Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 May 2006 jodie well im 13 and ive never actually commited suicide but ive been thinking about it alot since i was 12 and i starting cutting myself when i was 12 i just have felt so hopeless ever since i moved across the country, ppl say that life goes on but what i left in california was my life and i just cant move on and im literally crying 5 times a day now and I'm never happy so yea i just thought I'd share my story
28 May 2006 nicci I’m nicci and I’m 20 and the youngest of three siblings... I’ve been trying to kill myself since I was 15 but I never really went through with it... one day I tried to slash my wrist, well it was bleeding for about 1 minute and then it stopped, that cut wasn’t deep at all, as usual I chickened out… the next day I was watching TV in my dorm room when I got a phone call, it was from my aunt, my brother committed suicide. No letter, no nothing, he just left and until now I’m still full of regrets, questions and pain. I’ve been through a lot of painful experiences since I was 9 years old , however, that was the most painful thing I ever had to go through …. At least I thought it would be… two years later I found my other brother in the tub and he was covered in blood… he slashed both wrists… I was able to call 911 and he was saved… but that incident made me go through all the painful memories all over again… now when my brother has problems he talks to me and I listen… I know everything that goes on in his life. He promised me that he would never do what he did ever again but I’m still in pain and I can’t seem to make it go away

I feel weird and I’m scared… I’m scared that one day I would snap and would gather enough courage to finally do what I’ve been trying to do since I was 15… kill myself…
28 May 2006 Anonnymous Actually, about three hours ago i was sitting on my bedroom floor, with my razor attempting to kill myself. I bled but didn't die. I was just so sick of life and everything. After doing that I was talking to my friend. He made me realize that i have alot to live for. And so did reading all about this. About a month ago a girl i knew killed her self. So many people were hurt by this and her boyfriend even killed himself too. Suicide is a terrible thing. You don't know how many people think about you and care about you and once you're gone you can't do anything. Even if you don't think anyone cares about you, they do. Even if it's someone you don't know they care. I care, because taking your life is a horrible thing to do. It is not worth anything. Just live and think of the good, simple things in life. Whether it be music, friends, movies, outdoors, or whatever. Some people think if you're gonna die anyway why not now? But think of it like this, why not experience the greater things in life instead, then wait for god to take your life away at the right time. And remember, everything happens for a reason. Please don't kill yourself. Please. If you need help them email me, at I will try to help.
28 May 2006 JS Im not 13, I am 18 and I just recently felt suicidal because i consider myself as a failure. I already wrote suicide notes and planned everything I need to do to kill myself.Please help me not do it.. the pain is building up within me. I DONT WANT TO DO IT.
27 May 2006 Flora Some times I feel that I realy want to kill my self! Its cuz I realy feel underappreciated, and the problem is that I always advise people not to commit suicide but most of the time when I'm advicing people not to kill themselves I think of killing myself as I'm typing or talking! I just wanted to talk to someone but no one understands!

27 May 2006 micah I am 17 never really had that bad of life, but still life never gave me brakes and this may be the last time anyone hears me. I have to burn,but and some time i drink my self to sleep to get ride of the pain that i feel. My family has no clue whats going on, my g/f either and she all i have to live for, but now life has pushed me to the point to where i don't care anymore i just want to end it.
26 May 2006 weylin my name is weylin. i have been depressed for quite a while. i started cutting myself half a year ago. i cut myself and watch the blood flow. i hate it. i cant even feel it. i fear i will never belong. i am the only one i know that is like this. i just want people to notice me. im a nice guy but they all think im a freak. i just feel like life isnt worth living.
26 May 2006 Winny F = family destroyer
A = apetite destroyer
T = talkative bug
H = hell lover
E = emits orders
R = retina out of order

i am really sick of my dad i feel like commiting suicide rite now by blowing my head off with a gun.but unfortunately i aint got no gun.i dont wanna hurt anybody physically by intensionally.i feel like doing sumthin stupid like car jacking and tell the hostage 2 call 2 police and call them 2 any bridge or open space where there's free space 2 die then i come out of the car with the hostage and tell the hostage 2 sit on her knees and i pull out the fake gun out of my pocket and police aiming at me and suddenly i point gun 2 the police and police shoot me.this is a great idea taken from my own imagination but there's a problem in this if police shoot on my leg or arm and arrests me then they will send me back 2 my country where i dont wanna go.i mean 2 say i wanna go but i aint got no money back in my country.i am even happy 2 face death penalty in court 4 no reason.i dont wanna hurt any 1 thats why its difficult 4 me 2 b dead.i really dont wanna live any mo.what i thought abou america is totally opposite.its a damn sure that if i get a gun i ll kill myself today waiting 4 nobody wasting no time.i hate my dad so intensely like george walker bush hates osama bin laden.even bush and laden can compromise and b friends but me, in this life cycle life period i am not gonna love my dad or care 4 him it dont matter how much i show care and love 4 my father in front of every 1 but deep inside i am hating my dad.

