Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Nov 2005 popularandhappyontheoutside i know there are ppl out there who love me, and who would miss me if i were gone. i dont no how many but there would be some. however, in my family i really dont feel that. i kinda feel that with out me their lives would be better. i am the problem in our family and i will never amount to anything worthwhile. my future looks so bleak. they dont even want me in their house anymore, whats the point of being alive? how will i know what im missing out on if im dead? ILL B DEAD!!! ppl move on. ive tried it b4 and miserably failed. i get told all the time that i will amount to nothing, and im just not strong enough to prove them wrong. if i didnt have a phobia of knives id cut myself unil i bled to death, but all i have is pills. i just want to die, there is no point of me being here, i dont wanna b a nothing for the rest of my life.
03 Nov 2005 sammy i hate my life and i want to die everyone hates me everythings always my fault and i just cant take this anymore what should i do??
03 Nov 2005 Bina i hate my life everything is goin wrong and it's no joke and i think suicide is the best way out for me plz help
02 Nov 2005 FLA Well, hi, I recently been thinking too much about killing myself, I used to think about it not that much, but it's gotten out of hand..

I'm 15 years old and I attend school, don't really care much about it, just go to it.. Well I stayed back a year in all my classes cause I hated almost everyone in my classes.. Didn't feel like moving on with them, so, I'm a Sophmore in Freshmen classes, I guess some might find that embarassing and, Yeah, I guess it kinda is.. but anyways I've made some new friends this year and they're pretty cool.. This one kids always happy and is cool to hang out with, til I found out more personal things about him and my false sense of happiness drifted away cause I saw his sadness expressed on his face, that alone wanted me to kill myself.. I know suicide is no answer to problems and stuff, but maybe it's not me that's thinking these things, I drink a lot and smoke pot quite a lot too, usually I smoke with friends and drink by myself.(when I drink it really helps me answer problems and when I drink excessively, like yesterday I drank a 1 liter bottle of wine with 20% alcohol in it.. I found myself stumbling accross the bridge in my town.. falling off my skateboard.. then callin my freshmen friend about if he would care if I killed myself.. He got scared and wanted to get me help and I told him to please not cause I won't do it.. It's just crazy how much his answer made me think I fell over onto a college picnic table and was just hoping I would pass out and die and not have to worry about anything anymore.. I almost did til he called me back and talked to me some more and told me how EVERYONE I know would care if I died.. so I thought about that and it made me cry unbelievably.. And knew that if I died right now and their is a heaven in which our souls live on, I would live in TOTAL torment and dealing with the fact that all of my 10 friends would care about me and so would my mom and sister.. I really can't stop thinking about it I want to die but.. I need some kind of selfless suicide to go out.. like saving someones life or something, after all I'm just another loser in this fountain of life, where nothing goes right and is just pointless to think so.. I know I just can't do that to my friends.. I know a lot of people have the same situations as me and can't stop thinking about suicide.. well my AIM is flclsaga855 and I would be willing to talk to any of you if you want and possibly if you live near me we can talk together.

thanks for reading my story.. I felt as if I needed to get this out so I can finally feel a little bit better.. i've been having problems with anger and I think it's cause of all the drinking.. I think i'm gonna cut back just a little. :)
01 Nov 2005 Me I don't know what to say,I am in my 30's, I came here to see if anybody has thought of any better way to kill yourself but after reading all these stories it makes me not want to do it, I don't want to die, I have things to live for but so many problems, if anybody thinks they can help,email me
01 Nov 2005 Dolocia i'm desperate. i feel like my mind is shreding i wanta die so bad. my parents are always fucking watching me so i gotta do this right the first time. tell me what to do, please.
