Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Sep 2005 Katie When I was 13 I was cutting my wrists and overdosing on pain killers and vodka. I'm now 18 and still cutting. Honestly if you find the best way to die, please let me know. I'm still interested.
16 Sep 2005 Jonathan I am 38, and I feel that my wife and my kids would be better off without me and with the life insurance $$ than they would be with me aand the way things are now. I really can't take much more. Every day I wish the heart attack would just come already, because I know its coming from the stress anyway
15 Sep 2005 Tai i am 17 and i want to die. The problem is i am scared of doing and sometime i am not sure.. i am still waiting for life to get better and maybe my parents to take me to a doctor.. but they wont...they dont belive i have problems .. they think its teenage thing.. its not ... my boyfriends of 2 yrs and i are takeing a brake but he still treats me as if he loves me... i am so confused.. since i hav spent so much time with him ... i have lost touch with all my other friends and somehow i cant regain it.. i feel like i cant talk to any body how i feel cuz they would just laugh it off...if u know of a painless and certain way to kill ur self please email me... i am scared of death but i am even more scared to live... cuz life for me will not get better....i have anger problems so i will always push people away from me... and no one will even try to get help for me and i am too young to do please
15 Sep 2005 lolly have u ever felt like every1 around you dosnt give a shit about you nd they jst agree wid u nd hug u bt reli dey dont mean fukin any of it dey jst fink ur pafetik nd ugly etc etc well datz wat i feel at the moment nd i h8 it nd i havnt got to the stage of commitin sucide but i mite some1 plz help me or talk 2 me
13 Sep 2005 Amy I've been cutting since I was in the 7th grade. I would sit in my room crying...and cutting. I never got the never had the curage to Push hard into my arm.. until now. I've come so close..and realized.. that maybe i dont wanna die. I think about what would happen when my heart stops beating, and all the systems in my body shut off. I mean I could get away with it.. like noone would fine me until hours after... but its the feeling that youre letting everyone down..and risking other peoples lives. You may think that if you cut..and die from it..that your friends wont go do the same thing..your wrong. 4 of my friends have been in the hospital for cutting..and i continue to do it.

but once you get so far.. you realize, that maybe you have a little left to live for, and that little goes a long way.
I got so close tonight.. i thought of all the negative things in my life.. forgetting about those few select positve things in my life.

Life will always be hard. There are no short cuts in life.(Thats what my teahcer always says.)

As you become a teenager youre gonna hate life.. and suicide isn't the way to go. I mean.. look whos talking, i know.. thats probably what youre saying..
I know for a fact i will continue to cut. Its the person i've made myself to be.
I've seen friends comitee suicide.. and it hurts everyone around you.. no matter what you say or think.
its become an addiction. I can stop myself 1/3 times...but thats not enough.

People say that cutting isn't a form of suicide..and I agreed to that because I didn't want to believe that I may end up committing suicide.. but in the long run it is.

