Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Oct 2006 Levi man, life is way hard...the only thing stopping me is the fact that i might go to hell and live a torturous life for enternity...but sometimes i feel that maybe if do pull that trigger that i will be doing everyone a friends fernando and ice and louis and kevo are my friends but they dont see my potentials that i have in committing this act...and i dont want to hurt my friends and make them cry but my homelife is pushing me over the is so difficult...i sometimes just want to do this and make my parents feel so guilty for the way they have treated me...i just dont know...i really dont
09 Oct 2006 Kris i am 18 years old an dim not sure what to do. im scared to kill myself but i came up with once its done its done and theres nothing you can to about it and that is fine for me i understand its a permenent situation so im really looking for a way to do it that will deff work and easy like shooting youself that would be perfect but i have no acess to a gun
09 Oct 2006 Emily Hey..Yea I Will Admit Im Pretty popular Always Have A Football Player As My Boi..But My Dad Died n i Couldnt Take it I Have Cutt My Self 76 Times Sine August..Last Week I Did It 22 Times N 1 Nite..N Every1 Who Nos Think I Should Stop But Hey..I Did try Killin Myself N Dont..Im Not Say U Should Cutt but Hell i Still Do It..
09 Oct 2006 emo_star actually i just turned 18 and i hate my life. i hate everything- all i have ever thought about since the age of 6 is suicide. really!!! i dont think i have a bad life, i just dont want to live
09 Oct 2006 emo_star i would go to the bathroom find my mum's razor and slit my wrists, cry a bit and then hack the life out of my wrists.
06 Oct 2006 Emily your a fuck head who eva made this websight its not funny ive wanted to kill my self for so long can some one help me i have voices help please add me please im begging you
02 Oct 2006 Shadow Skin I havent been on here in a long time but Iv fell back into my black hole. I keep trying to move on, I keep trying to be strong and a better person but I jus cant keep at it anymore!

I know I have so much to live for but I dont think I should live for it! Something in my head keeps telling me to do it! Something in my head keeps telling me that I deserve to die
01 Oct 2006 komplicataa im 20 and had a good life but i was extremly unlucky and got a nerve damage in my head whit incredible pain i have had it in 4 months now, nothing help, not even morfin.
I have a lovingly family and a dog, i know they will have a hard time after i have done it,, at least i have reason and thats a reson i cant yust drive away from.
I will do it whit my toxito and in the car whith my exost directed into the car, i sleep in.

thaks for making my share my thougths..
(im not from an english spoken country so i knoy my bad writing skills)
if any quastion feel free to mail me
30 Sep 2006 jairo I have just lost my girlfriends of 6 years. my fault really. She was the only person keeping me in this world. I have always been depressed, always sad inside. I try so hard to show people i care, but its like i'm invisible.I have taken 30 co codamol tablets, 500mg. I am getting really tired, i've been sick. i know my time is nearly up. Its not the first time i have tried this, there have been several more attempts. Jumping infront of a car, slit wrists, drug overdoeses and now this. What have i done wrong to deserve how i get treated. I just want to be loved and understood. Now everyoe hates me and i've lostthe love of my life. Sh likes someone else, thats how much i've driven her away. I have nothing left to give, and nothing left to lose. I know my death wont be understood, just like my life. My biggest fear is being alone, now thats coming true. Goodbye.
30 Sep 2006 nothing im 12 and i cut my self all the time and i want to die what do i do i still have a whole life ahead of me !
30 Sep 2006 micheal hi im 17 and have been thinking about killing myself. For years i have felt that i am a nobody and that nobody loves me. I have tried slit my troat in my room but my parents have caught me. Yet i still feel the pain of not being loved
30 Sep 2006 my insite i live with a bully her name is nynke and she is my little sister. at a yung age she leant it was beter to bully then to be bullyd. i have an older brother who used to take the shit out of me when i was yunger and when it came time for her to chose one of use to follow she new he had the beter end of the deal because i was always sad and he was always shitting himeself in laufter. but now at she ia 12 i am 15 and my older brother is 17. my brother as leant his ways. but my sister is a complete looser she has few friends of wich she finds very hard to maitain she has fights with them all the time but i guess in primary school that is usual. but she is a brager she brags about other looser who sound like nice gental kids who may be fat or have big ears or just pissed there pants this one time in grade 3. but the thing is my sister i not prity she is overwaght and pimply and has a realy realy bad personality and i have absolutely no reaspect for the way she treats people as a way to feel beter about herself. it's not just her i have analised other people at school most people at school are nice it's just a few scum bages who think that everyone slitly diferent to them are wired and everyone who isn't there friend they have the right to put down in order to make there victum feel bad about whatever they've been ocused of and the boolyer feel good that there sopirier when there just fuck heads grrrr it pisses me of
30 Sep 2006 robbie well i want 2 kill myself cuz my life is fucked up and always will b one because 1. my gf dumped me 2. my parats abbandend me and 3. i hav so meny mental problems u would need 45 hand 2 count them all any advice on how to do it send me a email
29 Sep 2006 I am nothing As I sit in my dark room I think about what is to come. Tommorow I have a test at school. I will not pass. and then I will get beaten by my mom. I didnt study because I was sad about her beating me. I feel trapped. I have told my teacher at school and she told me that it wasnt as bad as I was making it out to be. What the fuck does she know? She hasnt ever even met my mom. I hate my life. I go to school to relax from my mom beating me and pulling my hair. Slapping me and calling me a stupid girl. No one loves me. No one cares about how I feel or how much I am sad. I dont care about anything anymore. I want to kill myself. I am going to.
29 Sep 2006 chris hey

i now some answers maybe...