when i was 2 come 2 america i was having so much dreams abou my father that i am gonna have fun with him each n every moment ask him abou his job when he come backs from work laugh with him give him good gifts,shirts,pants,shoes by surprise from my salary and earnings but everythang my dad crushed himself.he has no respect for my feelings,emotions and what i like and what i dislikes.i dont know why he has changed a lot. i can live in iraq and sudan or vietnam or any place where its very poor living conditions economically very poor people live, with my father if he was a gud i am in america world's most richest and wealthier country but still due to my father's damn brain and behavoiur to us america is becoming worse than hell.i love america i dont wanna leave america.but i am ready 2 die.i told god that i wanna live peacefully and happily in america but due 2 my father i am unable 2 do so.when i die i will request keenly and humbly to god that although u(god)ruined my life but this time give me birth in a very nice family in america where there is no crime peacefull calm quiet gud enviornment.although its gud enviornment here but our family is so harsh so brutal so barbaric and cruel that they will make a peaceful place like yellowknife or maine a living worse than hell.i can live in the fire and heat of hell but i cant live with my dad.i dont know nuthin about my future that whether i am gonna live long or die earlier as i get the father cant see the real bastards but he thinks that the nice 1's bad may be my death will open his 2 big eyes.but when he comes 2 know about the real truth it would be too late for him as i ll be gone far far away from everybody.

all i wanted was to live peacefully my life this was the only crime or one can say a big sin i was to commit in this bad world.this place america is heaven in matter of fact the whole world is heaven but due 2 bad people in this world this world is becoming hell or has become hell.i dont know why god is giving birth to bad people.on 1 hand god is saying this world is heaven earth is very cool place for humans and on the other hand he(god)is giving birth and sending devils and demons 2 earth so that humans shouldnt be or humans should not live peacefully and happily.why god why .why r u doin this.would u pleeez explain this to me.i am sick of this shit sick of everythang everything aaww god oh my lord oh shit what should i do i am dazed and confused.pleeeeez help me. i dont know where 2 go whom 2 ask whom to tell my feelings my words and my thinking of my heart.even i am ready 4 heart attack.i cant jump in the river for drowning as i am scared of water but not scared of death.i cant even jump in front of 18 wheeler coz there is no guarrantee that it will definately kill me i can survive also and if i survive i can b handicap and if i am handicap i ll b unable 2 die or get gun i cant even jump from apt. building from fifth floor as 4 the same reason as i mentioned earlier.i cant even eat poison there's no guarrantee that i will surely die.the people who r responsible for my this stage will swearly never b happy even after their death.happiness will go millions and billions of light years away from them.the people who have done my life's this damn thing r surely gonna pay today or may be some day soon.god's never gonna forgive them.the people who cant be happy in america can never b happy in any other part of the world they r making me curse them from deep down the real bottom of my heart.and i am waiting 4 some saviour or god's messanger 2 give me death as a god's beautiful gift and then i ll be free from all the worries and of course this life that is worse than anything in this world,worhless life.

i jus dont wanna suffer bad consequences due 2 my father's ill behaviour towards some special people,good people.i cant handle the punishments but instead i can face death always sayin that a person is handicap without computer in america i wanna ask him that how much he knows abou computer much the other punjabi people knows abou computer who r way way much richer than us in short time period.always ordering us or showing us that we r the only stupids in america and they(daddy) r the only people who can use their brain in say i should study i should do college i wanna ask that u r also a college graduate with degrees what have u done in america u have been living in america 4 six years what have u achieved that u r tellin me to b a graduate.the punjabis livin in california r so rich that they got their own private jets without studies or any graduate always dominating or 1 can say becomig a dominator over us.i jus wanna die so dat i should b able to get a rebirth in some very good family.

