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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 May 2006 karli im 12 and well i have just found out that my life is really sad. i wanna get help (kinda) but i really dont want my parents to know. i dont think they would ever understand, i mean i am only on this wedsite when im home alone or its at night and everyone is asleep. i did have a plan to just cut myself, but now since i've been cutting myself i have relized that it hurts more than i thought. oh my god i wish i could do it and just get it over with. some times i feel like going out on to the busy street and just jumping out in front of a car and hope that i die and not wake up. i dont understand why some people want to help stop others from committing suicide, because if they want to die and u stop them than most likely they might just have a worse life, not like me i wouldn't mind i guess but if some one doesn't want help than u should just stay away.
08 May 2006 karli i am 12 (almost 13 in july) and i want to kill myself really bad, but i just dont know how to or which way. i dont want it to hurt really bad or choke myself. just about a week ago i started cutting myself, on my hands, ankles and thighs only 8 times(may seem like a lot to others). i tell my friends that i am going to kill myself on wednesday night and i really want to but then i get the idea about what would happen to me after i did it like i might go to hell or something worse would happen. my so-called "friend" said that she would let me if i had no friends and i think that was funny because that is one of the reasons why i want to commit suicide because i dont have any friends, loneliness, my parents are divorced, im fat, im not really that good in school, and my mom(shes isn't bad all the time, but she can just make me wanna rip my head off). i even made a list of why and why i shouldn't commit suicide, i came up with 2 more shoulds than should'ts.
07 May 2006 Rene I am seriously at a loss. I dunno what to do. I dont really 1 2 die. I would miss my parents. I luv them so much that I cant bear to leave them at all. But i hate myself for being so fat and useless. My sisters and frens would tease me. They would say that I am fat and ugly. I hate it. I really hate it. I want to be as slim as them too. But i have the problem of over eating whenever i am sad or depress. Over this week, I gain 4kgs and I seriously dont dare to go back to school. I am afraid that ppl will tease me for getting fatter. I am very sensitive to what ppl say and I care a lot of how ppl look at me. So i always try to find an excuse for not attending school. but my parents would always scold me and I know they will be sad. Sometime, i would think that, I would rather die than giving my frens a chance to tease at me. I need help seriously...
06 May 2006 Brian Ok dont want you simpathy just hear me out.
I have lived a pretty normal life until about 5 months ago. I got in my first major car accident going down thinterstate and an idiot ran me off the road on purpose right into a break away guard rail and then he decided to keep going. Well I hit the guard rail doing 70mph spun back across the interstate and onto the other side, totaling my car. I was pretty brused and shaken up but had no major injuries. Well this was just an unfortunate event...or so i thought.
2 weeks later I was driving to work and it was January 2nd about 6am and I dont know what happened and no body saw what happened, but somehow I hit one of those big cement light poles and it sheared the whole drivers side of my car off. I was knocked unconsious w/ a bad concusion and was told I was about for 45min-1hour. Well I was airlifted out to the hospital and I probably shouldnt have even been alive. When I finally came to I was told I had broken both of my legs, my arm, and much more. My right ankle all the way through. My left femur all the way through. My left radius I dislocated and broke. I tore my left bicep. I had so much crap wrong with me my parents had trouble even looking at me. I ended up being in the hospital for 5 weeks and then much much rehab which was very hard. But come to find out the physical and emotional part is 10 times harder. I still have much trouble walking and probably will for the rest of my life.
Then about 3 months after this accident I was rinding home with my gf and a car cut us off and we slammed on out brakes, fishtaling into the center guard rail and totaling her car. I did reinjure some of my already aking and healing body, but my gf luckly turned out to be ok except for a couple cuts on her head.
Now I am once again trying to get back on my feet and come to find out my gf has been cheating on me during this time. I had been with her for 2 years and this was the ultimate blow. Nothing can go right for me I can never get a break and I am doing going through so much pain to get absolutly no where.
I have tried to od 3 times now and really thought I was going to die the last time until they found me and rushed me to the hospital. I have tried slitting my wrists to no avail and my life is going nowhere but downhill. I hate my life and I hate everything. Here is a pic of my bad car accident.

