Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Jun 2005 jeroen my mother has a depression and me myself to although my mother has tryed it about it 10 times she still hasnt died because I think she really wants to die and me I have tried it a couple of times but Im scared but sometimes I just dont care I just want to die without pain luckily Im getting help now Im in a mental hospital btw Im 15 not under the 13 Im still not doing well but for now Im hanging in there.
21 Jun 2005 Anonamous Hi, rite k im not gna put any of your suggestions and problems down, I just want you to know.. that u mite not fink it but there will be atleast 1 person who cares and loves for u...
k well here's how my story goes..
I started being bullied when I was about 12 Iam now 15 nearli 16...
Anyway it wern't that bad to start of wid really...
but then it got a lot worse.. nd then my grandad died who had been like a dad to me.. nd i got seriously depressed nd started writing suicide letters nd stuff.. nd den i kinda got bk on track after about a yr.. nd then within this last yr i have become very depressed according to my doc!!
I have tried to kill myself quite a few times.. i have taken overdoses... walked in front of cars.. tried to strangle my self and have been a serious cutter for about 3 yrs...
When I was about3 up till about 7 I was abused by my dads ex girlfriend.. nd she wud hit me nd burn me... nd fings...
I got abused by a guy who Was one of my good mates.. nd he wud make me do fings i didnt want to....
I have now not been to skl or out of the house for over 5 months due to depression and the fact my bullies have threatened to smash my face in....
So through not goin to skl i have lost all of my mates... as they dnt understand depression properli they fink i shud just get ova it...
nyway if nyone needs to tlk to me or just wants a chat just add my msn adi it'
Plz tell me how u r feelin nd wat ur feelin lv to u all x x
17 Jun 2005 lost boy in hell i am 14 right now and i have been depressed for about 4 or 5 years, that is not that long but it has been tough. I used to cut myself and still do on occasions, i hate life and everything about it, i do want to comiit suicide and i do not. i do because life is shit, my family hates me, i dont have that many friends, i fuck up everything, i lie, i am disrespectful, i do not cuz, i do not wanna see my family suffer, i do not want to cause my dog to miss me, and i have to go cuz my stepmom is a cuntbag. THANK YOU ALL FOR LISTENING
13 Jun 2005 Sarah I cant really say what the best way is. People are different. I have been contemplating suicide every now and again. Before this year of school I was completely different. My grades were good, I loved my friends and family and I was really happy. This year I am not sure what happened. I started to feel unwanted unloved and completely destroyed inside. I felt that all of my friends hated me. So in just 5 months, I began smoking, drinking heavily, stopped caring about school and cutting. Only a few of my friends know and my parents havent found out yet. I have tried to stop all of these things but just when I made progress another bad thing would fall in front of me. I always want to inflict bodily harm on myself, because I think everyones pain is my fault and everyone would be better off without me. I am just barely over 13 so I think that it should be done the most painful way possible, because when its over, you will feel the biggest relief of your life.
11 Jun 2005 jeroen Wel my name is jeroen Im 15 now I have allot of problems at home my mother is depressed to and tries to kill herself often. Im trying to get the strength to kill myself because there are still people that love me but for people for under the 13 think good about it it's a hard decision dont do it if you have any doubts whatsoever Im thinking alot about suicide but Im also waiting to be taken in a specail hospital but it takes to long I will give it a week and if then nothing has happened. I will rip open my vains
07 Jun 2005 ryan i have this female friend who is totaly smothering me. she suffers from deppression. lets just say her name is uh.... elizabeth. thats not her real name.
she suffers from chronic deppression. she takes medication, she sees a counselor, a therapist and on and on...
i have told her countless times i dont like her and want nothing to do with her. however i know she is deppressed and i cant just completly leave her alone. afterall she has attempted suicide 4 times in the past 5 or 6 months. whats wierd is when i talk to her i start to become deppressed. has anyone out there ever been in a similar situation or have any advice for me?
07 Jun 2005 gloria galloway i am not sure where to start.

