Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 May 2006 sarah im 15 years old. i havent exactly commited suicide, but i have tried. i took out a blade and i really wanted to slash my wrists, but i couldnt. truth is, im afraid of my veins, the icky blueness of them irks me out. so i put down the blade and just started weeping. im depressed. i know it. my home is being condemned for open space and i figure that if the government, aka the mob, can do this to a hardworking taxpaying family, than what hope do we have for the future. our ancestors left england because the current King was taking away the citizens' land. WHERE IS THAT HOPE NOW? what hope is there left when people that you are supposed to trust say that you have 10 days to pack up your belongings and evacuate your home? after thinking about this, i get even more angry and depressed and even now i still have these urges to end my life. its pointless. pointless.
i know im not really helping anyone, so im just going to stop. i dont want help since everytime i tell the one person thats closest to me how i feel about life, my life, (my sister) she jokes around, makes it a funny little joke, says that she'll resurrect me after i`m dead so that she can kill me again. yeah, ha ha ha. really funny.
but in the end, no one is really laughing.
19 May 2006 EZZya it;s all lyck tht ,,,everione sayz onli try 2 mak best of worse...but it anit tht easy......dey mak everithin so simple...and counseler'z at skool dey are da one who make'z us commit sucide..hell them....plz i need help i gotta a lotta'z fren..mah parentz are cool but i .just feel lyck givin a freakin dead end....i m tired of hearin dose freakin idea;z byyyyyyyyyy

19 May 2006 Jen.M.L hey im 12 years old, a girl and i have to do sumthing bout mi suicide thoughts...i have a dad who likes to hurt me and a mom who acts like a total whore around mi dad and will do "n e thing" for him...ive been hurt bi mi bf and bi mi friends but i forgive them i really want to forgive mi parents but i just cant, i do badly in school which makes them mad and i feel like they really h8 me and like mi sibs WAY better. i just need 2 no, even tho i realize alot of people have it worse then me, if i should commit suicide...
19 May 2006 umairoo i am not happy and very depressed all the time. So the solution to this is to kill myself. Then the probelm will end. So killing yourself is the best way to end your problems.
18 May 2006 Life Sucks d00d Listen man i FUKING HATE MY DOUCHEBAG LIFE ALL OF IT. I wanna kill myself but i just dont have the guts. I wish i could have the guts im very jealous of you guys who overdosed and jumped off building and survived. WOW; but i dont have it in me.
And to whoever says go to the doctor or go to the therpist or the psychiatrist. YOUR FUKING FULL OF SHIT. ive been to both and nothing changed; dont waste ur time. If you can drink alcohol, smoke pot, acid, mug people, do whatever fuk you want until you can develop the guts to actually die. Im 16 years old and i have NO hope of life getting any better.
18 May 2006 hmm. ok Jen hey im 12 and im a girl, i have a dad who likes to hurt me when i dont do mi work and a mom who just likes acting like a whore to mi dad. i no now that alot of people have it harder then me but if sum1 can plz answer me this...should i commit suicide? if so how? i dont want to do it like wit OD cuse i dont want to feel pain im a bit of a chicken doin this but most people think im hard. plzzzz sum1 e-mail me bac im beggin u i need 2 no this. :(
18 May 2006 MARK I got hit by a bottle and has left a nasty scar on my head. I have thought about suicide for some time now. I see no point in life. Everyone seems horrible. This latest injury seems to put the nail in the coffin so to speak. I really have had enough. The only thing stopping me from doing it right now is the pain caused to my parents. Who cares though eh? Life sucks
18 May 2006 Mike N. I have tried to commit suicide close to 3x's and at the age of 17 im at the peek of almost pulling it off. i want to commit suicide but i dont want the people around me to know its a suicide i want a something like a "accidental death". because i have a gf that i am deeply in love with she is the reason why i havent gone all the way with it but at this rate if it keeps going the way it is in my life wit family and friends i will commit suicide even if thats lveing my love. because i know that 1 day i will c her again.....i tried choking myself wit rope but it hurts so much and i cant hang myself cuz im to tall for that im 2 big so i have put suicide to the side right now but iono for how much longer.....if life for me gets worst. :(
18 May 2006 carlyn Hello, I'm 13 and a resident in Florida and have tried to kill myself many times and am very depressed. I dont think im good enough. Please contact and help me. Give me hope.