ill try some out now if you want see which is most effective becuase if you were in my posistion you would want to.

the only reason i havent is because of one friend but tonight that friend left me even though i never mentioned anyhting about it.

they just turned round and insulted me the only friend i have had in about 3 years who actually cares is gone,

i want to try suicde again i have no family i havent had one in 10 years and i struggly to make friends becuase i dont trust new people i meet becuase of my childhood and never will.

and my only friend i could tlak to when i needed someone isnt there.

i have nothing left.

i have no family

no friends

and no one who cares.

i just want to go die now...

but im scared of what ill meet after death so i just curl up and sleep hoping to never wake up.

my grades have been slipping at school now.

i wont get any passes at college.

that wa shard enough anyhow being that my friend is 2 years below me in school.

in college no one talks to me.

i just sit there.

my life licks balls

i juust want to go hang myself or fall when i go bouldering next.

im hated by everyone now becuase i dont have any friends it wasnt my fault i kept moving place to place and fouind it harder to make friends each time.

i stayed here becuase of my one best friend and only friend but i dont have them now.

i want to go to a place where no one has to see, hear, smell or touch me.

i know one way to get there and ill try again.

yes ive tried before i spent 3 months in hospital after stabbing myself and cutting my wrist.

i didnt fidn it hard the ... i wont find it hard now.
29 Sep 2006   i want to pass on because life is shit for me, this is my story..noone likes me
I was only told i was ugly a few times alot of the other times i was looked at like i am really ugly!! so i get the best of both worlds, i have spoken to people they ignore me like there is something wrong with me, or maybe i am a ghost already!!! people take the piss out of me because i am aloner, they make fun of that, i am a joke...!! I have had people burp in my face an start there car up on me like i am gross! i have had people just not like me, i have tried to fit in a help other people to fit in an no one wants to know me. I just am giving up on my self because i feel life is not worth anything no more.
people in my family call me ugly as well, its pointless for me, people talk about me in a nasty way an they take the piss out of me whisle an call me a freak, that is why i am gonna give up trying to make any friends there is no point if no one wants to know me!! i even had someone stick there finger up at me an try to tip me off a table once, also i have had people laugh at me with out calling me ugly aswell!!!
i have never felt right with people after the treatment i have had of people i have had bullying because of my face,but that is anothe story,
I'm at the tail end of trying to convince myself that maybe I am not ugly. I give up. All my efforts at taking pictures and whatnot have failed. I am ugly and I have no hope. I don't think I should even leave the house. I tried doing things, but people do not like me. They reject me -- I believe it's because of my face. There's no hope, is there? Forget about it? Well, people remind me of it by the way they treat me...

I will look for a great way to pass on!!
29 Sep 2006 x B3(KY x hiya , i am feeling really crap my life is crap . i c a nurse and i am on anti-depresants. i have overdosed loads of times but it dosnt work . i really dont want to be alive . bibi xxx
29 Sep 2006 Lawrence I don't know why i'm doing this to myself.. my life was a shit until now i think.
My mother don't like me so much and i don't like her.
My life was a horror time when i was a small child, it felt like no one cared about me.
but now when i am 16 years old i still think of suicide, i don't want to but my thoughts controle over me and i don't know what to do.
I often think of jumping down a high building or run infront of a fast car or something, i am not afraid to die.
It's like i wait for the time too come but it never happens.
But i still wait.
Believe me, i talk about my problems and i know what's right and wrong.

(I still wait)
29 Sep 2006 krissy my good friend thalia anthony commited suicide on the 12th of september and this is how she did it:
1)broke into her dads shed and stoll some rope
2)wrote a suicide note
3)said a prayer to god
4)tied the rope to the automatic garage door opener
5)stood on a chair
6)waited for her dad to come home
7)he came home and opened the door and hung thalia

i miss her so much i wish she never did it but now im going to kill myself aswell

my plans r locking myself in the drama room and tie the stage rope around my neak and get on a chair and tighten the rpe and jump off
oh to all those pplz that go to browns plains high dont go in the drama room on tuesday morning
25 Sep 2006 winny hi my name is winny and i am 20 years old i am sick of my life i am 20 years old in new jersey i wanna know that on one hand god says earth is heaven on the other hand he send devils in human flesh so that we should not live peacefully why i wanna die and ask many questions to god which i know only god can answr me but i couldnt find the gun this is the big problem

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