I just needed to write to someone other than myself..and i was kinda sick of writing suicide notes.. so yeah
13 Sep 2005 ... i have a question.... my friend slit her wrists once... and now she's having problems at school .. she's stopped slitting, but she still gets dirty looks at school and no one seems to understand .. how can she hide the cuts on her wrists? besides wearing long sleeves...
09 Sep 2005 a person with problems ummm i found this site looking for a way to kill myself.... and im just so sad and alone, but you have helped me i have read and even emailed a few of you... and id like you to know that you saved my life (at least for another day) i am sitting here at my desk and i have my suicide note here and im just so sad.... so if anyone would take there time out to email me and mabey just talk (over email) it would help so much... im just so fucking alone i have no friends and me and my family have problems (i really think they all hate me) just please... i need to talk
08 Sep 2005 Ray I am 17 years old ,and I live with my mom. I been in foster care along with my 2 brothers sence I was 4 years old ,because my parents got a devorce. Well, my dad last year tried to commit a murder suicide on his new wife ,because she was trying to screw him out of everything. Now I live with my real mom who is a asshole out the world. She makes me feel as if things were my fualt. She is a complete ass to me because I do things diffently then her. She blames me for being the way she is ,as in the way she looks. I am tired of her blaming me ,and dealing with her crap. I want her to feel my pain. I want her to know it was her fualt I died. I want to let everyone know what she has done to me. She left me and my brothers at someones house and told them to tell the cops she abandoned us so she could put us in foster care. She screwed up my life. I just wanted to know what would be the best way to die and make her feel how I feel. I want her to know she made me do it.
08 Sep 2005 Kayla This is not really an answer either, but I have also been thinking about suicide and tried once at a friend's house, she tried too. Neither of us wanted to die alone.... it didn't work though because her mom showed up early and we had to puke up the muscle relaxers. I beleive those would've worked since we each popped about 25 muscle relaxers. I am 13 and only started cutting and thinking about suicide after I fell in love with this guy who is 14... then he said it wouldn't work because I live too far away... I live only about 20 miles away...but we go to different schools. It hurt me a lot and I just kept telling myself if I bled, he would see how much he means to me and he would come back into my life. I guess a lot of people think about suicide when they lose something or someone so important to them. Family and friends have no idea that I have suicidal plans, but soon enough they will. And the guy I gave my heart to will also see... so i have a question of my own.... does anyone know any ideas to include in a suicide note that will really get to him? Something that will make him realize how much I loved him.... and I will until I die. Email me*
07 Sep 2005 Ash This isn't actually an answer to the forum, but I do have a question.I was born with an illness and I'm in pain and hurting as I type this; actually. Th epain is unbearbale and I was suicidal when I was 13 being 19yrs old now I'm lucky to have evn gotten this far with my illness..I have been discriminated against, bullied, abused, yelled-and screamed at...people frequently use me as their puching bag and their escape-gote. I'm actually not tired of that..I'm tired of my illness..I'm tired of hurting and being in pain and not having any friends because people laugh at me because I carry an oxygen tank with me since I can't breathe to good on my own..I have tons of narcotics in my medicine cabinet that would do it on the spot..though the problem is I have such a high-tolerance to medications that if I took 13 or 17 pills I would be fine..
Any suggestions?
04 Sep 2005 Melissa Wow, I dunno why i'm writing here. I'm crying. I hate myself. I really, really hate myself and yet I like being alive and I hate it too. My world is just one big confussion! I am never one way or the other, I am both and I HATE IT SO MUCH. I used to cut myself, I started smoking. But I stopped, for a VERY good reason. My boyfriend. He is the best thing in the world and I love him more than anything. He helped me stop. But howcome I still hate being here. I still hate living and EVERY FUCKING DAY i want to cut myself again. But I cant cos I love him to much and I promised I wouldnt. Now my family are arriving home. WHY CANT THEY STAY AWAY. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!!!!
04 Sep 2005 Jessica I'm turning 14 in a little less than a month. This entire summer I have been agonizing, sitting around, watching my 11 year old sister get called by all her little friends watch them play around.

Last year I was bullied, kids would come up to me and tell me I'm a slut or they'd make a website of me and in the pictures section they'd draw male parts on me.

Everynight I'd go home from school crying, I'd lock myself inside my closet and scratch my forhead, HARD. I had a gash about 1 inch deep after one night.
I'm currently taking the maroon "horse-sized" pill, as someone stated earlier. It does nothing.

Last summer as well I was in the hospital for sick children nearly every day, because it was either the cuts, or the drinking. I had started drinking because I thought that it would numb the pain.

School is starting Tuesday and I have no idea what I'm going to do. I was sitting there watching a dance video with my mom and her friends, they kept saying oh look how good my sister is, wow she's amazing don't you want to be her blah blah blah. I swear I wanted to punch them.

Well I just find this comforting in some way to know there are other people my age that feel the same way, e-mail me or something if you want to talk. I gets lonely alot.
04 Sep 2005 ras im 21 and up until now i was really happy. im about to lose my boyfriend of 6 years, yes ive been with him since i was 15. the reason we are no longer together is because of our religion. im an idiot, being an asain hindu my family dont want me to be with a muslim but who are they to judge. its my life. so i finally told my boyfriend that i dont care about my family and that i wa nt to be with him, only to find out hes going to get married to somone else. says its my own fault, i chose my parents over him. ever since then ive been wanting to commit suicide. today i find out that my best friend is leaving and ill never see him again also my friend lost her at a very low place at the moment.
03 Sep 2005 Christine Dobreva Life's definitely a miracle...I'm happy with the person I am now...But I'm surely not happy with the things that surround me. No one can truly understand. Even my fiance seems to be too shallow and non-thoughtful, he doesn't even try to see in me, that hurts. I'm again in a strange condition between happiness and sadness, between love and death. Not that I'm thinking of suicide, no way. I think I finally got rid of those thoughts. Forever. I've promised it myself and I did keep the promise. I feel much better now, somehow my mind has been cleansed. But my soul's still needs to refresh. Who's gonna give me their helping hand?
01 Sep 2005 Nana I see this life as a prison. It might be a wonderful thing for someone but for me it is a great burden. I do not think that i have the strenght to live, it sadens me more to see all the horible things and know how many heartless people there are. I am not mad, but just upset and scared. I don't see the light in the end of the tunnel or how ever you might what to put it. I do not know how i am supposed to live with the pain and the tears it hurts! i don't see a way out...whats so great about this world?
31 Aug 2005 Nancy I'm just 13 years old, but i tried to commit suicide a few times. I tried to hang myself, but it didn't work out. I dunno WHY I am so depressed, but when I am thinking bout my life I can just see how senseless it is. This Routine will be contuined till it's over. Maybe my 'friends' are the reason. Or my dad. My friends always give me the feeling that I am unwanted, and that bother them. I never got real friends, cuz I am different. I don't like make-up and designer clothes. They will never undestand me. My dad left us (me, my younger sister and my brother) when I was nine. It was after the birth of my brother. After a year we found him again, I was so happy and tried to forget about the time he came home drunken and he tried to hit my mum. He promised to buy me nice things and never leave us, but everytime he broke his promises. Again and again he disappoint me. Now got married. Sometimes when I am in school and sitting in the class i imagine that I run amok in the school. Maybe they will see me, maybe they will see that i have feelings too, that I need someone who understand me, someone who listen to me. But I think there will be nobody in my life who understand me.

