Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Apr 2006 Tia Russell well 2 day waz better but now ill tell u the whole story of my life ! ok well it all stared when i waz 3 my mom waz goin out with a crac head named raymond he waz awfull he would not let me have any contact with my mom ! 1 time while she waz at work he told me 2 help him downstairs or he woukd beat me ! so i did and he covered my mouth and forced him self on me ! and it happened a lot more 2 ! 2 many 2 count! anywaz my mom would not believe me and said i waz liyin 2 ruin her life ! so i 1 day i waz at my grandmas and she saw the marks on me and took me from my mom ! she said 2 my mom if she wanted me bac she needed 2 get rid of raymond ! and she did then we moved away from that place ! we moved in with my grandpa till i waz 6 ! then she met her x the 1 i talked about b4 and he waz nice 2 me 4 a while then came rayna my moms pride and joy ! then her x stared 2 make prverted and mean comments 2 me ! and i would try 2 tell my mom but she did not listen sum times id try 2 run away and he would hit me and her x would drag me bac in the house ! this happened 2 me till i waz about 8 then i met amber and jessie ! they stared me on drugs and men ! so 1 day we where goin 2 go gwt high in the town graveyard as alwaz and i took 2 much ! i waz hosiptalized 4 2 months ! then the men came after i got out ! 1 day we were goin 2 go 2 a party ! every 1 waz there ! well this guy came on 2 me so we went 2 the graveyard ! and he tried 2 rape me so i ran ! he is behind bars 2 thank god ! then about 1 year ago amber and jessie left and it waz lik part of me waz gone so i stared 2 cut ! my mom finally found out and put me in an intsitution 4 a while and then i go thereapy ! and then med and i could not take it ! they said i have skitsifrenia and serious depression ! sum times i want 2 just overdose or just cut all the waz down but i dont caz i met justin and rickey ! the r so kool and they no my sistuation ! but sumtimes rickey ignores me and i need sum 1 2 luv me not ignore me ! sumtimes i wonder if he is worth it ! i just want 2 no what 2 do so if any1 wants 2 talk, suggest, or ask 4 my help just e mail me its no matter what ill alwaz reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hope u talk 2 me i need sum 1 right now !!!!!!!!!plz
03 Apr 2006 Maddie Dont try and overdose cuz it doesnt work too well. If your going to kill yourself (which I know alot of people want to) then do it right. Shoot yourself in the head. Drink bleach. Set yourself on fire.. just dont do something that someone would expect someone that wants to kill themselves to do. They know how save you. Im 15 and my life really sucks. Everybody says they care.. but I still dont believe them. Ive turned to drugs to make me feel better. They worked for a while. But didnt do the trick. Ive cut alot.. Ive been cutting since i was about 12. I still do. And I still believe nothings going to get better. People say it will, but what do they know? They have never been me, so how do they "understand"? I really dont get it. People are always telling me that I'm losing too much weight. I thought that it was a good thing that I was losing weight! I guess not. My friends tell me I should enjoy life. But how can I? I hear voices. I know they arent real. But I still hear them. My best friend says that I'm Skitzophrenic. But again, what does she know? Whenever I feel like giving up shes always there for me. She tells me not to listen to the voices. But how can I not? I cant ignore them because there loud. Sometimes the only thing that I can hear. Even my best friends say that I need to get help. And I said that I would. So they were going to help me. And for some reason I just got really scared.. I called my friends and told them that I was better. That I didnt want to kill myself. I lied to them. I never thought I would lie to my best friend. But in the last 2 years, Ive tried to commit suicide 3 times. And even I need to find a way that will actually work. So if anyone has anything..? I know I said some things when I first started typing but I cant do any of them. I need a way that I can do that will be quiet. So my family wont hear. I am never alone at my house. Even though I always feel like I am.
03 Apr 2006 Mal A. L. i want to help plz let me
03 Apr 2006 Tracy Well first off I am not 13, I am 34 and I have attempted suicide atleast 5 times in my live by overdoesing or slitting my wrists. Apparently neither has worked. I don't have the courage to do it with alot of pain. I have looked all over the internet and have yet to find any info on the most effective way to do it.What do you suggest
02 Apr 2006 Chad wow, about a little over 1 month...and i find myself here again. why? because of people trying to convince that i have a life, because of my stupidity for believing them...i really dont know what to do. i have lost intrest in everything, i lost touch with reality, i have fucked up dreams and ideas. no one believes me or listens to me, im a small fag who has no place in this world. ...this society is so FUCKED UP anyway.....only the physically attractive get paid attention to, only the 'cool' and 'popular' ppl get everything...well i don't really give a fuck, i stopped caring a long time ago....i stay off my anti-depressants and yell for no fucking reason....can someone help me please?..

