Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Jul 2005 megan i'm megan truesdell and i'm 12 years old, i have tried commiting suicid when i was 11.
and i know that life can be hard, and it will probably forever be, but who knows, it may just get better...
if you need someone to talk to about ANYTHING just emai me at
26 Jul 2005 helena a.k.a KORN hi. i've been depress for so long. and i 'm gonna be 14 yrs. old. and i 'm thinkin' of wishing that i would die.and it's all my FUCKEN brother's fault! he always get his way and turn my parents against me. and he always makes sure i suffer.i've been trying to suicide myself but someone alway gets in the way. if any1 have anythin to say. plz e-mail me. and plus the e-mai adress is my dad's. and i'm reely matters. like that reely matters. n-e wayz. plz e-mail me.
26 Jul 2005 a.k.a KORN SLIT WRIST

and i think it is.if you have anything to say plz feel free to e-mail me.

p.s my e-mail has my dad's name. so i'm a gurl.
26 Jul 2005 james my sis gets every thing i get fuck all for her birth day she got £300 pounds and for my birth day i got 1 card of my dad with a 10.00 note and she gets about 18 cards at least with £20.00 note in each i just whant to fuckig get shot right in the head life is fucking shit my scool is shit as well bovington middel school that shold get blowen up iv gvot no freinds
26 Jul 2005 jessie hi, when i started school i was always the main target for bulling. everyday they would slam my fingers into their lockers and lock them, beat the shit out of me and leave me there to die. what i hated most was school and home so i really had no where to hide. some people migth say dont you cry alot then acually no i really dont cry only like once in a great while. cuase my famliy was rasied not to cry cuase it will show others that your weak. Then the teachers started abusing me. and my father just got off doing drugs wich i dont really belive he did. sometime my father comes home drunk and beats my mother. what is a girl to do when you have no hope al all? and is it weird i hate people who pitty my past and presen? I really dont like preps is that a bad thing? thanks for your time..
25 Jul 2005 Ryan death still feels like my only option
23 Jul 2005 sinthia When I think of killing myself I think of hell. I have tried killing myself 5 times by cutting my rist. There is to much pressure on me. I have to have the grades and be the best at atthelitics. People think I am so happy , But I am not. Please anybody hear do not try to kill yourself. Take deppression pills. Who am I to tell you. Think of your friends and family.
23 Jul 2005 a.k.a KORN hi. i'm going to be 14 soon and i've been depressed for at least 9 yrs. and hoping to have a dead end in my life. it's so FUCK up! i just want to fucking slip a knive through me body and die.

Slit Wrist
You probably wont
suceed in killing
yourself,but deep
down you dont want to
probably feel unloved
and just want attention.
If you are willing to go
to this extreme then you
obviously deserve that
attention.You probably cut
yourself and think that death
is beautiful

and i think it is. if any1 has anything to say plz email me
17 Jul 2005 Heather I thought life sucked when I was 13, but its only gotten worse. I don't care what anyone says, right now I would be better off dead - aka moving to the other side. I would be much happier there. How do I know this? I've been studying the afterlife for a VERY long time and I am 99% sure of what I know of it.
My journey to this hell we call earth started out rather nicely and was all down hill from there. I'm poor, hungry, very intelligent but no money for college, my mother was murdered two years ago, my recent boyfriend dissapeared off the face of the earth, my family consists mainly of meth-heads and born again christians, I'm beautiful but have chronic depression in which I have to maintain zoloft each day w/out having an 'episode', I ran out of health insurance so I can't afford zoloft.
And, I want to join the military, but they won't accept me because of my depression.

As far as the choices of suicide, I'd rather it look like an accident.

1. Cutting/stabbing/shooting - no, too messy and obvious.
2. drugs - bad reputation for suicide attempts
3. getting hit by a vehicle - too messy, dumb way to die
4. jumping off - too messy
5. Electrocution - Seems to be the most effective method. I might just happen to be listening to my fav cd when the stereo falls in the tub.
16 Jul 2005 claire I have always wanted 2 die and b able 2 b by myself away from every1! i took an overdose on paracetomal, it didnt work i waz just sent to hospital over nite tols it culd hurt my liver and had a row 4 being so selfish and dull wen i got home!( i wuldnt even waste ur time on paracetomal) I will find a way to kill mself so i no longer ave to put up with the feeling of lonliness and the feeling of not being wanted by ur own parents! so if any1 culd help plz emali me
16 Jul 2005 in total darkness six feet under OK, im only 15, and yet iv tried to kill myself too many times to count, and with no availl. im tired of this world treating me the way it does, i was beaten and abused for 7 years by my own schoolmates, it got so bad that i changed schools and moved, ive also had serous depression since ii was about 8 years old. sometimes i cut myself to see just how much it bleeds, that pain helps to make me forget all my other problems. im tired of living, its really over rated, people only focus on the good things, and not on the bad thhings, which usually greatly outweigh the good. no one really relizes what true pain really is till they loose all that makes them happy, so that all they have to focus on is the bad. try never having anything good to block out the bad. the only thing that ever made me happe was my girlfriend, but we broke up. and now theres nothing, nothing to keep me sane. people dont ever really relize how they affect you with there hate, not till ur gone, and they have to think back on what they did to you, and how they affecte you, and visa-versa. ive become acostome to keeping my emotions all bottled up inside, and never letting them out till i finally just snap, which has happend on occasion. no one ever really takes me serously, or understands my problems, not till they get slapped in the face by the real truth. the truth is never pretty, but in any case people deserve to know.
14 Jul 2005 lindsay parent im so depressed and i cant get out of it and i think im at the end of my rope dont know where to go or who to turn to oh well i dont care anymore
12 Jul 2005 Randyer Evereyone is dieing around me everey week and i cant take the pressure but i am 17 and i say life is just a waste of my time lol.

i just cant stand it anymore i have tried hanging myself but someone cut me down cunts,Jumping of a bridge but only broke my legs,i might try to get HIV because people say that you can die within just a couple of years but i dont want years i want now.

