Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Mar 2006 im dying i hate my life i wanna die, but no one will let me. i cry and cry i wake up emotionless, i hurt myself every day and night this world would be better off without me.... so as i go and commit suicide i say good bye forever......
06 Mar 2006 Jake I'm 17 years old and act like everything in my life is going great. Well its not... My mom pressures me to do good in school with grades/behavior. Then football i have to gain more muscle and become faster. I just want to fade away... I've tried to commit suicide once in the past. I hooked a hose to the end of my car then to the front window and sat there with the engine running. But i bitched out and got out. If i had a gun or something lethal i would just end my life now...
06 Mar 2006 death,dying and the dead i wake up every morning with nothing worth getting up for. i wish i could just fade away. and i now no wen im gone i will be forgotten. i have blead more blood than iz in my body. ive been burning in water and drowning in flame. so as i lay down to die i wisper i loved him... add me
05 Mar 2006 mel Under 13's thinking about death really shouldnt happen, though neither should murder or racism, rape, etc, but i supppose it does. i tried to kill myself when i was 13, because my boyfriend died. i overdosed on a full bottle of whisky and about 60/70 pills. i was on a heart monitor for a while etc, an all that. ive been raped, abused, hit, neglected, my sister is a drug addict, an is currantly in prison for attempted murder. plusd shit tyhat is too bad for ppl to hear, even strangers... ive had to cope with friends dying, lovers, family and all that. and to be honest, i think about killing myself every day, and im fed up with people telling me that ''im meant to do something with my life'' as i bet you all are. suicide is not the answer, but i need joey, and as i have said many times, i cant live without him. im gonna hang myself on saturday, november 4th 2006 off ayr bridge next to the graveyard, 2 days before the anniversary of his death, he was 15... i know im being selfish, but ive stopped alotta ppl from doin stupid things. but, you know?, the afterlife wont be so bad, ill meet my stepdad, joey, kathryn, my gradparents, it coouldnt possibly be worse than here, unless im forced to look at all the people crying...on the 5th november, buy an ayrshire post, my name is melissa zienkiewicz, and now that uve read all this, i dnt approve of under 13's, or any age killin themselves, but who am i to judge?
04 Mar 2006 *broken princess* i rlly want 2 die
evry thin gos wrong
ma bf just dumped me
i cant stand it
evry 1 h8s me and ther is no 1 2 talk 2
04 Mar 2006 sammy-jay look im in no position to talk but ive been cutting myself for just over 5years now and if i could get out of it now i would, I live near cliffs and that. i have been sucidal now for ages and i just want people to know you are not alone. im thinking about killing myself. shit loads of things have gone on. But i look at it this way....if you have only just started cutting or burning wateva self harm try and stop while you can!!! I mean im only a 17year old girl now. I cant see a way out of this shit and ive coped with it for the past 5years but i can only take so much of it now. My bessie mate has just started. Her mums got cancer!!! how do i deal with losing my best mates mum who im so close to... by cutting. Fair enough my arms arnt that bad but they are bad enough for people to notise themand to be upset. People think my arms are bad but im used to seeing them they dont look it through my eyes. if i could make someone think 2ice bout doing it then i would. If ya ever wanna talk then give me an email on and ill get back to you as soon as i can. But just think long and trely hard before you do anythink!!!! please
03 Mar 2006 -x-Damaged-Soul-x- I need help. My sky has dimmed, no more colour in my life. and im alone, again. he doesnt understand that i would gladly die for him, and my parentts dont understand that they should shut up around me. my friends just dont get it and no one understands. i spend hours on end wishing the posseser of damned souls will come to take me away from here. Death Is Freedom.
