Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Jan 2006 Mandy I wish I knew latley, I'm guessing overdose, but I have no access to drugs right now, medications of all kinds though. I don't want to sound like some angtsy, dramtic idiot teen chick but death seems like a really good option right now, I'm tired of dealing with life, it's all so pointless. My best friend and boyfriend was hit and killed by a drunk driver, and my best friends moved away. I litterally have not one tangible friend anymore, I'm kinda weird, but I like it, it's just who I am, but it sets me apart from cliques tremendously, and makes it hard to make friends. I have a few very close friends via internet, and they are the only thing that keeps me going at all. I know a guy named Mike who liked me, but by the time I knew him well enough, and returned the feeling, he'd moved on, and now he's dating a girl who doesn't love him and is cheating on him, it pisses me off so much, makes me just want to die. Actually, I lied, my friends arn't all that keeps me going, I alsofind a little hope and inspiration in music, I love Thousand Foot Krutch, that band's music has kept me from going crazy or doing somthing stupid so many times...
06 Jan 2006 john I have tried to kill myself since I was 8. It has been crap. To be honets somebody up there wants to keep me alive as a joke I guess. I used to when I was very young try and sofocate myself under the cover, cos my mum would tell me if I slept with the blanket on my face I would not be able to breathe. Anyway, it progressed to overdosing myself at 14 and ending up in the hospital having my tummy pumped, done the same a few times afterwards, then drinking bleach, for it I still suffer a bit. Slashing my wrists but it was to painful so I put ice to numb the pain..........then jumping from a 5 story building and just breaking my ankle, and of course, due to the impact soiling myself and not to finish....locking the car in the garage and starting it and just passing out but not getting killed. so tonight I feel like shit, want to die etc..... give me an efficient painless method PLEASE
06 Jan 2006 life is pain i know ill never kill myself straight out but i also know that id rather die then feel the pains of life. im anorexic... i cut myself... im drugfucked im an alcholic and im branded a slut... i dont care... i wake up somedays covered in bruises.... i dont know where they come from... all i know is that i deserve them... i constantly hurt myself purposely... i do stupid shit like hit myself over the head with cast iron saucepans and i overdose on panadol i have been to hospital 5 times this year for it and it makes me feel im getting what i deserve...also ive been this way since i was 13 i am now 16... i believe that if ur gonna live u have to be prepared for all the pain life brings upon us and to answer ur question... the best way to commit suicide is... slowly... feeling the pain and punishing yourself for it... the suicide that is...
04 Jan 2006 read this for another life there's my e- mail:

people...please read this for me...just for a precious life that is about to get lost...I'm suicidal right now... and I see allucinations...all that's making me want to kill mey self is schoolit's stupid...but I don't know why I want to kill my self...I don't think I can pass grade 8 that's all...and I've tried to kill my self many many times...I have scars all over my left arm...I don't think htat helps now I'm trying to get a rope...but...I tried asking God to help me...but I cam't seek awnsers...I need help to get out of this depression and thoughts about suicide...I've tried hard...I know life is precious...devils are leading me to commit me...please...
04 Jan 2006 DeadManTalking Well, I just dont care about anything. I think i got somthin wrong with my head n shit.. Somthing happens i just dont care about any of it.. If some1 got shot in front of me.. the way i feel is.. Oh fucking well to bad it wasnt me...

Well my attempting to break my own neck, was pretty sad attempt all i did was hurt myself, not good. I tried the drinking the bleach.. fuckin hell is that stuff strong. But didnt work. Im about to steal a gun from a friends house..This will work, unless im that big of a loser it dosent kill me jus fucks me up even more..
02 Jan 2006 Real girl I feel strange, im aching inside but i still feel very calm. I shall forgive all the people who have hurt me and caused me pain. Because i know that when my time is up and when i die they wont even matter to me. Distant memories i have no time for resentment and holding grudges. I am past all of that being angry just makes me feel even worse.

I feel sad im always sad. But i can hide it and deal with it quite well. people think im *over* that strange phase when i tried to top myself and that iv sorted myself out. But it is just a front i cant handle telling them the truth its embarrassing more then anything for them to find out i haven't come any further then where i was 3 years ago. Still constantly obsessing over my death fantasising about the day i do it take a risk and hope it pays of.

