Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 May 2006 suky I cant take it anymore. I have nothing to live for. Why not just . . . Will anyone even notice that im gone?
16 May 2006 Stef well i dont know that but ive tried self harming in the past coz i got depressed. if u wana talk 2 me mi addy is and jus in case ur wonderin hu d hell i am i am stef an im 14 years old
15 May 2006 tristan i dunno, ive been looking on the's either cutting deep, which ive tried (im getting bleeds for hours) or hanging.....that's it. o well. ill find a way.
15 May 2006 sandra I would like to know the most painless quick wat to go . No jokes please I have thought about this for the past year, trying to find the best way for me. I have had it with everything. I am so tired all the time i can bearly function.Sick of trying to make everyone happy.I always try to do the honest right thing. But society is turning me into a cheater with all the rules they keep changing about dogs. I have tried to make a life for myself breeding dogs now that I had to give up my dog grooming business I operated for 30 years, due to all the arthritus. It has made my life so painfull everyday, I don't want to get out of bed. I am tired of the way people drive, I seem to be in everyones way as they talk on their cell phones .I am in real hot water because I have had no money coming in since January 2006. Paid for all my houshold expenses with credit cards, and used them to pay each other.I had a whole little of 9 pups go down on me in January,a loss of $7,000.00. I only get criticism from dad, says I brought it all on myself. I am near 50 years old now. Managed to keep a home ,pay bills etc, for the last 15 years, and now everything is going wrong. My town changed the dog bylaw to 3 dogs only. I can't live on that.All the dogs are expecting so there could be a turn around for me,if they don't make it hard for me now that they changed the by law.I have gotten too tired to fight. I am starting to give things away.I won't have any use for things if I am dead anyway. My doctor says he will sign for disability for me, but I can't live on $900.00 a month. I get no compliments or credit from my family for what I have accomplished with my God given talents, just negative comments. I am at the end. Everyone has their hands in my pockets for money. All this red tape with my dogs and the new regulations. I have 9 dogs. I am all for doing the right things but others are making it impossible. I almost succeeded with my plan to get more pills from the doctor, but in a distraught state of mind I goofed and went to the same pharmacy I always go to. They put a hold on the 3 prescriptions because I had just gotten refills 2 weeks before. If I had gone elsewhere I would have had enough to do it. I am sick of this cronic pain,dealing with beaurocrats, no one has anything nice to say to me. Mother gave me heck for not sending her flowers like my brother and sister did for mothers day. Her card in in the mail, she did not get it yet? Said you forgot mothers day. Well I can't remember a day when someone sent something to me just because. I feel invisable most places I go. If I was not here or dropped dead,it would not matter. I don't matter to anyone. I would be a shriveled up corpse and my animals would have starved to death before anyone would notice. I am looking for a quick painless way to go. I can't even cry about it ,I have had it and I don't care about anything anymore I have had it. Sandra
15 May 2006 Sarah Have you ever felt like you had the worst luck in the world? Have you ever asked yourself" What have I done to deserve this"? Have you ever thought " I must be a horrible person for all this shit to have happened to me" When I see people smiling and laughing with their friends I get so sad. I'd do anything for that kind of happiness. When i see families out together, getting along and having fun, something inside me dies.I know no matter how hard I pray and wish that this distant dream will never come to life. Have you ever been so hopeless that you lie on your bed and wish to be erased from existance? The pain becomes too much and you decide you're through fighting in a battle that will never end. I'M 13 and have been trying to commit suicide for many years now. I began cutting myself when I was 11. My school said i couldn't come back to school without a doctor's note 3 times because of it. Then one day in February I was hospitalized for cutting myself and overdosing. I hae a bad habbit of od on cough medicine to get high. I recieved a schlorship to my school but now it lost ecause of my falling grades. I have endured physical, emotional, and verbal abuse from my dad for many years. I'm all alone in this world and no one cares... my email is
14 May 2006 RCJ i've posted here a few times, i check in every once in a while, nothing ever changes. i've found that my philosophy is basically the Nihilistic view Nietzche hated but invented. i came to the conclusion that all existence is meaningless and couldn't possibly have any relevance. I'm probably not going to kill myself anytime soon, since if nothing matters it's the same alive or dead. i've asked people to dispute my claim that existence means nothing, but all i get are religites saying the bible told them so. that's really not useful, since all religions claim to be true yet not one provides more evidence than another. "The bible is infallible because the bible told me the bible is infallible" is circular logic, NOT evidence. i'm tired of writing the same few things over again, but i'm still hoping i might be wrong. even though that means i'm screwed since i've kind of squandered any potential with school and career. if i'm right, go me, if not, i don't really care. i want to be dead, or just sleep forever, and if dying is the only way to achieve death then so be it. unfortunately, my easiest methods would have to wait. i really hope i don't live past 12-2-06, when i can get a handgun. maybe sooner if i can get a car, or some decent poison. my bit of advice is cut an artery, it's not that hard : there are 2 in legs just around hip bones (femeral?), in arms above elbow(next to blood donating vein), and carotid in neck (if you cut up and down you won't have to slash windpipe). remember: the person who is happy everyday is crazier than the person who is depressed every day.
