Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Dec 2005 Jordan ok this is it, life has no point...i dont believe in God cuz everything about him sounds so friken ugly (pig nose) and have bad habits. Where does it stop? itdoesnt theres no tap to let my pain out! i need to tell sumone but noone will a smart kid but i cant figure a way outta this and to tell u the truth im scared. I have tons of freinds and im popular at school( im 13 ) but i dont have anything valuable...ive never had a girlfreind or anyone to care parents are fags who dont care about me and all they do is compare me to my straight A perfect sister. IM SICK OF IT!! whys it always me whos shoved under while people laugh at me as i lay dying?
12 Dec 2005 mariella - 13/f/scotland # <3 # i am suicidal and i either wanna die by hanging my self in the girls bathroom in my school or by slitting my wrist and watching the blood slowly drip,out either way its gonna happen on january 15th
12 Dec 2005 Tamlyn If i knew that answer I certainly would not be here today. Send me an email when you get the answer.
09 Dec 2005 molly hey, ive known about this web site for along time and ive posted here before.
uh, well, im anorexic, and i cut and im still here because of my friends. They kno i want to kill my self and they try to help me as much as i can. and i cry almost every night because i dont want to hurt them because i love them so much. ive carved things into my arms. and my friends are melissa, jill, and codie ...and if it werent for them i deffinetly wouldnt be here. I wish i wazent. and the thing is is if i kill myself. i kno for sure there will be at least 7 more sucides in the next month if i do that. i dont kno how i can go on much longer. i cant make it stop..a guy from my school molested me, my dad yells at me alot, i cant talk to my mom, and i have memories in my head of all this crap. i dont want help ..yet then i do. i want my friends to keep loving me, and i dont want them to be mad. im soo sorry if have ever hurt them. my pain just gets worse as time goez on. im tired of it and i want to go. im punk/goth, and alot of people think im stupid for that. i want to leave but no one will let me, i just want them to stop loving me so i can go but then when i think about that i cry because my friends meen so much to me. i want them to love me for ever. but i dont want them to hurt if i go. im so confuzed on life and everything i just want to make it stop, i want to make my life stop. if someone would like to talk i would love it. its

i love u all thank you for showing me im not alone with feeling like this.
moll aka maggie
09 Dec 2005 jackie i can't leave my house. i've become a hermit. i've told every one of my friends that i don't like them, I LOVE MY FRIENDS they're all i have, but something forced me to do this inside of me, then i would stay home and cry every day. i can't go shopping, or to the store, or run a simple errand with my sister or mom. i can only take my dog outside and take the trash out. i can't go to a movie, i can't stand this world. im a misanthropist(someone who has a hatred for mankind) but that's not why i don't leave my house. when i first started feeling like this and still went places. i would have horrible experiences. example: i was at my friends apartment and there were lots of friends there, we were all having fun. then i felt like i was hearing everyone just talking about me, when they clearly weren't because i was standing right there. their lips were moving differently from what i was hearing. then i just freaked out and ran out the door without my shoes or jacket or purse. i ran and ran down the blocks and then opened some random persons house door and locked myself inside. i fell to the floor in the house and started crying. i called my mom and had her come get me. i don't know what's wrong with me. that wasnt' the only time. every time after that i went somewhere, all of a sudden i would just freak out and leave. and now i can't even leave my house. something's wrong with my head. and i have severe depression and anger problems. all i do is sleep, sit on my bed, read the bible and pray day after day.
08 Dec 2005 i_h8_maself! i have a dad who spoils ma big sistaz fucken rotten!!! and i have two lil bro's and sistaz and ma lil bro tried to cut ma arm off with the butcher knife and he said it was me!so i go into the bathroom (stupid me 4 4getting to lock the bloody door) i ran a really deep bath and got in and kept ma head under the water 4 only ten minutes when blood started coming out ma nose i knew i was gunna die which made me happy coz i waz gunna have peace 4ever then ma mum came in and ripped me out balling her bloody eyes out!And to this day i still try as many wways as i can to do it.
06 Dec 2005 Ashley McCoy hi my name is ashley and i am 14 years old and i want to kill my self so bad but i never get the nerve to really do it i have 2 baby sisters and i will tell u right now if the were not born i would be dead by now i cant take living like this anymore i hate the way life is my mom puts me in hell every day i wake up hse doesnt let me go out with out her and she was marride for 10 years to a guy who i thaght was my fater for allmost 11 years he broke every bone in my body from the age of 2 all the way to 11 my mom left him and got married again for 3 years and they just spilt 3 days ago and now she has a boyfriend and hes kool and he is nice to my mom i like him for once my mom picked the right guy. My mom isn`t like other moms she just cares about her pian and her self i dont like to go to my friends house after school be cause all my friends moms hug and kiss them and ask them how there day was and give them a snak all my mom does is tell me i have to get the gradige out and to change my sisters and to clean up the front room and to clean the dishes even thow all the stuff i have said about my mom no mater what i would sie for her if she ever died i would jump and her cofen and be braed with her i love my mom to death but my mom doesn`t even no i egzist unliss she wants me to do somthing for her
06 Dec 2005 Akhilesh i want to die
02 Dec 2005 steff i dont know. for some reason i dont seem to be able to harm myself physically. im imensly jealous of those of you who can. i hav tried many times with pills. i really need someone who understands me to talk 2. my friends think im pathetic. an they keep saying that im ruining their lives by wanting to die. they never ask how im feeling. please help me
02 Dec 2005 Ashley McCoy i am 14 years old my i never meet my dad be fore my mom and step dad are fighting and i have a baby be cause i got rapped my stepdad left and told me not to call him dad nymore i cant take it anymore...
28 Nov 2005 simeon well i am so deppressed. i just want to die. i just need someone to talk to so if anyone wants to talk to me just email me. i live in australia. i dont want to say exactly where but im in the 10+ time zone. please some one write me or i will kill myself.
28 Nov 2005 Megan I am 15 right now, and I have tried suicide countless times. My mother are scared of me, and is thinking of sending me to a boarding school just to get me out of the house. She is most likely poppong pills. My dad is never home. For all I know, he could be having an affair. My sister, who is 19 now, has traumatic brain injury from a car accident that happened about six or so years ago. She has a seizure disorder. They all hate me, and the only people that I can talk to live over 2 hours away. I have talked basically all of my friends out of suicide and their problems, but I am suicidal myself. I know, I am a hypocrite, but my life sucks. I have been thwarted every way that I have tried. Pills didn't work, cutting didn't work, nothing has worked. Suicide had no best way. It is different for everyone.
28 Nov 2005 Trevor I actually have a good life exept fo my parents wants me to be perfect. HEre is a bit of my life:
Everyone likes me.
I am smart.
Everyone wants to kiss me because i am so cute.
But the downside is that my parents want to pratically kill me. They think that i should work more often. i work about 5 hours a day. I read about 2 hours a day. I can never play computer games or anything. I am just some one that sholdn't be in this world.
some one, please tell me what to do?
27 Nov 2005 you dont need to know Im 15 years old. I hate my life. I grew up in West Philadelphia in the ghetto and half in Roxborogh with my mom. I tried commiting suicide about 4 times. Overdosing, slitting wrists, tried drowning myself. None if it works. If anyone knows how to do it right and die for real please tell me. I got a gf who im crazy for, but her parents dnt like me and they wnt let me talk to her n be with her. Its making me go crazy. I want to commit suicide really bad. So someone help me out wit a way i can do it.
27 Nov 2005 Save me I am 13 and I have made a decision I just cant take it anymore so I have given myself a week in that week I am going to try stop people from making my mistakes.

