Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Sep 2006 Sunboy Is there an easy way to kill yourself? I don't know. Like the perfect muder, the perfect suicide is a an enigma. Help.
09 Sep 2006 vergessen93 i am committing suicide tonight, and i'm 13, the best way i would say is jump off your roof, head first.... not like anyone cares but that's what i think

08 Sep 2006 kaykay I came across this site last nite.... Whn I typed into yahoo.... The fastest way to commit suicide. I'm not 13.... I'm 18. Just entering college. I feel like my life is upside down. Most of my life I've felt alone.... No one understands me.... At times I don't even know who I am. I used to always think about killing myself but thought I love myself too much.... Thts not true. I put up a front and become the person people think I am.... Wht can I say my dad is a pedophile and a cheater and my mother is too far up his a** to notice. She worships the ground he walks on. She even shows jelousy of her kids relationship with him because he doesn't give her affection that she craves. Well I'm the middle child.... Its been said we have it the worst.... I'm strtin 2 think that its true. I used to be daddy's little girl.... Thought my dad was the greatest until I found out who he really was. I hate my father and my mother. My parents don't care about me. They just want me out of there house so that I don't corrupt my younger siblings. I been with my boyfriend for 8 months..... I love him so much. He makes life so much better and worth living..... I feel in me that he is my soulmate. I can say that he is my comfort.... The only one that cares but when we have our bad times I just want to die.... I feel I have nothing to live for. I've cutt my wrist 2 time but I'm still here.... I guess God has greater plans for me. I learned a lot from this site..... I think the next time I'm at the hieght of my depression and want to kill myself I probably will.
This is my cry my desprate cry for help....
I feel that no one cares about me....all I want is for someone to care.
My parents don't care. They are kickin me out there house.... My mother told me I have till next week to leave. She thinks I'm pregnant.... And I might be. I have no where to go.... Don't know how my life is going to be..... I don't know how to del with my problems so I usually put them to the back of my head and let it build up... I kno that's not healthy but I just don't kno wht else to do. I have a pain in me and it seems like it will never go away..... Thts why I wish I could just lay down and die because I know suicide is a sin.
07 Sep 2006 Mandy To Anyone Who Cares( Nobody)
i have been depressive and suicidal since i was in year 7. Now i'm in year9. All my life every single day something has to go wrong. For example i might have a good day at skool but get bashed by my brother. My whole life has been fuked up. My parents divorced, my grandfather died, i have no friends at skool, got bullied everyday at my old skool, best friend died of suicide, got expelled and i have never seen my dad in my whole entire life.He abused my mum and left to god knows where. What is there left to live for anymore? Nobody even knows i exist!! Also my suicide attempts are unknown becoz i have tried so much i can't count how many.I wagg skool just so i can escape reality by sleeping in. I think suicide is the only answer for me. I might as well run away from home where things are bad. The only thing i live for is for my mum. If u are going to commit suicide think carefully. Do u have any loving parents that are still together? Its the only reason i'm alive rite now. When she passes away i might as well join her in paradise. And a message for all my friends *cough cough* and my brother u can all just burn in hell whilst i watch and laugh!!!!x Mandy x
04 Sep 2006 Never free My point
I walked out of the bathroom and out of the door. My mind was playing tricks on me. The pain was unbareable. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I cried for her the girl I use to be the one with the kodak smile. I walked out into the street. I layed there my head on the cement. When I herd a loud scream. As my blood stained the street and the words carved in my wrist read never free.
I'm sorry if this story scares you a bit but thats how I feel. I now search for a person I dont need any attention I just need one person who cares. If you feel that you care e-mail me.
03 Sep 2006 .... I have been suicidal for about 1 month now. I am realizing i'm depressed, bipolar, and have an extrememly low self esteem.

no one notices it. i lack real friends. the only person im staying alive for it my sister.

my brother abuses me constantly. hes the main reason why i want to die.

i smoke everyday (not cigarettes). i drink when im in so much pain that i cant taste it. i take pills when i have nothing else to get me away from being sober. i take 4 benedryls everynighht to get my asleep because my rasing thoughts keep me awake,.

my parnets dont know this. my sister doesnt know this. no one knows the real me. NO one.
02 Sep 2006 skie Ok seriously, its september 3rd, 2006, and im really thinking about giving it all up. i am 15 years old....and i was looking through here, and i noticed alot of shit. this wouldnt be the first time that i've tried, just in june i downed 142 pills of asprin, i got rushed to the hospital, where they pumped me...i had tubes in my arm and going in my mouth, i had stuff helping me breeth, and than now i feel completly worse, i show people that it looks like im getting better, but im seriously not.. im hiding it from everyone, and i know that its truelly my time to leave my life behind... i just told all my friends my plan and they called me crazy, they told me i wasnt going to do it. that they know me too well...but seriously...this is the last thing ill say to is shit, it sucks, you never had people by your side to help you when you need the help, all your friends leave you, and its nothing...