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06 May 2006 anna plz dnt kill urself peeps. i have been thru so much shit 2. abused have depression attempted sucide twice, but we gotta be strong. speak 2 me on msn if u want. im happy to help.
06 May 2006 Carly im not under 13 but i felt like killin my self i hang myself twice n although i still feel like it 2 day i just cut my wrists im writin on here to say if any 1 needs any advice email me at or no matter wat u feel like doin u know u gt freinds n ppl out there who luv u so much.
05 May 2006 Nathan I'm 15, I'm wealthy, I attend a expensive Boarding School, I'm not unattractive and I'm not popular or unpopular. So why do I always walk around with a frown on my face? Why do I not care if I die tomorrow? Why don't I care about the feeling of others or if someone dies? Why don't I care about much of anything and why do I find no point in living? These are the questions I pose to anyone who seeks to help out others.
04 May 2006 jeffrey 12..turnin 13.....since my girlfriend got mad at me(soo mAd), i wanted to committ suicide....everyoNe was mad at mE....i dont know how to kill myseLf now.....ol i know is that ill be committing suicide before the start of classes....unLess my so called "friends" forgive me and be my true friends hu would never betray me....but i guess dat wuld never hapen.....i already cancelled my account in friendster which i had 4 soo Long and be telling everyone dat im going to committ stiLL not xure of dat cuz im an honor student but the heLL with dat....i dont just going to kiLL myseLf and i know dat is 4 da best...becuz i waste to much money for alwayz drinkin beer..and always playin ps2 dat our electric biLL was so high and everyone was mad about me.....
... heres my emaiL>>>
04 May 2006 hejebas hey- im 12 years old and soon turning 13 in a couple of days. i've tryed once before to kill myself but failed. im addicted to hycodan tablets and get sick all the time from it. yesterday i was rushed to the hospital and had like 100 tests. i was there for 12 hours and found out i have a low heart rate. now i have to go back tomorrow for more tests! my mom and dad are seperated and have been for only about 2 years. i left with my dad when he got kicked out and we had no money. we lived in his truck for about a day then spent quite a while in a dirty motel. finally when my dad some money we moved into an okay house. it was douxplex and a young dirty couple that never cleaned lived in our basement. one day i ate his cheese cake out of the fridge after school and he kicked me out. thats wen i moved back with my mom. by then i was a pretty anger kid. i would swere and hit my mom. i smashed two fans and theres a ton of holes in my wall. pretty soon i was hanging around the wrong croud. a bunch of high school kids that did tons of crack. i never did any weed but i did get addicted to hycodan[cough syrup/tablets] i tryed to cut myself one night wen my mom kicked me out onto the street. [she used to be really abusive] she used to hit me all the time and once she even threw me into a christmas tree wen i was 7 or 8. well i have to go now. bye
04 May 2006 Ro I just cant do it, I want to so much, but I need something easier, I need something i know is painless, like just falling asleep and never wakening, i want to die, someone help me
03 May 2006 Horror If you've read my stuff before. My life is screwed. But, I just wanna say..sorry for the most part...and give a bit of people.

Fist person I wanna say sorry for, is all the foster families out there, who tryed to help me, but couldn't because they either died, was killed, or could simply not understand me and my fucked up ways.
And I want to say sorry for my boyfriend. I know I was stupid for cutting myself, thinking that for punishment, but it wasn't. I love you, and me being suicidal, and killing myself, isn't going to help our furture at all.
And to my mom. I'm sorry for murdering you...but it was either that...or getting raped, and killed myself. I'm so sorry.
And for my dad. That fucked up crazy, addicted to drugs, fag. Sorry that you got hit by a car three days ago. May your body burn in hell.
And I'm sorry about what I did to you, Michael...but it was either shoot you in the leg, or me. I shot us both. But at least you died five days afterwards.

