Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Feb 2006 ME i'm so depressed it's not even funny...i'm 14 & don't absolutely wanna die...but don't want to live i kno my family love me and i kno i have people that care about me but i'm not exactly the prettiest girl in tha world and would rather be dead....i know if u kill yourself you will go to hell and i dont wanna go to hell...i have so much going for me i'm very smart and intelligent and my teachers at skool call me college bound but i'm insecure about my looks i'm big & people talk about me almost every day i know you're not supposed to care what people say about you but i am a very sensitive person and i can't handle stuff like that....i do have a boyfirend but he's neva seen me....and i kno if he does see me he'll break up with me.....i'm really confused i feel like i have no one to go to but at the same time i want to get this off my matter how long i stay in the mirror or how goo i THINK i look people always call me ugly & fat & i can't take it anymore....i've tried diets and exercise but it's not working i really dont kno i just need help...before i do something i might truly regret.....
22 Feb 2006 charlie hi im 13 and allready fell like shit. i go out and look happy but inside i fel lk im the worst person in the world and just wanna end it all. the oher day my friend called me and said he waz ganna slit his wrists and he just wanted 2 say bi. dat got me thinking about doin it myself even more serouse than ever but i dont want people to b sad when im gone dats the only thing thats stopping me, i just dont no what 2 do!! the girl i love and would do eneything for i mean eneything has moved away and i dont see her eneymore every time i think of her i fell like my insides r screwing up and i wanna huirt ma self reli bad and i usally end up hurting myself it not just her its loadas other tings aswell but i love her so much i cant stop thinking about her. im falling out wid all ma friends aswell now i only have one very good friend but i cant even tell him about what im goin through i mean he wuill probly understand but i just fell so stupid.

i just wanna talk 2 someone teacher, thepist ENEYONE but i fell like a twat. 1 of ma teachers has asked me if i ever wat 2 talk 2 her i can but i cant jus go up and talk 2 her i fell so stupid. sometimes she comes 2 me and takls 2 me and i love it when she dose but she has more important things than me 2 worrie about, so i cant go and talk 2 eneyone i fell so stupid but i love it when people talk 2 me. i jus need hepl befour i go and do sumthing reli stupid, i mean i allready cut and drugs some times to take the pain away.

if you think u can help plz plz help me just talk to me i need to talk to someone and get all of ma sadness and anger out of me tnx.
22 Feb 2006 huge I really don't know right now what to do with my life, I'm in the middle of knowing what's best for me for a long time now(10yrs). And that makes me feel bad, because I can not even see what's ahead of me, and that's sucks!!! I do have a degree(BSIT) but still it does't make sense to me. I'm not happy, and I suffer anxiety, depressed and stock of my life's senseless. Any idea what to do?
21 Feb 2006 Chad im 14, but i only tried to commit suicide once with pills....i just want to know how many is lethal...i've been through way too much girlfriend always gets mad at me when i don't talk or when im sad, she starts getting mad and makes it worse, she doesn't know i take anti-depressants that don't fucking work and hate myself...i have a loving family, though they irritate the hell out of me and a very loving girlfriend....but its not fair...neither of our parents (my girlfriend and mine) want us to date, so i told my parents i wouldn't, but im lying to them...i really want to kill myself but what about my girlfriend?... well I JUST WANT TO KNOW 1 THING...WHAT WILL KILL ME IN PILL FORM, WHAT IS THE BEST AND HOW MUCH DO I NEED?...i also would like to TALK TO SOMEONE...IM me on AOL (Aim address - Uh Name1) or msn messenger, my email is i want to talk to someone and know what will kill me...i want to make the right decision though...thank you...
21 Feb 2006 tanuj i tried to commit suicide. my friend helped me alot, and stopped me. that was a huge mistake for me, my life just ended up getting worse, now i cut. i have no idea how my life is gonna end, but i know its not gonna be pretty...
17 Feb 2006 Knight I dont know what to do...all my friends are horrible to me, I have no life whatsoever, my family is mean to me. The closest friend I have lives half an hour away and yet I only see her once or twice a year because my parents dont understand. My parents got divorced four years ago, and its been living hell. Last night my brother pulled a knife on me, and now my friends are treating me like more and more shit. I feel so alone..
17 Feb 2006 Catherine you really dont have to kill yourself i came on this site because i was considering it, i was reading Jakes notes saying that when he gets his gun hes going to kill himself DONT!! please im 16 and right now im going through a reeeally ruff time so much is happening to me and its all going downhill and to be honest i dont wanna be here anymore... at the same time i wanna be the one who's stood there in 10-20 years saying "ha look i made it, i got everything i deserved a good job and a great family" i wanna be the one whos stood there grining looking down on all those people who continuously put me down to make themselves feel better - imagine if you do that, imagine how alive you'll feel.. thats worth it please dont do anything stupid we need more good people in the world not just loose more, i think what everyone considering suicide needs (esspecially at such a young age) is support even if it is just off people on the net, sometimes its better they dont know the in's and out's to you so they're not so judgemental (i know at times just a simple chat with a stranger over something like msn does me the world of good) so please dont do anything like kill yourself THEY'RE not worth it - feel free to ask for my email addy or something im always willing to help :)
17 Feb 2006 emma hi am emma and my life is so shite people batter me and just a few weeks befour xmas a got batterd off a gang of boyz and girls and i was all covered in blood i have compleatly lost confidance in my self aye dont ever go out anymore i have tried takin lots of paracetemol but they nrver work all it does is make me vomit all day i cut my wrists but then i have marks aye always wish i could die because everybody hates me and the boy that got me batterd of the gang says hes going to get them to do it again and dont say tell the police my mum has already foned the police about me gettin batterd but it was such a brutal attack that the C.I.D had 2 know about it and when am talkin to C.I.D i get all neveous and i dont get my story straight so please e-mail me back cause am really unhappy
15 Feb 2006 hurt and alone i hate myself. all ive heard all my life is that oh your beautiful,and stupid stuff. my mom wants me to live out her dream so i am a model now. no ones cares about the real me, no one ever has, they just want to look at me and use me then throw me away, 3 of my best friends just commited suicide, they were the only ones who knew me. i just want to be with them. i cannot obtain potassium cyanide, but i have access to any drug basically,please someone tell me how i can do this without leaving the house because i wont be able to. just anything. i dont even know what to do. please help me. thanks.B
14 Feb 2006 Spooky Penguin WHY ME!!!!! said:

