Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Oct 2005 Joanne I hate life I am always depressed I might wake up in the morning and be happy and then i just become sad and I cry for no reason I just reflect back on my life and feel like shit I have good friends but everyhting they say to me makes me feel depressed even when they say something like you have a bit of dirt on your face so i go to the toilets and cry to myself my family gangs up on me at times and i get blamed for everything I try so hard to stop myself from doing something stupid cause maybe in a few years i will feel better becaus eas i red earlier lots of people have this problem at this age but it hurts and it makes me feel really bad i feel like none loves me everwhere i go i just see hate I dont want to die so i guess i am really looking for advice to help me not do it but this is th eonly website i could find
02 Oct 2005 ela I can`t live anymore.So if someone knows a way that is quick and doesn`t hurt so musc, please tell me! NOW!
02 Oct 2005 Greg I don't really want to die, but I can't continue living like this much longer. Man is my lifa a mess, and the fucking anxiety is overwhelming. I have panic attacks and deep depression. Just plagued with hopelessness.

What I need is medication. I am experiencing anxiety so severe I can't function. I started seeing a counselor 3 weeks ago, but I cannot find a doctor that I can afford. I'm unemployed and the anxiety is so bad I can't hardly look for a job. I would drive 200 miles in a heartbeat if I could just get an appointment. I've made dozens of phone calls with no luck. I guess I'll just have to scrape up 200 bucks and go see someone.

I've been obsessed with suicide for a few months now. I really do hate myself, and this world too.

I can only think of 2 acceptable ways of doing suicide so far:

1. Gun in my mouth, which requires buying a gun. If I do this I will go far away and do it deep in the woods somewhere.

2. Just today I thought of this. Take several sleeping pills to ensure a deep sleep, then park my car in an enclosed place. Kick back and read a book until I start dozing, then start the car and leave the engine running. Problem here is I don't know where to park, since I don't have a garage.

Slicing my wrists is out of the question I think. Way to gory and messy. I would have to lay there in the bathtub and watch all that blood squirting while I wait to die.

I wish I could get my hands on a lethal substance such as arsenic, or potassium cyanide.

