Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Aug 2006 Cat To be truthful i don't know but also i wish i did. I have heard cutting yourself is a good idea but i want to know how and where. I've already tried to commit sucide many times and i am trying to starve myself to death but that doesn't seem to help. Unfortunately though i am going to do it today. I am going to die. I may have given up before due to worry and had the doctor out but today is different.
I only wonder if drugging yourself on paresetamol works, praps i'll go back to the old method of stopping breathing.
I don't know but good luck finding the answer.
I'd ask you to tell me but i'll be dead!
08 Aug 2006 Exile hi everyone , i have read few massages below mine , i m 18 years old , and before yesterday i thought m sum kinda powerfull person , n that m the only one in my friends and the peopls i know who will cope with any difficulty or anything , yesterday wus my A levels result , i know gettin suicidal over studies is kinda "pinky" , but for me electronics is everything , i have been fixing my friends computers etc and it's like i love the smell of electronics , but yesterday i got 2 D grades and 1 E grade in my A levels result , i wus expecting 2 A's and 1 B , anyway i told my parents that i got C grades in all subjects n it wus like they freezed at that time , gettin a grade wus a big deal for them , i embarrased them infront of everyone , than i came in my room cried for few momments and then i tought same wus happened last time in my O' levels , and actually it had happened many times , it happened everytime , i embarassed my folks everytime , i never made them happy , i am no good for them , from my childhood m acting like m not one of my family , always hanging out with my friends , all the time sitting in my room , over the years i never talk with my family especially with my dad , talk with him once in the blue moon , and few days back i left those peopls who said they are my best friends , because no one wus changed , anyway m still having all these thoughts in my mind , i never did any good for anyone not even for me , and now m rejected from all the universities , still dont know when my folks will get to know about my real result and the rejections from all universities what they gona do , i ought to kill myself first , itz my birthday tommorow , m gona be 18 tommorow , yesterday i tried to kill myself , went for a drive thought to smash in anything , but than i thought that car wusnt mine , and my parents will suffer more bcause we are not like any rich people , than i tried to cut my wrist with a blade i sqeezed the blade on my wrist lightly , there wus a little blood and than i dont know my life flashed in my eyes , i put a bandage on it and came out of my washroom , than today i logged on internet and searchin for ways to kill myself , and somehow open the link of this site , i dont know what m gona do , but there is nothing in living more , i have spent 18 years of my life and itz like i just got up from sleep , m not useful for any more , m just a bad omen of doom , just a sign of badluck .
06 Aug 2006 supermansux im fifteen. nd i dont want to live. but i dont want to die either. i just want to escape. from this head ache called a life. i wanna go some where where thers no heart break. so many changes are happenin in my life these days. the stress level is high. ive thought a lot abt suicide. i know i wont actually commit suicide. i dont have the guts. there are these voices in my head. i kno that they are only me or part of me. but they r suffocatin me. i feel like i cant breathe. all these ppl. all these things. sounds. colurs. sometimes i just want to do stuff. like wen i get angry i just wnna throw stuff, hurt ppl hurt myself. n wen i dont do it, the voices start callin me names. tellin me that im a wimp, that im useless. im better off dead. sometimes i wonder wat it will be like if i just do wat those those stuff. so far ive only broken stuff. mostly glass stuf. ive once jumpd into the sea.i gotta go now. someone out there, my email add is n im from maldives. i can see that a lot of maldivians have been on this sight. :p
05 Aug 2006 Dennis I'm 17 boy. I've no friends at all. I'm getting bullied in high-school and I see no purpose of why i'm still alive. I never told my dad, but he's depressed too so wtvr.
Last time I was happy was maybe som 4 years ago. I actually hate every1 who has friends, and I can't live in loneliness. Every1 is so mean, and I wud never have done those things against them, if I were them.
I never felt love and never was never in loved with any1. I'd never had any gf, and not even close to. I really don't think I'm a human at all, cos I can't be loved by any1. No one likes my presense, and I always have to appologize that I exist. Why r ppl so mean? It's like every1 is waiting for me to do it...
I think the best way would be to jump out from a tall place. You get attention for that, and you teach those mean 'happy' ppl a lesson!
