Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Oct 2005 me i have wanted t die since i was 11. i have tried killing myself plenty of times. my head is so screwed up. im 15 now and living is getting to hard. if you want to talk to me. or like me need someone to talk to. then email me
17 Oct 2005 E Well I've eventually sorted out a work placement on my apprenticeship in Business Admin and for the first time in ages i thought things were starting to go right. of course my mum had to fuck it all up. She HATES my boyfriend and has been interfering in our relationship blamin my problems on him when actually she's the root of alot of them and all he's ever done is help and support me. She's fucked everything up!! She tried to get my stepdad to beat my boyfriend up and my step dad ended up pinnin my boyfriend up against the wall by his neck so in order to get him off my boyfriend quite understandabley punched him. As a result I've been more or less kicked out (its complicated) and my mum can't actually see that she's done anything wrong?!
My life's a joke every time I think things are gettin sorted summat happens to make it worse!
I hate myself so much and I hate this shit life. I wanna kill myself and end it all because I'm sick of the pain of fightin it and I know my boyfriend woulf be better off without me!
What's worse is my step dad touched me up a few years ago and now I've started thinking perhaps more happened then what I realise. I think he might have actually raped me but I've blocked it out.
The thing that scares me most isn't hurting mysel, it's hurting someone else. Sometimes I self harm because I have an urge to cause pain to someone.
16 Oct 2005 neli hi my problem is that i have so many problems with myself, yes iam a constant worrier of my life i have never felt iam capable to grow cause i have always been a failure in what ever i have or even tried to do at times i become so arogant with myself & others. i hate myself, its true to believe i dont know why we live when above all our mind doent want; i have reached a stage defeat i surrender to my life i have had many depression breakdowns even a while ago i did i do not want to live i keep imagining my death scene & life after me but iam disappointed as i have not been able to gain the guts to commit sucide its so frustrating when i see others doing better than me and i cant cope to tell u i have no friends and i have reached a stge where i see people as aliens i cant make a conversation i desparately need answers i want to share my problems with someone who wants to listen its so frustrating that my parents dont communicate with me so much and dont even get along with them my thinks iam to difficult my dad never wanted or i guess he has never liked me our thoughts r generations apart i seriously dont know wht to i dont want live in this either i wish to live a life where iam like everyone or not an abnormal soul in this blessed planet to tell u iam also suffering from a learning disability called 'dysculia'(dylexia)and my mother always cuts me off whenever i want talk about it i cant count numbers give anythng with nos & i get paniky i have problems for even the day to day money dealings like buying & selling now tell how can i ever live in this world if i cant count mentally i believe in being independent and not dependent how will i ever live iam really desparate for answers its only then will i feel confident abt my self and my life and its only then that i will start liking people please give me your sincere advice iam waiting i do not no for how long.
15 Oct 2005 shauny my names shaun and i live in scone, australia. im going to tell all of you people who i am because i know that you cant do anything about it. i have such confidence that i will die that i am willing to do this. three of my best friends have killed themselves in the past 2 months. jamie slit his wrists, bargains slit his wrist and my girlfriend christina od'd on zoloft. i have given up. i dont want to live. the pain is unbearable. i will kill myself. as soon as my sister moves out im gonna do it. i think i might drink a whole lot of metho, or maybe ill just slit my wrists. i couldnt be bothered doing anything that would waste energy. im finished. Goodbye Cruel World
(i fuking know its corny but hey it gets the point across)
11 Oct 2005 Puppie I don't want to kill my self, I want some guy I know to get some help. I've tried to talk him out of it, but it just passes through him. I can't just watch him kill himself. & Now his grilfriend broke up with him. Please help him.
10 Oct 2005 Plez some1 care I am 13 and i just want someone 2 tlk 2, im lonely nd cut mi wrists...I reali need sum1 2 tlk 2
10 Oct 2005 anomous hi im 14 years old and ive been through hell almost my whole life. Ive always thought about suicide and one day soon i will get the courage to get a gun and end it. I guess its the feeling of knowing that all the hell im going through it could all be over in a flash. knowing that this pain can be over. I go to the most crappy school and whats bad is its a christian school. i Hate my life. its so ruined. my own mom thinks om trying to take dad away from her. Im always depressed theres not a day that goes by that i dont think about committing suicide. Ive had to keep this from my friends which is very hard to do. Most times ill get depressed without not knowing why. its weired. everytime i try to tell my parents that i have a problem they say oh theirs nothing wrong with you. i want to go to tharepy to get my problems solved but something tells me its not going to work. Then i cant go to the counsolor at my school because i cant trust her. terrible isnt it? Sometimes i want to ask why am i here?To me there seems like theirs no point to it. Yea i need help. but theirs noone to help me. i litterally have no place to go. Im all alone My parents dont think i will commit suicide, but i guess they'll just wait and see wont they. But i beleive i am bipolor someone in my family is but i not saying. but i think i got it worse than them. once agian its about them not believing me. But honestly i hate my life.
10 Oct 2005 TeaRs Well since i last posted i tryed to kill my self whit a sleeping pills overdose, but like u can see it didnt work, cuz im still here. All it made me do was feel really sick...