I am not depressed never have been but just dont fit into the world and cant act or be like other people want me to be. And i have tried to change and be different ohh god how iv tried. But i can't ;( its very upsetting feeling so left out of life and happiness feel like im missing out on special things. Maybe ill be fine and live till im 90 get married and have babies i am still only 19 but i just cant see it somehow. I do hope that there is not an afterlife what would be the point in me going to the trouble to go to a hotel room and take my life if i just carry on living elsewhere. Ohh god i am scared wish i had someone to die with would be less scary then. When i have tried and failed before i have ended up in hospital and not in a good way. I dont want another failled attempt added to the list If you really want to die then i believe you will however you try if you are desperate to be dead youll find any way you can to die. But while im not desperate to die im not desperate to live either.
01 Jan 2006 Lilly Well where do i start, resently my boyfriend left me after being together neary three years. I'm only 15 we started going out when i was 12 ive spent all of my teenage life with him, being in a two.. with him. But now he ended it three months ago i've been strugling to get over it, at first i thought i could do it it wouldnt be that bad with out him maybe? but things just keep getting worse for me, my school work has gone down hill, so called friends have stabbed me in the back ive lost the love of my life and i found out my uncle had cancer a few days ago and he may not live. I'm so scared of being on my own and i miss him so much, and if this is what life is like without him where it just keeps getting on a downer then frankly i don't really want to live this life. i just wish i could go to sleep and never wake up, what methode is pain free, so you just softly fall to sleep that does the trick right.
29 Dec 2005 Katy Im actually 14 now, but I've been sucidal since I was like 11 and a half and I would say overdosing on a lot of medication is the best way to commit suicide. Because its painless.I've Tried it and you go like all numb. But as you see im still here only cause i unfortunatly didn't take enough.But ever since going to a hospital thanks to the school councelor, Im to freaked to try again but when i do try again no one will see the signs.
28 Dec 2005 Sam I dont know the best way to kill yourself but i do know the way i did it the first 2 times i tried the first time i hung myslef but the fan snapped and the second time i took 25 asperin and it still didn't work
This is my life story:
I was born 5 months premature i nearlly died now i wish i did anyway my parents split up wen i was 2&half years old. Then i had a step dad and he got murdered i was mentally and phisically abused as of wen i turned 4 years old i had so many arguments with my (new) mother i left home at the age of 11 and now im 12&half.
I have just tried to take 35 ibuprofen and i will die at approczamitly 3 pm 28/12/05 i am feelings quit dizzy ight now and i hope you all the people who teased me as a child
27 Dec 2005 adriana am 19 years old, perfect age. like people say i have my whole life ahead of me, i would marry, have kids and the great house with the white fence right???? WRONG!!!! i cant keep a relatioship cuz am bi-polar, i do drugs and am soooo deppresed and soo to kill myself. i feel so pathetic to rely on a web site for help but this should tell you how desperate i am . please contact me if you can help
27 Dec 2005 refat im thinking always about ending my life. because i depressed for long time. i need the best way to end my life!i still not find the best way of doing it. can you help me in this matter!. i need painless way. the reason behind my desicion is that im not happy at all. i dont like the life. many bad things happen to me.. i feel that i dont have place in the life. i feel that passing away will be better for me.
25 Dec 2005 matt smith i want to die my names matt, i deserve to die, help me ANYBODY my email is i am really depressed and i cant stand life no longer, someone please add me to msn and speak to me :'(
23 Dec 2005 Sami Well how many ways are there to kill yourself, a million probably. The favorites, hanging, slicing the wrists, gun to the head, pills, gas, walking out in front of a car. I don't know if i'd choose any of them. If there were a way to just push a button, something that allows no time to go back and rethink things, i think that's what i'd do. I don't really have a story, that is to say, nothing specific that has made me feel that i need to kill myself, and though we're supposed to be only answering a question, i think everyone has a problem staying on topic. I'm just at the point where i can't hear one more time, "You're too self concious, you have low self esteem, you need to be more agressive." I find it hard to believe that sticking around through the bullshit in your life just to make others happy doesn't really happen. As if telling me what my problems are is going to make me wake up and be a new and improved person. I had an uncle who commited suicide, my father threatened to. My entire family history is filled with nervous disorders and depression yet no one gets it. No one understands that you can't get help, you can't just do something about it. You want it to go away but it won't and you can't do anything about it. Three people in my family are already on zoloft or some such shit, but it doesn't make their life any better. I don't want pills, and i'm not saying that because i want pity, i couldn't get pity if