My other option was to join the ira and hope someone would kill me.

If you can give me advise then fill free to contact me.

11 Jul 2005 brittany well, i dont really have to do it my parents try every day ! one time it was with a pillow but i guess they find it more amusing to just make my life miserable and the thing is they srent even my parents im living with my step monster and her new husband my dad is in iraq and my mom died when i was seven! so i guess when i do it i will probably just either shoot insulin into my veins its the perfect way if you want to keep every one guessing for a while or at least until they find the suicide note under the bed , why you might ask becuz it is untraceable and without a suicide note it is named an unexplained death or death by natral causes!!hahahahaha that will get them back!!!
10 Jul 2005 candi hi.i am 13,turned it on 9th july.i h8 mylife and have tried killing myself in many different ways but i still find myself here and i dont feel much me u can try but it dont work.i have cut my wrist,hit myself,starved myself and tryed drowning myself.i ave also tried taking an overdose of drugs but the only place i found myself wos not hell or heaven but in bed trying to wake up.i wanna die still and doing any of them fings did not help me in 1 slightest way.
I did all these due to the fact my mum and dad r going mental at me and blaming me 4 head of year is bein a twat because this girl beat me up and he thinks its me.i had to stop loaning my pony and i rele miss him.miss him more than any1 could uncle who is my closest relitive is traveling the world and i rele miss him and this girl at scool is being nasty to me 4 no reason.also i am goin throught though times at the minuite due 2 moving scools and havin 2 leave all ma m8s say its stupid and try stoppin me and if u have m8s like mine then i would go with wot they say.last night i wos thinking of hanging myself or jumping out of ma window at my bedroom onto something sharp.i had a serious talk with ma m8s and they told me it wos fuckin i agree.i look at my arms and legs finking these scars are neva gonna go away and i am stuck with them 4 the rest of my life.dont c the world now c it as the future!!!!its alot betta trust me.and u guys out there plz stop cos it is totaly not worth it.
03 Jul 2005 madz bak again, after spendin da past 2 hrs readin responses from diff ppl, it makes me wonder y so many young ppl r unhappy....sum1 fuked our lives up sumwhere...sumfin's wrong wit this fukin judgemental society...and wit ppl in general (the ones who think life is gr8 coz they get everything they want wen eva they want)

y is it we let ppl hurt us n effect our live...n fuk up our lives so badly...4 sum ppl its our family members, or "friends", or sumtimes bullies or even random ppl we don't really know...its not fair...the way they voilate us n hurt us wen they feel like it...leavin us wit da scars

I cant believe i actually let my fukin father effect my life...he did it again n i couldnt take it last nite i made my 1st suicide attempt...i tried to hang myself but i got made me feel even more hopeless that i couldnt even kill myself - all i want 2 do is end my life...simple...but it didnt fukin work

y cant ppl just leave me alone 2 die...i was happy wen i was dyin...i think it was the best i've felt in ages..but no...that was ruined n now i just want 2 know a way 2 die that will b quick n ensure that no1 will catch me (b4 its done)

so...plez...if u hav n answer plez plez plez plez plez plez plez e-mail ( me or talk 2 me on msn coz i need ur help so bad.
30 Jun 2005 ~*~Me~*~ hey,im 14 years old and i have been depressed 4 a year all started when i got diagnosed with rheumatic a heart disease and it was about 2 years ago my parents fellt so bad 4 they hate me what ever i do make a lil mastake i get hit abused emotionally and physically and im tired of it!!my heart problems got worse an i go to see the doctor any more that cuzz my parents don giva a fuck if i die of stay alive..i wana commit suicide but i don kno how??when i get depreseed i cut my wrists hoping i would get better but it always seems to get worse..i also lost a very good friend that i could tell everything and now i don talk to no one i have no friend i feel like every one has turned doen on me..i need to kill myself its the only was i can cope with that pain but i dont kno how to so ppl please if u have any thing to say e-mail me!!
29 Jun 2005 Anthony I have beeen depressed for a bout seven years now and have had many thoughts about suicide.
i am seeking good psycological help and if anyone would be kind enough to email me and let me know where some can be found i would travel even to another continent to seek the help.
28 Jun 2005 madz hey everyone...things just got worse dad took me to my guitar lesson tonite n we were at the traffic lights n he put his hand on my knee...I WANTED TO HIT HIM...TO KILL HIM...i just moved ova...HE HAS NO RIGHT TO TOUCH ME...i have made my decision on how to handle time he touchs me im goin to kill him...then b4 i get goin 2 kill myself...n i do this by hangin myself...seems like tha best way to do it coz i know where to find a rope...
but i dont want anyone to ever concider doin this...
word of warning...when u slit ur takes up 2 4 hours be4 u plz dont leave like that...its not worth tha pain
28 Jun 2005 DYING EVERY DAY every day i want to go, but i can't decide how, i come here for an answer and what? nothing! just tell me how so i can go, drug addiction is the worse i'm tired of sucking the devils dick let me go let me go let me go

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