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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Jan 2006 Samantha not under 13, i am 13, and my life sux ASS. i wanna end it, but i dont know how..cuz its just hard, theres so much i havent experienced, and i want to. but my life sux and should end, my mom hates me "U DUMB USELESS TWIT!" she sez, my dad thinks im absolutly stupid, and my parents fight about me 24/7. my friends know me, but they dont, they think iim a good kid and i dont wanna die and i love life, its just that i dont know how to reach out, how could i, its impossible, here, if pplz knew, they would call me emo and tease me, rather then help me. My friends wouldnt know what to do, they dont have any experience of a shit home.they think my house is great and im really rich, but cloths show it..IM FUCKING POOR!, but my parents dont care, if they had a real choice, they would make me go around naked, there soooo consumed in there own life and want there own happiness, they dont care about mine.

Sometimes i think im an accident and my parents dont care becuz my siblings 21 and oldest is my sister, she is 30..shes old enough to be my mom for christ sakes!!! then, when my brothers and sisters were little, they got evrything, my parents would do anything to keep there teeth straight, keep them up to date with the lastest fasions...etc.

Yesterday, i tried to kill my self by cutting really deep...i almost hit the vien until i realized all the things i would miss out on and i stopped...

Im Lost.So Lost.Im Lost Without You.

Hear the Gun Shots Fired.My Life Expired.My Death Is A Living Lie...
14 Jan 2006 Nicola My name is Nicola, and i have been suicidal for nearly three years now. Yes, i cut every night, i used to do it on my wrists but the amount of pity i recieved made me feel sick to my stomache so now i do not do it there. I cut to get rid of stress and pain, but i would advise everybody out there who thinks they want to cut for the 'fun of it' not to. Once you start, it's hard to stop. Believe me. My parents found out i was suicidal and they're so pathetic they wont even let me get serious help when i know i really need it. I'm only fifteen, i should be out and having fun, yet i feel so depressed and ugly, and i wonder why people like me and want to be close to me..?
Everyday is so bad, i just want all this pain to end, just to start a new life and be free. But then i think that maybe i could just give it one more day and see if anything changes, see if i have anything to live for.
My friends are so fake, People backstab about me, iv'e grown accustomed to the feeling. I feel so dirty, so ill, cureless. I really need to talk to someone.. Please help me.
11 Jan 2006 JaniNe I wanted to overdose on sleeping pills. I love when I'm asleep I don't have to think of anything! It's kind of like watching a movie... and it made since with how long I've been praying to not wake up the next day, lol.
You guys ever see the movie saw? Well you remind me of that... I'm not happy with my life but I appreciate it. It was a pleasant gift from my mother! Suicide is the receipt
I hate my mom
But try for twenty hours try to stop thinking about how you hate your life, or how you hate yourself or how you're unhappy and instead... just live.
That's all I want. I want everyone to see this and for twenty hours just live!
Then we can all die, knowing we tried, I know I have. But there isn’t anything I can do to stop this pain, so I quit… but not now. Give maybe just one hour… everyone Smile just for me.
PS the easiest way is with a gun to your head. Just pull the trigger and you won’t have any more problems! I promise.
If you won’t smile for me now… then smile right before you pull that trigger!
11 Jan 2006 Dee Im not going to sit here and spill my guts about my childhood, im 18 yrs old... im very depressed and have been for a very long time, i first came across this website maybe 5 yrs ago, honestly looking for ways to kill myself and honestly im still looking, im done with the the pain life brings you, done with all the abuse, i need a way out... can some body help me?
10 Jan 2006 kyle i started feeling depressed when i was 13 i had a bone cancer it got pretty bad i was in a hospital every3 weeks and stayed there for 5 days, then i would be at home for another 5 days.
and then shipped to another hospital to recover from the chemotherapy. This was my life for 16 months. it became a routine that i couldnt escape. either my mum or dad would stay with me in hospital to help me cope with it, but i still felt all alone and i still do today im 15 depressed and dont feel like i have any links with my family i just see them as people i live with nothing more
