Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Aug 2005 Will Snow It is me after a long time. Well my best friend will be moving away soon, to be with his new b/f and im gonna miss him so badly. I cant cope with it and im so desperate to end my life. You probably think im mad. well im 42, yep. but ive had enough.................
12 Aug 2005 Sophie i waant to die, im confused mums trying to make me get councelling, it wont work, i cut myself and she found out and shes making me, im not going to leave my name, lets just say its sophie, bye, please write back on this site and help me, please...please...please..
11 Aug 2005 depressed (yep its me agen) i reaaaaaally need to talk to someone or i will do it pretty soon, please....please someone help me...
11 Aug 2005 depressed please email me im 12 and i need help i just want to talk 2 sum1 plz
11 Aug 2005 zoe i hate this world it sucks it fucking sucks my life is gay i was 11 11 when i wanted to commit suicide i mean omd(oh my dog)11 im now 12 and still wanna nothing helps the only reason i cant do it is coz i dont wanna stab myself and i cant get hold oof poisen or a gun. so if u can help me plz do im so fucking deppressed i cry myself to sleep most nights thats how fucking gay my life is my dad swears at me my sister teases my im always hurting myself and now my best friends wants to commit suicide i mean holy shit my life is fucking shit and i cant run away coz i dont no who ill go to and my friends parents probly wont take me in so i got no fucking family in perth there all in belgium it sucks hey when im on da eiffel tower which will be soon ill fling myself off it that a good idea i think so...
11 Aug 2005 a depressed kid Reading about all these other ppls problems make me feel a little better but i still fell like a idiotic ass hole. I have been considering suicide for some time now and this is why... Im a fauked up 13 year old boy who everyone hates. I have no freinds whatsover and never have. Im the nerd at school and everyone hates me. My girl freind just dumped me and all other girls hate me. I want to end my life but not sure how. Im thinking of jumping in front of a train itd be painless at least. .... I need some serious help.... Could someone like message me on runescape im areyadeadyet and in serious need of mental help or someone to talk to.. Please help me with my screwy life!?
05 Aug 2005 zineb ben, moi aussi j'ai 13ans et je cherche la plus belle façon pour me suicider. mais celle que je veux faire c'est la noyade, car je trouve que mourir dans l'eau est mieux que sur terre l'endroit que je déteste le plus au monde.
04 Aug 2005 tourniquet(last time i spelled it wrong) i've already put a post on here recently. so i have a friend who i tell everything to ... and she has it really hard ... family problems mostly but when i tell her how i feel she starts going on about how have nothing wrong in my life. and she reminds me every fucking time adn i'm sick of it. i already know that i'm a bitch and i don't need my best friend reminding me everytime i try talking to her... and the sad thing is i can only talk to her ... no one else and i mostly try not to mention anything about it but its getting harder and harder and i really feel if i don't tell someone soon i would probably explode. i know that that sounds so over dramatic.
04 Aug 2005 Lauren Life sucks for me living in a foster home knowing u dont belong anywere in life. I was gonna commit sucide but my brother Blaine he was there and i couldnt get out the thought what it would do to him so i held back know he did because he was hit by a drunk driver so that now makes me wanna die more to be w/ him. All i do in the world is take up space and air i know no one wants me in life. Maybe my friends do they no i cut myself to die they try to help but i just wont i wanna be w/ the only one ive ever loved my blaine i dont care what people think or say anymore about the last three times i tried to kill myself but my bf stopped me well he was the one who made me believe in myself and love myself and actual made me feel wanted now hes gone and im living in project chicago in a cement tunnel do anything for money and food every day is a fight to survive and i dont wanna fight anymore so please someone at least try to help my sn is cheerchic9036223 and thats also my e~mail
03 Aug 2005 toureniquet ok recently i've been feeling worse then normal, and i've taken a few tests and on 90 % of them it says that i have serious depression... and i know that i should see a docter but i cant do that without telling my mom and even if i did tell my mom she wouldn't believe me. and i really don't have many friends that would even believe.
02 Aug 2005 Brian Marsh I just had a good look in the mirror and am now contemplating suicide. My life is such a freakin joke. one of my friends who helped me out tremendously in life by taking me out to find a job and then buying me things like ciggerettes and coffee and meals at resturaunts when i was staying at a homeless shelter after i got out of prision and my mom wouldnt let me stay at her house because i am a total freakin loser and everything i touch turns to a heaping pile of fresh steamy dung(like a computer full of viruses or a phone). any way back to my friend. i started going out with his younger sister who is way younger than me too. well to make a long story short i betrayed his trust by stealing from him and going thru his belongings while he wasnt in the house and when i was caught i coulnt even be a man about it and admit i was wrong so i lied and lied some more to cover up my lies. and his sister lied for me and now i divided my friend and his sister probably for a long time if not for life. i am so deppressed over this matter. i am seriously contemplating suicide.
01 Aug 2005 cathrina fernandez im exactly 13 going on 14 in september! i hate living i lost my sister and my father i fell in love with a guy named noel which i think is dead right now beacuse i have talked to him in two days i try thinking of ways to kill my self but i dont want to make it painfull !! give me some ideas !!
30 Jul 2005 graeme I am 43 and planning suicide as i HAVE NO FRIENDS OR anybody to talk to please help I just want to die
30 Jul 2005 helena a.k.a KORN if any can give me any advice plz e-mail me. death seems to be the only answer to me.plz e-nsil me ppl!
28 Jul 2005 megan i'm megan truesdell and i'm 12 years old, i have tried commiting suicid when i was 11.
and i know that life can be hard, and it will probably forever be, but who knows, it may just get better...
if you need someone to talk to about ANYTHING just emai me at
26 Jul 2005 helena a.k.a KORN hi. i've been depress for so long. and i 'm gonna be 14 yrs. old. and i 'm thinkin' of wishing that i would die.and it's all my FUCKEN brother's fault! he always get his way and turn my parents against me. and he always makes sure i suffer.i've been trying to suicide myself but someone alway gets in the way. if any1 have anythin to say. plz e-mail me. and plus the e-mai adress is my dad's. and i'm reely matters. like that reely matters. n-e wayz. plz e-mail me.
26 Jul 2005 a.k.a KORN SLIT WRIST

and i think it is.if you have anything to say plz feel free to e-mail me.

p.s my e-mail has my dad's name. so i'm a gurl.
26 Jul 2005 james my sis gets every thing i get fuck all for her birth day she got £300 pounds and for my birth day i got 1 card of my dad with a 10.00 note and she gets about 18 cards at least with £20.00 note in each i just whant to fuckig get shot right in the head life is fucking shit my scool is shit as well bovington middel school that shold get blowen up iv gvot no freinds
26 Jul 2005 jessie hi, when i started school i was always the main target for bulling. everyday they would slam my fingers into their lockers and lock them, beat the shit out of me and leave me there to die. what i hated most was school and home so i really had no where to hide. some people migth say dont you cry alot then acually no i really dont cry only like once in a great while. cuase my famliy was rasied not to cry cuase it will show others that your weak. Then the teachers started abusing me. and my father just got off doing drugs wich i dont really belive he did. sometime my father comes home drunk and beats my mother. what is a girl to do when you have no hope al all? and is it weird i hate people who pitty my past and presen? I really dont like preps is that a bad thing? thanks for your time..
25 Jul 2005 Ryan death still feels like my only option

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