentioned things..i hav been tryin hard to find the cause of my illness but to no troubles hav really worsened for the past 1 month or so..but somehow i managed to come so far..but now future looks really bleak to me..the reason y i m writing this is tht if by ne way u can improve ur life..then i'd say this life is worth giving a me..thats how i hav survived these 2 years..i m a firm believer in god..i thank him everyday for this life and everything tht he has given me(even though i want to suicide)..i consider myself really blessed..after all i m so much better of than millions and billions of ppl around this world..on top i hav been given this oppurtunity to witness life as a human..not some dumb still unsure if i would be able to continue in my struggle..i hav no good friend, i never never go out, i cant eat junk food, i m skinny as a 13 year old and i am nearing 20, i m always worried about my health, everyone including my family hav written off my illness as my anxiety..ppl at uni say i am a nerd..they stare at my frail body as if i am some alien..BUT inspite of all this i say to myself tht mann who gives a damn about this world..its ur it the way u want..the way u can..wht if u r the way u r..basically i m not ending my life coz i want to but coz i don't fit well in this hell with this stupid society..mann i was like all of u when i was 13 ..worrying abt petty things like girlfriends, friends, pimples, image in school,and all that sort of stuff ..but once this sickness thing came my way it started bringing in prespective evry single thing tht i had taken for granted..i no longer cared bout nething else but my health..which unfortunately never gets life really sucks..but i still want to live it to see wht other troubles it holds for me..
i would appreciate ne piece of advice from someone who genuinely feels for my email id is
23 Apr 2005 not tellin my friend has wanted to kill herself and same wihtme my life feels worthless i feel like a idiot walking on teh road of no wear i always try hurting my self but it doesn't work i'm too afraid the prople in my school call me fat and ugly and say i hvae tons of acney but thats not my fault soon i have just come to this conclusion "live your life u only have one make the best out of it don't be selfish by making others feel bad about U killing ur self ur freinds would feel bad from not tring to stop it and then ur family would as well... on the other hand if u just have a life full of misery kill ur self by jumping off a cliff thats how i would do it {i will not leave my name in case i get in troble for this}
22 Apr 2005 adriana i tried to kill myself last night. i am 23. i dont have anything going for my life. i wish i was dead. i have no friends, family, money, job, im fat and ugly, no education, im bored and alone tell me my reason for living...
21 Apr 2005 April I actually saw this on a tv show once and I am pretty sure it will work just make sure no one is gonna come home and try and save you... anyway....get two very large blocks of ice.....set your heat up to like 85 the bath tub water making it over flow everywhere not showing the evidence....hang a rope.....stand on a chair and when ever you ready tape your mouth...hand cuff your hands or some how get them tied behind your back and stick your hand inside the rope...puch the chair away and stand on the two blocks of ice bare foot...your chances of survival are slim to none because the heat you set before doing this is going to start melting the ice making you go lower and lower until the rope chokes you ... I hope I helped ....By the way if you didnt know name is april and I've been suicidal for a long time....I've sort of gotten use to cutting and all me all of your lives seem so bad....mine is probly no where near as bad as some of yours on this site but it still makes me go over the edge sometimes that I just have to do something like commit suicide...unfortunatly Im still here and still looking for someway to kill myself but hoping it won't be to painful....Although I still have in the back of my head that my family would be extremely upset when I go...I still don't seem to care and still want to just die in my sleep or something...I think my life grandmother who was pretty young died and she was like my best friend, one of my best friends said she could not be my friend anymore because she said I was taking her down the wronge path, my dad almost died making me stressed out, my sister is suicidal and she is always ending up in friends hospital cause she is always over dosing on her medication that she has, my grades keep dropping in school because of how depressed I am, and the fact that I was born with a disease does not help anything.....I can't talk to my one sister who I go to school with because she is to immature for her age to understand anything and my two older sisters just would not understand they have big mouths and probly would tell my mom about all this...I've gone to a counsler and that didn't help because it just made me mad....I guess I just need someone to talk to before I just slip off the edge...I have written plenty of ways for people to kill themselves on this site cause I don't have anything better to do besides plan my next attempt of suicide...I've tried taking bottles of sleeping pills before I go to bed hoping that I wouldn't wake up but the weird thing is that it didn't actually made me stay awake the whole night and I started seeing shit like I was high or something and I didn't understand it...I've been cutting....tried tying a rope around my neck but my friend took it off me when I passed out...tried stabbing myself in the chest but I just didnt have the guts to push it through the bone... and my boy friend just broke up with me like two days ago then hooked up with some other chick like a day later..and plenty more but anyway...I guess it felt kind of good to let all this out on here but I don't have time to stay...seems I have more suicidal attempts to think of.... bye for now!!
19 Apr 2005 Cody My name is cody and i have been suicide since 1998... i need some advice, someone to talk to, and some quick easy methods
i need someone to talk to plz
18 Apr 2005 candice brooks hi im 10 i het life so much i wish it would go away i het miranda forster me and her man shoulder friend got into a fight n she lost! shes telling everyone she one shes a bitch all of this peer presour and shit is building up inside and im dieing inside my best friend dont want to hea it she jus doesnt want to bring it up ive nevr met my dad i cry yself to sleep i have no boyfriend nobody cares about me n e more my mom is to busy with work my sis beetes me to death i ave omany bruises im to chicken shit to actually commit i need help but all my mom ays is "im your counselour" yeh right shes part of the problem to all of u who think this is a joke and were posers n if were suicidle wede be dead by now fuck u! some of us are chicken shit and some of us are clueles n some of us care about our friends to much to killourselves u dont understand if ur gunna say something say something helpfull not "ur losers" just fuck off if ur gunna say something rude n mean dont say anything at all u mother fuckers just leave us alone theyll do wat they think is best O.K.? anyway if u think u can help me and like to talk my addy is
17 Apr 2005 kc H. hey, my name is kc. my life really sucks. i am 14 but i am needing help. i have read many sites on how to kill your self and the level of difficulty it is, there are endless things. am i really ready to kill my self!!! i have made so many wrong things. i have tryed to kill myself by: cutting myself many times, hanging myself, OD on advils, or EX. i know everyone wants you drink all the time. but because of wat i have been through i will never drink. my parents found out what i have done to my self and they are thinking of getting me someone to help. you cant pay someone to help you. they have to agree. a summary of my life is: my dad got drunk alot in the summer, and he would beet me. belts, brooms his hand, anything. he favorite quote is :"kc, get me something to hit you with". ill tell anyone more if they can help me. ill help anyone if they help me, ill tell you how to kill your self. but only if i feel that you have a good reason, because if i told you how to do it, and you did then i would kill my self too, i could live with the pain. ill tell you how to go out in a bang with ending your life.

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