10 Jan 2006 Just another face in the crowd I am 17 and married and pregnant. I am trying to finish school. My husband is 19 and we live in our own house. it is unfinished but it is ours. Ive always been suicidal on and off. even pregnant Ive lain in bed every night and thought about blowing my head off with my husbands m-15. Love for my baby hasnt allowed me too. i cam out of poverty and years of physical mental and sexual abuse. I came into this relationship unsure of myself and my partner. I hate life and I find anything hard to enjoy. everything in life......just sucks.
09 Jan 2006 real girl OMG dose anyone else ever feel suicidal whenever they get theyre periods? and then when your periods over you feel ok again weird hu? anyone kno of any good ways to beat pms an stop me doing summit stupid when i feel so bad one week of every month is hell for me i hate being a girl men hav it so easy
08 Jan 2006 NiCole I am 20 now. When I was 6 my brother na dhis friends would come over and get drunk and high and do all sorts of other drugs and one of my brothers friends used to come back to my room after everyone passed out or didn't realize what was going on and he would molest me. When I was 7 my brother was taken away to foster care because of all the trouble he had gotten into and because of my parents lack of parenting. I was a loner and depressed and didn't care about anything growing up. At the age of 12 I was mixed in with the wrong crowd. I had some friends over in my bedroom. My cousin and my friend Rita left the room and the two guys that stayed behind locked the door behind them. I tried to run out the window but the older guy grabbed me and threw me on the bed. He started to feel me up and rip off my clothes. The other guy just stood there and watched. I was screaming and fighting and my cousin and friend were trying to break down the door to get back in. They finally picked the lock and came back in. When I was 15 I was dating a guy who was 17 and he raped me one night on a date. A few months later he went to jail for the rape of another girl. I became severely depressed and started cutting. I had already been anorexic for years. I left home a few months after the rape and tried to start a new life. he guy that molested me as a child is now in prison for raping a friend of mine and she had a baby by it. I have moved around from state to state living with people I meet. I managed to graduate high school at 19 after dropping out twice. I'm 20 now. My brother died 8 months ago from a motorcycle accident. I went to his funeral. 1 of the pallbearers was the guy who raped me at 15, I saw my parents who never cared if I existed, and all those memories just came flying back into my mind. I tried to move on and forget about it. I'm now even more depressed than before. I'm not thinking about suicide like I used to all the time before. I thought about i all the time before because I felt trapped and I felt like I was never going to get out and be free. I don't know how many times I attempted to cut my wrists and carved the word death in my arm. I have tons of scars from all the cutting. I don't want to die now, I just want amnesia.
08 Jan 2006 GIRL ON THE BRINK I am on the brink of collapsing in a heap on the floor and never getting up. All i have 2 look forward 2 these days is when ill next get some draw & go 2 the pub an drink myself stupid and get kicked out for flashing or crying or fighting!!! My ex best friend was admittied to a mental unit afew months back far away from me. But I went to see her i loved her like a little sister. But when I visited her in Ticehurst where she was being detained I saw her for only half an hour and she seemeed fine then I went outside 2 hav a fag. Ten minutes l8r when I went back in to see her again an just do normal stuff like chat an play games etc...I was told I cudnt see her as she had taken an OD they didnt say what but I think it was salt. Only thing she told me she could get 2 hurt herself in there. She didnt die luckily.

Anyway the staff members thought id given her drugs or something but I hadn't I couldent believe this was happening. L8r her mum phoned me and told me 2 stay away from her and even my ill friend Id been 2 see told her mum Id given her the so called *tablets* what a load of bull!!!! I was her bestfriend now i know she was very Ill and deluded an all but I cudnt believe what she was saying. Why woud she say that? Anyway havent seen her 4 ages dont even know where she is or if shes still alive. And I miss her so much its horrible. I cant keep relationships going for long as I am said by doctors to have a *personality disorder* which I wish theyd never told me as im now constantly thinking I stand out and look weird 2 others. I cant leave the house without having a drink as Im scared of what will happen anxious & self-concious. Doctors put me on anti-depressants 2 try an help but have been on them for like over a year now and they havent done fuck. Why cant i be happy? Why cant I live like other people do and forgodsakes stop whining like a hissy bitch. I dont want 2 die but i have no other plan 2 sort myself out as i think iv tried everything there is out there in the way of help.

