Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Apr 2006 Toby Well, i dunno
Everyday i wake, and feel like shit
i dunt want to talk to anyone bout it
i feel
no one would care
they would take it either stupidly and say im a dum twat (again)
or too seriously, and try and stop me, like call sum1, like my parentss,
ohh yer, i dont want them to kno either
im 12 nearly 13, in a few days,
all my so called "friends" have managed to either turn back on me and hate me for who i am, never listen to what i say, my girlfriend is most probably lying to me, and in all, i hate everyone.
if i told any1 about this
then they wuld
i feel it
i wanna go, i hate life,
everyday s the same.
just wish that i culd just, fall asleep one night, and never wake up
FUCK YOU PEOPLE who say that we are all stupid because we feel or are suicidal. like you would kno
besides, at the end of the day, its YOUR life, NOT theirs. and also, They let you to this point. so they cant rele try nd hlp you can they?
i wanna opinion, cuz everythings going wrong, i remember the days when i felt like i had it all, good friends, go home to a loving family, my parents, always with a smile on there faces...
now loook at it, we hav to move away form my dad, my parents dont tlk, my friends leave me...
suicide is my light at the end of the tunnel, i think..
22 Apr 2006 _xsarahx_ hey, i'm 15, and just like most of you, am depressed big time. i lost everyone around me, all becasue of one person. i had a friend kill himself becasue of his own reason, and knew the world would be better off with-out me. i cut myself all the time, and on multipul times, tried to kill myself but obevesily havent been successful. tonight i am thinking wil be my last night alive, it all going to be over, no more tears, no more bleeding, no more heartache
21 Apr 2006 Trace You know what..we are all not alone because now you know that there are people out there that feel the way you do. No one really likes life, its pointless and there isn't really any reason to go on and continue playing the game of life. One life doesn't make a difference in this world. And so my point is life sucks but hey theres a plus to being depressed and insane....we get good drugs, so just keep on getting free drugs(if you live in canada) and get fucked out of your mind so you can't think about anythng any more. Or take all the pills you can reach and chase it with a bottle of rum, and just hope you don't wake up..and if you do wake up then your just back in the same shit hole you started out in. Good luck I guess, and hope whatever comes after life is a little better. if you need someone to talk to
21 Apr 2006 brian even though i'm only 12 years old..i have thought about suicide cuz my life is miserable. I mean my dad walked out on me when i was barely 1 year old but i have to get over matter how bad shit is important and you have to live it...even though you might be in a tight struggle like i am...i always thought bout why my dad left and everything but i will never know the reason..i have done so many things even cutting myself but not to deep to where the vain is but it's hard....shit happenes,it's with is motherfucker...i have to deal with it but without the people that care for me i would commit suicide...dont do's not worth it...apreciate only get one chance to live it out
21 Apr 2006 cheyenne ok so im 13 and i have been trying to kill myself since i was 10 well my parents kinda drink alot and my race isn't exactly what you call perfect well my parents were never abusave i have never been abused but i love some one so much and i had to change schools and now if im lucky ill see him once a month. anyways my parents never did anything to me but i always felt as if they always blame me. well sometimes i am very depressed and some times i feel too too happy but only when im with my friend telly.well i have attempted and failed 50 times and im only 13.well i tried to drown myself 10 times, hanging 3 times, i've cut myself 17 times 10 on wrist 7 on leg, 5 times pulling out my hair, 4 times o.d., 2 times beating myself, 10 times suffocating myself, and 1 time trying to give myself pneumonia by running out in the snow. and also im bulimic. well i do have my own suicide kit but so far it SUX well i haven't thought about suicide for an hour so hey thats a start. SUICIDE IS THE ONLY THING KEEPING ME SANE. i want to doit but then i think about my friends well most of them. chantel, chalissa,and the rest of you its not your fault if you get a phone call
20 Apr 2006 Sarah I'm 13 years old. I'm really confused about suicide.I've been cutting myself for a long time. I just got out the mental hospital. I reaaly want all the pain to stop and I want to die but, I don't at the same time. Mostly I don't want to go to hell. I don't think that people who commit suicide should go to hell though. I mean they killed themselves to escape the pain and now God wants to give them even more by sending them to hell? Does the pain ever end? Yea the world is pretty fucked up. I wish i could start everything over again. I hate being a horrible person. I wish I had a gun... If anybody needs to talk my email is :