The only thing that help me to bear down this Pain is music. The lyrics put my feelings into words. And when I am singing I can turn this pain into hate. It's easier to hate than to feel like bleeding fromm your soul.

A week ago I decided to kill myself on an other way. Step by step, day for day. With drugs, alcohol etc. When I am 21 I will take some sleeping pills and quit this annoying life. For me this life is a game and you can't press pause, or start another game. But you can quit the game whenever you want.
You can write at if you want to contact me. i will answer if i am still alive.
31 Aug 2005 Rachide Quand tu as perdu ton emploi avec un salaire qui te permettait de bien vivre.
Que ta femme ta quitté pour ton meilleur amie t’obligent du même coup à vendre ta maison dans la qu’elle tu as sué tous tes week-end pour la rendre belle.
Que les huissiers sont a ta porte te réclament moult facturent impayés.
Que ta femme te réclame une pension alimentaire par ce qu’elle ne travail pas.
Que bientôt le payement des Assédic s’arrêteront pour faire place au RMI.
Que bientôt ton seul logement sera le trottoir ou le metro ou les gens passeront avec indifférence devant toi ne te laissant aucune obole, préférant le réservé a des gens habitant de lointain pays.
Avec tous ça, tu crois que tu n’auras pas envie de te suicidé et que si un type te donne la recette pour y arrivé, alors tu le béniras.
Mois je dis qu’il faut ce mettre a la place de celui qui veux ce suicidé et quand ont a vue les raison qu’il on poussé à le faire, alors ont le comprend et ont ce dit qu’il n’avait pas d’autre solution que celle-la.
Parfois seule le suicide peut vous aidé quand vous vous trouvé dans la détresse la plus total et que toute les autres solutions ont été employé sans succès.
27 Aug 2005 h-luv i feel so weird being on here but i googled "commit suicide" and this popped up. i am 19 years old and believe me if you met me you would never think i would even try to think about dying. i am an absolutely beatiful girl. i model go to college, smart, wealthy, well traveled anything positive. my life looks sooo pretty and perfect. except for one thing. i cry everyday, i think about turning my steering wheel, cutting myself. i feel really worthless. that nothing ever goes right for me. i have been bullied all my life, put down disrespected and hurt. everyone makes me feel like such a bad person. i dont trust anyone! my friends come in and out of my life and everytime and end up doing something horrible to hurt me or use me. the only thing that keeps me from doing anything is my family. i dont want to hurt my parents. just them. i want to die so bad sometimes, it scares me, but i do. i feel so useless. so alone.
27 Aug 2005 emma hey guys and gurls im a 13 year old im a kid out of 7 and we all dont live with each other my parent split up when i was 3 that didnt affect me much but im goin through a tough and emoitonal time i havent seen my dad in along time over 6mths hes gone to jail over 4 time in the lst 2 years he keeps huge secrets from me and my mom hates me shes hit me a few time and i feel like i need it but really when i think about it earlier i dont and i hate her ive tried to commit 6 times and it didnt work i have 6 scars and my b/f wants to now y i do this i tell him he laughs at me and thinks im some nut and brakes up with me then this keeps goin and goin i hate my fuckin life so if u think about commitin suicide take an ove dose of medicine it the lest painful way that ive tryed but the e.r. relived me i wish they would of left me to b and die and rott in hell thats were i need to b!!!
27 Aug 2005 Kylee Where to start? Hmm...okay well, first of all, I'm not looking for sympathy, people telling me "Oh it's okay, everything will be alright", or any of that shit. It's all pretty reatarded when people tell you that 'cause it's not true. It's fucking stupid! I'm just here to tell my story like all the other jackasses here. I'm only 13 and I'm addicted to the thought of killing myself. I've tried it and unfortunately, it hasn't worked...yet. I started getting REALLY depressed about three years ago when my brother started doing drugs and shit. He would take his anger out on me and abuse me on a daily basis. It got to a point where I was going to live with a different family, but my mom decided not to at the last moment 'cause she thought he would get better. Ha! That was bull shit. He's a complete drug and alcohol adict. I had to sit in my home and watch him get taken from it to jail. (By the way, he's 16) He stayed in jail for 'bout a