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25 Mar 2006 Kevin I've been thinking about suiciding for the past month. I"m currently 15 almost 16. i don't find the reason to live. i read some good points, but thats not enough to convince me. There isn't a reason to live. Each day brings you closer to death. why not make it happen earlier? like now
25 Mar 2006 dont give a damn I turned 12 a few months ago and that was the last good thing that happened 2 me. my best friend has been my best friend for 10 years and she's just left, they gave me 1 weeks notice, everyone at school hates me, i get bullied really badly at school at no-one at home even knows i exist-im already dead, it can't get worse.
25 Mar 2006 Patrick I was reading some storys it really made me feel sad and sorry because there are alot of people out there that has problems and stuff like me I have a learning problem and stuff but its me

Hey people I’m here to talk about a litter boy and this little boy’s life story and how he feels and if you people don’t like this what I say or if it hurts you then you don’t have to be here …

This boy he was having a great life and he was 4 years old that time and his family was getting together and his mom and dad was getting together and everything was going fine. Tell one day the little boy’s dad was starting to get into fights and yelling at his mom and it was starting to go on like every night and day . the little boy was confuse he thought it was his fault and he had 3 sister’s and they wear all older then the little boy was and he was embarrassed to talk about himself about some things so he keeps in inside of him every time . one day the little boy’s dad came home and he was so mad the boy came and ask his dad what wrong tell his dad’s anger was so big he beeted the little boy and the boy did not know what to do the little boy’s dad told him that if he ever tell his mom or anyone he will do something to him or his sister’s and the litter boy was so scared so he did not told anything to anyone and he was so upset and he did not know what to do everyday his dad would come home and start to beet him and he did not know why … at school the little boy was called the loser in his school and the boy was very upset and everyone around him at school picked on the boy teasing him all the way threw school . when the little boy was in grade two he started to play in a band called the pipe band and he thought it was the best thing that he could ever do and he loved playing the snare drum and every bit about it the little boy turn 10 years old and his sister’s use to always tell him about there problem’s and he would help them and they use to ask the little boy if the there boyfriend that the boy’s sister going out with was an ok guy or not. One of the boy’s sister was going out with this guy in the pipe band and this sister always came to him and ask the boy if he alright. The boy thought he was an awesome guy. When six months went by this new boyfriend of the boy’s sister came to him and he tried to kiss the boy. The boy backed off and was like what are u doing get away from me. The boy tried to tell his mom and sister but they did not beleave him. So the boy let it go and did not tell anyone. when the boy turn 12 his mom came to this guy and he was a pharmacist and ask him if he could teach me about man stuff and how to save when I get older and help on my school work and go and have lots of fun . So the first time I went with him was on his sail boat and I had lots of fun and the boy sleeped on the sail boat. The next morning the boy came home and the Pharmacist talked to the boy’s mom and he was saying that there’s something wrong in my sleep and I should get that cheek out. A week went by and he was at the hospital and seeing what wrong and the doctor did not know what wrong but he had brain damaged and has a sleep disorder. The little boy thought he was like the only person on earth because no one would see what he feels like no one would he there for him like it was before. and when his sister boyfriend found about this he started to sleep at the boy’s house and waited for a bit and then he came into his room when everyone sleeping and he did things the boy and the boy did not know what to do he tried to tell his mom and sister’s but no one beleaves him . the boy turn 14 and his sister boyfriend was still raping him by this time he was doing it everyday and he did no know what to do so the little boy told a teacher that he trusted and the teacher told the cops and the boy’s boyfriend was in jell . by this time the boy did not know what to do he did not trusted guys anymore because every time he does something it turns out something to be bad and people around him did not know what he feels like or anything because he kept everything inside because he did not know who to talk to and he tried and no one would listen when this boy turn 17 the boy thought every thing was going fine but there was something that was bugging him so much and he did not know how to deal with it was the pharmacist his closest friend in the world is dieing and he be coming stronger and it really hurt him because he was there for the boy for a very long time and he don’t know what he could do with out him . the boy at this time is passing out and the doctors don’t know what wrong and don’t know why the boy is passing out he passed out 4 times this year and everything is going wrong for him in the summer he was going out with his girlfriend and he went to came and he passed out and ended up in the hospital in London and he went on the computer and got a e-mail saying that we brocked up and she with another guy. the boy did not cry did not do anything he keeps his feelings inside and he don’t tell anything to no one the boy is scared because he don’t trusted anyone anymore because every time he try’s something bad happens to him like he get really hurt or not he loves to do lots of things but he feels lefted out no one cares and just because he different then everyone else is he feels like he nothing and ya well I jus want to tell you people that bad things happen to everyone and this little boy was me and look at me I’m trying to help people I’m trying to be not shy trying to get new friends and every time I do people don’t care or they don’t like me for some reason I wish I could be like everyone else is and I hop that just because I love to help people or just because I’m not good looking I know that I have a heart and most guys don’t they care about what people look likes and everything for those people that I hurt I’m sorry for those people that like same for who I am or likes me I wish I could meet you but I’m a really shy guy trying to get my shyness out and people see me as a drummer or something I’m just a guy and I’m sorry ….