08 Jan 2006 Melissa I'm suprised as much to see ten/eleven year olds posting on here. I thought these things only occur during mid adolecents. Anyway, it's been on my mind lately. I haven't gont so far as to do anything, but the thoughts are there, like wanting to jump infront of a car, but stopping; holding your breathe till you go purple, but stop; drink so much, till you forget; and most recently taking out all pills but yet to have swallowed them.
Some people have reasons, traumatic sources, but I -- I have no reason hahaha. Philosophically we always search for the truth, the light in which we've binded ourselves from noticing. I saw it once, just a glimpse. And it blinded me. You know where that light exists?.. In our deaths. I see it in my dreams, and I came to figure out what it means. That after life, there is nothing. We grow up, live on, and die. We are only dying since we've been born. So what is the difference from now to when your old? Nothing, except all those so called great experiences you might encouter, not saying that you will, because for some it could just be helll all through the way. The reason I haven't yet to do anything about my discovery is because, for me, I see hope. Slowly it's beginning to fade and that notion is lingering.

My reasons I should say for this aren't really serious, typical teenage angst, but because I came early to acknowledge where my life will lead me makes me choose this pathway. Sure when I was 7 I was molested by my stepdad, hah I pretty much got to 3rd base and no ones knowssss. bwhahaha. My parents are split and married other people, and yes, that stepdad had a child with my mom, I now have a lil brother. My dad's effed in the brain, 3rd wife and their married but in different countries. I went through many stages of loner to being the most popular person in highschool, I've been the fat kid, I've also been the skinny kid, I can be known as once the jock, and the freakish brainaic, -- now I'm just the person who went through it all and nobody pays much mind to me anymore because they just given up. My parents have, my best friends have, and so has I guess, dare I say it, God. Though I don't believe in any sort of deity anymore.

So what's the best way to kill yourself?
-overdose on tylenol about (30 pills)
-cut your wrist on running water
-hang yourself
-buy a gun and shoot yourself
-drink cyanide or moonshine tons of it
-drown in the tub
-get hypthermia
-light yourself on fire
-take sleeping pills
-run infront of a car

If you live close to vancouver mail me back, I'd like to see other peoples reason and if you've concluded the same as me.
08 Jan 2006 pissed off and confused do you people that go on this site ever think that maybe this 13 year old girl is dead... this site was issued years ago... her skeleton probly rots in hell right this moment... yet ur still tryna tell her to do it... im anorexic
im depressed im suicidal
and i wont go as far as actually dying... unless its slowly because... although im afraid to live... im also afraid to die... an and has anyone else noticed that these people feel this way for reasons... broke hearts... sad and hard childhoods... cant you just accept that they feel that way... they need to make their mistakes before thye can fix them... and they need to fix them alone so they can learn from them... and all u fukwit heartbreakers... try loving someone the way they love you for a change...
08 Jan 2006 aimz possibly overdose.. i think its the only way not to feel the pain.. but then i wonder if u want to end your life u might aswell have some pain.. i know someone that jumped in front of a train at the age 16 i was only 13 then and didnt even understand y he would do that till now that im 17 n thinkin the exactly same thing... i wish i could jus dream of comminting suicide then wake up from it.. i jus wanna see ppls reactions, who cares, who doesnt.. then maybe it might make me look at life better.. all my teenage years ive been shitted on by every friend ive had, every boyfrind 2 i can never find the right person.. and it has had a huge inpact on my life.. im so depressed
08 Jan 2006 Lori-Lynn Im 16. I've spent weeks in mental institutions. I'm Bi-Polar depressed and suffer from post-tramatic stress syndrome. I've tried to kill myself twice. I'm going to again soon and hope I am successful. I'll start from the beginning which i guess starts at age 5. I was put in a situation of sexual abuse with me cousin of the same age and uncle and aunt. Were not sure what happened but since 5th grade i have had tramatic flashbacks. I was never told about this event so it scared me a lot. My parents divorced 11 years ago. I see my father once a month maybe. I had to raise my younger sister and neice i cooked and cleaned. I have two older half sisters and two older step sister 1 younger full sister and 1 younger step brother. So i never was noticed much due to the fact that my oldest half sister got pregnant at 17 and my second oler half sister slept arond a lot and is a major slacker after being kicked out of college.I have always been over weight. Im 8th grade i started cutting. In the 9th grade i got my second boyfriend he was obsessed with my body and that made me feel good until he broke up with me cause i wouldnt put out from that time on i got the nickname whorey lori cause i didnt care what happened to my body until i met this guy in the nurses office 1 week before valentines day. He made me feel good about myself we dated for 5 months and this upset my ex. one day he went to the laundry mat where i was doing laundry. he grabbed my ass so i turned around to smak him and all atr once he grabbed my wrist and slapped me. i tryed to break his grip he hit me again and said to not try to ever hit him again. from then on he stalked me and sexually harrased me i didnt do anything because he scared me so much. I started smoking and cutting i smoked at first 2 cigaretts a week but then more and more i started taking 6 ibuprofen pills a day for 3 months right after my boyfriend gave me my first kiss and broke up with me due to the fact he was getting married. 1 month before the start of my 10th grade year i met this 24 year old guy and we dated for 3 months and he asked me to marry him i said yes. he then diaapeaered. i started taking 25 pills a day and quit smoking. The cutting got serious and i was sent by the school to get a psych eval at the hospital. i was ent to a counselor and after 2 meetings iwas checked into Silver Hills Hospital for 2 weeks i spent 1 month in a PHP(partial hospitalization program) i was dicharged lastfriday i have since then been told by my grandmother to stop faking and get over myself. i realized i was now a burden on my faimly and have since been stealing advilfrom my mom and hid the siccirs i use to cut in my room. i will die and i will be happier because of it.
08 Jan 2006 DeadManTalking I stole the gun...Its actually sitting right next to the computer.. Im still wondering if i should splatter my brains all over the wall.I keep putting it to my head getting ready to pull the trigger but i dont. I dont know why i havent done it yet. I dont know what the fuck i am waiting for...
07 Jan 2006 God of Death I'm 19 and I seem to have these sudden bursts of depression whenever something stupid or crap happens to me, for instance, on New Years Eve I tried selling my Nintendo DS on eBay, which by the way I got for Xmas from my dad, my dad fount out seeing as the account is his, but it didn't sell in the end.