"I'm really ugly and repulsive. Even strangers cringe when they see me, and I have never had a relationship and I'm 23. Like 90% of the boys I meet have girlfriends, or they pretend they do, because I am so absolutely ugly.
I'm not going to subject the world to my hideous face any longer! i used to cut my self and i might start doing it again!
I have serious mental health issues..I hate people... they all piss me off most of the time. No one is nice or considerate. Everyone only cares about themselves and have no consideration or anyone else. wanna die i am not fit for this world i hate my life and wish for death to greet me everyday god hates me made my life miserable i can't walk in public because i don't want people to see my ugly face. no girl will ever like me. im a wimp people pick on me take advantage of me i do nothing about it and everytime it happens i get more mad at myself for being such a fuckin retard i punish myself i bang my head and punch myself when i am "bad" but i can't help it i don't even care anymore"

Blame Socienty hommie.
13 Feb 2006 ARi This is my second post. I am not 13. I am 15. i have been thinking about suicide. i have a lot of problems and i dont want to bother you with them. sometimes i just need someone to talk to. you can email me at
i just need someone to talk to.
12 Feb 2006 Benny Help!, im not aloud out of my house. :( my mother keeps me in, she is not well. She beats me and if i hit bac sh puts me in the celler. Yesterday she saw me trying to go out side so the burnt me on the cooker.

Last week she had a man in the house who kept touching me, i didnt like it but my mother just sat there and watched him do it, he told me he will be back to finish me off. I dnt know what to do.