19 Apr 2006 hannah i dnt know wat the best way is thats wat i want to know i hate my life nd would much rather be dead than live another day of my life ive tried to kill myself lots of times attenmted to jump overdose ive slit my wrists b4 and evrytime im ill i hope that it will bcomin serious so i die! i need help but dnt know who to turn to ! im 12 nd dnt see my self even livin to 13 nd my birthdays 4 days away
18 Apr 2006 shykid97 I am a 13 year old girl and my life is horrible. Some of my classmates treat me horribly. This one boy says that everyone hates me and that I should go back to England.He also talks about my family ,knocks things off my desk,and make me so upset that i will start crying. I have already broken down crying 4 times this year in class.He sometimes makes me wish i was dead.But then there are the other kids that make fun of me and trip me in the hallway comeing back from lunch.But I never tell the teachers what some of my class mates do to me.But now I am starting to belive that my classmates really do hate me and want me dead If its this bad for me in middle school then I dont want to go to go to high school.I would rather die than put up with the same stuff in high school.
17 Apr 2006 J.Twaits alright im 17. and thought about it for lets say around 10-12 years firstly i started thinkin bout it because both my parents were shit my mom is a depressive person that makes me do everrything since i was able to reach the cooker, my dad went to prison and when he came out told me i was nothing a piece of shit this was when i was about 6-7 i think i didnt even know the word suicide then but i wanted it to end by the time i was 10 i had attempted suicide twice but failed as you can see 1 by pills the other by hanging but my brother found me cos it didnt snap my neck i was jus getting strangled. by the age of 14 i felt good i had a gf that i loved and cherished and spent every hour with her that i could until one day i was walking her home ended getting mugged on the way by some gang (i think) but they wanted more than just money they started to rape her in front of my eyes. i loved her so much i tried my dambdest to stop them i eventually broke free got the bastard off her and told her to run and she did. afer about a hundered yards she got on the road and gott mauled by a bus. i thought it was all my fault because i got her to stay out longer than she wanted just so i didnt have to go home. then came my next few suicied escapades i tried many times to find the bastards that raped her but never did so i saw it a fitting end to die the same way my love did so every chance i had i ran infront a car bus bike anything to end it but i never did all i got were broken bones puntured lungs loss of kidney. by the time i was 15 i hadnt told anyone bout my life i was dead inside everyone thought i was fine (mainly becaue i was in a different city now so no one knew me really) i was able to pretend i was fine. i put a face on. i never tried becoming someone popular because it would just be harder to look fine. eventually i broke down in class an my loves anniversary. so i ended up having to tell my best of friends now only 3 people truely know what shadows lurk in my past. and when i was almost 17 i got raped i was humiliated some women who i didnt even know got her mates to hold me down tie me up undress me and then all 7 of them fucked me but no they werent done with that they pissed on me afterwoods this no one know except u guys i mean im a man getting raped by women i felt like shit. so i started to cut myself trying to find out if i could feel anything anymore i never showed them to people but when i had to get changed and people saw all the cuts and scars i jus said i got into fights i dont think they believe me i think they think im seeking attention but im not i asked for help off my 3 best friends but not one of them did anything so i dont bother asking anymore and now after finding out the course in college im doing all my work has "dissapeared" and a deadline of hmm 9 hours my future has ended because its impossible to do it all by then. so right know i was seaching for a painful but effective way of killing myself. i have often saut after "The Anarchists Cook Book" just so i can blow up everything and one that has screwed up my life (my fucking god i sound as if the world revolves around me fuck it i dont care because they screwed up many other peoples life too) anyway. eventualy i got round to dating again but i never felt the same i used sex and women to seek comfort but i never could feel happy and now i feel as if sex is just like having a beer. to this day i have tried getting into fights that will kill me but i havnt lost i run infront of cars but it doesnt work i try to get STD's but im clean i try drugs but am always brought to hospital by sum bystander. and now every woman i try to get to know and try to feel some emotion with just decides to hurt me they tell me they love me but i find them either sleeping with someone else or saying "i dont think this is going to work out"
i have no idea why im typing this and you know what i dont care the few ppl that know of this 2 dont believe me and still to this day my "father" still thinks im a piece of shit my "mother" still makes me do everything just because i live under her roof and i am alone.