He asked me why I was trying to sell it and I came out with this "The reason I'm trying to sell it is because I hate you, the reason I hate you is because you kicked my back in 1996 (I was 9 at the time) cause my little brother (wont say his name) fell over (he was 3) and blamed me, you came in and kicked me as hard as you could on my back!"

My dad looked all shocked, trying to figure out why I was saying all this, the I finished it with "I will always hold a grudge against you for kicking my back."

Then my dad started getting big vains on his forehead and all that, and said "Right! You don't have to do anything any more!"

I've actually kept throwing that in his face whenever I'm pissed off with him, seeing as now he has taken a different approach to discipline, none what so ever, he can't even carry out threats like getting rid of SKY tv or take their Tv outof their room, whereas, when it was with me, I was the one who got the third degree, pocket money taken away, Sega Master System taken away, grounded for weeks on end, even given the soap when I was 7 for saying a bad word which my dad said, it was BITCH, I never swore for 10 years in fear of getting the soap again, this was swearing in front of my mum and dad, oh yeah I could swear infront of my friends, but that was it.

So, back to the prob with my dad, he got sorted out and took my little brothers out and his Girlfriend and her 11 - 12 year old daughter to a New Years eve gig in central London, without even saying another word to me.

So, when it came around 10.30pm I thought to myself "Hmm, I wonder if I could start the New Year, DEAD, on the kitchen floor with a knife sticking in me?" I pondered this for ages and ages and when New Years came around at 12midnight, I was getting sick, peverted ideas into my head about raping his girlfriend's daughter at my dad's house and kill her and myself afterwards?

I then thought, there's no way in hell I would do that, and realised that I had a consiance and compassion for my family and thought "Nuts to this, I will make a go of my life and get my job, car and oriental girlfriend!" Don't date white girls from England, trust me, they're all spongers, they want to trap you with a baby!

So now, here I am, Friendless, they all decided not to stay in contact after college, gays! My dad and I are ok, I still hate my brothers, I'm unemployeed, carless and sexless, oops, I mean, girlfriendless and my dad and 18 year old bro are at each others throats.

If GOD really does exist, he should contact me somehow, I need to know that I should carry on living, even though it's only been 7 days into the new year.

I tried going gay and bisexual once or twice, I didn't like it after getting creamed in the face by two guys, tried manual transmission on a car, got an automatic drivers licence now, wanted a GF, can only get white british girls, damn it, and finally, I tried getting a job, no luck yet.