It seems...unfair, that we hurt people's lives by being suicidal, cutting, bruising, or whatever the hell me and you do. And yet...look at what they did to us.
I for one, have to go to this fucking physco warp, and guess what? Everyone is fine...everyone doesn't have to have the fucked up rubber room. You wanna know something? That rubber room is mine! I stay in there, they give me food, I don't eat. I don't care. They can kiss my ass! All they do, is give me a knife(which I'm thankful for), let me tear up my arm, then three ARMED police officers go in, take me to the next room, stick my arm through a hole in the wall, and hold on to it as tight as they can. Guess what's on the other side of that wall? A guy. I guy with rubber gloves on, flicking your bruises, your cuts, your gashes. He makes the pain get worse and worse. To tell you the truth, I don't even know if I have an arm! But guess what? I'm happy. Happy, that I don't have to hurt myself, when they can do it for me! I've lost...tons of weight...tons! Who cares? Not my foster parents. they said I needed it. I AM 12! I AM STILL GROWING! You don't just...water a person, and watch them grow! they have to have food. Once, they tryed shoving a tube down my throat, when I was in the rubber room. I was in a corner, biting my arm, chewing on it, hoping something food wise would come out of it. Some guy walked in, with a one of those police sticks, and tryed to shove a tube down my throat! How fucked up is that?! And when I stood up, and put both hands over my mouth, he took the stick, pushed me to the ground, and started hitting my back with it! Then, they tied me up to a chair, called me the Physco girl, and four counslers where talking to me, asking me questions, listening, then doing it all over again! When I wouldn't speak, you wanna know what they did? DO YOU?!
I'll tell you what they did...they took, my one...and only sister...that had stayed alive for all these years, and starting beating her with that fucked up police stick thing. What did I do? I talked. I told them everything. I told them my ideas for death, my ideas about everything. then, when I was finally allowed to go home, they told my parents not to believe anything I said, also, they told my foster parents, that we were Self-injurying, that's why we were all bruised up. If you've read my other life story. Add this son of a bitch too it. I have...a..screwed up life.

(I love you, Mouchette, your so cool!)
03 May 2006 Manda2009 Hi im 15 and ive been want to kill myself for the past 6 years. i dont understand why doctors put us in hospitals to get help i mean if we want to die just let us! i mean they would save soooo much money if they didn't have all those hospitals and therapists and such!
02 May 2006 kali angel of death I'm 15 & @ the moment i h8 myself. I have a gr8 life! A beautiful mother, a wonderful Brother, an amazing Father and a funny step dad. I've never been beaten, raped or been cruely treated. So y? God i feel so selfish writing this, i feel so fucking UGH! I jst want 2 end it all. I've never had a b/f wot dus tht say about me? Thats not normal is it? I'm so lonely. All my friends r there & my families always there 2 talk but yet i feel so terrible. I'm short, skinny & bulemic. & i supposse a n attention seeker. I don't wonna b but i can't help it. I think i need help. Anyway wot i was gonna say was even tho i contemplate suicide, i cud never do it. I now no that ther is sum1 who wants 2 b wiv me & i shud liv 4 ME. I do h8 myself but i can get over my depression jst plz DON'T kill urself. I cry 4 the people who have been through hell & i hepe they can rebuild there lives.
30 Apr 2006 Felicity does anyone know what its like to feel numb, like you cant cry, you cant be happy, and if you look it, its only someything fake for everyone else to see?
whenever i cry, its when im alone. when i really cry, the pain is still a dull numbness, and it just gets worse cos i get enveloped in this cycle and i still cut deeper everynite. and i still cry, and one day it will totally consume and destroy my life
30 Apr 2006 Ro Well, Ive been to this site twice now, and it makes me even more sad, which i seem to enjoy, Ive thought about commiting suicide when i was about 12, I thought about running in front of cars all the time, I even wrote a suicide note, i always do.