aawwww man navrose's father he so nice so good 4 navrose even navrose consider his father as a friend.i ve seen it.and rohan he jus push his father with his hands out of the room tellin him that he is talking to his freinds(me and nilesh)so pleez go 2 the other room his father wanted 2 talk 2 nilesh but he pushed his father out of the room,oh god,i was surprised at that moment if it was me in place of rohan and my father in place rohan's father oh damn it was to b a mayhem,a tornado was to come in the whole family,the entire family was after me with the sharp shining new swords of words trying to kill my freedom and murdering my heart and its emotions.this rohan nilesh navrose r so lucky sometimes i think why am i not born in their place or in their family.talking abou family,family of djn(nilesh)is so good not only family but the relatives too,when it was hard time 4 me but some of the golden days of my entire life till today,i went with nilesh's family to his relative's house aww man they were mo conserned abou me,abou my fun,abou me to get entertained and i was first time meeting them its not coz of america that they were so nice to me they knew nuthin' abou me.i still remember the lunch with them the rice with dal and mango pickle and that thing for digestion that tasteless thing may be iranian thing i liked that stuff.and nilesh's grandmother oh she is so nice i ve never heard and seen anybody's grandmother like that.why isnt my grandmother like that. i am so unlucky that i jus dont know nuthin' i jus wanna die so that i can b lucky like my friends.its all happening and thinking of me like that coz of my father's crappy mind.the real persons who changed my dad's mind r really gonna suffer and not only suffer but suffer real hard so hard that they will go through hell living in america and after death too.suckers.i hate them and i hate my father too.

now that my father is hiding nearly every single thing from us i wish to leave this place forever this bloody hell i dont cry from outside but i am crying always from inside and i dont want to live any mo now i am sick this shit.oh god please save me from the hell by killing me giving me death providing me the very good fruit to me and that is i hate my father intensely now it dont matter that my father changes his attitude i will never forget what he did to me at this stage he put me that i am asking and praying for death and i will never forgive him never ever it dont matter what happens my decision is final i will try my level best to stay away from my father.i jus dont wanna live thats it.sick of father is a very very and i mean very selfish person and i hate selfish people and people who lie to their beloved ones or to one whom they care for even 1% care.and i hate my father 4 all those things mentioned by me above may b couple of things i must b missing which i cant remember that reasons to hate my father.