What should I do peeps, kill myself or carry on living, seeing as god hates everyone and everything.
07 Jan 2006 kimmi dont commit suicide if u are gettin hurt just try not to do it last year my boyfriend commited suicide by cuuting his wrist in the bath i was so upset and depressed when i found him i climed in the tub with him n took the razor i cut my wrists n layed there waiting to dye but i just fell asleep and when i woke up i was just layed there still in the bath tub with my boyfriend with the razor back in his hand when we were found he was put in a body bag n i was strapped to a bed n took to the hospital when i came too i was still in my clothes covered in his blood because when they tried to change we i tried to escape and i even nocked a nurse uncosious but when the doctor came he told me if i didnt fall to sleep my boyfriend would still be here as he cut his wrists n fell unconsious n i thought he was dead n when he woke he thought the same as me and cut his wrists deeper but killed his self thinking he would be with me. and now everytime i have a shower or bath i fall asleep and have nightmares about it and the other month i nearly drowned from it now please take my advice and dont do it ive tried too many times n i lost my one true love too it n now i cut and slash my wrists so many times its become a hobby SO PLEASE DONT
06 Jan 2006 Mandy I wish I knew latley, I'm guessing overdose, but I have no access to drugs right now, medications of all kinds though. I don't want to sound like some angtsy, dramtic idiot teen chick but death seems like a really good option right now, I'm tired of dealing with life, it's all so pointless. My best friend and boyfriend was hit and killed by a drunk driver, and my best friends moved away. I litterally have not one tangible friend anymore, I'm kinda weird, but I like it, it's just who I am, but it sets me apart from cliques tremendously, and makes it hard to make friends. I have a few very close friends via internet, and they are the only thing that keeps me going at all. I know a guy named Mike who liked me, but by the time I knew him well enough, and returned the feeling, he'd moved on, and now he's dating a girl who doesn't love him and is cheating on him, it pisses me off so much, makes me just want to die. Actually, I lied, my friends arn't all that keeps me going, I alsofind a little hope and inspiration in music, I love Thousand Foot Krutch, that band's music has kept me from going crazy or doing somthing stupid so many times...
06 Jan 2006 john I have tried to kill myself since I was 8. It has been crap. To be honets somebody up there wants to keep me alive as a joke I guess. I used to when I was very young try and sofocate myself under the cover, cos my mum would tell me if I slept with the blanket on my face I would not be able to breathe. Anyway, it progressed to overdosing myself at 14 and ending up in the hospital having my tummy pumped, done the same a few times afterwards, then drinking bleach, for it I still suffer a bit. Slashing my wrists but it was to painful so I put ice to numb the pain..........then jumping from a 5 story building and just breaking my ankle, and of course, due to the impact soiling myself and not to finish....locking the car in the garage and starting it and just passing out but not getting killed. so tonight I feel like shit, want to die etc..... give me an efficient painless method PLEASE
06 Jan 2006 life is pain i know ill never kill myself straight out but i also know that id rather die then feel the pains of life. im anorexic... i cut myself... im drugfucked im an alcholic and im branded a slut... i dont care... i wake up somedays covered in bruises.... i dont know where they come from... all i know is that i deserve them... i constantly hurt myself purposely... i do stupid shit like hit myself over the head with cast iron saucepans and i overdose on panadol i have been to hospital 5 times this year for it and it makes me feel im getting what i deserve...also ive been this way since i was 13 i am now 16... i believe that if ur gonna live u have to be prepared for all the pain life brings upon us and to answer ur question... the best way to commit suicide is... slowly... feeling the pain and punishing yourself for it... the suicide that is...
04 Jan 2006 read this for another life there's my e- mail:

people...please read this for me...just for a precious life that is about to get lost...I'm suicidal right now... and I see allucinations...all that's making me want to kill mey self is schoolit's stupid...but I don't know why I want to kill my self...I don't think I can pass grade 8 that's all...and I've tried to kill my self many many times...I have scars all over my left arm...I don't think htat helps now I'm trying to get a rope...but...I tried asking God to help me...but I cam't seek awnsers...I need help to get out of this depression and thoughts about suicide...I've tried hard...I know life is precious...devils are leading me to commit me...please...

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