i guess it would have to be my early childhood. my father raped me until i was nine years old. finnaly my mom found out and called the cops. my dad went to prison and now my mom blames me for breaking up her wonderful marrige. so she sent me to live with her parents. she kinda went crazy. now my grandmother makes me take baths and she says i still stink after i get out of the bathtub so she washes me and actually all she does is molest me. i feel so dirty and unwanted. why cant i just have a normal life? why is all this happening to me?
i dont know what to do. i thought about just commiting suicide but that is not the right thing to do. i am scared to tell another grown up whats happening to me because they will laugh at me. or maybe they will molest me to. i am thinking about running away but i dont have anywhere to go. does anyone know what i can do? is there any body that will help me?
06 Jun 2005 Megan well 2 years ago i attempted suicide...

this is why: 5 months earlier my father and grandpa died. my friends and sister abandoned may not sound like much but i was so depressed. i failed but i wanna try again. everyday i think about how i can do it and where. everyday tho i think my mom and sis wont recover but rite now im in such a dark place..... so im thinking about commiting suicide.
06 Jun 2005 lissie ight i have serious issues..i dunno wats wrong wit me but i feel like life is so empty...i have good parents ! da best mom in da world! wats funny is dat they even supportin me an helpin me by givin me money when i need it since i dun have a almost 20 yr old an i have good friends as well...the thing about me is dat nothing really pleases me..i get bored and tired 2 quikly in wateva situation im mom jus took me to atlantic city an no joke i had 2 practically fake myself of BEING HAPPY in da sitaution. everyday is like me fakin myself as though i care about things when i dun really care about anything....if i stay home i start 2 get sad 2 quik but if i GO OUT i get TIRED OF PEOPLE way 2 offense dun get me wrong I LOVE PEOPLE...but i jus get tired way 2 quik from any situation an all i wanna do is das life lol...i think das my favorite thing 2 do...sometimes im actually shoked at da fact dat i have friends dat care 4 me AN LIKE ME...cuz im SO BORING...I DUN TALK MUCH I JUS DUN HAVE DA SOCIAL SKILLS I GUESS but im da best listener an once some1 starts a convo i can continue....but then i jus gettin annoyed of WAS DA PT OF HAVIN ME IN LIFE...I HAVE NO PERSONALITY! my friends tell me otherwise but i have no meaning in life..sometimes i feel as though i was born in2 da wrong family or something! my mom is so OUTSPOKEN..SHES ALWAYS TALKIN MAKIN JOKES...sometimes i look at her an wish i was like dat...anyways i guess wat im tryin 2 say is dat sometimes i think about DISAPPEARING OUT OF THIS WORLD! i jus wish i wasnt born lets put it dat way cuz i no some1 else in my shoes would be happier wit da things i have but i dun really care 2 much 4 things! i wish i had a gun 2 jus shoot myself 2 get rid of my "im never enjoyin life mood" because watever i do im not enjoyin myself...i hate myself an i wish i had charisma an was outspoken parents r way 2 kind an caring 2 c me dead one day if i eva do anythin...they'd probably be very shoked cuz i seem like im fine wit life an not like i say I WISH I WASNT BORN.dude maybe i need medication 2 make me hyper an actually enjoy life ...but its not like im UNHEALTHY OR SOMTHING LOL im not mental but i wish i had da energy for life cuz i seriosuly dont....IF ANY1 CAN PLEASE TALK 2 ME OR IM ME 2 GIVE ME ADVISE OR SUGGESTIONS I WOULD LOVE DAT screen name on aim is u been in my shoes, know wat im goin through, or can jus help me out wit some good advise of wat i should do lemme no cuz i dun wanna suicide but in a way i do...
04 Jun 2005 tianna(not a real name) i am pretty new to this whole suicide thing... i'm 13 and lately i have been feeling that i am unable to do anything right and that life just isn't worth it. i have considered doing many things for example i've tried slitting myself.... after about 2 times i found it didn't work. every night now i try to hang myself... and its always before i pass out that i chicken out. i want to tell people how i feel and what i have been doing but all my friends don't approve of my whole gothic back round so i hardly think that they will understand... i think that if your unhappy then why shouldn't you just end the suffering and pain... please if you think that you can help or if you need someone to talk to e-mail me
03 Jun 2005 Rachel* I am only 16. I have tried to kill my self 2 times. Once, I was only 12, foolish. I didn't even go into act with it. Then again when I was 13. I was really going to kill myself. My brother secretley raped me, he abused me. And every night I would cry myself to sleep. Not knowing what to do, I felt scared and alone. And then my sister ran away, she was my only best friend, and that just made manners worse. I wrote a suicide note. I wrote a paragraph to every person that meant something to me. I suggest this to do before you commit suicide. Then it was 3 AM, and I was planning to kill my self that night, I opened the bottle of pills, and then thought " do I really want to die like this, isnt there a better solution? " And I chikened out. It resulted in not suicide, but me cutting myself. Numerous times I would slash open my wrist's. Then my mom found out on day and sent me to a Mental Institute. I guess things have been a little bit better.