04 Aug 2006 kittie kat hey everyone...
please concider my reply...
my story is nothing comparing to yours but I swear I can help...
I've been threw a lot...Now I'm 16, under the influence of 40mg Prozac and 800mg of lithuim per day, smoke 2 packs per day and drink alcohol a lot... have lost lots of my blood on tests and cuts... tried suicide many times... been abused sexually and physicaly...Had lots of operations and surgeries on my body.. now its soo fagile...Been threw a lot of shrinks and stuff...I'm not there to tell my storie... I'm here to help...
Here's my address:
Talk to me... If i cant do shit to u or help u... I will give u the best way to commit suicide...and by that act, I will be selling my soul to hell... but fuck it... I really care about u guys... It's like I'm lookin @ my self in the mirror...
31 Jul 2006 Slowbullet I am 13 years old and I've tried to kill myself a lot of times. I've been in a hospitable for sliting my wrists in the bathroom at school.I wanted to die so badly i couldn't wait to get home. I tried other thing like hanging myself and poppin pills.The closest I ever got was when I sliced my veins opend, and watched the blood poor out like running watter.If the blood didnt drip on the floor and no one saw it I would be dead right now.
31 Jul 2006 kayla Iam 15, and im thinking about suicied as i speak, I just cant stand living any more, i hate life, i cut myself but htat dosent work, i need a quiker way, please help me to!
29 Jul 2006 JessiMae Where 2 start? Well i'm 14...been on this site for a while now but this is my first life would seem pretty good compared 2 sum ppls on here i feel a bit selfish and stupid...But i want 2 die. Ive had an eating disorder for 2 long...ive lost my friends, my boyfriend, my looks and my body 2 anorexia. I feel alone and helpless. Every time i put on a bit of weight i feel guilty and over exercise or make myself throw up. Ive been thinking about suicde for a long time..But have not yet tried it. The first time i try i want it 2 work...I just want 2 go...Any tips?
28 Jul 2006 anonymous i am 13 and i hate life too. i have been a "loner" in school all my life. i only have 1 good friend. && my family like cousins,uncles,aunts etc think i'm so weird and theres something wrong with me cuz i hardly talk. i dont get made fun of at school but like this one time our teacher let us check our grades so i went up and checked mine with everyone else and like EVERYBODY just looked at me weirdly. i felt bad. & my mom always yells at me. i hate school sooo much. i hate shopping for clothes to so i hardly do it and i always go to school wearing a lot of the same clothes. i hate life sometimes i want to commit suicide like right now. but i dont waant to feel the pain. i want to commit suicide painlessly.
25 Jul 2006 one night stand well i think im gonna kil myself for sure now
so my birthday was on the 19th...and i got drunk......for the first was fun at first and then i was just hangin with my friend and we were both prty more than her.....and we were talkin to sum a the guys at her bar and then we went my friend and 3 guys....
so we went to the pier by the lake and me and this 24 yr old guy started to make out and shit.....and im only thats not we were jus makin out and touchin and shit....then we ended up havin sex.....without fuckin protection....we didnt do it fo that long cuz my friend stopped us...cuz i told her not to let me have sex.....cuz i was a virgin...but yea so she stopped it...but i thik i mite b fuckin pregnant and if i turn out to b pregnant im gonna fuckin kill myself....i have no one to turn to to help me with this cuz if i tld my mom i wud b fuckin dead and if i tld my dad....we wnt go there.....ither way im idk wat to do.....but yea i will kill myslef if i find out i am good bye

One night stand
21 Jul 2006 George I'm 13 turning 14 this year, July 2006. I can't take life anymore. People hate me and think, I'm a bad person. I have been abused verbaly and sexualy most of my life. I am trying overdose with painkillers or any sort of tablets. I am sick of people using me and 4 my body. I get bullied at school all the time. People telling me I'm gay, bad, im hated, they want me dead and keeps going on. I hate myself, I am depressed and just want to end it all here. People have told me that they reckon I'm not meant for this life and I believe them. All I believe now is that I'm not good enough for anyone and am worthless to the world.