month and then got sent to rehab in Washington. What a freaking waste of money that was. Right when he got home, he walked out the door and started smoking. My parents divorced when I was two and my mom married some ass that acts like he can control me. I go through so much shit I can't even explain it! I am so fucking miserable and depressed I'm ready for my life to just end right now!!! I've BEEN ready for a long time now. I tend to try to make my life sound perfect to hide how I really feel. It's weird, I hate having people know how depressed I am and how suicidal I am. One way that I really hide it is by talking to people. I HATE every fucking person here!!!! They're just stupid freaking ass holes that make my life extra miserable by using my mistakes against me! I used to be so scared of death...and still kinda am. But, I NEED it. I need to end this miserable shitty life. At the same time that I'm scared of death...I'm REALLY scared of life. I cry myself to sleep hoping for tomorrow to just not come. I know that people at my school don't think that I'm that miserable 'cause I'm the "pretty girl" or whatever. They think that they can make comments about me or my family 'cause my life is just so 'perfect' it can't get bad. There's no reason for me to get depressed. I have everything going for me, I'm everything they want to be. BULL SHIT!!!!!!! They should want to be anything BUT me! My life is like a nightmare that I won't wake up out of. No one hears my fucking cries for help!! I freaking can't take it anymore! My mom is as blind as a freaking bat...if not more. She can't see how freaking miserable I am. She got me a counselor. Big woop...that sure works. My ass! It hasn't worked worth crap, if not made things worse. I've tried suicide...cutting myself to death, starving, suffocating, ODing, yadda yadda yadda, etc. Nothing has freaking worked and it's pissing me off!!! I get so freaking pissed off I can't even explain it. I write poetry and crap like that to 'express how I feel'. Ha! That's crap. All it is is just 'poems' saying how freaking miserable I am and how much I just wanna die. When I re-read them, it makes me more depressed. As you turn the pages, the 'poems' get more and more depressing and suicidal like. Some people say that I just want attention. I don't want attention...I just want to get my story out without people giving me crap about it. I just want people to see how freaking miserable one can get. My 'friends' help with my depression too. And not helping as in helping me out of it. They get me more and more depressed by calling me a slut, bitch, whore, hoe, etc. I haven't done anything at all to be called a slut or a whore. ANYTHING AT ALL!!! I've kissed a guy...big woop. Oh yeah, I'm such a slut now. There's girls at my school that have gone all the way and they're only 12. I don't see ANYONE calling them a slut or whore. One of my 'friends', (man do I hate her so much!!!), makes my life and extra living hell by making comments about my chest being bigger than the rest of the girls. If she finds out some guy likes me, she runs up to me and says something like "They only like you 'cause of your boobs." God do I just wanna freaking ring her neck!! I freaking hate her so much yet I still put up with her shit. Why do I do that? Why?? I don't know why, but I do know that any time now I'll just snap and smack her when she says one word to me. I FREAKING NEED HELP!!!!!!!! No one gets that. I really need help! I'm loosing my mind, going crazy. I need to be sent to a nut house. Depresson has taken over my mind. It's strangling me. Smothering me so much no one can hear my cries. I wrote a freaking letter to my mom telling her that I feel suicidal 'cause I thought we might be able to 'communicate'. Oh yeah, that sure worked. She hasn't done crap about it. She just keeps going on with her day, yelling at me for nothing. Oh yeah, that's sure helping with my suicidal feelings. I really just want to freaking wake out of this nightmare. I'm taking the wrong path and I know it. Yet, I'm not turning back. It's weird...I'm my happiest when I miserably depressed. I WANT to have to get so depressed to where I HAVE to get sent to one of those psychatric hospitals. I almost did this summer, but I wasn't quite depressed enough. I want to get out of this crap so badly...yet I love it! But, whatever...I'm just waiting to see what happens next. Maybe madication for it, hospitals, shrinks, or maybe even...suicide. The one thing I've been waiting for the most......

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