30 Aug 2006 Gab As I sit here in my room I reflect on how I have been raised. I live in a wealthy town during the summer (and where I was raised) and I go to a very expensive ski academy. My parents are still together. My family loves me. So you must ask "why the hell are you bothering us with your stupid complaints?" I wish I knew...I can't stand this life anymore. I'm beyond miserable. I'm about to go back to school in a few days and everytime I think about it I cry. I hate school, everything about it makes me sick. I've been depressed since I was probably 12 of 13. I'm 15 almost 16 now. I hate my life. I know the answer is not killing myself, but it feels necessary to me. I feel as if I have no other option. But going about suicide is the tough part. Early this year I took several sleep pills after I got a concussion earlier in the day...nothing happened...probably because by the time I got the 6th pill in my mouth I threw myself against the bathroom door and cried myself to sleep. If you have an advice...please email me @
29 Aug 2006 the things that go through my head i dreem about killin myself all the time. wenever something big or small gose wrong thats the thought that souths me and when i go to bed at night i fall asleep thinking about cuttind or killing myself and about onece a week i do cut myself but if it were up to me witch it is id shout myself in the head but my question to you is how do i get my hands on a loaded gun? if u have an answer email me on
28 Aug 2006 raquel hi my name is raquel and im 10 . i want to kill myself eveyday cuz my dumb sister , abusing mom , stepdad,and auntie hate me (i think cuz they torture me) and i always cry . i hate them but rite at this moment i would love to die.but im afraid . i know its not rite. i saw my friend put a knife almost through her heart . i hhate my self. i fell no one likes me . i think im dumb sometimes.people make me feel useless and im always sad. my mom cuses at me and yells at me sayin"BITCH I HOPE YOU DIE I WANNA KILL YOU MOTHERFUCKER" and i wanna cry so bad .but i guess i will go and think about this.
27 Aug 2006 Rene I am feeling so helpless and lost. I suffer from Anorexic 2 years ago and I was at only 30kg standing at 160cm which is seriously underweight. Many people was then concern about me, they force me to eat and I did. But the problem is I didnt eat normally. Instead of eating, I binge everyday non-stop. And yes, I gain weight. When I reach my acceptable weight, I couldnt stop the habit of bingeing and I binged even more. Sometimes I will behave like bulimic, I will try to purge out the food I ate, but I cannot do that for long as my thoart hurts. I gain more than 20kgs after all the bingeing and I am still bingeing.I knew from my pyschologist that this is a vicious cycle. Anorexic people will start to binge after the long period of starving. I hate it. I see myself as fat and ugly and I lost all confidence in myself. I am scare of places that has a lot of people. I would juz lower my head and walk as fast as I could. I am afraid people would laugh at my size. I am so paranoid that I even quit school and although I am working now, I keep finding excuses to be abesent from work and I know my parents would scold me and I became so depress that I became suicidal. I thought if I leave the world things would be so much easier but I find out that I cannot bear to leave my family. I am really sad as I was the top student of my secondary school and my dream is to get into University but now that I have left my Junior College, I really feel I have no more aims, goals and motivation. I hate myself for being so fat, even my sisters are mocking at my size and the way I eat... My parents are asking me to see my pyschologist but I dont even dare to tell my pyschologist how I really feel. I dont want to use the word FAT. I am afraid she will mock at me too. I dont really want to die but I am seriously at a loss. Now that I am aimless, I juz want to stay at home forever and never go out.But my heart bleeds whenever I see ,y parents working so hard to keep the family going and how can I juz idle around at home. I am really lost. I am determine now to kill myself so as to lessen their burden.
27 Aug 2006 keith foster life is forever because the soal is forever. all you will do is come back again and again and again.I cut my wrists when I was nine because,sexually molested.parents died.twelve.stole a car two months ago and crashed it to a tree, when I die, I will come back, what the hell.
25 Aug 2006 nikki i'm starting to feel suicidal again. i felt better for a long time because of my meds but now i dont think there working. all i want to do is die. im afraid to tell someone because i dont know if they would trust me anymore. i was going to tell my cousin today but i was too afraid to. so now i dont know what to do.
20 Aug 2006 Ken I wanted to kill myself at 13 and now that I am 42 I still have those feelings. I have struggled all my life with suicidal ideas. I kinda acted on it a few times but nothing really happened. Right now I want to off myself more than ever. I am just too chicken to do it. I know I want to do it because I want some kind of attention from a friend of mine and he won't give me any. It is killing me. I want to die. I don't know what to do about it anymore.
18 Aug 2006 Erica Someone help me die. Please. My life is so fucked up. Everything is so fucked up. I tried to kill myself 3 years ago but I guess I got better. I'm 15. My boyfriend of two years broke up with me yesterday and I can't deal with it. My mom is a psycho bitch who thinks its fun to hit me and my dad goes to jail at least twice a year for domestic disturbance or drunk driving or anything. I can't fucking deal with my life anymore. I want to die.
15 Aug 2006 jennifer please take time to read this....please
and mail me through here for those who are kind enough...