you know what i dotn care about my discretion and if you know my last name you'll know my first name and my email so im gonna put both down cos i dont give a shit bout it
17 Apr 2006 no mouchette im not telling YOU my name Life can be great at times you feel bad now but who knows whats waiting for you around the corner all your problems that you are having now might change and go away dont make a rash decision that you wont ever be able to take back and change once your dead your dead thats it!!! you cant come back as someone else and have another go at it make the most of what you have got, stand tall, be your own person and dont let others stop you from achieving what you know deep down that you can. Life is worth living you and you can be happy start today by making you life change for the better theres so much more then what you see in your life now the world is a huge place dont waste what you have the chance now to discover and enjoy your time here is precious make it count and dont waste your life worrying about the future to much or what other people think of you etc etc your life is just starting dont be a fool and throw it all away. You dont want to end up in 10 years time still feeling like this and still wanting to end your life constantly in a tug of war with you own brain should i do it should i end it all now and stop the pain? or should i try and should i help myself and should i strive to live how i know i can. And make a go of it make the best of it show people dispite whatever your problems are that you are a fighter and you can hold your head high and say to yourself yes im finding it hard i dont have all the answers but i am surviving every minute every hour every day i am still here alive and fighting and not just giving up and admitting defeat and giving into self pity.
17 Apr 2006 april i am 13 years old and ever since my mom got out of prison from drug (meth)i have hated my life the only thing that make me want to stay is my other mom i call her and my other dad i call him(christy & joe) they are my life if it wasn't for them i would have already been gone yea i use ti think what kind of idiot would kill themself now i know a idiot like me i think so hard about it yea i think aventually i will i am going to try to overdose first then on well if you want to talk and i am still alive hit me ^......... hope you lkive through your experiance :-)'
15 Apr 2006 christina i read threw this all & ive seen everyones problems..but mainly ages.. i see people in this thing who are 12 and say they want to die..some even 10.. i was 11 when i started having suicidal thoughts. everyone,the school,my family,my friends,my doctors they all promised me i'd get better..and happy.. i'm now 14 ..3 years later i'm still in pain. i've tried to be happy..ive went to consuling ive went to physchologists on regular basis's but nothing seems to help. i'm on tons of strong medicine & still nothing..
13 Apr 2006 Meh hey tbh i dont know the best way to kill your self, but i fucking try any way i can fine there is really no reason for me to go on living whats the reason if you have no friends, not one girl would give me a second look and no gcse's cause you where to stupid to do any of them right. i would tell you about my up bringin but whats the point you most proberly heard it befor my dad die when i was 4 from takeing dugs, i was meesed up since then and had to go to this place and talk to some fags about how good life is when they dont know how it feels, how it is to have no friends and get the shit kicked out of you ever time you go out even if it was just up the fucking road, the best way i think thats working for me is to take drugs it's gotta kill me sooner then later if im lucky. i try to talk to my mum but whast the point any more if she is just gonna say "your just being silly" and when you fuck up even in the easys of jobs
13 Apr 2006 Lost fairy There is never a best way to kill yourself, at 13 I am probably depressed, I haven't sought help and I have self harmed, I think of suicide a lot. I come from a good family, i go to a good school, we have enough money, i have great friends, and do well at school. None of it makes any difference, it's an illness, without emotion just hollowness. I'd like to leave some message of hope, so I will tell you, it's not your fault. Maybe I will go away to wherever you go, but everyone has to leave something behind, what would you leave behind, if you killed yourself now? When your depressed suicide is like euthanasia of the mind.
12 Apr 2006 Becks I really dont know the best way to kill yourself, but I was announced dead September 3, 2005 and look where I am now. I took 50 of my 150mg anti-depressants and my ambulance broke down, I was announced dead at the hospital, but (Unfortunately)Im still here because they tried to revive me and it worked. If you're going to try to kill yourself, make sure that you're alone and will be alone for several hours so that you end up dying, not just doing something and having ppl walk in on you when you're doing it. I really think that I dont deserve to live, and I just feel like shit and I wish that someone would come and kill me so that I dont have to do this myself. If I could turn back time to when I was happy, I would be sad thinking about what's going to come and would have prolly killed myself then and there so that I wouldnt have to put up with the pain that I have now. Someone tell me how to do it right so that I can go through with it. PLEASE! Im begging you to help me out. I need to go. Just help me out and tell me how to do it right. If you want to yell @ someone for causing this, yell at me for bringing it upon myself....I shouldnt have fallen in love and gotten myself into this sopt in the first place. Im sorry...
12 Apr 2006 sue u know...i been reading all these postings and theres every kind of answer out there. the hard part to accept is when there is no answer. when neither life nor death are options...i understand every point of view and have gone thru it, thot it, and tried it. so what comes next? what do u do when ur so tired u can't stand to be awake but so angry u cant sleep? when ur so full of hate for yourself and ur life that u can't stand to even exist? u wanna die, but ur too scared. u don't wanna hurt anyone. what do u do when there is no answer, not even death?
12 Apr 2006 Sahil I am 16, since i was 10 life is rubbish. There is a long list of problems, we all have problems, so i wont post those. I DONT WANT TO DIE!, BUT I HAVE TO!, I am emtionally dead. I have lost anything and cannot recover anything. Reading the posts here, brought tears to my eyes. It has been my dream in life to help people. I see so many people facing soo many problems, and i feel helpless for them and now for me. I completely understand what everyone is going through. I wish i could kill myself. The best way to go is obviously by shooting yourself with a gun in the medula oblangata ( a part of the barin which if impacted will kill you immediately, NO PAIN) This is located right behind your right ear. Life is the most amazing thing, but life is not what causes our problems, it is always other people. The thing that i become really fed up with is blaming myself. And i think you should know, that you are not always the problem. I really love life, i can think of a million "what if's" but i cant wait around to get the answer, i have taken torture for too long, and it is time to go. I only wish i had the gun, i am a coward, and cannot even kill mysefl.