20 Jul 2006 alicea i am 13 and i've tried to commit suicide several times ... my first attempt was taking an overdose of paracetemol and washing them down with bleach and white spirits ... it didnt work just made me sick and unable to move for several days ... my second attempt was drowning ym self ... i took an overdose of sleeping pills and layed face down in the bath... my mum walked in on me... i have now realised suicide is not the answer to my problems ... however much i want to die ... i have to hold on ... im just going through a rough time ... with my abusive mum and sister, i get bullied at school, i know self harm like 20 times a day, i know this isnt the answer either but it helps ease my pain inside ... reflected by the pain i cause on the outside... if you like me and thinking about suicide, THINK AGAIN... THERS SO MUCH THINGS TO HOLD ON FRO, AND SO MANY THINGS HOLDING YOU BACK ... alicea xox
19 Jul 2006 Nitesh If you are 13 then it is too easy to commit suicide. You have less about your parents and may be don't have any boy friend/ girl friend, who can stop you.
You can go at the top of the buiding and jump from it.
But the best way is go in the front of a train, it is a definite step for death.
I am 21 male and professionally qualified, but I have no girl friend till now, so that I have decided to commit suicide.
Nitesh Sharma
19 Jul 2006 knife Ive cutting my wrist four 3 years i look in the mirror and grab my fat and try to hack it off i hate my life i am 14 now and i have more stitches than i can count i wanna die but i cant its not good to be dead then where do u go nowhere thats where u lay there for eternity no one knows if there is a god no matter how religious u may be u have no proof i slit my wrist every night i have extreme paranoya and scitsofrenia and they think i have early sighns of insomnia i am pretty messed up but i want to help people if u need a young person to talk 2 who wont judge u i am the one to write to i am always willing to listen and help because i never had any 1 to turn to so im here ok ur not alone ok im here
19 Jul 2006 walter Hi im just another lonely kid ive been diagnosed with scitsofrenia and paranoya i hate my life im poor i have friends but i think some of them are using me 4 my pot i sit there thinking hours on end y me why did i get chosen but then i read this site and i no that there are people worse off than me i have tried to kill myself but it wont work i have about 40 scars on my wrist i am 14 and trying to find the will to live but i sit there every nite looking at that blade and i try to cut deeper and deeper but it just wont work i hope ive helped some one and contact me please if u wanna talk i wont judge u ive been there man
18 Jul 2006 Hannah I have just turned 17 and have tried to kill my self so far by slitting my wrists, overdosing on many different types of drugs, suffocation, and jumping from great heights all of which failed probably because i have neither the inteligence to get the right amounts or the guts to jump. I have been abused by my drunk mother for my whole life physically and mentally and now the physical part is over i cant get it out of my head,the emotional pain is too much for me but i have family that dont know what has been going on for all these years it would devistate them if they ever found out. I am so confused about what to do i do not want to hurt anyone and even though my life is picking up(i now have friends and have started councelling) i still feel depressed and want to kill myself. If anyone has any sugestions please i need help. Reading the posts on this website has prevented me from suicide tonight so maybe when i feel the need to die again ill come back to this site and continue to read. Thanks Hannah
17 Jul 2006 jane I dont no. I tried to take tablets but my mum found me and i had to have my stomach pumped. now she's on my case all the tiem. i dont know what to do to get away. i'm just so f***in pissed off. would like to hear from others
16 Jul 2006 sarah I have this condition called hyperacusis.. and its where every little sounds, and movements bug the hell out of me, its to the point where i just want to be locked in my room and have no life at all, i wonder if this is all even worth it, when i know im always gonna find something that will push me over the edge... right now i know that im killing my relationship with my family.. they cant even stand to be around me, i cant eat at the dinner-table with them, i cant watch tv with them, i cant be around them or my friends at all without lashing out, and walking away.. theres no treatment for this disorder.. i just feel so helpless, and like nobody understands what its really like.. i have thought about suicide for 2 years with it, i have obsessive thoughts about it, but i freak out when i try. if anybody else has hyperacusis, and wants to talk email me..
16 Jul 2006 Anna I would do anything to know.. well i'm only fourteen. The only easy, painless, fast way is a gun to your head but i have no access to a gun :( Maybe i'll come up with something else

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