About my life……
I have been cutting and burning for over a year now though it seems much longer I am bullied every day have been for almost 3 years my parents got divorced before I reached the age of 2 and I have friends that live to far away for me to see and no one to go to when I feel down so I turn to a razor or occasionally a flame. This is not the way to live believe me and it’s not the way to die either.
Before I go I want to help people in the same situation.

SO if you want to talk or try to talk me down the Add me or email me at

Or Aol
27 Nov 2005 Kris Listen I'm Twelve years old I just lost my Daddy From Bone Cancer, My Kitten has some kind of a blockage and cannot urinate, my mom is sad all the time, My boyfriend pratically hates me. Some say I'm too young to have4 a boyfriend Iwish I never met him.
I wish I was never born, I have Bipolar
I've seen therapists they cannot help eliminate the pain i'm in
I want to take my mom's heart pills
I think that would be better than sitting here listening to my cat cry in agony, he is going to die soon, he's been like this for 4 days
can't take much more help asap
23 Nov 2005 octavia hey everybody my name is octavia and i want to kill myself.i want to die so bad i just need to know how. i don't want it to be painfull cuz i'm already in enough pain. i want something quit and fast.well let me tell u why i want to die. my life is not worth living for anymore. my mom is an asshole. she wants to controll everything i do. she wants to pick and choose everything i do. and if it don't goes her way she gets mad!!!! and my dad don't give a fuck about me. everybody i love is even a liar or a cheater or both. noone will understand tha pain i'm goin through. i one friend and sometimes i think that she don't like me. i'm ugly peolpe disagree but they just don't want to hurt my feelings. there is so much goin on in my life right now and i need to get out. so please help me
23 Nov 2005 Tibor I'm not under thirteen but at the end of my rope. It's too much to discuss in this short letter but I want some secunal or tuinal and finish it. I am past depression and despair and need to rest. Please help me. I'm much more serious than a thirteen year old. Completely gone.
18 Nov 2005 Mery This is my fourth attempt thru out my life. Killing urself wen your 13 is understandable sooo much that u go thru BUT DAT DOES NOT MEAN TO TAKE U OUT OF HEA B'COZ its not the way to go....Ive been dere and thought of dat! If it was for wen i was 13 and was willing to attempt this. I would not of met my 2 brothers sons, would never met the many friends I have today, shared these special more years with my bootiful parents AND BE THE PERSON I AM TODAY! Everything has been the best eva AND I LOVE LIFE TO DA FULLEST! Untill just yesturday something happened from a little situation that has gone big! The way i see siblings just basicaly my family hate me and cant stand me so RIGHT NOW I JUST WONA DIE COZ NOW EVERYFING HAS GONE ALL WRONG! PLEZ DONT KILL URSELF BUT LET ME DO IT FOR U......ID RATHER DIE DAN HAVE SOMEONE ELSE DIE IN THIS CRAZY WORLD! WEN U FINK ABOUT IT THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THRU GOD!!! no matter if u know lil or know much about him just one lil prayer would be answered even if ur in trouble or not!!! SOOO TO MY CONCLUSION ITS BEEN 5 HRS NOW TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO THIS BUT 5 min gone and now im realsing how meaningful life is and ur family most of all! I LOVE THEM TO DEATH AND NEVA WONA MAKE THEIR LIFE MESIRABLE JST THINKING ABOUT ME!! Ma folks and 3 BROTHERS mean the world to me and im the only gurl in da family......and the youngest! PRAY THAT YA'LL COME TO UR SENSES AND TRY AND TURN UR LIFE AROUND FOR THE BETTER! AND ALWAYS CARRY GOD BY UR SIDE COZ HES THE ONLY TRUE THING WHO CAN HELP EITHER BIG OR SMALL MATTERS HES THERE FOR U!!

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