The reason for suicidal thoughts, I was and still am over weight, I am now 16 and weigh almost 110 kg. I remember seeing photos of when i was a little kid, i was skinny, likee every one else. I always here how there are like 50% over weight ppl, i know 3 ppl in my grade of 160 that are fat like me, 4!! I use to get teased everyday, still do, everyday id be afraid to go to skl, my mum used to get beaten by my dad, then he found jesus and my mum got ok, shes always been depressed, shes an alcho i think, and I know her depression is bascially all my fault, she works like 5 jobs and she is 50, she cleans for a living, I know that if i leave, it would make her life easier, she is never around anymore, always at her new bf, she doesnt need me, my sisters i know dont like me, theyd rather a brother whos kool and popular, who girls would actually like to kiss, I am stupid aswell, which makes thigns worse, almost all of my "frends" have teased me, bullied me, ganged up on me, i used to get called pork crackle by everyone, teachers looked at me like a freak, still do, i cant escape looking like this, i have nothing, i know there are ppl worse off, but i dont see whats the point in living, why??? my dad teases me, he doesnt live with me and my mum tho, my mum once sed to me "youve got bigger tits than me" imagine hearing that from ur mum, i went to my room quietly and cried, eveer since then i thought maybe i didnt hear it, maybe i made it up, i wish i was skinny and cool like ppl i know, i wish girls looked at me like they do ppl i know, ive tried about 5 times to commi suicide, im too pussy to actually do it tho, so i smoke weed, which seems to help, well makes me feel good, i felt like talking here, coz i like to talk about it, but not to anyone i actually know, bye bye
30 Apr 2006 Felicity FUCK life is SO FUNNY!!
the other night i was HAVING AN "EPISODE" with Tony over the phone right, and then i tell the bastard im bleeding and then he hangs up. (i wouldnt think no less cos he is a faggot) then he breaks into my house (cos it was like midnite and dad was out) he tried to talk to me but acted like i was a total freak, BUT when he went to hug me i slashed his arm by accident
FUCK i had no idea it was that bad, and i totally regret it. but as much as i do regret it, i felt like sayin told you so, cos when i get like that i DONT WANT HELP. i am in that state becos of ME and i hate the help, cos it demeans me
so be warned, cos sum of us tend to sLASH OUT XxX luv flick!! ^-^
you can mssg me if u want, but still "meh" ill die one day!!
30 Apr 2006 just call me snoopy hi im one of the young ones who wnt 2 kill my self im only 13 the date 2day is april 30, 2006 my b-day is on may 2 so few days left im turning 14,,i wanted 2 commit sucide because of problems like selfishness my mom wont let me go bck 2 my country for just 1 yr she said u can go back but for only 1 month but i said how about my sisters my cousin my dad
. im so lonely here in london all my friends are al useless i can even talk 2 them about my problems and im telling u i h8 london i wnt 2 go bck 2 my country because its just me and my mom who lives 2gether the rest of my family in philippines and im just so sick of w8ting for almost a year before i can see them im just tired of everything,, an also one of my problems is my school,, my school is surrounded of 9yr old people even though theyre 13 yr old people keep on hurting my feelings and im just so fed up w/ it and my mom keep on saying dnt say ting slike that sh even said that its a good oppurtunity that im here in london because loads of people in my country desprately wnt 2 go here in london but they cant cause some of them dont have enough money but my poins is im just tired of everything makes me feel suicidle
29 Apr 2006 something wrong with me I'm a failure at life. I am incapable of making a serious relationship last, I lose more friends than I keep, I'm fat and stupid and ugly to boot. I look around and I don't see any reason to stay alive. My death would not affect anyone, no one's life would be ruined, and since I do nothing as it is, no one would notice my passing. Everything I have tried to do to improve my life has failed. I'm sick and tired of being alone and of not having anything I can believe in. Nothing in my life, not even religion has been able to be there and never fail me. I have one oneline friend, but if I ever opened up tot her I'd be called a drama queen and get shunned. All I want is an end to the pain and something I can look on and be proud of, and it be worthy of others' admiration. I just want the same life those around me have. What is so wrong with me that I can't even accomplish the same things in life as anyone else? I feel like I'm running out of time to make my life anything worth while. I don't even know what I would do now since I've failed at everything else I've tried to do. Even when I find a group to fit in with, I never fit in enough. I always am wrong in some way. My entire life has been spent on the outside looking in, and I don't know how to be needed or to belong. I see no reason to continue living...
27 Apr 2006 Sa rah I wish i knew....i almost have the perfect mom's a doctor my dad is a stay at home...and i seem perfetly fact most times i am perfectly happy...but i cant control my emotions i cant deal with pain...and i feel like sometimes i hate my parents and no matter how good they are to me im still mean to them...i wish i could just slice my wrist but i dont think i could take it and pills just seem like the wrong way to go...i loose everything..but yet i am still spoiled... no one even suspects me to do a thing like t his but whenever i sit down and think i hate where i am...but i cant tell my parents..cause they will think im just scared of what killing myself would do to other people and how i know that this is only thw easy way out of my problems...i wish i just new what to do or how i should control my emotions
27 Apr 2006 Gemma I am fifteen and have been suffering from depression & self-esteem issues for years now. I've missed so much of my life already over this shit. Crying, contemplating suicide, and just being plain fucking selfish and feeling sorry for myself. Talking to my parents get me nowhere because they think that I am totally full of shit and need to "suck it up" and get on with life. These days I try really hard to get up out of bed and go on with life despite the feeling of not wanting to.

All I need is someone to talk to. Someone who can make me see some hope in this miserable fucking world. I try asking help from my parents, but they don't take me seriously. I don't have friends that I can trust, and I have never been one to go share my personal problems with guidance counsellors.

I just pray every night that I will get over this and will start to feel better about myself and get over this trivial shit. I am so sick of wasting my time and my life crying over it all and feeling like there is no hope. I don't know how to do it. I don't know who to go to to give me guidance on how to carry on.

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