i asked for it, but i find, that my problem, is not me. It's those around me. Why should i have to drug myself up to become numb to those around me who treat me like shit. My biggest problem, i just want to know why everyone who considered themselves my friends, just totally cut me off. After ten years, i thought that i might have mattered to them a little. I'm not asking for pity, i don't think anyone who is thinking about suicide, or anyone who has completed suicide was. We just want the world to stop saying get over it. If i ever get the courage to go through with it, the only person i will worry about is my mother. She is my best friend in the entire world, and if she goes before me, i won't have a need to kill myself, i'll just die from that. The rest of the world who knew me can go to hell for all i care. There will be no funeral, no service, just me in a pine box, buried with no name. I couldn't get any plain decency when i was alive, why should those who made my life hell be consoled with a funeral, getting to say goodbye, when they couldn't manage to care for me in life. So the best way to kill yourself when you're thirteen, i couldn't say, to each their own. But i say, wait until your at least out of your parents house, you don't really know what life is like until you can make it your own.
21 Dec 2005 All allone in agony OK, im only 15, and yet iv tried to kill myself too many times to count, and with no availl. im tired of this world treating me the way it does, i was beaten and abused for 7 years by my own schoolmates, it got so bad that i changed schools and moved, ive also had serous depression since ii was about 8 years old. sometimes i cut myself to see just how much it bleeds, that pain helps to make me forget all my other problems. im tired of living, its really over rated, people only focus on the good things, and not on the bad thhings, which usually greatly outweigh the good. no one really relizes what true pain really is till they loose all that makes them happy, so that all they have to focus on is the bad. try never having anything good to block out the bad. the only thing that ever made me happe was my girlfriend, but we broke up. and now theres nothing, nothing to keep me sane. people dont ever really relize how they affect you with there hate, not till ur gone, and they have to think back on what they did to you, and how they affecte you, and visa-versa. ive become acostome to keeping my emotions all bottled up inside, and when you hold it in for as long as i did you start hearing all the thinngs that you hold back yelling in your headand soon you see that theyve become your worst nightmares.I never let them out till i finally just snapped, which has happend on more than one occasion. No one ever really takes me serously, or understands my problems, not till they get slapped in the face by the real truth. the truth is never pretty, but in any case people deserve to know.
20 Dec 2005 lokie do u know panadol. take 25 panadol! it will work friend was hit by a car....thats y i just took 25 panadol ill die in 15 miniutes im alreaddy dizzy
20 Dec 2005 Christel I am actually the age of 17; I have been depressed since i was 15. I often find myself repressing memories of the past. My grandpas have done things to me when i was younger which makes me angry inside. Knowing that it was right, but as of now I look at it as something I couldn’t of stop. It had ruined my life and the way I look at everything. Only this year i have tried to do something about it, there are so many moments where i feel lonely. Since living at the dorms there is no one there to stop me from cutting my arms with a razor blade to get the pain out. I’m transferring to LA next semester for school, I’m not sure if getting away from all these things will do me good.
19 Dec 2005 Abbi I feel pain even when theres nothing wrong. I feel pain even before I push the knife down towards my arteries and let it spurt out fast and furious. I need a permanent fix. A painless, quick way to die.. help me- please someone just kill me im gonna go insane. I wish someone would come rape me, stab me, strangle me and stab me again. I'd go through the pain if it meant I would die afterwards, because everyday is another stab in the fucking back. Im NOT being a fucking emo i just want to die.
19 Dec 2005 matronic I was raped, i was abused and i have tryed killing myself god knows how many times in the past 3years!! Swallowing glass, hanging myself!!Sliting wrist taking pills, upo 150 at a time!! I wish them fuckers would let me go now cos iv had enought!
19 Dec 2005 matronicmad Well for the past 3years i have been trying to kil myself!! Ermm i have tryed everythin, pills, slitting wrist, hanging my self, swallowing glass!!

Slitting wrist you can cut up and then across but it has to be deep enough

Taking pills i took 150 paracetamol and co~codamol and collapsed! was il which i loved but unfortunatley i never died!ahrr!!

hanging myself i did in my bedroom and i was there and my sister found me!

swallowing glass my mum caught me and over reacted and fucking rushed me to the hospital!

I just want too fucking die!
19 Dec 2005 candy i once tried 2 kill myself not because i was feelin depressed(i think)? but i wanted everyone 2 miss me is that strange? im 22 now and when i tried 2 kill myself i was 17 i think how stupid it was!! if anyone feels so depressed and lonely that they think they wanna kill themselfs then plz contact me cos talkin 2 a stranger might put things into perspective love 2 u all from candy , london ,engalnd

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