well...I've already written here the stuff I needed to get through. but now I cry for help once more.

my name is jennifer. I'm going upto gr.9. I went through gr.1~gr7 and half of gr.8 very happly...I was very happy that time. but after winter, I lost all my self-esteem and self confidence. my brain is least it feels like it. it's from all the computer games I'm stuck with.

at gr.8, I was just nervous that I wasn't ganna pass gr.8 how stupid of me. now I think about it, but if I'm able to live through this, I'd think this is stupid too. during gr.8, I slitted my wrist, and I got iron deficienty anemia it's a disease which decreases my physical endurance.

I have anemia and every time I go in the gym class, I can feel my blood moving around and going out of my head and faint, but usualy blood gets stored in my head and I can't bend over.
? ? ?
but that's not really a problem. I always feel nervous and I have low self-esteem and low self-confidence.
what I'm trying to say is, eneyone who is reading this, can you please help me to get myself back to who I was?
? ? ? me... I know I'll get through it if I get help...
again...this is my e-mail address
14 Aug 2006 MIKE the movie star. I have been thinking alot lately about what I call the suicide theory.
It goes like this:
My life sucks. The suckyness far exceeds that of my happiness. If i do kill myself I also kill my problems. I hate my problems and want to kill them. This is the only way I can get revenge on my problems. This theory dosent say i have to kill myself this way or that way. However, its inclusive of how suicide is better than murdering others. It also states how it is a service to the rest of the human race. If I go then my problems go to and everyone else will be able to enjoy a higher standard of life. Its a win win situation.
All I can say is last night i crawled onto the ledge on the bridge down the street from my house. I chickened out. Although I think I was just practicing for the real sha-bang-a-bang. I want to jump right before a large truck drives under me so if the fall dosent kill me the truck will run over me and surely kill me. If any of you have any better ideas on how i could kill myself please let me know. I know either way its gonna hurt real bad.

and please people quit posting on here saying how much this site is sick and twisted and wrong. People who want to die dont care about your morals. Trust me on this.
14 Aug 2006 emily someone please help me die
i cant do this anymore
ive tried and tried and theres nothing else i can do. if u can help me please do so but i think ive tried everything
my family is physically and verbaly abusive to me and when i ask them to stop the tell me they never say that
they drink almost every night
i have an anxiety disorder and this doesnt help at all im afraid of everything and i dont know what to do
pleassse someone help me i dont care who you are please help me
12 Aug 2006 JJ(Jerry) well the best way to kill yourself would be to overdose or jump in front of a train. any way im 17, 18 in 3 days, My girlfriend left me the college im going fucked me over all my classes are closed so i dont know what i going to fucking do. I have no money in my bank account, i dont want to be stuck in this shithole of a town,(Im suppose to move to orange county to go to college) i feel so lonley, i just go another speeding ticket, my license might get taken away for 2 yrs. Im so depressed. The only person in the world ive ever loved or who has ever loved my left me, i hate being alone, i just want a partner in life, someone to share life with, this may sound petty but this is my life and its fucked up, i have friends but not any real ones, there all fake, fuck my life, i want to die, i want to escape this melancholy, this constant feeling of not being able to breath, feeling lonely, like theres noone out there. Fuck im gonna kill myself in the next few days by taking a bunch of painkillers and a little alcohol. Maybe slitting my wrists if im brave enough. My name is jerry and im from springville, good bye!

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