I need to find a suicide forum. I need some advice on how to do this.
30 Sep 2005 lolly hi im 13 nd im reli lonely and iv been bullyed ever since school i admit im in the popular crowd in school but dat dosnt help matters these 2 boyz r bullyin me atm nd i can stand it im slittin mi wrists nd if i had the gutz i wuld commite sucide mi friends dont relise how i feel i cover it up to them nd the one i love fukin h8z me what do u do some1 help me plz add me
24 Sep 2005 candice hi its candice ,i havent been on in a long time....well anyway ill get to the point,the csa is involved now, cuz i wanted my friends t leave me house but they would so i took 3 pills 1 hour later they left,and 1 hour n a half later the cops show up at my door they said that they called n i took 12 pills THAT WAS BULL SHIT so now i cant be left alone anymore i fucking hate them all.....I wish everyone will just leave me alone....I cant take it anymore.... anyway i seriously need to talk to someone so anyone want to talk? just add me
22 Sep 2005 shud i die? hi everybody,am 18.jus 2day, I had this very desire to finish myself by hanging. I've always wanted to suicide because of familial problem, n even emotional ones..I was abused wen I was very young, yet I forgave that person just to live n let live.Then, everyone I've loved has gone far away from me (death,gone abroad,betrayed). I had a circle of frens, n each n everyone of my frens left me.My sister n brother, whom I luv a lot, left me for abroad...n am alone, here, with my aged parents.I saw many violent sights in my life, due to wich am quite traumatised. My grandma n granpa died...they used to care so much for me...even I was separated from my aunty, who brought me up from birth till I was 9...n then, weneva I had a crush on sum1, my luv or infatuation(woteva) was so reciprocated..n finally, I luvd a guy..we wer together for 3 yrs..we shared so many intimate moments..he was my life, everything to me. He used to be my hope to live...I had so many dreams, but he left me for another gurl, swore at me so much, n put a slur on my character..I was always sincere to everyone. I made mistakes too, but I rectified them. I fell very guilty for havin luvd my bf so that he isnt here, I dunt feel like living. I live with my loneliness, and it's so true that SILENCE IS THE ONLY FRIEND WHO NEVER BETRAYS..that's y, i feel like dying..I have my exams in 1 month, but i cant even revise..I kip on getting depressed gradually. I wish for death so much..just like u all, I wonder y God hates me so much..I've seen positive sides too, but only wen I was wid my bf..d prob is dat, even if sumday he wants to patch up, I cant accept him, coz he's hurt me verbally a pains too much.n wen i fink dat the person I had truly luvd so much has left me alone, i cant live..I dunno if there's any good moments ahead, n i dunno if i'll liv to see them. shud I die bkoz my bf has left me?
21 Sep 2005 hemanth i dont want this life please help me please.i want to dye with out pain .that normal death should like norm,al death.please help me please help me help me
19 Sep 2005 Chloe I want to kill myself NOW! I'm in love and i dumped my boyfriend for a boy, but now i regret it. My mates h8 me because of it, what is the point in living? I'm 11 and i wanna die. I'm gonna try overdose but if that dont workthen ill stab myself, any peaceful sugestions get back to me!
18 Sep 2005 Katie When I was 13 I was cutting my wrists and overdosing on pain killers and vodka. I'm now 18 and still cutting. Honestly if you find the best way to die, please let me know. I'm still interested.
16 Sep 2005 Jonathan I am 38, and I feel that my wife and my kids would be better off without me and with the life insurance $$ than they would be with me aand the way things are now. I really can't take much more. Every day I wish the heart attack would just come already, because I know its coming from the stress anyway
15 Sep 2005 Tai i am 17 and i want to die. The problem is i am scared of doing and sometime i am not sure.. i am still waiting for life to get better and maybe my parents to take me to a doctor.. but they wont...they dont belive i have problems .. they think its teenage thing.. its not ... my boyfriends of 2 yrs and i are takeing a brake but he still treats me as if he loves me... i am so confused.. since i hav spent so much time with him ... i have lost touch with all my other friends and somehow i cant regain it.. i feel like i cant talk to any body how i feel cuz they would just laugh it off...if u know of a painless and certain way to kill ur self please email me... i am scared of death but i am even more scared to live... cuz life for me will not get better....i have anger problems so i will always push people away from me... and no one will even try to get help for me and i am too young to do please
15 Sep 2005 lolly have u ever felt like every1 around you dosnt give a shit about you nd they jst agree wid u nd hug u bt reli dey dont mean fukin any of it dey jst fink ur pafetik nd ugly etc etc well datz wat i feel at the moment nd i h8 it nd i havnt got to the stage of commitin sucide but i mite some1 plz help me or talk 2 me
13 Sep 2005 Amy I've been cutting since I was in the 7th grade. I would sit in my room crying...and cutting. I never got the never had the curage to Push hard into my arm.. until now. I've come so close..and realized.. that maybe i dont wanna die. I think about what would happen when my heart stops beating, and all the systems in my body shut off. I mean I could get away with it.. like noone would fine me until hours after... but its the feeling that youre letting everyone down..and risking other peoples lives. You may think that if you cut..and die from it..that your friends wont go do the same thing..your wrong. 4 of my friends have been in the hospital for cutting..and i continue to do it.

but once you get so far.. you realize, that maybe you have a little left to live for, and that little goes a long way.
I got so close tonight.. i thought of all the negative things in my life.. forgetting about those few select positve things in my life.

Life will always be hard. There are no short cuts in life.(Thats what my teahcer always says.)

As you become a teenager youre gonna hate life.. and suicide isn't the way to go. I mean.. look whos talking, i know.. thats probably what youre saying..
I know for a fact i will continue to cut. Its the person i've made myself to be.
I've seen friends comitee suicide.. and it hurts everyone around you.. no matter what you say or think.
its become an addiction. I can stop myself 1/3 times...but thats not enough.

People say that cutting isn't a form of suicide..and I agreed to that because I didn't want to believe that I may end up committing suicide.. but in the long run it is.