But the answer to the question. What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 ? Is to not kill your self. But if you really want to, and your serious. 20 sleeping pills. 10 wont do it and 15 will just make you sick. Email me if you need help. Please make true good decidions. God and I love you.

P.S. A different name was used.
02 Jun 2005 some whore i live in the bronx. my dad put me on the streets as a hooker and now i have AIDS.

i am afraid to die like that so i want to kill myself. someone please write me and tell me how to do it painless lee.

i am serious. please dont write me and try to talk me out of it or tell me i am a horrible person. i just want to end it painlessly.
31 May 2005 a person I have been suicidal for a few months now & I dont know what to do. The first time I looked at this page it made me feel loads better knowing that there were people with worse lives than me and so I dont really have a right to feel suicidal. I think the best solution is to jump out a window. I am 10 and I have 2 living hells: 1 at home where I sometimes feel no one likes me anymore and 1 at school where I get bullied. Sometimes I really want 2 kill myself and sometimes I dont. No clue what to do. I have told my brother but asked him not to tell my parents. Someone, HELP. Should I ask my brother to tell my parents? I have to go now. Someone, tell me what to do!
30 May 2005 Jen um...ok. well im 15 n wana know if you can OD on paracetamol?? if you know then please mail me. im planning to commit suicide in a few days(on thursday) n im not quite sure on how to do it yet. im kinda leaning towards jumping out infront of a train but if the paracetamol will work ill do that. please email me people! asap!
29 May 2005 my life is over my life is over. i want to die.

i cannot believe what my parents have done. at night i walk to my parents bedroom door and listen in and crack the door open and spy on them. ussually they are having sex which i like to watch cuz my mom is pretty but the other night i heard them talking about collecting the life insurance money after they kill my grandmother. i was so shocked i gasped for a breath. my dad heard me and swung open the door in a rage snatched me up by the arm and told me if i told anyone they wood take out a life insurance policy on me and kill me too. well, my grandmother was killed three days ago. they made it look like an accident. the cops even think it was an accident. my parents told me today, see we can make it look like an accident so dont tell anyone or we will kill you.

if there is anyone out there who can help me please email me. i am afraid they are going to kill me anyway.
i am only nine years old and am afraid i am going to be killed by my parents.
29 May 2005 Janet I really don't know. I've been trying since I was 11 and I'm 14 now. I just got out of the hospital for sucide and being a cutter. I still cut, I don't drink anymore and I hardly ever do drugs anymore. I still am depressed and my parents always wonder why I'm so mad. They kind of put me in the hospital by there actions, but not taking me to a srink, I ended up in the hospital. So I blame them for this. I am in a constant state of depression and if I'm not writting I'm cutting. so I really can't answer your question,but I really don't think it's something you can play with.
27 May 2005 P.D hey everybody... most people will never get a chance to read this ever... expecially the people who matter. ive been scuicidal since my first sexual experience... it was christmas holidays and i never thought of doing anything with a girl, it didnt even cross my mind (i was a 16 yr old virgin). Next thing u kno we were partying with these girls.. and everybody was making out and havin a good time... cept me... eventually a girl noticed that i was kinda down... and without reason started to kiss me... the night dragged on and i found her in my bed... i didnt have sex with her or anything.. we just made out... i was hella afraid of what shed think of my 5.5 inch (thingie). The next day i asked her out.... and she told me she didnt want a boyfriend.... two days later she was dating my friend... i asked her about it and all she was said was "FUCK, I just wanted to get laid man".... i literally flipped out and wrecked everything in our house.. my brother had to hold me down so i wouldnt hurt myself... my parents made me see these docters who gave me pills.. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE... there like uhhh ya... here are sum pills that will make u uhhhh dizzy and ull just want to fucking kill yurself wearing a goddamn smile... thus the walking in on other people haveing intercourse just fucked me right up... what bad luck, 5 occasions of witnessing your friends fuck since they were 16 and your now 18 drives u insane!!!! WHY CANT I BE IN LOVE?! WHY CANT I MAKE LOVE TO A WOMAN!? AM I JUST TOO THIN AND SCRAWNY?!......
than i met a girl.. she asked me to graduation... she had a boyfriend already and i was SOOO in love with her.. we got along like a perfect match! she told me that if her and her boyfriend werent going out or ever broke up that itd b me shed start to date... hahahahaa wow... i fell for it too. She ditched me 4 days b4 my grad... she broke up with her boyfriend the day b4 grad too.... and she instantly started dating another guy... well... ive tryed to kill myself once... i tell myself every other minuit of every day that i will do it... im now currently in love with the most beautiful girl in the world!!! inside and out!! she flirts with me so much and uses me just like any other girl!! she has a boyfriend tho... she just fuckin taunts me... she knows she can have me at anytime but she just toys me around!!! IM SO FUCKING ANGRY AT HER!!! but im so in love..... i dont want to die i really dont.... but i feel like its the only way to releive an unseen tension... i should knock on her door and shoot myself in the face when she opens the door.... PLEASE HELP ME ANYBODY!!! IM FROM ALBERTA CANADA AND I REALLY NEED HELP!! THIS IS A DESPERATION CALL!! I MIGHT HURT MYSELF!!!!!!