Im still depressed and dont know what to do. Noone to talk to, no where to go... What have i done to deserve this???

For a moment a day ago i felt like i had finaly gotten over it, offcourse i was fooling my self...

So i ask what is the best way to kill your self? I cant get my hands on a gun, that would be easyest way out imo. I dont want to make a big mess, but im willing to try almost anything... that doesnt make me feel too much pain.

I wish id have someone to talk to, who would understand. But i dont!! This is so sad....
08 Oct 2005 J. Piz Hey. I'm not gonna tell you my name, but I will tell you a bit about me. I am a girl (J. Piz is just kinda a nick name, so if anyone i know happens to read this then maybe someone can help, other nicknames just in case ur not familiar with this one, jacks, jax, jayjay,jackie.)I just recently turned 13. For about a year, I've been feeling extremely depressed, and the weird thing is, sometimes I don't even know why. I guess you can say I'm a bit of a cutter, but it's not too intense. I've got two older twin sisters, who are practicly perfect, and I feel like my parents always want me to be exactly like them, if not better. I don't get why they can't just except me for who I am. I know because of all their expectations and a bit of my own will, I am probably going to either smoke, or be a drug addict or an alchoholic when I grow up... that is if I even do grow up. It is unbelievable how many times I've thought about killing myself, and all the different ways, although I've never actually tried to. But recently, my depression and lack of explaination had gotten so out of hand, that I'm thinking about committing suicide more and more often. I've practically gotten to the point in which I will actually try to kill myself. I agree with the question many of you asked... what will people think when I'm dead, how much will they miss me, will they miss me at all? What would my friends think. If I'm dead I guess I'd be able to see who my true frinds actually are, well i mean were. I wish I could be able to see what it would be like if I died, without actually being dead. (Doesn't almost everybody?) I go to a shrink because of my depresstion and cutting, but I'd never tell her that I might kill myself. Speaking about cutting, here's a story.
Once my parents, my two sisters and I were in the car coming back home ( i forgot where from.) When the topic of cutting came up. At that time , nobody knew I was a cutter. Anyway, my sisters had said that people who cut only do it for the attention. BS! What do they know about cutting anyway? I mean, for example, if a person cuts, and doesn't show anyone, then who the hell are they cutting for attention? I would like to show my sisters that for once, they're wrong! I'd like to die, and when I'm dead, I want them to see my arms and all the scars. Sad or not, regaurdless, they'd think,"Oh so she wanted attention." or something along that line. but then they'd read a note that I wrote before my death the read, You might think I cut for attention. One reason you can be sure that I didn't is bacause no one knew about me cutting, so there was no one to give me the attention you think i wanted. You might think I killed myself because I wanted attention, but here's something for you to think about... How the hell would I be able to get attention if I'm DEAD??? Yeah, that's what I thought.
Anyway, back to the real world, away from my fantasy... I want to die, but yet I don't. I think one of the reasons I don't want to die is because I want to be able to experience everything I'm able to do when I'm older. if someone can answer this question that would be great... is it really worth it to be 21 years old? i mean if i'm waiting to kill myself, as hard as it is, and i have to still suffer all the depression, just to make it to the age of 21 where i can have all the rights and privalages, then i want to make sure all those rights and privaligages are actually worth the taurment and pain I'd have to go through just to make it to 21. Please help me out on this question. There are so many problems in my life that i want to figure out that i'd go on for hours, but i won't. Like many people here, there are many songs that discribe my life and the way i feel. I don't want to list them, but i will put up the lyrics to one of my fav. songs and one of the best songs in the world, called Hide and Seek.

where are we
what the hell is going on
the dust has only just begun to fall
crop circles in the carpet
sinking, feeling
spin me round again and rub my eyes
this can't be happening
when busy streets amess with people would stop to hold their heads heavy
hide and seek
trains and sewing machines
all those years
they were here first
oily marks appear on walls
where pleasure moments hung before
the takeover the sweeping insensitivity
of this still life
hide and seek
trains and sewing machines
you won't catch me around here
blood and tears
they were here first
hmm, what'd you say
that you only meant well
well, of course you did
hmm what'd you say
that its all for the best
of course it is
hmm what'd you say
that its just what we need
you decided this
hmm what'd you say
what did she say?
ransom notes keep falling out your mouth
mid-sweet talk
newspaper word cut-outs
speak no feeling no i don't believe you
you don't care a bit you don't care a bit
hide and seek.