I just needed to write to someone other than myself..and i was kinda sick of writing suicide notes.. so yeah
13 Sep 2005 ... i have a question.... my friend slit her wrists once... and now she's having problems at school .. she's stopped slitting, but she still gets dirty looks at school and no one seems to understand .. how can she hide the cuts on her wrists? besides wearing long sleeves...
09 Sep 2005 a person with problems ummm i found this site looking for a way to kill myself.... and im just so sad and alone, but you have helped me i have read and even emailed a few of you... and id like you to know that you saved my life (at least for another day) i am sitting here at my desk and i have my suicide note here and im just so sad.... so if anyone would take there time out to email me and mabey just talk (over email) it would help so much... im just so fucking alone i have no friends and me and my family have problems (i really think they all hate me) just please... i need to talk
08 Sep 2005 Ray I am 17 years old ,and I live with my mom. I been in foster care along with my 2 brothers sence I was 4 years old ,because my parents got a devorce. Well, my dad last year tried to commit a murder suicide on his new wife ,because she was trying to screw him out of everything. Now I live with my real mom who is a asshole out the world. She makes me feel as if things were my fualt. She is a complete ass to me because I do things diffently then her. She blames me for being the way she is ,as in the way she looks. I am tired of her blaming me ,and dealing with her crap. I want her to feel my pain. I want her to know it was her fualt I died. I want to let everyone know what she has done to me. She left me and my brothers at someones house and told them to tell the cops she abandoned us so she could put us in foster care. She screwed up my life. I just wanted to know what would be the best way to die and make her feel how I feel. I want her to know she made me do it.
08 Sep 2005 Kayla This is not really an answer either, but I have also been thinking about suicide and tried once at a friend's house, she tried too. Neither of us wanted to die alone.... it didn't work though because her mom showed up early and we had to puke up the muscle relaxers. I beleive those would've worked since we each popped about 25 muscle relaxers. I am 13 and only started cutting and thinking about suicide after I fell in love with this guy who is 14... then he said it wouldn't work because I live too far away... I live only about 20 miles away...but we go to different schools. It hurt me a lot and I just kept telling myself if I bled, he would see how much he means to me and he would come back into my life. I guess a lot of people think about suicide when they lose something or someone so important to them. Family and friends have no idea that I have suicidal plans, but soon enough they will. And the guy I gave my heart to will also see... so i have a question of my own.... does anyone know any ideas to include in a suicide note that will really get to him? Something that will make him realize how much I loved him.... and I will until I die. Email me*
07 Sep 2005 Ash This isn't actually an answer to the forum, but I do have a question.I was born with an illness and I'm in pain and hurting as I type this; actually. Th epain is unbearbale and I was suicidal when I was 13 being 19yrs old now I'm lucky to have evn gotten this far with my illness..I have been discriminated against, bullied, abused, yelled-and screamed at...people frequently use me as their puching bag and their escape-gote. I'm actually not tired of that..I'm tired of my illness..I'm tired of hurting and being in pain and not having any friends because people laugh at me because I carry an oxygen tank with me since I can't breathe to good on my own..I have tons of narcotics in my medicine cabinet that would do it on the spot..though the problem is I have such a high-tolerance to medications that if I took 13 or 17 pills I would be fine..
Any suggestions?
04 Sep 2005 Melissa Wow, I dunno why i'm writing here. I'm crying. I hate myself. I really, really hate myself and yet I like being alive and I hate it too. My world is just one big confussion! I am never one way or the other, I am both and I HATE IT SO MUCH. I used to cut myself, I started smoking. But I stopped, for a VERY good reason. My boyfriend. He is the best thing in the world and I love him more than anything. He helped me stop. But howcome I still hate being here. I still hate living and EVERY FUCKING DAY i want to cut myself again. But I cant cos I love him to much and I promised I wouldnt. Now my family are arriving home. WHY CANT THEY STAY AWAY. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!!!!
04 Sep 2005 Jessica I'm turning 14 in a little less than a month. This entire summer I have been agonizing, sitting around, watching my 11 year old sister get called by all her little friends watch them play around.

Last year I was bullied, kids would come up to me and tell me I'm a slut or they'd make a website of me and in the pictures section they'd draw male parts on me.

Everynight I'd go home from school crying, I'd lock myself inside my closet and scratch my forhead, HARD. I had a gash about 1 inch deep after one night.
I'm currently taking the maroon "horse-sized" pill, as someone stated earlier. It does nothing.

Last summer as well I was in the hospital for sick children nearly every day, because it was either the cuts, or the drinking. I had started drinking because I thought that it would numb the pain.

School is starting Tuesday and I have no idea what I'm going to do. I was sitting there watching a dance video with my mom and her friends, they kept saying oh look how good my sister is, wow she's amazing don't you want to be her blah blah blah. I swear I wanted to punch them.

Well I just find this comforting in some way to know there are other people my age that feel the same way, e-mail me or something if you want to talk. I gets lonely alot.

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