If any one has been in this situation please tell me what to do. I wana get out of here with out dieing.
10 Feb 2006 confusion i dont know, iv never tried it, but i want to...i dont know why, i go to a great school, my parents love me, even tho they can be annoying sumtimes, i have so many friends, they all love me 2 death and i love them back, but theres just this thing that tells me to do not sure what it is. i do cut myself, just enough tho. but i dont understand why im thinking
10 Feb 2006 Anna this is just for the people who think they're life is shit, well you havn't seen my life then. My mum died when i was 10 and i havn't got the first idea where my dad is. and i have to live with my grandmother which does'nt let me do anything doesn't let me go out with my friends and has to follow me everywhere.I'm 13 and i have the worst life in the world,(im accually surprised that im even allowed to go to school) and then my gran thinks that all my friends are weird when they're actally not. i have had so many thoughts of killing myself but im still hoping for a miricle. i guess im just supposed to have a happy life
09 Feb 2006 john biddle my name is john biddle and i have a science teacher called mr biddle who calls hisself old mac biddie. he pics on me throughout eachday and it makes me like killing myself he invites me in the classroom in the morning and trips me up i go and see a specialist teacher in our school but she dont believe me if their is anyone out there who i can speak to please email me THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08 Feb 2006 leeann when i move to a new place my mother was living with a man and i was babysitting a family of 5 well pu until 2 years ago he started hitting my mother and evry so often me so i spent most of my time at a frends house some times till 12;30 in the morning then it got worse my mom never paid attechen to me she allways had broken arms ribes and bruses the police new are name frome the book i got sick of it so i moved out when i was just 13 years old thise lady valire she was so nice to me butduring the first few weeks a man tride to mulest me and i completly shut down i gained wait and stoped tALKING but when i thought nothing could get worse someone tride to get me in there house and what do you know it did get worse i started thise unsual thing called ice burns and to me it took away my pain if i just looked back on my past i aolso took asprins to ease the pain i stoped eating and after a while i couldent even get up but she helped me through and she still and now im just looking for frends
07 Feb 2006 me,myself&i i'm 17 years old and i really want to killmyself, really. im just too stupid to actually try it, fuck that shit!!! damn im freaking tired of this motherfucking life. im a good student in school, very good one, i have exellent grades, but who the fuck cares. everybody is always sayin''continue school'' blah blah blah. im tired of school, it only gets harder everytime, im freking tired of mom, i love her but hate her so much, omg. she only thinks of money, and only wants to work, work and work to get more money, so im most of the times alone, and i feel very lonely. my father died some years ago, i miss him. so yeah my life is stupid.
01 Feb 2006 Morgan I think i need to talk to someone but i can't talk to anyone about my problems actually i havent talked to anyone in about 3 days. I used to think about suicide alot and didn't want to live. Then i started to lift wieghts and got so into wieght lifting that i forgot all my problems and thought about lifting 24/7. Then i joined the united states marine corps..... a big fuck up. i was in boot camp for 2 months and got pneumonia so bad i had to go to the hospital for a week. when i got out i didnt want to train anymore so i told them i would kill my self if they didnt send me home (its hard to get outta the marines once you sign the paper). They did send me home and now i really want to kill myself i just space out in my mind. my mind is fucked up worse than ever from the marines because i quit and i am a failer and a waist of space on this earth. im 19 and already know i will never make a difference. i wanted to be a marines so bad and when i quit it fucked me up. i dont talk to anyone in my family or friends. i lay in bed all day wondering if i should kill myself with my 20 gauge shotgun or slit my wrists or do a combo. where i would slit my wrists get in my car and drive down the interstate at 120 mph head straight for a semi and right before i hit that semi shoot myself with the 20 gauge like kurt cobain!!! arnold schwarzenegger used to be my hero cuz i lifted all the time but i cant lift cuz i cant even go around people anymore i am a weak mental fuck up. now my hero is kurt cobain who blew his brains out with a 20 gauge.
01 Feb 2006 ashlee i know exactly how it feels to want to die, but i've never been able to pull it off. i'm more depressed than i should be even though i have a loving boyfriend, but he doesn't trust me one ounce and i always feel like i need to walk on eggshells around him. i love him too, but i just don't know how to handle him. i take pills, to many to try and die, but i never make it past like a few hours of being passed out. i cut myself, to at least know that i can still feel for the time being. i just want to be able to be happy, not look at life in nothing but the negative and see absolutely no posotive. i'm trying to get help, but i don't think i'm going to make it much further in my life. i feel like my time is just around the corner. death is only the beginning.
30 Jan 2006 Lisa Hey ppl my name is lisa.. im now 19 years old.. ive tried commiting suicide 3 times already.. i stabbed myself.. i missed my lung my two centimeters.. i took pills... and i slit my wrists.. none of these seemed to work.. i mean there has to be a reason y im still here and i dont know y .. all i seem to do is hurt ppl.. like my family because i got into some pretty heavy drugs.. cocaine, alcohol, crack, oxycottons, ect all since i was like 16.. ill get better for about 6 months and then i just start up again doin my drugs agiain i cant explain y though .. i dont wanna but it just happens.. so now im here.. im lookin for a way to stop myself from killing my self again. also i want to know a way how to do it the right way.. i just wanna die.. i have nothing in this world for me anyway.. so.. please give me some help.. if you saw me walkin down the street you would think i was just a normal girl.. i mean im decent lookin not over wieght good skin.. but yet i really think there is somethin wrong with my head.. do u think i have a dependency on drugs.. or is just me being stupid.. plz let me know.. you could email me at

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