My mottos are: well, stay fit, be healthy, die anyways.
2. Live life to the fullest.
(as in get drunk be on drugs, do whatever floats your boat, even if you wanna be a serial killer, cause you only have one chance to do whatever you want to do. So get it all done before you die.)
I guess i go by these mottos. I mean, it's pretty true, you can be in the tip top shape, healthiest, richest person on earth, but your gonna die any ways. You can be the most boring person and think you're haveing a good life, or the most outgoing, outrageous, most fun person and KNOW you're haveing a good life. Why try to get far in life if you know your just gonna die in the end and lose it all. Your gonna find out you worked your ass off for absolutely nothing. (it's all your choice how u live your life)
I want to kill myself. I'm SO depressed i just can't take it anymore! I know i'm gonna kill myself, but i wish someone could see this and stop me. But it's gotten to the point that nothing can stop me now. I've made up my mind. I think I'll wait a week or so to see how things go. I have a week to try to see if things get better. and if not then i guess this is probably good bye.
( I hope someone is listening and getting this message before it's too late.)
05 Oct 2005 Monique I'm 13 And Already Ive done Drugs Drank have sex I fucking hate my self I'm like The Popluar out going girl that all the guys love but its just I only love one person who doesnt know and I wish I could Die I'm a model and shit but I still Wish I would fuckign die I Feel Usefull I slit my wrists ever dayy about 5 times I'm not scared too die I love the Pain I gett use to it and when the Drips of Blood Runn down my Armm it makes me feel Wonderfull I guess it makes me feel good cause I'm one step away from dying when I was 12 I Got hit by a Car and Was in a Hosbital for a week I almost Died but I guess I was Meant to go on (no one knows how I feel and I know I will Die someday I will Fucking Jump off A Bridge I got a bigg pluse I live right by one )
05 Oct 2005 Melissa I'm 14, and I've been thinking about suicide a lot lately. I've always thought about it, even as a small child. I still have a bit of a conscience left in me, so I've decided to wait it out for a few years-I can't leave this place without my rabbit.

I'm sorry you, and everyone else wants to kill themselves. I'm sorry for your pain, if you want to talk you can email me at I also need someone to talk to, none of my few friends would understand.

I'm considering taking a gun to the heart or brain, or pills. I wouldn't want a mess to horrify my family.
04 Oct 2005 TeaRs I feel so alone all the time, i dont have many irl friends, and i dont talk to them much. People just seem to ignore me, so they wouldnt care if i died, right?

I have been thinking about this for some time now, i once tryed to jump out of 8th floor window but couldnt. This time i wont chicken out. I have been depressed all week and i cant find anyone to talk to. Almost anyone, i talked to this girl i met online, shes cool and all. And when i was about to jump she told me not to, but after that she forgot me again.

So i ask, why should i live on if everyone forget me in 5seconds?

I wonder what will happen if i jump, i hope ill black out before i hit the ground, dont want to feel the pain. I just wish id fade away and seese to exsist. Then i would be finaly out of my misery....
03 Oct 2005 Joanne I hate life I am always depressed I might wake up in the morning and be happy and then i just become sad and I cry for no reason I just reflect back on my life and feel like shit I have good friends but everyhting they say to me makes me feel depressed even when they say something like you have a bit of dirt on your face so i go to the toilets and cry to myself my family gangs up on me at times and i get blamed for everything I try so hard to stop myself from doing something stupid cause maybe in a few years i will feel better becaus eas i red earlier lots of people have this problem at this age but it hurts and it makes me feel really bad i feel like none loves me everwhere i go i just see hate I dont want to die so i guess i am really looking for advice to help me not do it but this is th eonly website i could find
02 Oct 2005 ela I can`t live anymore.So if someone knows a way that is quick and doesn`t hurt so musc, please tell me! NOW!
02 Oct 2005 Greg I don't really want to die, but I can't continue living like this much longer. Man is my lifa a mess, and the fucking anxiety is overwhelming. I have panic attacks and deep depression. Just plagued with hopelessness.