I hope you have a good life, im a hypocrite for saying this. But i hope nobody kills themselves, and you should know that i love you all. If i dont get a gun, and die, I PROMISE YOU ALL. I WILL TRY MY BEST TO HELP EVERYONE, BECUASE I WANT YOU TO LIVE. AND I KNOW YOU WANT TO LIVE, TO JUST GRAB OUT AND SQUEEZE SOMEBODY AND SHARE YOUR PAINS AND SORROWS.


If you ever want to talk, or just reach out to a stranger friend, just write to me, my email is :

Please dont go, you are the only people who have feeling and understand suffering. Maybe that is why god has given it to you. So that you can change the world. Help others, it is the best drug there is.

I will say it again, please dont go, please, we will all miss you. You say how the world is rubbish and has treated you like crap, so change it, please :(
11 Apr 2006 un-known Fuck i have been lving with my rents for to fuckin long! My mom is catholic and says i should go to church! fuck i dont ever wana step foot in a church....god hasnt done anything for me. why in the hell should i praise him then?!!! the best way to commit suicide would to take a bunch of sleeping get kinda sick but then all u do is go to sleep and then u just dont wake up! Expecialy if u go and try to fall asleep outside casue if it is cold then your blood moves slower and you will die faster! i have tryed it b4 but i didnt take quite enough pills. but i got severly sick so if you use this method make sure you take enough pills. Another way to kill urself is to go down to river when it is cold out and stab urself with a big knife or shoot urself then throw ur self intot the river and ur body will go numb within a min. and u wont b able to feel any pain and u will bleed to death. i tryed that to but one of my friends saw me and pulled me out of the water! fuck cant ppl just understand that if you dont want to b here anymore u should b able to kill urself!
11 Apr 2006 The Grudge HI, I'm 12, and have been living in Georgia all my life. So far, my life has been shit. Some people tell me to get over myself, and live life the fullest. How can you, when your suicidal, is my question.
See, people say that I don't have it as bad as most people. Listen to my story, and you decide wether or not I deserve to live.

At age 6, I was in a small apartment with my mom and my dad. My dad was an alcoholic, and would beat me with a crobar, so I had it pretty bad. My mom was talking to one of the other people in the apartment complex, and he got drunk, and pissed off. He beat me, then told me to shoot my mom, or else he would rape, then kill me. I didn't want to die, but I didn't want to become a murderer. So, that night, I took my dad's gun...and shot my mom in the head. I ran away from the apartment, and took a pockletknife out of my pocket, and ripped the skin on my arms off. A nearby nieghbor called the police department, and they came a picked me up. They took me to a hospitol, asked me questions, while bandaging me up. I've been to 8 foster homes, 4 which have died in fires, and 3 which have died in car accidents, and the other one, took a look at me, found out what had happened in my life, and said, "get her away from us." How's that for a fucking life? Also, when I finally got into school, some guy brought a gun to school. The first thing he did was shoot a teacher, then my leg. Afterwards, they asked him why he did it, he screamed and pointed at me. "She's a murderer! She looks likeThe Grudge!" So that's been my new nickname ever since. And, other then that. I weigh a wopping 23 pounds right now, so imagine. BUt, my dad is still out there somewhere...and I bet you anything he wants to kill me. BUt I seriously, don't give a shit.
11 Apr 2006 david I'm 14. I've tried to kill myself 5 times, twice by OD, once by drowning, once by hanging and once by slitting my wrist. none of them worked. Compared to some people here, my life hasn't been too bad.It certainly hasn't been good either. I thought, whats the point of living in such a flawed world? I hope there isn't an afterlife.
However, recently i've found a purpose for living. A motive. HATE.
I agree with my freind below. Hate is wonderful. Find something, hate it, hate it as much as you hate life, more even. Projecting your hate and pain onto that person/thing becomes your reason for living. I'm not sure how long it will last. But it will keep you from the grave a little longer i hope.

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