Hi, im melissa. and im sick of life. im gonna turn 14 on march 29th, and ive been suicidal since i was 11. The first attempted suicide was a attempted overdose, i took 9 pills within a 14 hour period. And i had to go see a psycologist (more like psyco-ologist, dont u love that word...) And tthat really didnt work, and ever since then ive been cutting myself. On the side of my arm, and on the wrist. I really just want tto die, i dont want "attention", like my dad is convinced, i want help. So please, if your good at advice, or whatever, please email me or if you have msn add me. (For email make the subject Suicide Help, so i dontt delete it.) Thank you so much. Just help me, im so scared...
03 Mar 2006 a friend from the heart i just want to say to everyone who simply needs someone to talk to there im here.sure i hate my life too.when i was little everyone hated me at school so ive always never had a real always thinking about killing myself but i dont know why i cant do father is alchoolic and has always beated my mother even when i try to help i always get beated mother had to marry my father because she was pregant of me so she always says that its all my fault and always beats me too.thats something that ill never forget.she is suffering because of me.if i hadnt been born she wouldnt be suffering like this.i dont have friends, i have always been alone,ive realized that the only person that you can trust is yourself.i hate alchool and cigarretes still my parents say that im a freak and that i should die.when someone who is supossed to be the ones who should love you the most,say something like that your realize that you dont have any reason to live.i cant even look myself in the mirror at morning everyday because i look like my father,and everytime i look at myself i remember of him.thats why i dont want anyone to love me.i just want people to hate me and forget me and dont cry at my funeral.i dont have a dream like all people have.well actually i have something kind of,ill live for other people not for myself.ill be the person that i always needed to be with me, to hear me,to wipe away my tears, to make me smile again.i havent smiled for about 10 years...ill live for others not for just a humble and simple person who has a great heart and just wants to help everyone who needs.just remember,you dont need a reason to help people...goodbye and thanks for reading this and im sorry if there are any errors,im portuguese and my english is not very good.if you need someone to talk to ill always be here...for you...
03 Mar 2006 shattered i cut myself really deep, there are new scars and it is hard to stop. i have suicidle thought all the time but i never act upon them, only cutting. i have no parents, they died when i was 9 years old. my dad shot my mom and then shot himself. he is not a bad guy i love him so much, it's just i miss them so much, it is so hard without them. i feel like i should be over them that i shouldn't be crying over them. but i go through this ruotin where i cry myself to sleep. i hate having to wake up every moring and deel with everyones fake adittudes. i try to help my other friends with there problems but i dont always know how to handle it. everyone keeps disappearing on me. my anunt and uncle got a divorce (they are my legal gaurdians) and my aunt lives on this island and i live with my uncle now. he is mean to me and he mokes me and my religion. one of my freinds just died in a car accident in october. we weren't best freinds but we got along. the girls at her school saw me crying and they all wanted to beat me up for it because we wern't "best friends". i was told to be careful and to whatch my back. you know that is really immature, when thngs like that happen i was thinking about my parents and my friend, i had so many emotions going through me so i just cried and i couldn't stop. both her and my parents died in october. i just can't take it i don't know if it is worth it all, any of it, i am so depressed, now addicted to ciggaretes, and doing drugs, skipping school, i never used to do any of that, so all me friends are on my ass about that, it pisses me off so much. all f it does. whatever!
03 Mar 2006 broken smile if today waz my last day on this earth i would die a decent death..suicide. so when i say my last good bye i want you to know that i died for love and nothing else. i cried and love said no. so i will bleed this one last time as i scratch ur name in my skin im lost in a sin...... add me
02 Mar 2006 Paul Hey, my name is Paul and im 13. I am severly depressed, and I attempted suicide before. I am still highly considering it, and shrinks really dont understand. If you are feeling down on yourself, please dont hesitate to e-mail me at I am your friend, and I want to put on you on the path to either death, or life.