there a stroy about my life well a bit this year 2006 I lossed 7 close friends and family and right kow I'm dealing with one of my closes friends even tho he in he 60's he just like a farther to me and someone is like chaging him for somehting he never did and he dont even know the guy. all my life is full of stress we dont have much food to put under the table most of the time I jsut dont eat even tho I live with my mom and I'm old lol but still it hurts when I cant do anything if anyone wnat to add me on msn meseenger at you can
24 Mar 2006 curtis ive been thinking about killing myself...ive been from program too program for behavior and all that fucken shit...i also have herpes (blows all the good stuff out the window) and now my girl friend has dumped me and told me no one can be with anyone who cant even behave or have contact! i have no reason too go on so i think suicide is the only option...i want to hear your reasons for me not too just humor me cuz im still gonne slit my wrists
23 Mar 2006 brad 13 and i think suicide is no joke...iv tried this all before but i think to myself sometimes what am i doing. u see i have this 1 special girl in my life but its not all u think it is. u may think o gr8 this person has a great life but its not all that good. i get told each and everyday that my girlfriend is cheating with this guy. i reli dnt know what i have to do. iv tried not to think bout this but it throbbes in my head al day. when im with her it all seems ok but when im not i think to myself shes better off without me. iv thought about suicide alot. iv been to a top of a 50 - 60 foot bridge and very nearly jumped off...iv tried slitting my wrists but i just cant get the knife to cut deep enough. please help me and tel me what i must do.
22 Mar 2006 XYZ I love this guy for him I left my house and evrything. whenever he gets pissed he screams at me beats me. He abuses me of having illicit relations with my previous friend. I am sick of my life. Please help me someone. I have lost all the zeal to live. I have tried talking to him but nothing helps. I go through this every week or maybe evry alternate day. I can't leave him cause I still love him and got converted. There is nothing I can do. He is stressed out has lost one job and recently got another job after a gap of 5 months. I don't know what to do. How to convince him that I am faithful. I don;t even know where the previuos person is. Why does he blame me everytime for these reasons. Am still a virgin but he feels that I have slept earlier I swear by GOD I haven't done this anytime before. I nedd help plz help me. How should I convince him. I love him and I know he loves me too but he is very short tempere. There is nothing that I can do except end my life. I have tried drinking insecticide he came to know andbeat me up for doing that. I don't know what to do. Help me or else let me die.
18 Mar 2006 mr. yus since i was 12 i always commit suicide whenever i'm depressed i drink insecticide and other hazardous stuff but everytime i commit i am sad because i can't die . . and now i dicovered that my parents are not going on with each other . i will commit it again soon . . i am always wrong i can't take it anymore . .
16 Mar 2006 carol im 24, my mom cheated on my dad so i moved out, then a year later my dad died and i was not there for him when he needed me the most. then i met this guy who i gave my life to we were getting married and i thought that i would finally be happy, turns out his mom runied our wedding and now we have broken up after 4 years. i have no one in this world, i was having a baby and lost it, i have no reason to live, i want to do more than i want to take another breath of air. i just want to die.