18 May 2006 Jane What can u do if you've got a dark cloud over your shoulders all the time!! You dont need to work cuz parents are rich and everything they have will be left to you but you want to die before them??!!
17 May 2006 not important TO JUST CALL ME SNOOPY
you aint from philippines too and in london right already a resident here and theres nothin i can do about it..cus all my family is already here,and i see no hope of coming back in the so hopeless and helpless and im thinking of doing it too..and i dunno,im not sure if youre reading this just email me or add me on yahoo..
16 May 2006 Stephy Step Well...I actually dont know it..I`ve been thinking about commiting suicide, I feel like Im no longer here, at school, the only thing I do is eating and getting bored, seeing happy people and knowing that I´m probably never being like them makes it harder. Im 15, but I feel like Im tired of living, like nothing worths my presence all know what Im talking about...but I care about my family, my friends...(classmates) and wanna go ahead...but ¿Does anyone cares about me?? I dont know...I miss a hug everyday and cant stand the idea that people can be happy, even tough some days I wake up, smell the roses and know everything is going to be ok. But other days I cry in my room and feel humiliated about how people treats me, just as if the roses where completely dead.
16 May 2006 suky I cant take it anymore. I have nothing to live for. Why not just . . . Will anyone even notice that im gone?
16 May 2006 Stef well i dont know that but ive tried self harming in the past coz i got depressed. if u wana talk 2 me mi addy is and jus in case ur wonderin hu d hell i am i am stef an im 14 years old
15 May 2006 tristan i dunno, ive been looking on the's either cutting deep, which ive tried (im getting bleeds for hours) or hanging.....that's it. o well. ill find a way.
15 May 2006 sandra I would like to know the most painless quick wat to go . No jokes please I have thought about this for the past year, trying to find the best way for me. I have had it with everything. I am so tired all the time i can bearly function.Sick of trying to make everyone happy.I always try to do the honest right thing. But society is turning me into a cheater with all the rules they keep changing about dogs. I have tried to make a life for myself breeding dogs now that I had to give up my dog grooming business I operated for 30 years, due to all the arthritus. It has made my life so painfull everyday, I don't want to get out of bed. I am tired of the way people drive, I seem to be in everyones way as they talk on their cell phones .I am in real hot water because I have had no money coming in since January 2006. Paid for all my houshold expenses with credit cards, and used them to pay each other.I had a whole little of 9 pups go down on me in January,a loss of $7,000.00. I only get criticism from dad, says I brought it all on myself. I am near 50 years old now. Managed to keep a home ,pay bills etc, for the last 15 years, and now everything is going wrong. My town changed the dog bylaw to 3 dogs only. I can't live on that.All the dogs are expecting so there could be a turn around for me,if they don't make it hard for me now that they changed the by law.I have gotten too tired to fight. I am starting to give things away.I won't have any use for things if I am dead anyway. My doctor says he will sign for disability for me, but I can't live on $900.00 a month. I get no compliments or credit from my family for what I have accomplished with my God given talents, just negative comments. I am at the end. Everyone has their hands in my pockets for money. All this red tape with my dogs and the new regulations. I have 9 dogs. I am all for doing the right things but others are making it impossible. I almost succeeded with my plan to get more pills from the doctor, but in a distraught state of mind I goofed and went to the same pharmacy I always go to. They put a hold on the 3 prescriptions because I had just gotten refills 2 weeks before. If I had gone elsewhere I would have had enough to do it. I am sick of this cronic pain,dealing with beaurocrats, no one has anything nice to say to me. Mother gave me heck for not sending her flowers like my brother and sister did for mothers day. Her card in in the mail, she did not get it yet? Said you forgot mothers day. Well I can't remember a day when someone sent something to me just because. I feel invisable most places I go. If I was not here or dropped dead,it would not matter. I don't matter to anyone. I would be a shriveled up corpse and my animals would have starved to death before anyone would notice. I am looking for a quick painless way to go. I can't even cry about it ,I have had it and I don't care about anything anymore I have had it. Sandra