11 May 2006 darvin i am 25 year young software engineer since child life i am facing problems at 5 year i was suffer from disess so fight these disess 5 year than my father not love me bcos they love other women they don't care me our famaily suffer from hunger problem than try to earn so they are lot of problem . our house environment was not good bocs daily my parents quarel each other we have three sister. than i study in enginnering there but money problem for me so now my not love me
11 May 2006 Mitch well... Personally, I'm not here to tell people how to kill them selves... I'm here, to talk to someone, who has been through all of this before... I'm sooo close to taking my life, but the only thing keeping me going is my family! I don't think i could do it to them, but i know i'm getting worse, and i can't seem to controll it.. i had heaps of mates at school, but they have all disappeared, and now i hate going to school... i dread to look at them people again. It brings back sooooooo much pain, and latly i have been thinking of taking my life.... i believe the world would be better, or my past friends would know just how much they have caused me, but i dont wanna take my life to prove it.... there needs to be a simplier way, but until that day comes.... i'm seriously thinking about joining all those, exceptional people who have felt the same as me, but had guts... I'm only 14 by the way, and male....
10 May 2006 steve im 15 and im gonna kill my self next week if my life like it is carries on please help
09 May 2006 anna when i was 10 i was convinced peter pan would tap on my window. i waited up reading stories to the night for 5 years. i'm still here. i'm still depressed. but now i'm big. i want to commit suicide, so that i can join peter in neverland. "to die, would be an awfully big adventure"
09 May 2006 §ï©k.†¤.Đəǻθ Some times I feel that I realy want to kill my self! Its cuz I realy feel underappreciated, and the problem is that I always advise people not to commit suicide but most of the time when I'm advicing people not to kill themselves I think of killing myself as I'm typing or talking! I just wanted to talk to someone but no one understands!

09 May 2006 isobel call me izzy tho im 13 now n iv tryd 2 hand myself but my bro found me n got me down b4 i died n after then lotes of stuff has made me laf n b happy but then i have also thryd 2 cut my wrist mbut that never works and then when ur happy u look at the scars n u wish you never did it, u might have depressing times in ur life n think no1 can no what your going thru but it happends to evryone and once u try and fail u will b happy that it didnt work and then if u do, think about it your hole family will b upset n then they will feel more pain then what u did when u killed urself and so will your friends so if u do kill urself ur not helping urself or anyone els ur just distroying ur life n overs lifes so plz dont kill ur self, and if you want to talk 2 me add me at
08 May 2006 karli im 12 and well i have just found out that my life is really sad. i wanna get help (kinda) but i really dont want my parents to know. i dont think they would ever understand, i mean i am only on this wedsite when im home alone or its at night and everyone is asleep. i did have a plan to just cut myself, but now since i've been cutting myself i have relized that it hurts more than i thought. oh my god i wish i could do it and just get it over with. some times i feel like going out on to the busy street and just jumping out in front of a car and hope that i die and not wake up. i dont understand why some people want to help stop others from committing suicide, because if they want to die and u stop them than most likely they might just have a worse life, not like me i wouldn't mind i guess but if some one doesn't want help than u should just stay away.
08 May 2006 karli i am 12 (almost 13 in july) and i want to kill myself really bad, but i just dont know how to or which way. i dont want it to hurt really bad or choke myself. just about a week ago i started cutting myself, on my hands, ankles and thighs only 8 times(may seem like a lot to others). i tell my friends that i am going to kill myself on wednesday night and i really want to but then i get the idea about what would happen to me after i did it like i might go to hell or something worse would happen. my so-called "friend" said that she would let me if i had no friends and i think that was funny because that is one of the reasons why i want to commit suicide because i dont have any friends, loneliness, my parents are divorced, im fat, im not really that good in school, and my mom(shes isn't bad all the time, but she can just make me wanna rip my head off). i even made a list of why and why i shouldn't commit suicide, i came up with 2 more shoulds than should'ts.