31 Oct 2005 looking for answers im 17 and i dont know why im here.
and at the moment i wish i was dead.
im not as lucky as some people in that i dont and wont ever believe in god or a purpose to my life. he's let me down 2 much before.... i dont see how neone as powerful as that wud put someone in my place. make me as twisted and as wrong a person as i am.
i swear..... i look around me and the only thing i want in my whole entire life is to be happy. i dont care where or with who. i dont need a fancy car or designer clothes. i dont want the latest comupters and i dont crave some highly paid job.
i just want somebody to hold me at night....... or tell me everything will b alright whilst they hold me close. someone who knows me and understands how i think. someone to be with when u feel like u cant trust urself. someone who trusts you at all. someone who'll believe you when you tell them you love them. and someone you will believe when they say they love you in return.
and yet..... i have the computers, the money being splashed and the holidays to far off places. but they're right. when they tell you money doesnt buy it. it doesnt. so i can sit and look around me and feel so empty and so alone. feel invisible.
i love my parents... really i do. im not sure why. my mum is insane. she'll scream at me for nething.... ive been hit once or twice but its more the things she says. "you make me want to kill myself.... when i look at you i wish i were dead.... you see this knife? why dont i end it right now?.... i hate you... i dont care if you love me i hate you.... the moment u were born u ruined my life"
my dad left home when i was 8 and ive never really got over it. im terrified now that people will leave it. sadly my mum n dad see this and tend to use it as emotional blackmail. "if you tell you dad what i did then ill leave..... if u tell ur friends about or fight ill b gone." sometimes i wish i cud call their bluff. but id never b able to handle being alone. my dad's still around but he has a new gf and she's got 3 kids. i feel replaced. when he gets a new woman he can sometimes not c us for weeks...... but as soon as she's gone he uses us to fill the time. he claims he originally left cos my mum was having an affair with my now stepdad. she however says he was cheatin on her with another woman. im too young to remember and too scared to ask.
my stepdad is ok....... but recently he scares me. he encouraged my mum to have me followed so they could punish me with the evidence. and i also found he had been spying on my at school and at work for over a year. i cant trust him but ive sometimes got nowhere else to go.
i have a little sister but we're different.....she's perfect. sporty, hard working, pretty witty and sweet. she knows how to play the parents. when she does something wrong she merely pulls on the baby face. im not so lucky...... often i find i am crucified for the tiniest things. forgettin something.... saying the wrong thing. im always so sorry. but ive said it so much it means nothing nemore. now im just sorry im still breathing.
im begging and pleading for a way out...... staring at the door wishing i had the strength to leave or end it. but i love them. if i hurt them id b a worse person than i am now. and right now im probably the most horrible and selfish and cruel unkind person you could meet. i hate who i am. but have no other way to be. somehow being this way has always allowd 4 me to survive.
just wish i could die........
31 Oct 2005 umair i just hate my life i want to die because i am depressed all the time
28 Oct 2005 ali hey:) im 14 nd mi life is pretty fucked up, n in the past ive been depressed, and tried to kill myself a lot of times.. because of what people have done to mi. my dad is sexually abusive. ive been raped countless times, once by mi ex- boyfriend and the other times by mi dad and his friends. it makes me feel sick and dirty and ashamed and i hate them for it..and wenever they come round i no whats going to happen later and im so scared all the time. im all twisted inside and im scared of.. men (sounds silly) i have friends- im not a goth or nething, but i hate going out, i bunk school and no one really cares.. its fucked one understands because im too scared to tell anyone about whats happening to me.. i'd love someone to talk to.. im nice! jus wanna tell some1.. this sites handy for that:P thanks for reading! ali
25 Oct 2005 justin dutcher My name is justin. im fuckin sick of doctors telling me whats wrong with me. i tried overdoses,stabbings, cut my throat with a razor. freakin doctors don't understand, whats its like to go threw with this shit there all freakin lyers. THere only after money. Parents don't understand either. I just want people to talk to that really understand not fuckin doctors who lye please im really gonna end if i can't take it anymore. i just want someone to talk to. Somone who really understands im jjtmisty if you can help me
25 Oct 2005 A Poet and a Mad Man I've contemplated terminating my own life for a while now, but everything is coming to a head. All my past mistakes and faults are climaxing right now. I'm 18, and Have no job, no license, I barely made it out of high school. My parents and sister think i'm a lazy failure stuck in human flesh. I have one "friend" who constantly puts me down, and I'm too much of a coward to look at girl in the eyes. I have had no sense of touch from a girl any girl. I'm short for my age, and I suppose unattrative. I have no condidence and life has dealt me a miss deal. I've caught snake eyes on Fates two dice, and I want to end it. and I shall. I'm good at nothing basically, my own father's words betrayed me. He himself loves hardwork and confidence, which I have nothing of. I'm a completely failure to him only that I'm not into drugs. My life is at home behind the pale screen light of a computer monitor, dreaming of escapism, where I am somebody. Drowning out the harrowing tales of real life. I just wished that I could have proven myself to be a bit more useful, and actually been able to have kissed someone, been hugged, and touched. Come home from a hard days work, knowing that I earned money. Such as my desire will not be felt by me.