What I need is medication. I am experiencing anxiety so severe I can't function. I started seeing a counselor 3 weeks ago, but I cannot find a doctor that I can afford. I'm unemployed and the anxiety is so bad I can't hardly look for a job. I would drive 200 miles in a heartbeat if I could just get an appointment. I've made dozens of phone calls with no luck. I guess I'll just have to scrape up 200 bucks and go see someone.

I've been obsessed with suicide for a few months now. I really do hate myself, and this world too.

I can only think of 2 acceptable ways of doing suicide so far:

1. Gun in my mouth, which requires buying a gun. If I do this I will go far away and do it deep in the woods somewhere.

2. Just today I thought of this. Take several sleeping pills to ensure a deep sleep, then park my car in an enclosed place. Kick back and read a book until I start dozing, then start the car and leave the engine running. Problem here is I don't know where to park, since I don't have a garage.

Slicing my wrists is out of the question I think. Way to gory and messy. I would have to lay there in the bathtub and watch all that blood squirting while I wait to die.

I wish I could get my hands on a lethal substance such as arsenic, or potassium cyanide.

I need to find a suicide forum. I need some advice on how to do this.
30 Sep 2005 lolly hi im 13 nd im reli lonely and iv been bullyed ever since school i admit im in the popular crowd in school but dat dosnt help matters these 2 boyz r bullyin me atm nd i can stand it im slittin mi wrists nd if i had the gutz i wuld commite sucide mi friends dont relise how i feel i cover it up to them nd the one i love fukin h8z me what do u do some1 help me plz add me
24 Sep 2005 candice hi its candice ,i havent been on in a long time....well anyway ill get to the point,the csa is involved now, cuz i wanted my friends t leave me house but they would so i took 3 pills 1 hour later they left,and 1 hour n a half later the cops show up at my door they said that they called n i took 12 pills THAT WAS BULL SHIT so now i cant be left alone anymore i fucking hate them all.....I wish everyone will just leave me alone....I cant take it anymore.... anyway i seriously need to talk to someone so anyone want to talk? just add me
22 Sep 2005 shud i die? hi everybody,am 18.jus 2day, I had this very desire to finish myself by hanging. I've always wanted to suicide because of familial problem, n even emotional ones..I was abused wen I was very young, yet I forgave that person just to live n let live.Then, everyone I've loved has gone far away from me (death,gone abroad,betrayed). I had a circle of frens, n each n everyone of my frens left me.My sister n brother, whom I luv a lot, left me for abroad...n am alone, here, with my aged parents.I saw many violent sights in my life, due to wich am quite traumatised. My grandma n granpa died...they used to care so much for me...even I was separated from my aunty, who brought me up from birth till I was 9...n then, weneva I had a crush on sum1, my luv or infatuation(woteva) was so reciprocated..n finally, I luvd a guy..we wer together for 3 yrs..we shared so many intimate moments..he was my life, everything to me. He used to be my hope to live...I had so many dreams, but he left me for another gurl, swore at me so much, n put a slur on my character..I was always sincere to everyone. I made mistakes too, but I rectified them. I fell very guilty for havin luvd my bf so that he isnt here, I dunt feel like living. I live with my loneliness, and it's so true that SILENCE IS THE ONLY FRIEND WHO NEVER BETRAYS..that's y, i feel like dying..I have my exams in 1 month, but i cant even revise..I kip on getting depressed gradually. I wish for death so much..just like u all, I wonder y God hates me so much..I've seen positive sides too, but only wen I was wid my bf..d prob is dat, even if sumday he wants to patch up, I cant accept him, coz he's hurt me verbally a pains too much.n wen i fink dat the person I had truly luvd so much has left me alone, i cant live..I dunno if there's any good moments ahead, n i dunno if i'll liv to see them. shud I die bkoz my bf has left me?
21 Sep 2005 hemanth i dont want this life please help me please.i want to dye with out pain .that normal death should like norm,al death.please help me please help me help me
19 Sep 2005 Chloe I want to kill myself NOW! I'm in love and i dumped my boyfriend for a boy, but now i regret it. My mates h8 me because of it, what is the point in living? I'm 11 and i wanna die. I'm gonna try overdose but if that dont workthen ill stab myself, any peaceful sugestions get back to me!

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