28 Feb 2006 losttt I'm just so confsued. I just..
I took the rest of some pills i found in my mothers cabnet. just a moment ago. see you all very soon
28 Feb 2006 samoa please i have problems and will kil myself
life is so painful.i will die and leave the scene
27 Feb 2006 rachel everyday i wake up emotionless with one thing on my mind...death everyday i feel it comming closer i hold onto the hope that i will be forgotten, my life is a nightmare that is comeing to a stop. i have bled enough blood to drown myself and lived through enough pain to kill a world, i see nothing worth living for in life, my heart broke into pieces when love said no, i would do anything for him..if u asked me to die for you i would do it with a smile on my face. i don't need anyone else but you in my life. you were the light in my life and now that your gone there iz only black and grey. So before i die i want you to know that i loved him so much and i will never forget you, but i no you will forget me... a nightmare add me if u want to its
27 Feb 2006 whitney WEll i mostly hear the same stories over and over again. Well im almost 14, and yes i do cutt myself. Yes i do want to die. I have NO reason not to kill myself. I really dont believe in god the more i think about it. I believve that its like believing in unicorns. Most people die cause there bf/gf broke up with them, or their parents abuse them or their life just plain sux! im not saying that my life is bad, i really dont care how good i have it,i just simply want to die. Why i havent I killed myself already? I ask myself that question everyday. If you have something more to say to help me more that "godly loves you stuff" then email me

thanks for reading neways...
27 Feb 2006 gigi I'm not sure what's the best way to kill oneself, but right now, i feel so much frustration and feel extremely unfulfilled in my life. People like gossip, people like to hate others behind their backs, people like to pretend... Well, i'm tired of pretending. Yea i made stupid mistakes and i wanna take them back, but i can't and i won't. But don't pretend u like me and make comments just to avoid me. Don't think i'm a slut cuz i like to flirt and have fun. why make stupid accusations when u don't even know me? why can't u see that i'm just trying to enjoy my life before i die. sometimes i wish i had enough power and strength to stand up to you. to prove my innocence... but i don't cuz i care how people see me, even though we pretend we don't care what others think, in truth, that's the most important thing here cuz w/out each other's support or lack of support, we aren't able to function, which is really sad. i wish i wish... i had as much confidence and ability to be happy w/myself to not let others see how much vulnerable and unhappy i am... don't know what to do...
27 Feb 2006 Alyssa i am 14 and i have tryed to kill my self. i started at 11 years old.i know what many of you are going though if you are thinking about or have all ready tryed to kill your self. E-mail me i have tryed a lot of times to kill my self if you need to talk or tell some one your problems i can help you. don't be afraid to e-mail me.
27 Feb 2006 jimmy Hi im 13 and, im addicted to herione. my mom is also , she is the one who got me into it,and my dad does coke. everyday, me and my mom stick ourselves up with these neeedles and i love it but, we have no money left and i havent had a shot for 3 days!! im going fucking crazy. i took 3 botles of tylenol in one day and i still couldent die, me mom tried to kill me cause i told her to but she couldent, the knfie wasent big enough!! rite now, im living off cockaine and im going fucking nuts. i need help.!!!!
27 Feb 2006   Please help gunna kill myself and i slit my wrists. im very depressed and angry, because everyone hates me a school, i hate my mom shes a stripper and i hate her for it..i get harassed at school by guys they touch me in certain places, which i dont like..i live in the most smallest trailor, in a trailor park that is ghetto, and everyone thinks im on drugs..i hate even my closets friends..i get bad grades cause i hate my teachers..i want to kill myself cause all i do is cry all day please help me my parents make me go to consuling but its not and isnt gunna help me i just need to die, so i cant hurt anymore..
27 Feb 2006 † razor kissed † everyday i wake up to a black world hoping that things will get better but they never do. In my heart i have been dead for so long i have lost the meaning of life i see no reason to live anymore all i see iz black and grey skies i can't remember the last time i smiled i have blead so much blood i could drown in it i have been holding on to love but it keeps on saying no i just dont know wat to do anymore the anwser to all my questions is death so before i leave this black world i just wanna let every one no that u need to die a decent deat..suicide xoxo rachel add me

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