24 Oct 2005 emma brown hi am emma am really finding things hard at school i alaways get called sexual names which i have enough of it but there is only one way i will not comit suicide is if i dont have to go to school at all i know i need to go to school but i just cant handle it any more break times and lunch times seem to last forever when u get bullied and then i cum home and my mum gets on at me i wasnt that long out from hospital for takin an overdose i took 25 paracetamol tablets and the next morning i was all shakey and i couldnt move and i was sick all day i was so fuckin pissed off because it never worked so please get back to me and tell me wat i should do please i need your help befour its to let
24 Oct 2005 FEEL MY SQUIRRELY WRAITH $@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@
What to OD on.... something easy to at a wal-mart or sumthing...
When you cut urslef on wrist do across or down the arm?
*Saint Jimmy Killed Himself*
o.O GrEeN dAy O.o
-_- email me whiile im alive -_-
23 Oct 2005 Chelsea 0421 931 450 I want to die, im sick and tired of crap stupid head fucks that shouldnt happen is people were honest. im successful at 19 im in real estate but its too stressful and my love of my life thinks im nothing im scum the lowest form of life even though he has treated me like shit. i think i get wat i deserve because im a loser. i have no people who i would consider friends, im drinking right now and popping pills too, i live in Australia but i cant cope any more all i want it love aND apprication thats it but nobody wants to give it to me i cant handle life anymore because i think bout all the crap thats happened over the last 19 years i dont wan2 see wat the next 19 years will be like. i dont trust anyone and no one trusts me im a fucking hore who deserves to die but im too gutless to kill myself e.g slit my wrists or hang myself, if i was gonna do it, i would shoot myself (but cant get a gun) or overdose on sleeping pills so i never wake up, sleeping pills i want and drink too, im tired and dont see a point, i dont want to fight anymore, i jus want 2 disappear either go overseas or kill myself.......... wats eaiser the last one i think. i wish i had a man to love me and appricarte me i would do anything for that anything!. thank you every one who reads this im impressed you have bothered to take the time to read my pathetic dribble, or a best friend that would be nice aleast i would have sumone to trust and enjoy life with. life is shit by your self!
21 Oct 2005 ............. ok, i've been really sucidal for about a month now. i cut myself, i tried to hang myself, i put a gun in my mouth but was scared to pull the trigger. idk what else to do. i've went through alot of shit. my dad dosent see me but once a year on my birthday, (if im lucky), my stepdad and my mom argue constanylt, my bestfriend killed himself when i was in 8th grade (now im in tenth). but my biggest problem lately is my girlfriend. we live about an hour away, but we still get to see each other alot on the weekends, right now we've been going out fro three months, and honestly i really love her. after we were going out for like a month i told her and she said she loved me to. and it didnt seem like she was just saying it b/c i said it. cus she said it alot w/ out me saying it. and then about 3 weeks ago i was talking to her on aim. she said that she couldnt go out with me ne more b/c her mom wasnt letting her have ant freedoms b/c she thought she was going places to see other guys and stuff when she really wasnt. and that if she ever broke up w/ me she would be in trouble. so i asked her "did you ever really love me?" and she said "yea i THOUGHT that i did. and then the next day she told me the truth. she broke up w/ me b/c she stops liking people after a while. and a week later she calls me and says "im really sorry i want to try again." so im like ok. and now when were together she shows like no intrest in me and idk why shes going out w/ me it might be just b/c of her mom. but whenever i try to talk about it it never works. idk what to do. if i could get some advice on that it would really help. and i just need to know what i should do. im really thinking about ending all of this. i just dont care anymore, b/c no one really cares about me.