07 May 2006 Rene I am seriously at a loss. I dunno what to do. I dont really 1 2 die. I would miss my parents. I luv them so much that I cant bear to leave them at all. But i hate myself for being so fat and useless. My sisters and frens would tease me. They would say that I am fat and ugly. I hate it. I really hate it. I want to be as slim as them too. But i have the problem of over eating whenever i am sad or depress. Over this week, I gain 4kgs and I seriously dont dare to go back to school. I am afraid that ppl will tease me for getting fatter. I am very sensitive to what ppl say and I care a lot of how ppl look at me. So i always try to find an excuse for not attending school. but my parents would always scold me and I know they will be sad. Sometime, i would think that, I would rather die than giving my frens a chance to tease at me. I need help seriously...
06 May 2006 Brian Ok dont want you simpathy just hear me out.
I have lived a pretty normal life until about 5 months ago. I got in my first major car accident going down thinterstate and an idiot ran me off the road on purpose right into a break away guard rail and then he decided to keep going. Well I hit the guard rail doing 70mph spun back across the interstate and onto the other side, totaling my car. I was pretty brused and shaken up but had no major injuries. Well this was just an unfortunate event...or so i thought.
2 weeks later I was driving to work and it was January 2nd about 6am and I dont know what happened and no body saw what happened, but somehow I hit one of those big cement light poles and it sheared the whole drivers side of my car off. I was knocked unconsious w/ a bad concusion and was told I was about for 45min-1hour. Well I was airlifted out to the hospital and I probably shouldnt have even been alive. When I finally came to I was told I had broken both of my legs, my arm, and much more. My right ankle all the way through. My left femur all the way through. My left radius I dislocated and broke. I tore my left bicep. I had so much crap wrong with me my parents had trouble even looking at me. I ended up being in the hospital for 5 weeks and then much much rehab which was very hard. But come to find out the physical and emotional part is 10 times harder. I still have much trouble walking and probably will for the rest of my life.
Then about 3 months after this accident I was rinding home with my gf and a car cut us off and we slammed on out brakes, fishtaling into the center guard rail and totaling her car. I did reinjure some of my already aking and healing body, but my gf luckly turned out to be ok except for a couple cuts on her head.
Now I am once again trying to get back on my feet and come to find out my gf has been cheating on me during this time. I had been with her for 2 years and this was the ultimate blow. Nothing can go right for me I can never get a break and I am doing going through so much pain to get absolutly no where.
I have tried to od 3 times now and really thought I was going to die the last time until they found me and rushed me to the hospital. I have tried slitting my wrists to no avail and my life is going nowhere but downhill. I hate my life and I hate everything. Here is a pic of my bad car accident.

<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a>
06 May 2006 anna plz dnt kill urself peeps. i have been thru so much shit 2. abused have depression attempted sucide twice, but we gotta be strong. speak 2 me on msn if u want. im happy to help.
06 May 2006 Carly im not under 13 but i felt like killin my self i hang myself twice n although i still feel like it 2 day i just cut my wrists im writin on here to say if any 1 needs any advice email me at or no matter wat u feel like doin u know u gt freinds n ppl out there who luv u so much.
05 May 2006 Nathan I'm 15, I'm wealthy, I attend a expensive Boarding School, I'm not unattractive and I'm not popular or unpopular. So why do I always walk around with a frown on my face? Why do I not care if I die tomorrow? Why don't I care about the feeling of others or if someone dies? Why don't I care about much of anything and why do I find no point in living? These are the questions I pose to anyone who seeks to help out others.
04 May 2006 jeffrey 12..turnin 13.....since my girlfriend got mad at me(soo mAd), i wanted to committ suicide....everyoNe was mad at mE....i dont know how to kill myseLf now.....ol i know is that ill be committing suicide before the start of classes....unLess my so called "friends" forgive me and be my true friends hu would never betray me....but i guess dat wuld never hapen.....i already cancelled my account in friendster which i had 4 soo Long and be telling everyone dat im going to committ stiLL not xure of dat cuz im an honor student but the heLL with dat....i dont just going to kiLL myseLf and i know dat is 4 da best...becuz i waste to much money for alwayz drinkin beer..and always playin ps2 dat our electric biLL was so high and everyone was mad about me.....
... heres my emaiL>>>

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