15 May 2006 Sarah Have you ever felt like you had the worst luck in the world? Have you ever asked yourself" What have I done to deserve this"? Have you ever thought " I must be a horrible person for all this shit to have happened to me" When I see people smiling and laughing with their friends I get so sad. I'd do anything for that kind of happiness. When i see families out together, getting along and having fun, something inside me dies.I know no matter how hard I pray and wish that this distant dream will never come to life. Have you ever been so hopeless that you lie on your bed and wish to be erased from existance? The pain becomes too much and you decide you're through fighting in a battle that will never end. I'M 13 and have been trying to commit suicide for many years now. I began cutting myself when I was 11. My school said i couldn't come back to school without a doctor's note 3 times because of it. Then one day in February I was hospitalized for cutting myself and overdosing. I hae a bad habbit of od on cough medicine to get high. I recieved a schlorship to my school but now it lost ecause of my falling grades. I have endured physical, emotional, and verbal abuse from my dad for many years. I'm all alone in this world and no one cares... my email is
14 May 2006 RCJ i've posted here a few times, i check in every once in a while, nothing ever changes. i've found that my philosophy is basically the Nihilistic view Nietzche hated but invented. i came to the conclusion that all existence is meaningless and couldn't possibly have any relevance. I'm probably not going to kill myself anytime soon, since if nothing matters it's the same alive or dead. i've asked people to dispute my claim that existence means nothing, but all i get are religites saying the bible told them so. that's really not useful, since all religions claim to be true yet not one provides more evidence than another. "The bible is infallible because the bible told me the bible is infallible" is circular logic, NOT evidence. i'm tired of writing the same few things over again, but i'm still hoping i might be wrong. even though that means i'm screwed since i've kind of squandered any potential with school and career. if i'm right, go me, if not, i don't really care. i want to be dead, or just sleep forever, and if dying is the only way to achieve death then so be it. unfortunately, my easiest methods would have to wait. i really hope i don't live past 12-2-06, when i can get a handgun. maybe sooner if i can get a car, or some decent poison. my bit of advice is cut an artery, it's not that hard : there are 2 in legs just around hip bones (femeral?), in arms above elbow(next to blood donating vein), and carotid in neck (if you cut up and down you won't have to slash windpipe). remember: the person who is happy everyday is crazier than the person who is depressed every day.
11 May 2006 darvin i am 25 year young software engineer since child life i am facing problems at 5 year i was suffer from disess so fight these disess 5 year than my father not love me bcos they love other women they don't care me our famaily suffer from hunger problem than try to earn so they are lot of problem . our house environment was not good bocs daily my parents quarel each other we have three sister. than i study in enginnering there but money problem for me so now my not love me
11 May 2006 Mitch well... Personally, I'm not here to tell people how to kill them selves... I'm here, to talk to someone, who has been through all of this before... I'm sooo close to taking my life, but the only thing keeping me going is my family! I don't think i could do it to them, but i know i'm getting worse, and i can't seem to controll it.. i had heaps of mates at school, but they have all disappeared, and now i hate going to school... i dread to look at them people again. It brings back sooooooo much pain, and latly i have been thinking of taking my life.... i believe the world would be better, or my past friends would know just how much they have caused me, but i dont wanna take my life to prove it.... there needs to be a simplier way, but until that day comes.... i'm seriously thinking about joining all those, exceptional people who have felt the same as me, but had guts... I'm only 14 by the way, and male....

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