20 Oct 2005 andy i tried to kill myslef, and i regret it didnt work. overdose of paracetamol. i cut myself. the pain feels good until after. the people i want to care, dont. the people i hate, care. well they say they do. i want to die, but i want to live. i think of reasons to live for, but the reasons to die outnumber them. I have been through nothing but pain for 3 years, im 19. i fall in love, then she hates me for the person i really am. i wish i could have someone who understands me, who can just hold me and tell me everyhting is gonna be ok. thats all i want, a shoulder to cry on. someone to love me. i have no friends, i have lost them cos of the person i am.the only reason i havent tried to kill myself again, is the hope that things will get better, but i have waited 3 years.maybe tonight i will try agen, and hopefully suceed. i wil cut myself,physical pain takes away emotional pain. but then i loose people wen i cut myself, whever it be girlfriends or mates, its a circle that i cant get out of, a circle i cant win.i hope i will be happy in heaven.PEOPLE SAY DONT KILL YOURSELF, BUT ITS YOUR LIFE, DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH IT.BUT THE MAIN REASON I STAY, IS COS I KNOW I WOULD HURT TOO MANY PEOPLE IF I WENT, JUST THINK OF THAT, email me if u want to talk about anyhting, i could do wiv a chat, and maybe u could too.
19 Oct 2005 me please email me i need someone to talk to and i know there are people on this site that need someone to talk to aswell
19 Oct 2005 me i have wanted t die since i was 11. i have tried killing myself plenty of times. my head is so screwed up. im 15 now and living is getting to hard. if you want to talk to me. or like me need someone to talk to. then email me
17 Oct 2005 E Well I've eventually sorted out a work placement on my apprenticeship in Business Admin and for the first time in ages i thought things were starting to go right. of course my mum had to fuck it all up. She HATES my boyfriend and has been interfering in our relationship blamin my problems on him when actually she's the root of alot of them and all he's ever done is help and support me. She's fucked everything up!! She tried to get my stepdad to beat my boyfriend up and my step dad ended up pinnin my boyfriend up against the wall by his neck so in order to get him off my boyfriend quite understandabley punched him. As a result I've been more or less kicked out (its complicated) and my mum can't actually see that she's done anything wrong?!
My life's a joke every time I think things are gettin sorted summat happens to make it worse!
I hate myself so much and I hate this shit life. I wanna kill myself and end it all because I'm sick of the pain of fightin it and I know my boyfriend woulf be better off without me!
What's worse is my step dad touched me up a few years ago and now I've started thinking perhaps more happened then what I realise. I think he might have actually raped me but I've blocked it out.
The thing that scares me most isn't hurting mysel, it's hurting someone else. Sometimes I self harm because I have an urge to cause pain to someone.
16 Oct 2005 neli hi my problem is that i have so many problems with myself, yes iam a constant worrier of my life i have never felt iam capable to grow cause i have always been a failure in what ever i have or even tried to do at times i become so arogant with myself & others. i hate myself, its true to believe i dont know why we live when above all our mind doent want; i have reached a stage defeat i surrender to my life i have had many depression breakdowns even a while ago i did i do not want to live i keep imagining my death scene & life after me but iam disappointed as i have not been able to gain the guts to commit sucide its so frustrating when i see others doing better than me and i cant cope to tell u i have no friends and i have reached a stge where i see people as aliens i cant make a conversation i desparately need answers i want to share my problems with someone who wants to listen its so frustrating that my parents dont communicate with me so much and dont even get along with them my thinks iam to difficult my dad never wanted or i guess he has never liked me our thoughts r generations apart i seriously dont know wht to i dont want live in this either i wish to live a life where iam like everyone or not an abnormal soul in this blessed planet to tell u iam also suffering from a learning disability called 'dysculia'(dylexia)and my mother always cuts me off whenever i want talk about it i cant count numbers give anythng with nos & i get paniky i have problems for even the day to day money dealings like buying & selling now tell how can i ever live in this world if i cant count mentally i believe in being independent and not dependent how will i ever live iam really desparate for answers its only then will i feel confident abt my self and my life and its only then that i will start liking people please give me your sincere advice iam waiting i do not no for how long.

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