Please i need real help from someone with experience's similar to mine or dealking with the same mental issues.

25 May 2005 Kriss Well, my pregnant fiancee left me this weekend and slept with another man while I was asleep in the same room. I was already seriously depressed, but I've attempted suicide twice this weekend alone. I'm 20 years old and I've now attemped suicide 20 times. As if I wasn't depressed enough, it turns out I'm even a failure at suicide. I have no hope left, no family left and nobody who cares. I just need a way out that definitely can't fail. If I had a gun, I'd use it. I have no life, no fiancee and I'll never get to see my child grow up.

Does anybody have ANY suggestions of how to end it all? I'll do anything.

And before anyone tries suggesting the religion thing, I'm a minister. I've tried it, it hasn't helped.
25 May 2005 Breyanna Marie I heard about this website from my friend Amanda. Anyways I've cut my arms before until they were numb, O'D on pills, Tried to starve myself, Which starving myself really didn't work because you just get dizzy and my parents took me to the hospital. Yeah, I have to admit, sometimes I really want to die because I feel like there is no purpose for me here in this world. I'm just scared of Hell. I always ask my parents if there is such thing as God or Jesus or Satin. They always tell me yes. But I always wonder if those people exist then why do we go through so much pain? I always tell everyone that if it wasn't for being scared of hell I would have killed myself allready. Last year my parents made me see a counsler because I would always threaten to kill myself. I want to sooo bad but then when I think about it, I would miss the whole rest of my life ahead of me. Which I care about way to much! I mean c'mon I'm only 13 years old. But yea. Anyone want to talk? Just add me @ L8er!
23 May 2005 rocky hey well im back and not in the best of shape. i dont know wat has happened i have these bad thoughts. guess wat every body is plotting against me. i swear the most close people to me are plotting against me. they are not talking to me the way they used to and then i think that they will try the im so concerned about you joke. i dont understand wats going on in my head things just dont seem right any more. i know other friends who say stuff like this and i tell them that they have so many things to live for because they do. i dont i mean i have found god and thats all good but like we all have a purpose and once we have done our purpose for god we die. i believe that i am just a lession for everybody else. then i kill myself. like suicide must be in some way part of gods plan. one of the prophets did their work for god realised it was bad and prayed to god to take his life and that is a form of suicide. i pray that god takes my life. its not running away from life when god has taken it . if god has planned everything then he has planned all our death and how it happens. so to die is one awesome thing when you believe that you will be with god forever. im so sad but i try not to let it show. im a lession from which learn from and build their character and give them stenghth i wont to help people so much and everytime i try its like hitting a brick wall. pray that god takes my life so that no body else can get hurt from me. i dont wont to hurt people for some reason it just happens and i am sorry. death is my last adventure i live near the train station and well i think thats my way to go. god moved me there and thats where i will stay on the middle of the tracks so bye within the next two weeks i'll be gone. i hope and think.

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