in each n every talk to us my father lie's he thinks that lying 2 his familia is a very clever thing he is doin' he dont understand a simple thing that by lying to us he is loosing us and loosing the dumb ass is he people r giving award to michael jackson as the most stupid person of the year well i think my father is the most stupidest person in the whole universe and 4 the coming next millions and billions and trillions of light years.i'm never ever gonna forget the date 12th february 2006 when i saw my father's real soul of selfishness and liar thing in the next few was the most bad experience of my life worse then the hard time when i stayed at my friend nilesh's place
24 May 2006 J.M.L hey guys im 12 in grade 7 i fell really alone mi dad beats me up and drinks alot he yells also. mi mom is nuthin but a whore to him mi older sister is JUST like mi mom, i have a few good friends and a bf i really like. i h8 mi life tho i dont think n e 1 REALLY cares for me...i want to commit suicide but ive seen now alot of people have to worse but still should 1? thx luv ya..J.M.L
24 May 2006 Paul Dont Know Where To Start ,,Well Mom died when i was 2 father always busy ,,got beaten a lot while young ,by my stepmother,never fell loved but i have a kind sould which people took me for granted ,,boredom and alone became my bestfreind ..have been expelled forom 10 schools cause i turned juvenile in my teens..went to jail age 22 got married wife was young 5 years it did not work out ,had a baby son born only 7 days then he died ...depression and all that came to focus ..slitting wrists became my best friend till today i still feel the same as a 6 year old like i used to be lonely,empty and this world doesnt interet me anmore cause feelings of helping ,loving have all been long gone in my ...dont know even if im human anymore ...still i can go on but nvm
24 May 2006 anna hello...
look ppl.. i tried suicide twice b4. im 14 and was sexually abused. i still have 2 live wit me abuser. so life is kinda shit. but i will help any1 hu needs it. i wnt judge u or anyfink. just add me email
23 May 2006 leeann all u fucken people think u have it bad but u just want to be noticed most of u dont even know what it like to be hurt u dont know what its like to be assulted by a man u trusted more than any thing or to be shoved arouned by a man u thought u were safe with not to mention whatching him beat ur mother ive been through so much pain ive moved out because i couldnt handdle it i lived house to house i babysat while i was takeing care of my cousins because they lived with us and i wont let them stay in that house alone so they could get beat to i payed for food and clothes and i learned how to live on myb own but i didnt have a real child hood im only 14 and i want to cral in a hole and die ive cut druged and burned myself i dont know how to cry or be happy anymore my friends dont understand i think my moms going insain and i have no family so i hold all the anger and all the pain in u dont know what its like to have people tell u that u have it good and then what so bad to tell them u dont tell them evrything but u cant i was caught by cps and we had to move to my grandads house a man how used to assult my mother so every night i was there i sat up terifide at night wondering what would happen to me i wonder evryday why me is it all my falt everything and everyday i wonder and hope i wont have to go back to my life my hamily who dosnt understand me who teases me all i want i s a friend who will understand
23 May 2006 kirsten i wrote in here a few days a go and nothing is better...everything is bad....i hte life and all that stuff.....yea everyone has there reasons to hate it and ive read about sum of them....but i try and compare and it seemms sum are simialr to me but not as bad.....iv ethought of suicide since i was at least almost 15 now....ive tried for years and years.....and i jus think that i cant do a sucker for pain....but i cut .....for yrs ive jus cried and cried but now thats not good enuf.....cring wont get me anywhere....u kno how ppl want attention.......sum ppl do good things to get godd attention...well i get into trubble to get my attention...its the only way they will give it to me...and i hate my past cuz i screwed things up.....i hate the fact that my mom costed me my first bf and he was the best bf ever....i swear he coulda bin peerfect for me.....and wat the prob was is that she didnt kno it was her fault......she dint kno we were not even sposed to date yet....sez her....i hate my pst cuz its full of abuse and mistakes.....i regret everything i did from age 5 and up....i take that back 4 and up.......thats when the abuse started.....and its continued.....i think it was 2 weeks ago my mom hit me.....but theres bin other abuse be sides being beat.....yes that kind....where stupid ppl take advantage of u when ur 4 fuckin yrs sick can ppl be...i mean come on i was fucking 4.....i havent had a child hood...i went rit from bein a 6 yr old to bein an adult there was no child, no teenager....i take care of my moms if i was their mom......y do i have to i dint give birth to y.....WHY...wat a question...i ask that almost every nite.....
i dont like lettin pthers c me cry......i have a tough reputation so it cashes with the me that is inside.....
the only way id go thru with suicide is if i had a if any1 wants to point me in the right direction of that then thank you so mcuh
<3 -me-
21 May 2006 luke here i am, im currently standing on my desk chair with a noose around my neck hanging from the roof. this will be my last letter... as i say goodbye to this fucked up and cruel world, on my final evening. But first, i will explain to those who wish to know the purpose. I was born a hermaphrodite and have been miserable my whole life, im 16 and have never ever been kissed. My mother and father broke up when i was born, and neither of them wanted me, they thought of me as a freak, i was sent to a foster home and was taken in by a couple unable to have children, however my stepfather was a sick pervert and touched and raped me, i was scared and didnt know what to do... up until this day he still does it, and if i even say one word he strikes me across the face. anyway, fuck all of yous, fuck max my stepfather, fuck my mother, fuck my father, fuck god, fuck you world and fuck everyone, im dead now and it will be on all those bastards who deserted me.
21 May 2006 Travis I have so much pain. I used to have so much fun out of my life but now i want to die. whats the best way to kill yourself?
20 May 2006 sarah im 15 years old. i havent exactly commited suicide, but i have tried. i took out a blade and i really wanted to slash my wrists, but i couldnt. truth is, im afraid of my veins, the icky blueness of them irks me out. so i put down the blade and just started weeping. im depressed. i know it. my home is being condemned for open space and i figure that if the government, aka the mob, can do this to a hardworking taxpaying family, than what hope do we have for the future. our ancestors left england because the current King was taking away the citizens' land. WHERE IS THAT HOPE NOW? what hope is there left when people that you are supposed to trust say that you have 10 days to pack up your belongings and evacuate your home? after thinking about this, i get even more angry and depressed and even now i still have these urges to end my life. its pointless. pointless.
i know im not really helping anyone, so im just going to stop. i dont want help since everytime i tell the one person thats closest to me how i feel about life, my life, (my sister) she jokes around, makes it a funny little joke, says that she'll resurrect me after i`m dead so that she can kill me again. yeah, ha ha ha. really funny.
but in the end, no one is really laughing.
19 May 2006 EZZya it;s all lyck tht ,,,everione sayz onli try 2 mak best of worse...but it anit tht easy......dey mak everithin so simple...and counseler'z at skool dey are da one who make'z us commit sucide..hell them....plz i need help i gotta a lotta'z fren..mah parentz are cool but i .just feel lyck givin a freakin dead end....i m tired of hearin dose freakin idea;z byyyyyyyyyy

19 May 2006 Jen.M.L hey im 12 years old, a girl and i have to do sumthing bout mi suicide thoughts...i have a dad who likes to hurt me and a mom who acts like a total whore around mi dad and will do "n e thing" for him...ive been hurt bi mi bf and bi mi friends but i forgive them i really want to forgive mi parents but i just cant, i do badly in school which makes them mad and i feel like they really h8 me and like mi sibs WAY better. i just need 2 no, even tho i realize alot of people have it worse then me, if i should commit suicide...
19 May 2006 umairoo i am not happy and very depressed all the time. So the solution to this is to kill myself. Then the probelm will end. So killing yourself is the best way to end your problems.

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