16 Mar 2006 charlie this is my second poast, my life just seems to be getting worse and worse, 1 of ma teachers said to me im going nowere in life today but then he tried to sound like he didnt say it becouse he would get into troble he ye he was right. loads people have told me im changing and not being like i used to not smiling and stuff. the other day life got way to much for me and i tried to cut ma rists but i didnt manage to cut deep enough so i waz only bleeding. i just dont know what to do eney more. what should i do?
14 Mar 2006 sweetdemisex3 Wow.. Last night i tried slitting my wrist. It didnt go as well as planned because of course i am still sitting here. I hate the fact that i want to kill myself soo bad but yet when i geyt the perfect oppourtunity i chicken out. I mean last night i had everything i was ready to go and i started but i got scared and now i am left with a cut about 4 inches long on my wrist, that hurts like a bitch. It fucking sucks. I will probibly try agian tonight, and we have school tomorow and i havent missed a day soo when i dont get on the bus i want to know what will be running thru the minds of the people who supposedly "care about me"? hmm.. who knows..
14 Mar 2006 Peter if your parent(s) r out for a bit, take the longest and sharpest kitchen knif and stab yourself in the heart. I have thought of doing it too many times to keep count. Im so angry and upset at the mo i could do it right now.
14 Mar 2006 Felicity I was fucked at 13. Had no friends, started cutting my arm, the top of my hand, my fingertips were always scabbed and i never told a soul. No one knew until i was 14 and i did it at school. I got suspended for bringing a blade ot school, and we moved. after that, we moved again. i got so wound up in it i cut 2 veins in my arm one night, and fainted. i was found in my room bleeding, which saved me. Today i cut myself everynight. its a part of me, but i only do it on the top of my legs. no one but you know about that i enjoy the pain, embrace it now. im half scared it will kill me some day soon, but i feel its too late. i dont want to give it up.
12 Mar 2006 Lee I'm not under 13. I'm 14. I can confidently say that I have no reason to live.
- My family hates me (no exaggeration, they're all deadbeats, including myself).
- I don't have any friends.
- My grades come close to straight F's.
- I don't have anything of my own other than clothes and this computer from 2001.
- I'm absolutely repulsive, and I'm told that pretty much every day.
- I have no talents other than writing, which not only isn't a strong talent, but it is insignificant these days anyway.

I've tried committing suicide about 4 times. Nobody cared/cares. My family knows and doesn't give a sh*t, and the media drones that stalk me for stupid gossip wish that I had been successful. Soon as I get a gun I'm f*cking blowing my brains out. Overdosing just gives you a excruciatingly painful stomachache.

I would love to see someone try to give a reason for me not to kill myself without saying god this god that all over the place. To save you some time, I'm an atheist. Don't throw that religious bullsh*t at me.
11 Mar 2006 Wendy Well here I am again.. I cant stand my life, i dont get to have anytime to enjoy myself I pull off a 4.0 at high school. I work really hard at work which I tend to work 20-30hrs a week plus school plus home work plus babysitting my nieces. I am also in the prosses of learning how to drive picking a college and trying to have fun. Lately I have been feeling extremely lazy I cant eat and I have constant headaches. I have no friends who care and my family doesnt care. I even asked my dad if i could drive his car to kill myself and he said no because he doesnt want me recking his car! I am finally saying goodbye to this world.. i have lost my faith in god i have lost evryone i loved and my goals seem soo out of reach i know ill never make it. I am here to say to u all hope u had a better life than i.

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